Thursday, April 29, 2010

Season 6 of Little People, Big World has started filming

For anyone who isn't following Matt on Facebook or Twitter

Matt confirmed what we reported months ago, that Wednesday was the official first day of filming for the new season 6 of LPBW.

The episodes that viewers are seeing currently on Mondays are referred to as Season 5 Part B.

The seasons usually film from about May to November.

Traditionally the Roloffs usually talk as though they take it season by season and hint during contract negotiation that they might be ready to step away from the spotlight, however, recently Matt has changed his tune, suggesting that they have no plans of ending the show. He also has said if Jeremy and Zach transfer from PCC to a 4 year college, that cameras will follow them there.

On a final note: We always try to be fair and give credit where credit is due. People have differing opinions on what a celebrities fan interaction on the internet should be like. For quite sometime I've voiced that personally, I thought the Roloffs should be more appreciative and involved with their fans than they were. For a while it was almost non-existent.

Matt then suggested that TLC was encouraging them to use twitter or a fan facebook. Recently, Matt stated that (obviously for Season 6 and beyond) that their exclusivity language in their contract with TLC has changed and it gives them more freedom to express themselves on the internet.

Regardless of the real reason or motivation, I give Matt credit for how he's handling the fan Facebook and twitter (he's using both, but the Fan Facebook page appears to be his more central home for social networking).

A lot of people are skeptical of Matt's attention span for fan interaction items, but thus far, he certainly can't be faulted and should be commended, in my opinion. He's using it frequently. He's posting pictures occasionally. Sometimes he will comment to a fan if they make a comment to his post or to a picture he posted. Now he's pretty much doing the things that keeps their fans happy. So kudos to Matt for stepping up to the plate.

Amy sometimes "tweets" from her charity foundation site. (Amy is in Holland at the moment).

Jeremy and Zach Roloff, who are now 11 days away from their 20th birthday and despite collecting their own paychecks for the show, still do virtually nothing as far as fan interaction. Any fan Facebooks or twitter accounts for Jeremy, Zach and Molly are impostors.


M said...

more scriped drama y'all! lol

I wonder what the storyline cheat sheets are saying about the new season. XD

the roloffs have sadly pretty much jumped the shark. How long can they say and do the same thing?

Diane said...

I agree. Good for Matt.

"Jeremy and Zach Roloff, who are now 11 days away from their 20th birthday and despite collecting their own paychecks for the show, still do virtually nothing as far as fan interaction."

That's because they are terribly spoiled and lazy.

Matt and Amy must be so proud. lol. 20 years old. Rich and spoiled. No real job. No responisibility in helping support the product and fun time all the time.

Maybe the next Roloff book can be how to raise twins who will be totally selfish and lack work ethic and manners by the time they're 20.

David said...

Spirits, you're being too nice!

Matt Roloff doesn't give a damn about the fans. He doesn't have genuine bone in his body.

If you watch closely, most of his updates are selling something or business deals that he's profiting from.

How about his obvious plug for that Greek Restaurant? You don't think that was by accident do you? Matt probably swung a deal, Roloffs eat free for life if he mentions it on Facebook.

Rap541 said...

Oh I dunno, David. He's posting on facebook which people were asking for... It's meanspirited to not give him credit for changing his behavior.

It's also quite hilarious to watch the mr boardies :)

cathelitou said...

David, a tough the same thing about the greek restaurant! Path├ętic

Shadow said...

We had our first 'real' campfire gathering of the season last night. Put together spontaneously at the last minute.

Spontaneously planned by TLC, no doubt. Hope everyone got their lines right!

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I agree. I've been impressed by Matt's Facebook usage.

I thought he was going to give his Facebook fans the cold shoulder and only use his real page for any interesting things. Now he says he thinks he will dump his personal page because he is posting everything on his fan page anyway. He's posting personal stories, like the campfire, making announcements about the first day of filming and posting pictures. That's all I can expect from someone on TV with fans. I think Matt is doing a good job about showing that he cares about the fans this time around.

Diane, I think Jeremy and Zach are lost causes in this area. Their 20th birthday is just around the corner. They've been raised to only ask themselves "What is in it for me"? I don't think they know much about respect, gratitude or responsibility. If they haven't got it yet, they won't.

Erica said...

Peggy Roloff must be disappointed. Remember she was hoping they would not do a season six.

Anonymous said...

"Spontaneously planned by TLC, no doubt. Hope everyone got their lines right! "
No kidding, Shadow! Otherwise matt wouldn't mention the part about the campfire being "spontaneously planned at the last minute" - he's trying to make it seem like it wasn't planned.