Friday, April 9, 2010

Television ratings for Little People, Big World - April 5th

The television ratings are in for the premiere episodes of Season 5B of Little People, Big World, originally aired on April 5th, 2010.

To give a quick overview to use as a gauge, LPBW Season 5A averaged 1.8 million viewers over the whole season. The highest rated episode drew 2.4 million viewers (an episode the same night as the heavily hyped exclusive Kate Gosselin interview on TLC at 9pm). The lowest rated LPBW episode in Season 5A was 1.4.

That brings us to this week, the premiere of Season 5B this past Monday night April 5th. Much lower than I was expecting. Less than the least watched episode of LPBW in Season 5A.

Little People, Big World

Twins Go Commando 8pm: 1.213 million viewers

"Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers

On a positive note, a lot of the ratings for cable shows weren't stellar. Many coming in under 1 million viewers. However, by LPBW standards, I can't imagine that the folks at TLC would be pleased by those numbers for a premiere.


Expressed said...

Hmm. Jeremy in a kilt didn't bring in good numbers?

Maybe people just didn't realize the show was back.

Brandon said...

I doubt it Expressed. I haven't looked it up, but didn't Spirits say 5A got a 2.1 or something like that? Matt's DUII trial was a premiere and that got mega huge ratings, 3s or something. Being a premiere isn't an excuse. Usually those are high.

It might be a tough season.

David said...

Perhaps people are finally getting sick of all the travel?

Nothing about the show is or the Roloffs in real life is similar to a regular family or regular people.

Tashapork said...

I really think TLC did a poor job advertising it compared to usual, and their marital angle is harming ratings. I also think Dancing With The Stars and it's drama distracted viewers. If it wasn't for this site, I probably wouldn't have known it was back.

Rap541 said...

Well, they also no longer get the trailing crowd for Jon and Kate.

Anonymous said...

The NCAA finals between Butler and Duke was on Monday night.

Anonymous said...

i guess the ratings came up a little short