Thursday, April 29, 2010

TV Ratings for Roloff family and Little People, Big World drop below 1 Million

Whoa. For the first time in a very, very long time the ratings for an episode of Little People, Big World fell below 1 million viewers. A while ago, at one point episodes of LPBW received ratings in the 2's. When ratings dropped for some episodes in Season 5 Part A to 1.4's and 1.5's, Matt Roloff said as long as ratings are over 1 million it's all good. And to some degree he's right. Many cable shows don't get over the 1 million mark (although a lot of the shows that fail to draw that aren't raking in the same amount of money as the Roloff family either), but obviously for LPBW standards ratings hovering below and slightly above 1 million are a big drop and must be considered a disappointment for TLC.

There might not be bigger Kate Gosselin fans than the Roloffs :-) They must be eagerly anticipating the return of Kate to TLC. You have to think that in the past the impressive ratings for LPBW were greatly helped by being the lead in for Jon and Kate Plus 8 and the falling ratings are partly due to not being the lead in for an even more popular show.

The television ratings for this week of Little People, Big World episodes on April 26th were 1.033 and 0.994.

Season 5A averaged 1.8 million viewers with a single episode high of 2.4 --that was the same night as the heavily hyped exclusive interview with Kate Gosselin about the divorce. The episode low for Season 5 Part A was 1.4.

This is the complete list of tv ratings for LPBW season 5B:

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm:
1.394 million viewers

Edit to add: Some people are asking for the ratings of some other cable programs this week (some on TLC, some not) to compare. Here are the ratings for some of the other shows this week.

Intervention = 1.538
Hoarders = 1.371
American Pickers =2.983
The Hills = 2.738
WWE Raw = 3.904
Deadliest Catch = 3.506
19 Kids and Counting = 1.001
Swamp Loggers = 2.047
Dog The Bounty Hunter =1.693
South Park = 3.554
MythBusters = 2.107
The Ultimate Fighter = 1.764
LA Ink = 1.839

Little People Big World 8pm = 1.033
Little People Big World 8:30pm =0.994


Expressed said...

Almost no Jeremy in these episodes. Nuff said :)

Really though I wouldn't be watching if it wasn't for posting and reviewing for this blog and watching solely because of Jeremy. I'm not surprised at the lower ratings.

David said...

It's no secret that I'm not the biggest supporter of the Roloffs by any stretch of the imagination. I think it would be good for their ego and for the kids development if the show failed.

However, thinking about it in strictly a business show, TLC could get more out of this show if they were smart.

It needs a shot of fresh air. The Roloffs love their producers, their buddies, their best friends. TLC should get rid of them if they're going to continue Little People Big World. It's gotten staged and incredibly stale.

Bring in people with fresh ideas, bring in a new mindset. Dump some of the fake "family image" that we all know is not true and go more real and raw. Of course that is harder on the Roloffs to be honest and more exposed than the staged cushy crap their producers friends have them doing now.

I'm just saying if the show went in a different direction with new people with fresh ideas, I think ratings would improve.

Jocelynn said...

Ratings are dying. It's time to go back to the well for Little People Big World. What always brings up the ratings?

1. A Jacob accident.

2. A Roloff being arrested.

3. Someone on the show dying.

Sad but true.

M said...

Woah! I'm not surprised I a seasoned lpbw fan was close to changing the channel last Monday.

Even Marty klebba couldn't bring the raitings up at 8:30. I'm no going to lie I had a good laugh at his hot shot arrival. Seriously? I like Marty but come on!

I agree with David things need to be changed up. Loose the fakeness and the same production team and go raw! What was jer bear really doing last week? Drinking bing in the swamp fort? 20 Is adults let's see the twins do some real living in the real world not sheltered by Roloff farms and mommy and daddy.

I'm bored! lol

Anonymous said...

if they did a show only bout jeremy the ratings would go UP UP UP UP UP!

Joanne said...

If all it takes is for Jeremy to be on without a shirt to get ratings, then that is pathetic. I dont watch this show to see Jer without a shirt. Please...
I like this family and I like how they manage to live and do a lot despite their handicaps, esp Matt. They inspire me and give me a boost.

Roxanne said...

Isn't it strange for the 8:30 episode to get lower ratings than the 8:00 episode?

I remember last season, the 8:30 episode always did better no matter what it was about.

This means some people are starting to watch LPBW and then turning it off.

Expressed said...

"Lose the fakeness and the same production team and go raw! What was jer bear really doing last week?"

I agree M.

I hear that the "Intervention" show on TLC is doing better than LPBW.

That's the shift these days. Personally I don't want to watch a show about drug addicts going through withdrawls, but people must like the rawness and realness of it.

Then you have LPBW who has a hot, cool 19 year old who most of us who have ever been on Myspace or Facebook knows how and what Jer and his friends really talk about (at least before they got in shiz for it), they are totally normal teenagers doing all the normal things. But on LPBW they are pretending like they have never drank beer before. They take Jer to Amsterdam and don't show anything that happened at night. Lame.

Expressed said...

Joanne, obviously everyone watches for different reason. Yeah, some people don't watch for Jeremy, but I seriously think most do.

Especially people under 25!

Look on things like twitter. About the only time I see Roloff mentioned is when someone is tweeting how hot and sexy Jeremy is and how much they want to marry him. Or other people hate on Jer, but that means they're still watching for Jeremy! :)

circa said...

"Look on things like twitter. About the only time I see Roloff mentioned is when someone is tweeting how hot and sexy Jeremy is and how much they want to marry him. Or other people hate on Jer, but that means they're still watching for Jeremy! :)"

good point expressed! I'm not the biggest Jeremy fan but he is attractive

Peter said...

Interesting list.

Maybe the solution for higher ratings is to have Jeremy try out for Ultimate Fighting. I'd watch! LOL!

Looks like the old TLC shows have run their course. The Duggars aren't doing too good either. Out with the old...

Carol said...

I fear for our future society if young girls are dreaming of marrying Jeremy Roloff.

Self-centered spoiled 20 years old with no work ethic, who have never worked a job they earned on their own, and someone who has demonstrated he can't carrying himself in a respectable manner who still willingly chooses to live at home, let his mom take care of him and play with his friends like he is a care-free pre-teen.

This is the new "dream guy"? I know he's a himbo and all, but I wish girls would have higher standards.

Kapper said...

I bet if dreamboy were in a group of young guys his own age, he wouldn't even stand out. The only reason he's getting noticed on LPBW is because he's up against his little person dad, his younger brother and his little person twin brother. Of COURSE he's gonna be the stand-out. It's all about comparison and it's to his advantage...
"Dream Guy"?? Nah...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Roloff needs to come out. That would pick up ratings. Perhaps an Advocate (gay magazine) shirtless cover shot.

Zee to the Z said...

He's not gay. I don't think some people fully understand how into the Bible Jeremy and his friends are when it comes to things like homosexuality. Their way of helping someone who is gay is to tell them to pray to God that God will cure them of their desire to mock God's plan.

Seriously that's what they believe. Legit.

Would Jeremy still be holding tight to that if he was gay? He's not gay.

Anonymous said...

This show should have been canceled 3 seasons ago.

Shadow said...

Zee, I don't know or care whether Jer is gay or not, but his religious beliefs have nothing to do with his sexual orientation. They may affect how he perceives homosexuality, but religious beliefs do not change core sexuality. Gay people have frequently struggled with the dichotomy between the religious values they have been taught and the innate desires they feel. I would never take public avowal of religious beliefs as "proof" someone is not gay.


Anonymous said...

the opinions of a person dont equal Gods plan..neither God nor Jesu.s ever mention homesexuality(not a word until the 1960's)..the bible is about jews and non jews and most of the laws dont even apply to non-jewish people(gentiles)jeremey is gay u can clearly see that wether u want to or not & i believe the mom is pretty masculine herself too

William said...

TLC executives were sleeping when they allowed the producers Eric and Chris to become best friends with the subjects.

Think about sports. What happens when there is a "Player's coach" who is one of the guys, pals with the players? The team fails, the product gets worse.

It is the same concept when you have paid professionals who become best friends with the people they are covering.

I disagree with people that say if they didn't stage and script these things that the show would be boring (it is with all the fake drama and obvious staging) if it was real life.

The first thing I would do is replace the producers and the camera crew. No offense meant to their actual work or stills. The crew and the Roloffs must laugh that they get paid. It's like working everyday with no boss watching. If you were in the same room as the Roloffs and their producers/crew, you would not be able to tell the difference from a producer/camera guy and one of the Roloffs friends.

They're kidding themselves if they don't think that has an affect on the product they produce.

The Roloffs could still have a hit show, but they would need to be willing to expose themselves more honestly. It's easy for them to take vacations, give read off a few lines about whatever the producer dediced was the "story", then they turn off the camera and party with the crew. Contrived crap like run away turtles is easy for the Roloffs. They're not putting themselves on the line, opening themselves up at all.

Read between the lines of what Matt has said over the years. They value their privacy. If any friends expose secrets (the real reality)or talk (truthfully) to anyone about the Roloffs they will cut them out. Hmm. Why so many secrets if the show even captured a fraction of reality?

Obviously it is harder and more stressful to be real. It would involve admitting that they aren't normal people. That they're living a charmed and privilege life.

The point is there is real material there. You have all the teen drinking and partying issues that goes on. They could have dealt with those. Real families deal with it. They Roloffs become fake when they don't deal with that and instead invent staged storylines that were planned out by producers.

Jeremy and Zach had a friend die that obviously had issues with drinking and drugs. None of that was mentioned.

There are the whole language issues. How do good parents convince their kids to rise above it? The Roloffs pretend like it doesn't exist.

Even things like the kids relationships. Has anyone noticed that there has been nothing about the Roloff kids having girlfriends or boyfriends (Molly) in about 3 years since Kirsten was in the show. Does anyone really believe there has been no dating or interaction with the opposite sex for the Roloff teenagers? A family dealing with teens dating and sex is something real families deal with.

The Roloffs don't. Their producers know they want their privacy. As a result they stage fake drama so they can all continue this great gig they have going.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old the Roloffs. The Roloffs who I could relate to. The Roloffs who drove a mini-van and needed to take it in for repairs. The Roloffs who worked normal jobs and did normal things. It seemed less scritped and more captivating as funny as that sounds.

Now the Roloffs are all about jetting all of the world for glorious vacations, expensive cars just for the fun of it, spending $20,000 on a whim project, $3000 phone bills aren't really a big deal from a 12 year old and now they're the people who think they're more important than the rest of us who will cheat through a line up at the Eiffel Tower because they don't want to wait. Maybe I was wrong all along, but when the show first started I thought they would be the ones waiting in line, you know normal people life experience. Now they've went all Celebrity Diva, "I'm not waiting!"

It's a shame what money does to people.

Ashley said...

Does anyone remember Zach's old Myspace comments to his friends that fans saw once?

It must have been back in the 2nd Season. He told his friend that he wasn't happy because they had new producers and a new crew and they didn't understand that the kids weren't actors.

It's funny, because those must have been the new producers that the Roloffs now love. Amy said the producers they love have been around for about 3 years. That would fit the timeline of Zach's comments about the then "new producers".

I also remember reading an interview with one of the camera people. He said something about how after the second season they changed the style of filming to be less like a documentary. I think that was a mistake.

It's interesting to remember Zach's comments now that everyone thinks the crew that the Roloffs grew to love now produce staged and fake drama.

lpbw537 said...

"Has anyone noticed that there has been nothing about the Roloff kids having girlfriends or boyfriends (Molly) in about 3 years since Kirsten was in the show. Does anyone really believe there has been no dating or interaction with the opposite sex for the Roloff teenagers?"-William

i agree, things like that would be more interesting to see on the show. Girls must be all over Jeremy and what happened to Jacobs girlfriend Taylor and nothings ever been said about Molly at all...?

Anonymous said...

People have said it before but it should be said again. Jeremy is not gay. If he was a girl, he would be called a whore or a slut.

He has girls from all over and a lots in the Portland area.

Do people really think Jeremy is "just friends" with all these girls? Funny how all the girls he's "friends" with are very pretty.

You don't see that on the show. Hmmm. Wonder why.

Diane said...

Anon, that doesn't surprise me.

Way back when Matt told Jeremy that he had to be nice to fans, people noticed that the only fans Jeremy would add on his Myspace were pretty girls who looked like models or porn stars.

Anonymous said...

I miss the 2nd season so much! I bought this season's season pass on iTunes, and I feel like asking for a refund. Honestly, what happened? I miss the fun lovable Matt and Amy, the cheap cars, creative swamp fort projects done by hand, and above all the REALITY. So blatantly fake now, I feel like I'm watching some sort of quirky family drama soap opera crap. It saddens me to say this, but I honestly think this show has ruined this wonderful family. This show needs to be cancelled now, before it gets any worse.

Sorry Roloffs, I was a true fan, but will no longer be watching your show.

Jocelynn said...

3:34AM, nicely put.

I think the show has ruined the Roloffs. Remember in the first season Amy said she didn't want her kids to be models because she wanted them do something with more substance?

Now her 20 year old kids have careers as reality tv stars and Amy seems happy about it.

TV doesn't follow the Roloffs anymore. They sold themselves out. When I first became a fan of the show I didn't think the Roloffs morals were weak enough to be apart of this kind of staged and self-centered behavior that we see almost every week nowadays.

HeartOnFire said...

I love watching Little People Big World, but I do agree that the fakeness is not easy to ignore anymore.
I mean, when you turn on the t.v. and see the Roloffs with their ' mansion ' and 13 cars or so, it's hard to believe what comes out of their " storyline cheat sheet"-scripted mouths.

Also, I hate how TLC is portraying Matt and Amy's maritial problems. It's almost the exact same as what happened on Jon and Kate plus 8: the ratings start to drop, so then they must find a way of keeping the audience entertained. That's why, imo, at the end of every show or for the mid-week commercials they show Matt or Amy talking about how they want "independence" from each other and how they might be drifting apart. In retrospect, sure, they might actually be having problems, but what family doesn't?
Them fighting might be the only real thing about this show anymore.