Monday, May 31, 2010

Matt Roloff Photo: Roloff family and Hayes family (Table for 12)

Matt Roloff posted a photo on his Fan Facebook of the Roloffs with the Hayes family from the show Table for 12 at a TLC Photo shoot in New York a few months ago. I know there are some Table For 12 fans who also follow the site and the Roloffs; so passing this along for any non Facebookers out there.

No Little People, Big World episodes Monday May 31st

Little People, Big World won't be on tonight (May 31st, 2010). TLC is running a 'Cake Boss' Marathon all day.

LPBW will return next Monday, June 7th, 2010.

Jun 07, 8:00 pm
Little People, Big World
Dwarfs in Space

Zach and Amy kick off the first ever LP Space Camp. Zach has trouble embracing a leadership role - while Amy realizes they're creating opportunities for little people from all walks of life.

Jun 07, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World
Molly's Sweet Sixteen

Matt and Amy plan separate celebrations for their driver-to-be daughter, Molly. But while academics are smooth sailing for Molly, passing her driving test is a rocky road.

That's all the new episodes TLC has previews for as of now. Season 5B has a couple of new episodes to go, but will be wrapping up very soon. There are traditionally 20 episodes in a portion of a season (usually two - half hour episodes a week).

'Molly's Sweet Sixteen' episode airing on June 7th will be the 18th new episode shown of Season 5B.

The Roloffs have been and are currently filming a brand new season - Season 6 which should begin in airing in the fall of 2010 as usual.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Roloff Family hosting a Republican Fundraiser

This will make certain factions of our readers and fans of the Roloffs very happy.

The Roloff family will host a Republican Fundraising event on their farm June 15th from 3pm to 5pm. It's called "Celebrate Oregon's Exceptional Agriculture" - A fundraiser for Senator Bruce Starr and several others Republican nominees for office. Sponsors include:

Join Senator Starr out at the Roloff Farms (where TLC features their hit reality show, "Little People, Big World") to celebrate Oregon's heritage and unique agriculture. This is a casual, down on the farm event for family members of all ages. Some of the event highlights will include:

•VIP guests Matt and Amy Roloff as well as several Republican nominees for office: Chris Dudley (Governor), Rob Cornilles (First Congressional District), Bob Horning (SD 16), Lew Barnes (HD 32), Shawn Lindsay (HD 30), Katie Eyre Brewer (HD 29), Bill Berg (HD 28), and Mike Niehuser (County Commissioner)!

•Fresh, Oregon-grown strawberries, shortcake, and ice cream,

•Live music from local bands,

•Face painting, petting zoo, and kids magician,

•Free prizes, including future tours of the Roloff Farms and coupons for free pumpkins when the farm opens to the public in the fall,

•And an exciting raffle and silent auction! Bring your checkbook.

*Due to the short time frame of the event, guests will be limited to the pumpkin patch area.

**This event is not open to the public. Ticket cost is $35 per family and $25 per individual.

Celebrate America at the Roloff Family Farm, Sunday June 13th 3-5pm. Scheduled to attend – State Senator Bruce Starr (sponsor), and candidates for governor and US House District 1. This will be a family event, with live music, a petting zoo, and other activities for kids. RSVP required. For more information please contact Laura Jannsen at laura at brucestarr dot org

Amy Roloff on the cover of Goodness Magazine

Amy Roloff is featured on the cover of the June issue of Goodness Magazine. It's publication in Portland, Oregon that "promotes positive human interest stories about the amazing local citizens, companies, foundations and initiatives. Mission: Openness. Optimism. Opportunity."

Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeremy Roloff got his BMW restored with the help of Pacific MotorSports

The company that "helped" Jeremy Roloff restore his beloved 1971-2002 BMW twittered a picture from last year.
"Chris helps Jeremy Roloff of Little People Big World with his 2002 restored by Pacific Motorsports last year."

The company that did the work on Jeremy's BMW is Pacific Motorsports.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TV ratings for Roloff Family on Little People, Big World May 24th, 2010

The ratings for this week's episodes of Little People, Big World were about average for this season of LPBW; hovering in the 1.1 range.

This is the complete list of television ratings for LPBW season 5B including the ratings for the Monday May 24th Episodes.

May 24th "In The Hole" 8pm: 1.106 million viewers
May 24th "Fort A Thon" 8:30pm: 1.214 million viewers

May 17th "Par For the Course" 8pm: 1.110 million viewers
May 17th "Going, Going, Gone" 8:30pm: 1.297 million viewers

May 10th "Full Court Stress" 8pm: 1.315 million viewers
May 10th "Going For Gold" 8:30pm: 1.452 million viewers

May 3rd "The Statesmen" 8pm: 1.075 million viewers
May 3rd "Belfast and Furious" 8:30pm: 1.352 million viewers

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World May 24, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements belong to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap 541

Episode one

So Amy is on day two of the fundraiser. Amy heads into the slop pile and attempts to haul the twins out of beddy bye. I’m shocked she can find anyone in the pigsty. The twins respectfully continue snoozing.

Amy over talks how freaking important it is and how they could loose money!

Then they pull a Battlestar Galactica and jump back in time to discuss the money!
(in case you don’t get the reference, while I adore the new Galactica, it had an annoying tendency to suddenly flash “three weeks earlier” or “ten days from now” and then creating giant plot issues)

Should they use time travel for this? Really?

Apparently this was expensive. Maybe if there had been less time travel?


Amy notes that Molly is going to a golf club and needs to wear something other than jeans. This becomes important later. Molly notes it would have been nice to know sooner than walking into the gold club parking lot. Amy is interviewed on radio and hay bales how she was out of her comfort zone and uncomfortable but she just had to make it happen!

Ever think Jeremy’s tendency to repeat the same things over and over comes from Amy?


Amy is all about focusing and is glad the kids can take care of themselves. Molly promptly sets off the fire alarm with burnt bacon and Jeremy responds to the crisis by lying in bed in his pigsty.

Amy yaps and yaps about the charities and is basically making everyone participate. Oh god could we hear how uncomfortable and out of her comfort zone she is. Because I don’t think I heard it the first time.

Molly notes the boys have broken their door. Nice. Isn’t this a brand new house still? And don’t we discover in the next episode how Jeremy is a carpenter and loves to do things like fix doors. He dully tells Molly he will fix it later.

This whole cooking segment feels forced. Jeremy demands macaroni from Molly while she tries to plan and she calls him an idiot. This goes on and on. There’s some debate on how to season chicken. No one moves off the laundry covered couch and Jeremy notes he is hungry and does not move.

So now all of the kids shop together. Yeah this isn’t forced and completely unnatural. 19 year old Jeremy refers to himself as a kid and notes how he likes mom to take care of things. They argue amongst themselves over what sort of chicken to buy. Zach again notes his “grab and go” views on shopping. There’s much argument over cheese types. Molly hay bales how hard mom works and notes in the store that the boys are pissing her off.

After abandoning her children, Amy is still down by a lot of golfers and its for DAAA and etc etc etc. The kids meanwhile make dinner. Jeremy notes how much easier things are when he has mommy doing everything. Jeremy proceeds to throw macaroni at the cupboards “to test it” and sets off the fire alarm.

Amy and Marty arrive and she’s worried since they only got 144 golfers instead of 150. There’s much meeting and greeting. Apparently Jeremy and Zach are helping out. Jeremy is wearing cut offs and Amy is displeased but doesn’t do anything like send him home to change since its not THAT far. Jeremy notes his cut offs are “dress shorts”.

So the tourney starts. Amy seems confused considering she is running the deal and has been there before. Amy gets all nervous about her play. God this is like watching paint dry. Amy basically plays the goofy game. The men she is with seem kinda like “ok….”. There’s also an amusing game theme at each hole. And of course Jeremy and Zach are in charge of the soccer game.

They basically goof and Jeremy and Zach both admit to having no idea what they are supposed to do. So they play soccer. Amy meanwhile gets a massage on site. She clearly was the crappy player and they do some sort of joke with a exploding powdery ball? Hee!

Jeremy philosophically notes how hard it is to keep a golf green up and how hot and boring and dull it was, and how he doesn‘t like it. Apparently he almost died. Poor baby. I bet this was the hardest job he had all summer!

The men with Amy attempt to help her or at least not mock her. I sense a “lets all just get through this” vibe. Now the last event… the booze! Oh wait… it’s a ball drop from a helicopter!. I bet thing could have been a lot less expensive if they hadn’t hired a helicopter for the giveaway. Just a thought.

Now it’s a WEEK AFTER the tournament! Amy notes how exhausting it was and she brought the team back together. I do note that Amy seems to organize these things a lot better than Matt. Finally we get the numbers after Amy goes on about being hopeful to break even. Hurrah! It’s a success! Amy is all “woo!” in the hay bale. She goes on about the team and all. Its nice. Dull to watch, but nice.

Episode 2

The farm! With various attractions. Jake plays video games in the twins room and hay bales how he likes indoor time. Matt hay bales how the kids SHOULD be playing outdoors but play video games. I note the giant game stations all over the house. Maybe if someone did less yapping to the camera and more parenting and denying of treats like everyone having a game station on a giant wide screen tv in their bedroom and also at all the televisions in the house? Zach blithers on about games. He’s actually really hard to understand and I don’t know what he says. This is the last we see of Zach.

So Matt checks out the swamp fort with Jeremy. He hay bales how awesome forts are. Jeremy also notes how he’s in love with building and how its his favorite thing! Jeremy notes how crappy Jake’s fort is. Matt notes on the ride over that Jake has an inferiority complex. Jeremy bitches about the fort. They want to “help” with the fort. I note how incredibly negative they are about that help. Not sure I’d want to play with people who start the fun with a discussion of how I suck.

Jake goes on about loving video games. Matt hauls Jake down stairs and basically tells him to go build a fort. Jake hay bales how he’s not into it but heads off. Jake notes that he’s not interested and gets bored. Matt says he doesn’t want to tell Jake to like forts, because he doesn’t believe his children have to share his interests and yet he just made the kid go out and build on a fort he has no interest in. And then dramatically plays to the camera how disappointed he is.

Now he’s chatting up a friend how Jake isn’t into forts so he wants to show Jake how cool it is to build forts by having a fort contest. Because the important thing is for Jake to develop his own interests and Matt doesn’t want to force the point or make him feel he has to like what Dad likes in order to be loved. Oh no.

So this fort contest is interesting. All of the kids participating seem to be closer to Jeremy’s age than Jake’s. Matt goes on about how this is just awesome. Again the age of the kids is well… noticeable. Matt hay bales how he doesn’t want to push Jake but he’s annoyed Jake didn’t leap at the opportunity. To play forts with a bunch of strangers who all appear to be 15-18. Matt introduces the high schoolers Jake is competing against for the fort contest, and Matt‘s love. In fairness, the different terrains for each fort make the contest impossible to accurately judge. There’s a huge amount of power tools and lumber, like nice stuff. You know, when I built forts, it was with genuine scrap lumber, not a pallet of two by fours from Home Depot. If the fort had paint, it was because there was some left over in the garage. We got old barn wood from you know… abandoned barns. This is kinda tame, Matt.

Matt waxes on how the Blue team got extra help, which also makes the competition aspect awkward. There’s an extensive bit on how the kids build forts. This is as interesting as golf….

Jeremy is passionate about forts! Jeremy condescends about “these kids” not being as privileged as he was growing up. Jeremy snots how Jake finds fort building hard because its difficult. Kinda like how being a pro soccer star was too much work, huh Jer? Once you figured out it would take a lot of work…. Funny how that stopped…Wait… didn’t the awesome swamp fort Jeremy built with nothing but his passion and a hammer actually take three years, about a dozen workers, and daddy’s intervention to finish? Good thing Jake has Jeremy’s example of dragging his feet until Daddy takes over to watch.

Hey, has Mr. Passionate and Not A Quitter ever held a job or done work where his daddy wasn’t his direct supervisor? Heck I heard even Mueller is off living life as a fire fighter these days while Jeremy is at home, at twenty, building forts for Daddy. Live the adventure Jer!

Matt again goes on how Jake should have been totally comfortable playing with a group of kids who seem a lot older than him, that he doesn’t know, and that Matt is disappointed. Because Matt does not want to force Jake to like what he likes but if Jake doesn’t like what he likes…. Well, he’s just not a good son. Even though this is NOT about making Jake like what Matt likes.

An unfinished shack on the farm. And then forts. Matt hay bales how these kids never built anything before, which I kinda doubt. In fact, I kinda suspect this Boy and Girls club grop just might be the ones interested in shop class stuff. Not that I think they were ringers. But I do note that all of them managed to get nice looking forts up in two days while Jeremy The Carpenter took what… three years? The forts are cute….. Matt waxes on how unique the fort in the woods is. Jake wanders out and Matt is pleased at his momentary interest. Finally its over. For some reason Matt has Jake and his buddies paintball the freshly decorated forts. You know, I’d be pretty pissed if I busted as on a fort only to have it paint balled “for stress testing”.

So all the kids get t-shirts and Matt calls them all winners, and again I am struck by how all of these kids are clearly closer in age to the twins than Jake. And everyone gets a trophy. And now we have the cheat sheet ending where Jake and Jeremy build stuff and look at a sunset.

Kinda funny how Matt simply doesn’t give a damn about Zach building a fort.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World May 24th, 2010

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions belong to the person making them (Expressed).

Written By Expressed

Pre-show: On the schedule for tonight is another episode about Amy's charity Golf tournament. I think for once they're actually showing something in the order it actually happened. The auction and dinner at the farm was the day before the Golf Tournament. There is no escaping the fake TLC drama!

Little People, Big World
In the Hole

With her golf tournament fundraiser facing financial failure, Amy struggles to balance being a philanthropist, wife and mom - especially when she's distracted by things that keep falling through the cracks at home.

Oh no! Financial failure! I'm so distraught! Seriously, I'm being sarcastic because after the Golf Tournament Amy's charity site posted a bunch of things about how her Benefit was an overwhelming success and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in typical LPBW style, I bet we will get 20 minutes of gloom and doom. Then at the very last minute, Amy will get the news that it was a complete success and they raised more money than they ever thought they would....oh the suspense!

The second episode will be from pumpkin season.

Matt holds a "Fort-A-Thon" at the farm for disadvantaged children. He also hopes to inspire his own kids to get off the couch, get outside, and make something happen - which turns out to be a tougher sell than he expected.

This season is flying by as usual, we're already up to pumpkin season. From that description it doesn't sound like they're going to say it, but this fort-a-thon happened during pumpkin season. Pumpkin visitors had pictures of Jeremy helping the fort kids, but they were far away in a corner of the farm. Something to look forward. Jeremy might be on the show for more than a few seconds for the first time in weeks and weeks!


Episode begins!

*They tell us it's Day 2 of the Golf Tournament. Amy is getting ready at home with Gayle, seen in last weeks episode having a spur of the moment emotional breakdown. Amy goes to wake Jeremy and Zach up to get them to help pack Gayle's car (to the Golf tournament presumably, not to have her stress problem checked). We get the usual clips of the twins groaning at Amy, while Jeremy is completely under the covers as usual. With all the talk today about them pimping Jeremy out, this would be a good place to start. Jer sounds coherent. He tells Amy they'll help.

*Marty is there ready to golf for Amy's tournament. Now they decide to cut back 3 weeks, 2 weeks before the tournament to show Amy and her team work. Amy talks a lot about promoting. She says she thinks of herself as a normal person (except when they're skippings past lines at the Eiffel tower and getting private tours!) and is uncomfortable doing radio shows and meeting people to drum up support, but it's for a good cause. She does what she has to do to make the tournament successful.

*Amy talks with her Charity Foundation team about how they need $12,000 more to break even. Amy sounds worried. Cue the drama! Funny how things always end up working out by the end of the 30 minute episode :) How come real life doesn't work that way for me? lol.

*Amy brings Molly to the golf course while she does a radio interview. Molly complains that Amy didn't tell her she's not allowed to wear jeans. Is that some back talking attitude I'm hearing from Angel Molly?? Yes Molly fans, I do believe that's what it is :)

*The drama! The clip from the preview. Molly is cooking bacon. There's smoke. The smoke alarm goes off. Jake walks into the kitchen. They flash to Jer and Zach waking up. Hm. I think that was from the same stuff they filmed in the opening scene which was supposedly the day of the golf tournament, now this is supposed to be 2 weeks before. Anyway, that's it for fire-gate. Wow, that looked a lot more interesting in the preview.

*I must have foreshadowing abilities. Before the show, I left a comment saying they should film them talking about dinner plans because that would be more interesting than the staged drama about will the golf tournament fail. Now we get a scene of the kids talking about dinner. Woohoo! Molly walks in on all 3 boys looking like bored slugs on their video game couch in the twins room. Molly talks about chicken. Jer wants her to make him macaronni. Molly calls Jeremy an idiot. Hey, that was kind of harsh. Where did that come from? By the way, I wish Jeremy would ditch the brown pants that he started wearing for the Utah Dude Ranch stuff.

*The kids go shopping. Does Jeremy have facial hair? Or patches of facial hair? It looks kind of strange. Off to the side of his chin, there is something there. They shop. Zach just wants to get out quick. Molly is in charge and makes most of the food choice. Jeremy looks so bored. They are supposedly making dinner for themselves because Amy is so busy organizing her charity tournament. So where is Matt? And the personal Roloff chef? I don't believe the time frame here and I'm getting the feeling that this "kids make dinner" was something from the old Storyline Cheat Sheet".

*Amy does interviews for her tournament. Back to the action at home! Dinner. Jeremy misses Amy's cooking. lol. Imagine when he actually moves out if he's missing her cooking because she's busy with the charity tournament :) Well, it was a sweet sentiment. Jeremy must have won the argument about the food because they have macaronni! Jeremy informs Molly and all the viewing audience that the best way to see if macaronni is ready is to throw it against the cupboards and see if it sticks :) Ah Jeremy, you gotta love him, come on! :) I've never heard of that before. That's Jeremy, always teaching people new things.

*It's the day of the tournament. Amy sees Jeremy arrive. Uh oh. Amy doesn't like that Jeremy is wearing cut offs. She "can't believe it". Jeremy doesn't get why she's doesn't like it. He says they are nice looking dress shorts. I agree with Jeremy. They look fine. They are the same ones he wore the grad party at their place. Amy points to the strings hanging. She doesn't like them.

*Clips of Amy golfing. She whiffs on her shots, puts one into the water. Later the business guys she's golfing with (the big donors) gives her tips and she does a lot better.

*They've decided to set up games before the holes. Sounds like a weird idea. Jeremy and Zach are on the second hole with a mini soccer net. They are bored and look out of place. Jer doesn't understand what they're doing there. After the list of top Roloff search words and some of the comments, I feel like I'm carrying the torch for admirers of Jeremy's fine looking butt, so I must say there are some good shots here :) Jeremy says sitting at a hole isn't his cup of tea...or coffee....or soft drink....ah, they cut away....I was waiting for him to say vodka :)

*The last part for the tournament is a helicopter drop with golf balls. The event is over now, a week after Amy's Charity team gathers for the final results. Wow! Who would have thunk it?? They tell Amy that they made 2 times more than the amount Amy was aiming for. Success! Phew, all that drama about it being a failure was for not. I wonder why they didn't say how much money they raised. They kept saying "2 times more than what Amy wanted", but never a dollar figure.


2nd Episode

*Jake is playing video games in the twins room. Jake says Jeremy likes to be outside, but he likes to play video games. I think that's true, but I gotta say that's a bit of selective stating of facts. From what I've heard, Jeremy is quite the video game king too, but since we all know Jeremy does like the outdoors, enough about that.

*Zach talks about how they are lazy. Zach says he should get a job and build some character, but instead he sits on the couch playing video games getting fat. He says he gets tired thinking about the energy it would take to go out. I actually know what he's talking about! :)

*Matt and Jeremy talk forts! They look at Jeremy's fort. There is a Jacob fort now, but it's all Jeremy and Matt. I'm wondering why they're calling it Jacob's fort. Jeremy and Matt look at what Jacob's fort looks like. They aren't impressed. I don't believe for a second that Jacob did any of that.

*Matt talks about how Jacob sucks. Ha. Well, he says Jake doesn't like building forts because he knows Jeremy will be do better. I can tell this episode is going to make it clear why Jeremy is Matt's favorite (the unspoken truth) and why I like Matt and Jeremy the most.

*They have the clip TLC put on the site about Matt and Jeremy offering to help, but Jake doesn't want to and says he's into video games because he can win at video games but not in life. Save the pity party Jake!

*Matt tries to help Jake build. Jake doesn't like hammering. He eventually drives off. Matt rubs his forehead and says "I try and try to get through to that kid". Very telling words and expression. I agree with Matt.

*Matt has decided to put on a fort building contest for disadvantage kids. Matt explains that he loved building forts, Jeremy is great at it (I know some people don't like Matt's blatant favoritism for Jeremy, but I love Matt's Jer love!) and he hopes this will inspire Jacob to be more like him and Jeremy (that's basically what he meant!).

*Jeremy and Matt go to a boys and girls club to meet the kids who will be involved for the fort-a-thon. Jeremy looks kind of nervous.

*It's the first day of the contest. Flash to Jacob sleeping on the couch. Matt's disappointed he didn't come out for it. I don't trust the editing to this stuff, especially since we know that this was all happening during pumpkin season!

*Rick the builder is there! He's a LPBW regular. I think they should put him in the opening credits, he's on the show more than Molly.

*Jeremy comes to help one of the teams. Jeremy explains that he loves building forts and realizes that these kids don't have the opportunities Jer has had. Empathy people. Jeremy showed some? Yes.

*Now Jeremy slams Jake! Ha! I love it. Jeremy says the real reason why Jacob doesn't like building forts is because it's difficult. Jacob is quitter and won't do anything that's difficult. Jeremy says when he was building his fort, he would go look at Matt's fort project to see what he did with the joists, Jacob could do that using Jeremy's fort as an example, but Jacob won't because that's too much work for the lazy Jacob. I know some people won't like Jeremy stating it the way it is, but he explained it well. Good job Jeremy!

*A scene that seems like a Storyline Cheat Sheet moment, Matt says he hopes Jacob will come out on Day 2 for the contest. Ooo setting up for a dramatic conclusion!

*Wow! Day 2 and Jacob comes out with his friend (remember this was during pumpkin season, the kid with him is his friend who was with Jacob waving at farm customers). They say the forts look cool. Matt pretends to be way too excited because well, it's Jacob and Matt needs to try and be positive. He's so pleased Jacob rode by and said "it's cool". It doesn't take much to please Matt! :)

*Oh, now Jacob is destroying the nice looking forts by splattering it with paintballs. They judge the contest. A good time was had by all. Jeremy is wearing an...interesting hat.

*I'm just wondering, now what happens? This contest sounds like a good way to have cool forts built on your property quickly! :)

*The final scene is the heart warming conclusion. Jake has finally come out to the fort while Jeremy helps him. Ah, what a nice older brother. They ride way. Jer wants to look at a sunset. Jake stops and then rides on. Jeremy calls him corvette.

End of episode.

These are actually a lot better than I though. Lots of Jeremy! They broke up the boring Golf stuff. I liked them.

Although the plot formulas get old. For the golf episode.
Beginning: Amy is going to lose money and be a failure
Conclusion: They raise more than they expected and it's a great success! Happy ending

The fort episode

Beginning: Jacob won't help with the fort
Conclusion: Jacob comes out and we see a touching family bonding scene. Happy ending.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Most Popular and searched for topics about Matt, Amy, Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob Roloff

The following lists were put together from Google. We thought that you as readers and people interested in the Roloffs would like a chance to see what people from all around the world search for about the Roloffs.

What topics are people *really* interested about the Roloffs? What is their legacy? What are their reputations? What words are synonymous with certain Roloff family members? What subjects stick and what fades over time? What do people really search for and want to know about the Roloffs when they aren't talking about the Roloffs in public venues and aren't trying to impress others?

We thought that many of you might find this interesting, informative or amusing in some cases.

When you search for a subject or a person's name on the internet it will often suggest certain words associated with that subject or person based on the high volume of content already on the internet or on the number of inquiries about said subject.

It is important to remember that this isn't scientific and it does constantly change over time. As an example, a few months ago one of the popular Amy Roloff inquiries was "Amy Roloff Enchiladas", now it's apparently been replaced by "Amy Roloff Chocolate Potato Cake". This list was compiled a few weeks ago.

It's also important to remember that these are subjects that real people search for everyday. There isn't necessarily any rhyme or reason for some them and obviously there is no truth to some of the subjects and truth and valid reasons others. However, for many of them, followers of this site and long time Roloff and LPBW fans will know exactly why those subjects are popular with the general population and why people are searching for those topics (ie. people who follow our site and avid Roloff internet watchers will know exactly why "Vodka" is attached to Jeremy's name while the more casual fan might not know the main story behind that). Perhaps at a later date we will go through and answer some of the subjects or explain for all the people who were inquiring about a certain subject, but for now we will just list the lists.

The lists below are from Google, not just this site: Spiritswander/Keeping Up With The Roloffs -- however, they are very similar to what we get. Obviously ours includes more things because our inquiries are on a daily basis, not just the most popular terms over a period of time, but this data is accurate according to our statistics. We receive inquiries about all of the listed subjects.

You can see what we have always said about the Roloff kids is true -- Jeremy is by far the most searched about Roloff kid. His number of popular topics is more on a par with Matt and Amy's. Although having the most subjects attached to their names is not always a positive obviously. I would have to say on our site, by far the most inquired about subject is relating to variations of "Matt and Amy Divorce". If you toss out the divorce subject, on our site Jeremy is probably the number one most searched about Roloff even including Matt and Amy due to the high number of inquiries relating to his appearance (or various body parts -hey we don't have any control over this! This is what people honestly search for on the internet about each Roloff) or subjects relating to his controversies and scandals. To that point -- there are far fewer Molly Roloff inquiries than for Jeremy, yet almost nothing negative regarding Molly.

So here are the most popular search terms for each Roloff family member.

Jeremy Roloff

How many popular Jeremy Roloff search terms appear
in this picture?

Jeremy Roloff Age
Jeremy Roloff And Kirsten
Jeremy Roloff And Mueller
Jeremy Roloff And Girlfriend
Jeremy Roloff And Jacob Mueller
Jeremy Roloff And College
Jeremy Roloff Apology
Jeremy Roloff Arrested
Jeremy Roloff Ass
Jeremy Roloff A Virgin

Jeremy Roloff Biography
Jeremy Roloff Barefoot
Jeremy Roloff Birthday
Jeremy Roloff Boxers
Jeremy Roloff Bigot
Jeremy Roloff Blog
Jeremy Roloff Butt
Jeremy Roloff Body

Jeremy Roloff College
Jeremy Roloff Controversy
Jeremy Roloff Caught Using Racist
Jeremy Roloff Caught Using Racist Groups
Jeremy Roloff Comments
Jeremy Roloff Car
Jeremy Roloff College 2009

Jeremy Roloff Dating
Jeremy Roloff Drinking
Jeremy Roloff Drunk

Jeremy Roloff Europe
Jeremy Roloff Enquirer
Jeremy Roloff Earring
Jeremy Roloff Exposed

Jeremy Roloff Facebook
Jeremy Roloff Friend Died
Jeremy Roloff Feet
Jeremy Roloff Fat
Jeremy Roloff Friends
Jeremy Roloff Fan Club

Jeremy Roloff Gay Basher
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend 2009
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend 2010
Jeremy Roloff Going College
Jeremy Roloff Graduation Pictures

Jeremy Roloff Homophobic
Jeremy Roloff Hot
Jeremy Roloff Height
Jeremy Roloff Hawaii
Jeremy Roloff High School

Jeremy Roloff IMDB
Jeremy Roloff Is Hot
Jeremy Roloff In College
Jeremy Roloff In Hawaii

Jeremy Roloff Jacob Mueller
Jeremy Roloff Jerk
Jeremy Roloff Jeans

Jeremy Roloff Kilt
Jeremy Roloff Kirsten

Jeremy Roloff Little People Big World
Jeremy Roloff Language

Jeremy Roloff Myspace
Jeremy Roloff Mueller
Jeremy Roloff Muscles
Jeremy Roloff Model
Jeremy Roloff Myspace Comments

Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer
Jeremy Roloff No Shirt
Jeremy Roloff News

Jeremy Roloff On Twitter
Jeremy Roloff Official Myspace

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Due to an episode of LPBW, Jacob's cell phone bill
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Jacob and Jeremy Roloff goofy pictures

People have been commenting on the very funny picture Matt Roloff posted on his Facebook page of Jacob:

So we will dedicate this little item to crazy funny pictures of the Roloffs. Hey, we can't always be serious :-)

We can tell you that according to our statistics, Jeremy and Jacob do receive the most inquiries and internet searches as it relates to their appearance (being "cute", etc.). Fans often discuss who will be the better looking Roloff when they mature.

So here are two pictures of the Roloff Heartthrobs...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matt Roloff interview about fame

Matt did another interview about how the family deals with their fame.

He tells a story about how girls walked by their table during dinner in Hawaii and droped a piece of paper in Jeremy's lap, telling Jeremy he dropped it. It was their phone number.

He says they don't like people looking in the eye when out in public because they might need to talk to a whole bunch of people.

Matt Roloff also states that he realized in Hawaii how polite and well adjusted the Roloffs are.

‘We were in Hawaii and a couple of ladies walked by Jeremy during dinner and shoved a piece of paper in his hand and said he dropped this and of course it was their phone number. That’s the kind of stuff that may not happen if they weren’t on TV but it’s cute to see,’ reports Roloff, smiling as he speaks of one of his 20-year-old twin sons. As viewers know, Jeremy is 6′1′ and Zachary is 4′4′.

He goes on, ‘We get recognized quite a bit. People are sometimes very respectful and give us space and other times they’re overzealous. You do start to build a wall because you get bombarded at times. I grew up where you smile at everybody but you can’t make as much eye contact because suddenly you’re talking to all kinds of people.

‘It definitely does take some getting used to. I don’t know how we adapted to it but we sort of have. We live life and they do their jobs. Sometimes we do have to say, ‘Hey, we need to take a break for a couple of days.’ When every move you make is being watched and judged, you may not discipline the kids like you should because you don’t know what people are going to say or think. Other times you forget the cameras are there and go about your business as you normally would.’

How have the kids managed? ‘My kids have dealt with it amazingly well,’ he replies. He adds admiringly, ‘It’s hard enough to grow up as a teenager but to also have the world scrutinizing your every move is really tricky business.’

Roloff tells us the family was happy to take a trip recently and ‘We got reacquainted. I realized how polite they are and how they have their heads on straight. We were very selective in the beginning about how much we would let them do as far as interviews or missing school for something. We tried to keep them as normal as possible and they all still have the same friends,’ he says, referring to his brood that also includes son Jake, 13, and daughter Molly, 16, both of whom are of average height.

‘We continue to evolve as a family,’ he notes. ‘Relationships change like with any family, but they happen to be filming it. Our society is so fixated on sitcoms where nobody ages or changes, but that’s just not reality. You’re getting what really happens in life with people. You learn, you grow, you make mistakes — that’s just real life.’

And the realness of the Roloffs continues to be among the attributes that attract viewers to their ‘Little People, Big World’ the most. — Emily-Fortune Feimster

You can read the full story:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Classic Little People, Big World Roloff Review by Rap541: Little Farm, Big Apple

We have been receiving some requests and email questions from people requeseting the names of episodes in which certain events took place. The episode that contained Jeremy and Jacob Mueller catching bees as well as the near tractor/trailer accident is called "Little Farm, Big Apple" from the Second Season of Little People, Big World.

So now would be a good time for the second installment of Rap's Blast From The Past classic LPBW episode review.

With many fans fondly remembering back to earlier seasons of LPBW and how the Roloffs used to be -- follow Rap on a journey back in time where LPBW episodes were about such things as Jeremy and Mueller catching bees in a jar :-)

If you want to have the episodes for your own viewing pleasure, they of course are available for sale on a number of different fronts.

The Discovery store:

An autographed DVD set Seasons 1-3 from the Roloff Online Store:

LPBW episodes are also available for sale on itunes.

As always, all opinions and statements made belong to Rap541.


Written by Rap541

Little Farm Big Apple

For the record, while the credits in the early seasons were a lot more fun, and informative, with the extended dialogues about Matt’s horrible childhood and the kids riding skateboards and expensive powered vehicles on a white screen, it’s also almost one and a half minutes of credits for a show that is usually about twenty one minutes total. I can see why it was changed.

We start with music and several farm shots. Wheat fields - although there is no wheat grown on Roloff Farms, and the barn that I think is actually the man-barn with the giant pile of toys.

Then we zoom in to the cute farmhouse, possibly my favorite incarnation of the Roloff home - the nice kitchen and great room and porch but not the giant McMansion thing.

“Do you guys want to put the boat in the pond?” asks Jeremy. Mueller and Zach both say yes, because obviously putting the boat in sand isn’t as likely to be wet muddy fun. They skip off down the steps to find the ratty boat. Mueller and Jeremy lift the boat on to a wagon while Jeremy voices over how no one knows if it will float but there’s only one way to find out!

Um, just looking at the obvious rot and holes, I think there’s two ways to find out and one of them just involves looking and thinking for a moment, Jer, but you have your ‘fro on so lets see what happens.

All three boys are excited by their manly prowess and they cart the hay wagon (interesting note - it’s a pumpkin farm with no animals, why do the Roloffs have hay wagons?) with the kicky red Mule. Now we’re at the pirate ship pond and unloading the boat, I can actually see a *giant* wobbly crack, but since I think the real plan here is to “goof off and find an excuse to get wet and muddy”, we’ll move on. After lugging the boat to and fro, ‘Fro Jer finally notes that indeed, there’s at least one hole in the boat. But he will not be daunted! Zach suggests letting just Zach test it but Jeremy jumps in!

In a delicious irony, when I paused the dvd, there is an awesome shot of Jeremy, his shorts, and his boxers and someone was boxer-butt sagging! Heh. You have to stop the dvd at 2:49! Hehehe.

For those who care, apparently its unChristian, slutty, and skanky and when Jake Roloff did it three years later in front of his uncritical mother, he was deemed an unChristian slut who couldn't possibly have learned such skanky behavior from his older brother. Yes... this is credible.

Jeremy = Fine Christian boy

Jake = See Satan Sag

Mueller laughs and notes they will sink. Its actually getting dark but I can see the flash of Jeremy’s boxers as he and Zach jump out of the boat, achieving the whole wet and muddy aspect of the fun, and head to shore. The boys laugh about their manly exploit! They leave the boat at the edge of the rather tiny pond and Zach notes that the whole thing was ridiculous.

Clouds! And we’re on to the main plot. Matt is watching his workers assemble his stools and hay bales how he and Amy are about to take a trip to New York. For business! Basically they are selling stools and Matt wants to start an LP magazine. There is much talk about DAS and stools and hotel access. Basically they use a workshop that has disabled people making the stools and it seems pretty cool. Matt is all nervous about his potential big sale and now he can relax! Ahem.

Its night at the farm and Matt is hugging the kids good bye in front of the black door. Molly and Jake both sleepily say good night as Matt and Amy walk off the porch. They will be gone for a “few days”. Mike will be babysitting. Matt notes how rarely Amy comes on his business trips with DAS. And we have take off!

And now the Big Apple! They have lunch with a very tall little person and Matt drones on and on in what amounts to a fairly extensive commercial for his business. The LP pal really doesn’t identify as an LP since he is proportional and just short and doesn’t have big access issues. Amy tells Tall LP that you just have to adapt and work through it. Matt notes how knowing Tall LP who is in the hotel industry will help his business. They make a not especially clever joke about being short.

Meanwhile Back At The Farm! We’re catching bees! We’re catching bumble bees with glass jars and oven mitts! (The oven mitt is for safety, dontcha know!)

Jeremy looks at the bumble bees and notes how they will soon have their own honey business! Yeah um…. I wonder if we should tell him only honey bees do that? In an effort to calm the bees down, Mueller snaps his fingers against the glass while Jeremy shouts. I somehow doubt that will be effective.

Molly notes that the boys are evil. Mueller notes that they haven’t killed any…except the ones crawling on their backs. Should we call PETA? Jeremy decides to relocate the bees by running and tripping and breaking the glass jar holding their precious hive of bumble bees. Jeremy shouts an explicative that I *think* rhymes with truck (it was duly bleeped for family viewing) and then shakes his hands and says another swear - rhyming with “pit”. And now we’re in crisis mode!

Mueller rats out Jeremy to Mike on the phone while Jeremy washes his hands. Mike tells Mueller to tell Jer to rinse off his hands. Its bloody. Jeremy notes his hands are burning. Mueller notes Mike is on the way.

Mike is here! Mike explains first aide to Jeremy, while Jeremy reads lines in a voice over that he was glad Mike was there. Does Jeremy really need to have “this is an antiseptic wipe” explained, Mike? Jeremy notes how he is “so pissed”. Mike puts one Band-Aid on his finger. Jeremy notes how he’s normally king stud of the mountain.

Meanwhile back in New York City! Amy is wandering about alone, shopping in stores that really don’t scream “New York”. She calls home. And Mike tells the horror show of the one Band-Aid crisis. Amy is duly concerned.

So now the kids are auguring out holes in the completely dry swamp to build Ye Olde Swamp Fort. Including the auger, the power saw and all the supplies involved, the swamp fort - essentially another play area - probably cost well over 1000 dollars. Remember, this was filmed back when the Roloffs were “poor”. There do not appear to be any bandages on Jeremy btw.

Zach notes the project depends on Jeremy’s motivation. And now we have building scenes. Expressed? Jer isn’t wearing his shirt for this. And at 12:54 in the dvd, we can all see Jeremy, his shorts, and his boxer-clad buttocks. Hee!

There is much manly using of tools. Including a chainsaw with no eye protection, hurrah!

Jeremy basically explains that he’s building a platform so that it can be above the water. Good for you Jeremy! Yes, putting the floor of the fort above the water line is really a masterstroke of genius. Then Jeremy notes how glad he is that Dad is away in New York because its more fun without Dad there! Because if Dad was there, they wouldn’t be able to do it their way! The boys ride off, leaving behind several boards in the ground nailed together.

Beginning of the swamp fort in 2006...

Important note - I think this is summer of 2006. When did the swamp fort get finished?

The finished swamp fort in 2010

New York! Matt is working on his little people magazine idea. Matt feels he is being pitched. He “wants to contribute”. The meeting is actually a little dull. The magazine guy is basically thinking there is a void in the market. They like the name “Living Little” and this is really just a weird idea from a profitability standpoint. Matt thinks they should all move forward with it. Honestly, again, it’s a couple years later and I am so not shocked that this didn’t seem to take off. It’s a nice idea but magazines with HUGE audiences are taking hits these days. Matt scooters off.

Now Amy and Matt head back to Oregon. And there we are. Molly and Jake play in the pool, in the *old* pool that the Roloffs had before the giant in ground new pool and Amy is there! That was one heck of a flight! Amy notes that while Matt and New York was nice, she really missed being around the kids. Ironically she is cleaning the pool as this voice over plays. She loves spending time with the kids. Molly and Jake fool around.

Matt and Jeremy and Zach work on the fort. Zach hay bales that Matt basically took over and we have a scene of Matt shouting at the lumber pile, picking out wood. Jeremy lifts Matt into a tractor thing. Matt explains to Jeremy how to build the fort in minute detail while Jeremy seems to zone off, his fro taking him away from the buzz kill.

So for the record, Matt is the one who loaded up the tractor with a ton of lumber and sends Jeremy off. Zach gets the Mule and the wood cart. Can you smell the impending doom? Can you?

Jeremy hay bales that Zach has a load of wood and so does he. Jeremy notes in a rather harsh tone how completely careless Zach is. The wagon disconnects from the Mule going down the hill. Zach is trying to fix it when Jeremy comes down the hill with the big load of wood on the tractor scoop thing. Jeremy ends up dumping the load.

Jeremy yells at Zach that when driving with a trailer on the Mule, you have to go slow. Jeremy notes that the tractor can’t go down the hill and brake with such a heavy load.

Ok sports fans - Zach was driving too fast, and if Jeremy knows he can’t brake the tractor with such a heavy load, he either unloads some of the wood, or waits until he has a clear shot down the hill. And Matt really might reconsider sending either kid out on the heavy equipment.

Jeremy notes darkly that Matt needs to “teach Zach a thing or two”.

As he explains this to Matt, for those who tend to disbelieve, he clearly states that the tractor can’t brake. Matt defuses this with a calming moment about how he loves everything about Jeremy and Zach. It is sweet. It also is a rare moment where it doesn’t feel like a staged comment.

Oooh next episode! The boys break the new Mule!