Saturday, May 15, 2010

Amy Roloff active on her Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Facebook page

Just a note for those of you that like to keep up with what the Roloffs are saying on the internet; Amy Roloff is posting on her Charity Foundation's Facebook page.

She posted about her event to benefit Shriner's Children Hospital. Somewhat interesting comment considering Matt's recent comment in his recent Q&A about how he disagrees with Amy's decision to help Shriner's. Personally, I completely agree with what Amy says here.

Amy J Roloff: I met mom's, parents, and a number of kids who have benefited from Shriners. They felt like telling me their stories. Thank you to all who came to support ARCF and the event at Shriners.

Amy J Roloff: "Shriners continues to come a long way. Our past certainly can have a profound and long lasting affect on our lives today both positive and negative. Sometimes we can't get over it and think nothing has changed. Listening to these families, Mom's and Dad's I'm hoping ARCF can be a part of that change and continue to help benefit families and kids...

Shriners is doing a good thing and ARCF Dinner and Golf event on Aug. 22nd - 23rd will help with that by benefiting the net proceeds from the event to Shriners.

I hope you can can to one or both, and if not we would love for you to make a donation to help. Visit Thank you to everyone for your support in helping ARCF give a little help for a BIG world."

If you're wondering why Matt is against Shriner's it stems from his own experience as a child at Shriners. One of our frequent contributors and guest reviewer Rap541 read Matt's first book "Against Tall Odds" and posted this summary of Matt's experience at Shriner's from what he wrote in the book:

Matt also indicated that something recent has angered him about Shriner's, but his website moderator censored what he said when he was asked about discussing Shriners.

Amy also posted on the discussion board portion of the ARCF -Facebook page. She wants to hear your thoughts on Healthcare if you're interested in sharing with Amy.


Carol said...

Good for Amy. She is completely in the correct. She is doing the right thing.

This is typical selfish Matt Roloff. He needs to get over his own experiences 35 years ago and look at the broad picture. Shriners provides free healthcare to families that would be destroyed without it. They are literally a life saver for many parents and their children.

Amy is doing the right thing by supporting them.

David said...

I also feel that Amy stated that well.

Re: Matt's recent feelings? Just throwing this out there. Could it have to do with Saja Salman? I believe they were at Shriners. She passed away due to complications from her surgery (which was very complex, risky surgery).

Perhaps that stirred up Matt's bad memories from his time there.

Rap541 said...

Am I the only one thinking Amy's comments on her site about getting over the past are a direct response to Matt's comments on how angry he is that she's supporting Shriners?

And that this is an example of why people think the Roloffs have marital issues?

Jocelynn said...

That's exactly what I thought, Rap. The part Spirits put in bold is obviously Amy responding to what Matt put on the internet about Shriners.

I'm in Amy's corner on this too.

Sheri said...

Amy is Matt's wife. If my husband suffered and was mistreated by any facility, organization or company, I would never support that place in any form. It is very disloyal. I'm disappointed in Amy for ignoring Matt's feelings and wishes.

And yes Rap, Jeremy James would never do such a thing. Amy should know better. Family should stick up for each other. This is a form of betrayal.

Rap541 said...

Right... Amy is married so her opinions and values don't matter. She's a wife. She should shut her mouth and do as she is told.

As you do, right Sheri? You are married correct? Hand on the Bible, Sheri - yes or no - You do as you are told by your husband, no questions asked?

Yes or no - when you married, you stopped having opinions of your own because you're a wife and as a wife, you do as your husband says always?

Sheri - if your husband told you Jeremy Roloff was a jerk, and you were wrong to like him, would you hesh up and agree? I mean, you do as your husband says and disagreeing with your husband is wrong, right?

As it happens, while I do understand Matt's anger at Shriners, I am actually impressed that Amy is unwilling to get on the hate wagon over something that took place well in the past. Matt's hospital experience is unfortunate... and likely to have occured in ANY hospital in the sixties because frankly, thats just how it was. Sick kids were isolated across the board. Parents weren't allowed lavish visits because it "upset the healing process". Doctors were treated like unquestioned gods.

Personally I think this is part of the passive aggressive war Matt and Amy have, but considering how Matt uses his own forum to bad mouth his wife, I don't think he's the perfect saint here either.

And Sheri, if Amy offered Jeremy a free trip to help her support Shriner's in the BVI, I am sure we'd have a hay bale of Jeremy stating he has no idea why dad is mad that he's not passing on the awesome free trip. Because thats how Jeremy rolls. Give him a treat and he supports you.

Sheri said...

Absolutely. If I was in a dispute with an organization, my husband would never turnaround and lend them his support knowing how I felt.

Amy's priority should be to Matt. Not Shriners.

Jeremy would never betray Matt by doing something like this. You underestimate the bond Matt has with Jeremy. He is on Matt's side. The sad part is that Amy should be too.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - you didn't answer - if your husband told you not to like Jeremy Roloff, would you stand by your man?

And you seem unwilling to answer - do you do what your husband says, no questions asked? Yes or no. You are citing Amy as a bad wife for not standing behind her man despite the fact that he's basically dissing a charity that helps people. So come on, Sheri - as a wife, do you believe you are to obey your husband no matter whether he's right or wrong? As you expect Amy to?

Jeremy is loyal to whoever gives him a treat. Have we ever seen jeremy do ANYTHING that involved him not having a good time?

Ever? The only occasion I can think of is Jeremy giving up going skiing to support his brother getting surgery and per his saintd words on line, he didn't want to do it but was made to.

Sheri said...

Rap, you're talking nonsense. I will not continue a conversation if you cannot discuss without being ridiculous.

I did not say or suggest that a husband and wife must agree on every subject there is. We are talking about a dispute with an organization. A husband or wife always should support their spouse over the other party/corporation/business/organization.

Jeremy has never betrayed Matt. He wouldn't start over something as serious as Matt's feelings towards another organization while lending his public support to them.

Jeremy DID support Zach in that situation. As any kid, he would have preferred to have fun with his friends rather than sitting in a hospital, however it was Jeremy's decision. Jeremy made the decision to support his family over his own fun.

BeckyM said...

JMO about this but I expect Amy may have input from current users of the Shriners' benefits and why she states she has listened to families etc...

I suspect her foundation was approached and perhaps some on the foundation wanted to support this charity. If her charity is "real" with a board, saying yes or no, can't all be left up to Amy.

I also have read that the Shriners are having to cut back benefits bigtime due to the economic impact upon their donations. Losing these benefits of free services may have a larger impact (big picture - which Amy, not Matt sees) that she decided they needed help.

Besides, perhaps she also understands that Matt's anger is based upon when he was a CHILD... and what child really knows what happened or what his parents were doing and why they made the decisions they did...?

I had a parent who felt I should not have been told that my brother had been in a horrible motorcycle-car accident, might lose his leg, was in ICU and had undergone hours and hours of surgery. Matt's parents might deserve a bit of his ire for making the decisions they did.

If a child was indeed dying, and his family had only one chance to say goodbye, are you telling me Matt's parents had no say in visitation? I really don't believe it.

Rap541 said...

You're still not answering the questions put to you.

You very clearly stated that Amy is Matt's wife and therefore should be agreeing with his views.

"Amy is Matt's wife. If my husband suffered and was mistreated by any facility, organization or company, I would never support that place in any form. It is very disloyal. I'm disappointed in Amy for ignoring Matt's feelings and wishes."

Per you, Amy should agree with Matt because she is *a wife*.

And per jeremy's words - he wanted to go skiing but was forced to go to California. He didn't *choose* to, he was *made* to. Now please cite examples of Jeremy giving up fun to support his family.

I mean, he can't go to LP cons without bringing an average height pal... he sure ran to play in the alps when he could have been at Zach's side in ireland.... He sure made it clear that he wasn't giving up a trip to the Virgin Islands to support his mom... hell, he made it very very clear he wasn't giving up a fun trip for any reason. So why on earth do you think he'd give up fun to work?

Rap541 said...

btw Sheri - matt doesn't like Shriners. Are you going to badmouth them to show Matt how you support him?

Badmouth a charitable organization? I mean... Matt hates them... don't you support Matt?

Come on Sheri - what are YOUR feelings on Shriner's Hospitals? Do you agree with Matt? I think we would all like to know. Since you think Amy is a horrible person for supporting them.

Greg said...

Becky, well said. I agree.

Remember, everything about Matt's past and Shriners is coming from Matt. The book was written by Matt.

Since when does anyone believe that Matt Roloff tells the truth or that he is capable of being fair?

Lynn said...

Sheri, don't bother. I understood what you said and I agree.

If you spouse is battling another entity, you should support your spouse and respect his feelings. This is isn't the same as liking different tv shows or liking 2% milk over skim.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - do you think it's ok for Matt to hold a 30 year grudge when most hospitals in the sixties had the same policies as Shriners did?

You do realize they *could* have just turned him and his family away? And didn't? And the thanks they get is... Matt Roloff doing his darn best to badmouth them? Right down to complaining that his wife is supporting the charity?

I wonder how parents who have kids in Shriner hospitals feel right now knowing that Amy Roloff is considered a bad person for not supporting her husband's grudge.

Thats sheri and lynn's point? Matt is right and we shouldn't support Shriners since Matt hates them? To hell with the good they do, matt doesn't like them so SCREW THEM! Its Christian to hate after all and Christians should hate Shriners since Matt Roloff does!

Amy is such an awful person, putting sick kids ahead of her husband's grudge!

Anonymous said...

If Matt needs to blame someone , maybe it should be his parents? just a thought.There is such a thing as having an individual thought process, Dr's by the way are not Gods, nor the tell alls of how a child should be treated. Parents instincts are always the best!

Nancy D. said...

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