Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amy Roloff to be interviewed by Joy Behar on May 11th show

Joy Behar, one of the hosts from The View, has her own show on CNN's Headline News.

According to her site, she will interview Amy Roloff on May 11th. That could be interesting if Joy Behar actually knows anything more than the basics about Amy.

I'm not too familiar with her, but I believe she is very liberal in her views on society, while Amy is very conservative.


A quick recap:

Joy Behar didn't seem to be very familiar with Amy. "I read about you", etc.

Fairly basic interview. She asked Amy about the proper terminology and the word "midget". Amy gave the new Roloff answer post Jeremy's National Enquirer article -- It's context that matters and she detests political correctness. I must point out that it does fly in the face of the LPA filing a complaint with the FCC to completely ban the word midget from television. Amy spoke at that same conference while in New York at the LPA 2009 conference.


On the Joy Behar show, Amy said that the word midget has changed over time; now it's considered derogatory and demeaning, however, Amy says she doesn't mind if people use it in an innocent way like "Oh hey, there's the midget."

She talked about her charity foundation. Amy said she wants to give back and do something good with her celebrity because she can only have so much stuff.

Joy Behar asked some twitter questions. Does Amy ever sleep? She gets about 6 hours of sleep.

Joy asked if Amy would do Dancing With The Stars? Amy said probably not because she likes to do things where she has a chance of winning, but she does love to dance.

A twitter question asked about the divorce rumors. Amy scoffed. Joy said it's because of the Gosselins. They fought and now are divorced so people see the Roloffs argue and think the same. Amy agreed. Amy said "We're not going through anything a normal couple doesn't go through. We just happen to have it on air".

Personally, I think they're leaving out the real reason why so many think that...it's how the Roloffs and the show portray it for the sake of drama. Viewers are very familiar with seeing and hearing both Matt and Amy making quotes such about their marriage such as "We don't know what the future holds....we've lost the friendship in our marriage....I look ahead to the future, I don't know..."

A twitter question asked about the messy house. Amy said they've done a good job since the remodel. First said she worked with the kids to at least keep the public areas clean, but they can do what they want in their own rooms. Then Joy asked "Can't you have someone help you?"
Amy Roloff: We do now. Matt insisted on it now. I like to have fun with life."

So for the people concerned about how messy or clean the house is, that's the answer to why the house is looking cleaner these days: They hired help.

Here's a video of some of the interview


corsica said...

Joy Behar is a smart lady who does her homework. I BET she's going to ask Amy about her ties with Focus on the Family after all that news last week about their anti-gay "minister" who was caught with his rent boy.

Brandon said...

Corsica, I hope you're right! I'm doubtful though.

One, I don't think most of these hosts do their homework. They have the Roloffs on because they think they're being educational and nice by having little people as guests. Most of them don't seem to know anything about them except for facts from the show or things the Roloffs say themselves.

Two, this is where the Roloffs benefit from the sympathy factor. What television personality wants to be seen the big mean host challenging the poor the little person who is bravely trying to spread a message about acceptance? I think that's why they don't do their research about the Roloffs and never talk about anything except things that make the Roloffs look good.

I've always said this. The difference between how Jon and Kate Gosselin get and got treated is very different than how the Roloffs get treated. I think the main reason is that the Roloffs get the sympathy factor.

Think of poor Oprah. I can't remember she did that interview, was it before September 2008? Whatever, doesn't she look like a fool now? She spent most of her interview with the Roloffs talking about how horrible it is that average sized people could tease LPs and how they are awful normal sized people are for using the "M" word. I wonder if Jeremy's texts to his friends in the "Green room" included the N word?

Ha!!! None of these media people realize that the Roloffs are not the nice sympathetic figures once you really peel back the outside layer of the positive tv show image.

Carol said...

Brandon, I think one of the reasons why they don't is because unfortunately the National Enquirer name is attached. Most celebrities hate the National Enquirer so they don't want to ask anything about it.

We all know that it's totally true about Jeremy, but celebrities that don't know the story, if they even hear about it, see the name and out of respect won't ask.

They should ask and do their own research.

The question/subject I want someone to ask is about the letter Spirits posted from a woman that wrote to Amy.

Amy said her dream was to be a parent and have children. Her biggest fear was that society would conclude that she wasn't fit to be a parent and she would have her children taken away.

How can she support Focus On The Family and be against Gay Rights? She is now part of the group who is creating fear among another minority group.

Rap541 said...

I would be VERY surprised if Amy was asked any tough questions. After watching the handling of Kate Gosselin, I think it's very clear that TLC very carefully vetts the interviewers ahead of time.

I would like to be pleasantly surprised... but I am not holding my breath...

Tay said...

Matt & Amy Roloff have both been interviewed by Joy Behar back in early 2006 on ABC Daytime talk show The View except on the View it was the whole lady panal that talk to Matt & Amy when Merideth Vieara and Star Jones was still on the show. I believe Little People Big World had been on the air on TLC maybe one or to months when they were in New York Matt had some buisiness to attend to which they showed on TLC and Amy went with him it was the show where Jeremy and Jacob Mueller were on the side of the house trying to put some bees in a jar and Jeremy tried to jump over some rocks on to the porch with the jar of bees when he loss his balance and fell with the jar in his hand and started bleeding and they called the now late Mike Detjen out to the farm to come and tend to Jeremy's bloody hand and Mike called Amy while her and Matt was in New York to let her know what had happen except TLC did not show Matt and Amy on The View, their focus was strictly about their own show, in case any one wanted to know or remember's that eposiode of the show.

Austin said...

Is Amy going to be on later this hour? It's tonight, right?

I'm watching right now. The irony is delicious. They're talking to gay activists and gay people about discrimination and if gay actors can be accepted play "straight" characters.

Later in the show they're going to have, in an unrelated topic, Amy "Focus On The Family - God should cure gay people - don't criticize my awesome son for loving the gay slurs" Roloff??

Perfect scheduling!

Timothy said...

Austin, it is tonight. Amy will be the last guest tonight.

I will be totally shocked if there is any hard questions. It will be the usual. Joy will shower Amy with praise. They'll both try to be funny.

I bet she doesn't know anything about Amy off the tv show or any of the hypocrisy that we all know.

Dana said...

Behar better be respectful or else she won't be able to get many guests if she ambushes her guests with her political agenda.

Carol said...

It won't happen.

But for imagine if she did ask about Jeremy's use of hate speech words?

Amy would not react well. I've seen enough glimpses of Amy when she is angry or during soccer game. She is not the smiley person she portrays in interviews. If she felt someone was attacking her precious baby boy Jeremy, she would lose it. She would probably walk away on the spot.

Austin said...

OMG, these quotes from guests before Amy (about unrelated topics are priceless).

Some comic talking about the Miss America racy photos and tv executives reaction. "...because there are no hypocrities in television".

Too perfect that this is Amy's night.

I don't have my hopes up either.

Rap541 said...

"Behar better be respectful or else she won't be able to get many guests if she ambushes her guests with her political agenda. "

Yes Dana... Gid forbid Amy be honest and say she is against homsexuality. Heaven forbid that a Roloff tell the truth on camera and admit how proud they are to hate queers as Christians should!


And they certainly would respond honestly if that political question was raised....

Melinda said...

I am sure that they let interviewers and their producers know before hand the questions that are off limits. That's the reason for all the softball questions. She can't come off as someone who attacks her guests. No one would come on her show. Ratings can't be too high for a show like this, they're a dime a dozen.

Melinda said...

Amy probably knew every question that was going to be asked ahead of time.

Greg said...

Melinda, that's what I think as well.

It's funny that at one point Amy mentioned that she hates being PC because discussion should be open, lets talk about the elephant in the room.

There IS ALWAYS an elephant in the room when the Roloffs talk about this. Gee, I wonder why Amy sounds agitated when she talks about this subject?

Could it maybe just maybe be the fact that her own son is labeled a racist and bigot for using racial and gay slurs and she's called a hypocrite for not really caring?

But the elephant is in the room. Thus, Amy never mentions it.

Claudette said...

The Roloffs are everything now that they weren't in the beginning when I liked them.

Amy said she wouldn't change for tv.

Now they hire housekeepers. Have personal chefs and drivers.

Ruined by money. They belong on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Not a reality show that normal families can relate to.

AussieMum said...

TLC strikes again. Gee, I wonder who's next? The Hayes Family, maybe.

corsica said...

ITA Rap. There's not enough interviewers/journalists asking any tough questions anymore--and that's across the board.

David said...

So which is it?

Is the house cleaner because the kids are cleaning the public areas of house? I assume that means the filming areas...interesting that we've never seen a tour of the whole mansion.


Is the house cleaner because they've hired outside help?