Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comments Note -- Anonymous

Just another quick note about comments because we have many new people that are finding the site and want to share your own opinion. You're encouraged to do so.

However, there is a request: Please do NOT use the "Anonymous" option.

All you have to do is select Name/Url -- pick a screen name and leave URL blank.
It doesn't make your comment any less anonymous, it simply makes it easier for others to follow the conversation.

For example, this afternoon there were 16 new comments. The majority of those were by people posting as "Anonymous". It becomes confusing to others when there is a list of 13 Anonymous' in a row. Are they all the same person commenting on different things? Are they all different people? If someone wants to agree or add a comment on something you said, it's annoying for people to say I agree with Anonymous at 2:39pm May 3rd.

If you comment a lot on different subjects, if you pick a posting name, people will begin to remember you and might even look forward to hearing what you have to say on a certain subject. If you're posting as Anonymous they have no idea that it's you.

If you select Name/Url (simply leave it blank) pick any name you want Allison C, or Green Tree, or KQ or Dog -- that way if someone wants to respond to you they can say "Well said KQ, I liked when Molly said that too".

Unfortunately, I believe the Url part of Name/URL confuses people -- making them think they have to enter a website so they feel it's easier to select Anonymous -- however, you don't -- just ignore the URL field -- leave it blank.

Of course if you have your own Blogger or accounts for the other options that are available, you're welcome to use those too.

The main point is please do not select Anonymous. Your comment may not be published. Simply pick Name/Url and leave the URL field blank and pick any name you want. It takes no extra time or effort to choose "Name" over "Anonymous".


keii said...

nice info..

Anonymous said...

To Mack And Amy I am hoping as your son stated that "you all loved once and that hopefully you will find it again. I understand it was unexpected but prayerfully it is the Lord's will that you to can get to know one another, get an understanding, and respect for one another and stat together. Although I am older than the two of you I feel as though I am losing the union of my parents. I admire the way you two have disagreed and worked the obstacles out and came together for your family. Although your children are not babies any longer, I am sure they want to stay connected with the love and kindness you gave them as young children. I am begging and pleading for you two to compromise and be humble towards one another. Mack go home to your wife, you both have qualities worth building on. You made promises to her parents, do not back out now.