Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few more bonus scenes from TLC: Little People, Big World Roloff family

There are a few more extra scenes on TLC's website.

The least interesting of the three: A beautiful view. Amy, Molly and Jacob look at a nice view. Jacob continues his swimming theme.

In the next clip, Amy attempts to teach Molly and Jake table etiquette while out for dinner, but it doesn't work out too well.

The third clip is more from the Roloffs wine tasting trip. Jeremy doesn't care about the explanations; he's just interested in tasting. Even Jake drinks up, but the focus is on Zach...


Dana said...

I don't care what anyone says. Jeremy is the only one of those kids that act his age.

Jacob was disgraceful. I've seen 9 year olds behave better. He was moaning because Amy wanted him to be polite. That speaks volumes.

Molly wasn't much better by encouraging him to eat a giant fork full.

It is wine, Zach was 19. He was acting like a little kid. You don't need to enjoy it, but there is no reason to for the wild expressions.

Jeremy was the only one acting mature. People wonder why Matt would want to have a solo vacation with Jeremy? What is there to wonder about? Look at the behavior of the other 3.

Judy said...

Dana, I whole heartedly agree. I shake my head at Jacob. What is wrong with that boy? They can't even take him out in public without him embarrassing himself and the family.

Shadow said...

You know, for once, I agree. Jer was acting JUST like those mature booze-loving Christians that always end up being the most annoying drunks at a party. Soooo polite, too (the hand gesture to say "Shut up! You're talking too much! was especially useful for those rude people who insisted on speaking French, and of course, his mom, who was rudely trying to learn something and make conversation). And he's always ready to demonstrate his (lack of) knowledge, to ensure everyone else feels comfortable. "Pink wine? I didn't know they made pink wine." And the way he always tries to turn the attention to his siblings is just precious - "Oh, yeah, let's watch my boring stick-in-the-mud twin drink a glass of wine. I'll have a great time laughing at him."

I get that it's all fake reality, and just like Kate Gosselin, TLC has learned to put the focus on Jer because you can always count on him to do/say something incredibly bozo-ish, but this is why I don't bother watching anymore. I know how the storyline goes.

Megan said...

I wonder what Jacob's true personality is like? He acts differently in the Table Ettiquette clip than he normally does. He's more talkative and outgoing.