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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World May 10th, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to Rap.


Written by Rap541

Interesting notes on a rewatch.

Matt is wearing a Statesman jersey at the Portland Timbers game. Also Matt refers to the team as “Zach’s all star team”. Matt also refers to the Statesmen as “elite athletes” when in fact there weren’t exactly tryouts.

New ep 1

Triumphant music! Amy takes photos. The dwarfs compare height. There is some accusation by Marty that the Manuel twins are not true dwarfs. Its in fun. Jeremy is wearing a bright pink shirt. It’s not a great look for him.

Table tennis with the Statesmen. Zach hay bales how he and Marty went out to cheer on the Statesmen at different sports as proper team captains should. Considering how this is clearly not a *soccer* team bit Marty is apparently into basketball much more than soccer, and the Statesmen all have basketball jerseys, as well as soccer jerseys…. I kinda think this isn‘t actually a soccer only event at all and wasn‘t portrayed as one to the team participants. Amy is roped into playing since the Statesmen is a sausage fest and apparently that’s against the rules. The Manuel twins are much nicer looking with the short hair cuts.

Now we have a group of sports shots and then Amy is hay baling how she was helping out a female soccer team. She notes her team basically has no idea how to play and she basically teaches them how to play and notes how much fun being able to play. She scores!

Tragedy! There’s a phone call! Marty is in hospital! (note my englishism there hee hee) Amy heads off to check on him and hay bales how this will KILL morale for the basketball team. Gotta be honest… I really don’t see how we’re going to get like… four episodes of soccer drama without bringing on the yawns. Because really this is episode three of four and I am bored.

Amy hay bales that basketball practice was canceled. She decides to take the average height kids to a castle. Jeremy notes how he has studied castles and is incredibly impressed and how he’s always wanted to be in Ireland looking at castles and is having *the* most fantastic experience of all. You know, put Jeremy in front of a shiny object and that’s always what he’s wanted to look at and has studied shiny objects and is having the absolute best time ever. Guaranteed!

Zack and an lp debate his leg height. Marty is released from hospital. Basically he had some sort of asthma attack. There’s a fairly lengthy discussion on his health. He seems ok but tired.

Off to the basketball game. Zach notes they were confident because they had so many LA Breakers on the team. Yeah, wonder what the Grass Hogs think of that…. You remember them? The team Matt was desperate to send to Ireland? They are playing UK 2. Insert sports montage. Molly has a Statesmen jersey. Amy hay bales how they weren’t cutting it. Commercial.

More sports montages. You know there’s a reason I am not watching the NBA playoffs tonight. Its because I don’t like basketball. Oh cue “Eye of the Tiger” and now they have won the game! No wait… they are making Amy play… which is interesting in that not only was she griping earlier about them not cutting it, she doesn’t seem to know how to play at all…. Zach goes on how the first games will be blowouts. Cue sports montage. They won by a zillion. Now we watch the Australians and Amy goes on about the need for good fundamentals… she didn’t know what basket to shoot for. Zach is all “oooh good girl player on the aussie team”.

More balls in baskets. They win a game of 49 to 0. Zach again notes how playing on the LA Breakers is cool. Matt taunts the Aussie girl player, in a fun way. Yup, US vs. Australia. Amy notes how this is the ultimate face off .

Cue sports montage. I get a drink. Play on facebook a bit. The Statesmen are called for fouls. Jeremy in the audience looks as bored as I am. While Amy whines a bit about the fouls, there’s some clear fouls. When I can tell you’re fouling someone, you’re fouling someone. Amy notes how being American will help. Because Americans are best as basketball.

Zach hay bales how intense it was. Cue sports montage. I get a coke. Mmmm coke. It is a US win. The Aussies are good sports and everyone seems very pleased. There’s gold medals. Amy notes how winning gold with Zach is awesome. Matt is no where to be found in this episode at all.

Ep 2

Belfast. Land of knee capping and throwing bombs in school yards. Now that the gold in basketball is won, its time to focus on SOCCER. Although I thought the basketball finals were after the soccer finals? I dunno.

Matt roles by and calls himself “technically” the ream manager and that he’s dumping it all on Amy. But then he gets all “they aren’t taking it seriously” which kinda reflects the attitude of the team manager, don‘t you think? The team manager who spent the first three days of what is clearly an all sport event and not just a soccer tourney touring Switzerland? There’s all of one practice. Zach hay bales how he’s the only one focusing on soccer, because the team really came to party and play basketball. Zach is more worried about fitness. Amy wants gold. Amy lectures the team on how they are a team. Typical coach talk, in my opinion.

Who is Dwarf “Piedra” with the Mohawk? He’s cute.

Now Zach lectures the team on how to play. Amy gets a call from Matt. He wants to talk to the team. Zach is annoyed as Matt has skipped everything and now wants to have a pep talk. Matt notes how annoyed Zach was but that the team *needed* to have Matt go on about how they are. Matt feels its disrespectful of Zach to be annoyed at how Matt ditched the entire job of team manager to play with Jeremy since what Zach really needs to do is kiss daddy’s ass.

Sorry - Matt likes his ass kissed. That’s all this final moment was about… coming on down to remind the team that he is the special one. I totally understand the urge - I like ass kissing too. And Zach needs to gut check this because Matt isn’t going to change. This was where Matt makes this all about Matt, despite bailing and likely only attending the soccer games because it would look really bad if he totally skipped all the events.

Zach continually goes on how this is the World Cup for dwarfs. He’s got a cute fauxhawk thing going on with his hair that I like. God this is like endless though. Sports montage. I’d like to point out that UK 2 does not have the team in billboard advertising. Basically this turns into a blow out. Matt lectures how the team needs to not showboat because its rude. Matt and Amy both harp on how cocky Zach is. I dunno… three minutes after the game has ended as a blow out… I see being a bit cocky. Where I would call Zach cocky is the later “the UK2 team is a team that’s finally on MY level” stuff.

The French/German team didn’t even have jerseys at all…. If I seem to be harping on this, its partly because from watching this, it does not seem common or necessary for a team to show up in matching team jerseys for every team event. The other teams don’t have personalized jerseys, and at least one team was simply wearing sport coverall jerseys, like the sort you have the kids put on to play in gym. Am I going somewhere with this? Yeah, that maybe the US team didn’t need to be plastered with ads, and maybe the DAAA was concerned about commercializing the event. After all, the Statesmen had custom personalized track suits, custom personalized basketball uniforms, custom soccer jerseys. They seemed a little over dressed compared to the other teams… As in I don’t think based on the other teams that there was a uniform requirement

In fact there’s a couple really obvious clues that the World Dwarf Games aren’t “The World Cup of Dwarf Soccer” or in fact an actual invite only event as it was portrayed in Matt’s plea for the “Grasshogs” to be sponsored. For starters, Amy joined a pick up female soccer team that was formed on site. A lot of the team was more there for the basketball and in fact the Statesmen was a sports team, not a soccer team. There’s the fact that the UK2 team was clearly a scrub team that was there to have fun and the reality that the French and Germans pretty much put a team together on the spot. If you showed up, you got to play. Nothing wrong with that… but lets not play the elite athlete card, ok?

And now they are playing UK1. Zach for what it’s worth seemed concerned about the ability of the Statesmen to take on the UK1 team.

The UK1 team basically has a uniform of um… white shirts. No numbers or names on the jerseys. See point above. Zach goes on about how they “match him” for skill and smartness of game. He’s impressed that they used their throw ins… I’m impressed Zach seems this oblivious to how arrogant he can sound on the soccer topic.

Ok, what the heck? The goal by Adam? Yeah um, the ref made the right call in my opinion, it was a goal kick, you don’t rush the goalie for that. I’m glad the obvious hissy fit that was thrown was kept under control. Sports montage. Now they are tied. Marty notes if they get to penalty kicks they win! That’s hilarious Marty! More sports montage. Oh nice slide tackle! Now we’re in penalty shots … Amy hay bales how nervous Zach must be and then he blows his kick. Yeah, they lose.

Well, ok there was a commercial break first but… they lose.

Zach seems humble in admitting he blew it. There’s lots of montage of Zach sad. Now we have the closing ceremony. Zach notes how he has changed! He thinks it was good he lost. Matt notes how proud he was and that the team needed the humiliation. Amy thinks it was great. I don’t like Zach’s hair in the hay bales. Also, this was a snooze fest. I was as bored as Jeremy.


Edward said...

Typical ugly Americans. The official knows if the offical called for a goal kick. They did not show the extent of the Statesmen coach protesting.

M said...

Ha nice review rap! I also got bored and did the same thing got a soda and played on facebook. While my mom (who's also watches lpbw regularly and we usualy watch episodes together) turned to making phone calls. We got so caught up in the other things we were doing we forgot about the show and had to rewind and replay parts. I didn't really have to rewind at all same old same old.

I'm I the only one who's really disliking Matt more as of lately? When he rolled up on his scooter and was all I'm team manager and pep talk time! My mother and I groaned at the same time. We had a good laugh of that... I think my only real
laugh? Tonights episode was kinda boring... It's just more DAAA but with the world. How many times do we have to watch soccer?

AussieMum said...

I know Soccer is their life but how much can a non soccer fan take? I'm over it. I'd rather watch Amy cook then watch the boys play SOCCER!

CM said...

These reviews are better then watching the show! M.....I cant even stand this show anymore! As sad as it is....Matt Roloff is my father in law to a Tee!!! I do not think the way he acts is scripted or anything. The last 2 weeks episodes just made my husband and I laugh (because thats all we can do) at how similar FIL and MR are! Everything from the way wives are treated, everything having to be his way or everyone will suffer negative Nancy to playing favorites to one of your 4 children.

Jocelynn said...

"These reviews are better then watching the show!"

CM, I couldn't agree more. I can truthfully say if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't be watching anymore. I watch so I can stay informed and know what people are talking about here :)

Angry Dwarf said...

"Who is Dwarf “Piedra” with the Mohawk? He’s cute."

You might think I'm nitpicking but I will say it anyway. This is a pet peeve of mine.

First, his name is Eddie.

Second, please don't call people with dwarfism "cute". It is not a compliment. Aw he is so cute! Do you want to own me and store me in your basement?

We are people. Stuffed teddy bears are "cute".

Dana said...

Rap, why am I not surprised that you didn't expand on one of the points that stuck out to me?

Matt was right about Zach being cocky. Shadow? You were taking issue with Matt calling Zach out? He was correct. Zach later admitted it. Matt was right.

Back on point. Rap. Why not note the difference between the twins regarding cockiness.

Throughout 4 years of high school Jeremy was the best soccer player on his team. You cannot site one example of Jeremy ever bragging or being cocky. He never said the other players need to come up to his knowledge and skill.

It is negligent to comment on Zach's cockiness and not reflect on the good example that his own twin brother had set.

Matt didn't expect Zach to kiss his butt. He expected him to show him some respect and act his age. How do you react in that setting if you are slightly annoyed at someone? How do you expect a mature adult to act? To refuse to answer and get noticeably pouty?

Finally, Jeremy did not look bored to me. He was supporting the team as much as he possibly could.

Brandon said...

Not a lot to work with, but great stuff, Rap! :)

My favorite this week:

"Jeremy notes how he has studied castles and is incredibly impressed and how he’s always wanted to be in Ireland looking at castles and is having *the* most fantastic experience of all. You know, put Jeremy in front of a shiny object and that’s always what he’s wanted to look at and has studied shiny objects and is having the absolute best time ever. Guaranteed!"

So true!

I think Jeremy sucks as a person, but for entertainment sake, I hope there is an episode of nothing except Jeremy...all for the lone reason of reading your review! :)

Rap541 said...

Angry Dwarf - I take no offense at your comment at all because you raisevalid points.

I called him "Piedra" because his name was never mentioned and I was going by the name on the back of his jersey.

And I meant cute in the "hey...he's attractive way!" way... because seriously, this episode was a snooze fest but he's easy on the eyes :)

Rap541 said...

"Throughout 4 years of high school Jeremy was the best soccer player on his team. You cannot site one example of Jeremy ever bragging or being cocky. He never said the other players need to come up to his knowledge and skill."

Actually Dana, there have been numerous times Jeremy has been "cocky". In the opening pilot, where Amy actually told him not to be cocky after he made the team and was bragging. His whole "and there was a penalty shot and my team mate gave it to me" which exuded arrogance. There's the whole "not to be a gay ragging faggot but I raped their defenses" remark which, ignoring the racial slurs, is a pretty unsportsmanlike thing to say about an opposing team.

There's also tearful Jer so shocked he didn't make ODP, to where his fans insist, years later, that the stud boy was denied his rightful spot.

I'd also point out that in later seasons, when Jeremy was leading the Faith team... they were hardly having seasons to brag about.

Look - did Jeremy do anything on the aidelines other than watch with a bored expression? heck even evil Molly was waving some pompoms.

Eric said...

I thought Zach accepted defeat well. He blamed himself and owned up to cracking under pressure.

Em said...

Rap, I have to disagree about looking bored. I thought the Roloffs, even Matt looked very interested and intense for the soccer game.

I think I remember the shot of Jeremy that you might be interpreting as bored. It was after Zach missed his kick. I think it was a dejected look, not a bored look.

Rich said...

IMO, the focus of the loss of the game and Zach himself were too harsh on Zach.

Yeah he missed, but there is a goalie in penalty kicks.

The UK goalie dove to save Zach's shot.

What about Marty? Did he even move on any of the kicks?

Marty is 40. Time to retire. At least from soccer goalie. Zach must be searching for ways to cut Marty from the soccer team.

Eric said...

Rich, good point. I think because Marty was the goalie for the LA Breakers, they never considered bringing a goalie.

They should have if they were serious! What about the goalie from the DAAA team that almost beat the Grasshogs? I think it was the goalie from the "Hog Killers". He probably would have stopped one of those shots.

Zach and Marty were locks to be on the team as co-founders, but Marty shouldn't have been goalie. I know most of the Statesmen were on because they are friends. Bill and Eric and Jeff Manuel. Adam is very good. I don't know where Eddie and Alex came from or Troy either but Troy looked like he was picked because he has skills.

If Adam's dad, Chris Romano played on the team, they should have brought the goalie.

NJC said...

Rap I was going to comment on how much I enjoyed this review but luckily Dana set me straight before I embarrassed myself.

How dare you write a review without praising Jeremy!? You mention Zack's cockiness (which was a central theme of the show), but fail to mention Jeremy's amazing soccer prowess and humble ways ( absolutely nothing to do with the show).

Come on Rap get your act together!

barnaby said...

Love your reviews.

Just a thought about Zack being so full of himself when it comes to soccer. Though I've never been a regular viewer of the show, it has always appeared to me that soccer is one of the few areas where Zack possesses a positive self image. Frankly, he appears quite depressed to me a good deal of the time, but does enjoy being "good" at soccer. But who really knows what Zach is really like, considering all the selective editing that occurs to tell the phoney stories on TLC.

Melinda said...

Edward, why do you have to degrade a whole nation of people because one woman makes an ass of herself at a soccer game. In the heat of competition, it is easy to lose your cool. I watched the olympics last summer and there were "ugly" people from a lot of different countries, not just America. I am sure that there are several unfavorable stereotypes of your nationality that we can offend you with, also. You are speaking about one woman, not an entire country.

Rap541 said...

NJC - Yeah, pretty easy to pick apart Dana's agenda, of "Jeremy is dreamycakes awesome, praise Jeremy James Jesus for the three seconds he appeared and make the entire review and commentary a citation to the goodness that was the jer-Bear as he was clearly tonight's focal point".

Jocelynn, Cm, M, and Brandon - thanks

Eric - I have to wonder if cost was a factor in bringing a different goalie. I also wonder, along with being forty, if being in the hospital had a little to do with Marty looking off his game. Shoot out resolutions are always hard tho.

Carol said...

Barnaby, that's a good point. That is actually one of the downfalls of the show.

Are we supposed to watch because the family is interesting, the family dynamics? When the judgement is negative, Matt responds by saying it is all untrustworthy editing and lies.

Do we know what any of the Roloffs are *really* like? The problem with Matt's arguement is I don't think clever people reach the conclusion that the family is so much better than what we see.

There is enough real evidence in real life that a clever person can realize that Jeremy is nothing like the sweet Christian he is portrayed on the show. He is rude, nasty and overall, very unlikable when you realize how he is based on the real evidence. That is just about the time that the pro Roloff crowd responds with "Jeremy has never done that on the show!" Matt can't have it both ways.

Getting back to Zachary. I would tend to agree with you, but I also suspect that Zach is not nearly as shy as they like to portray. I've seen enough (I don't even pay as close attention as other people) pictures of him in party atmospheres to realize that's not how a shy and person with low self esteem behaves.

However, based on what we see, I agree with the point you're making. Zach appears to get down on himself in a lot of areas. The one area he feels confident in himself is soccer.

R_Modul said...

IMO, Marty Klebba is a hot little person. I like his swagger.

Tom said...

After seeing the Statesmen demolish some of the other teams that didn't know how to play, I want to see them play that dwarf team from Brazil. There was video of their star player. I think he could single handedly deke through the entire Statesmen team (including Jeremy!).

Lynn said...

I strongly disagree with the negative comments about Matt.

One of the criticism of Matt is that he is arrogant? He doesn't show it. He was the one person who stood up when the rest of the people there were getting carried away with blowing out the other athletes.

"Watch for the high-fiving, that kind of show-boating...It's important to me that they're respectful to the team they just defeated."

He showed wisdom and common sense. He also displayed it with the reaction to the referee. Matt knows the right way to act. He's not afraid to say it even if people don't want to hear it.

Lynn said...

Matt was also right about Zach's attitude towards his pre-game speech. If Matt hadn't addressed the team, Zach would have complained that the team manager didn't even care to speak to the team. He wanted to say a few words to the team. Zach threw his version of a hissy fit. If you noticed, none of the other Statesmen players looked annoyed. Marty had his arm around Matt's shoulder. There was Zach, true to form as Matt said, being disrespectful to Matt. They wouldn't have been there in their fancy uniforms if it wasn't for all of Matt's work and effort.

Matt is a classy person that deserves respect. It's sad that only Jeremy appears to give him the respect he deserves.

Albert said...

Lynn, I totally agree.

Matt has a worldly awareness that the others don't. There were better than other teams. Yet they took joy in destroying the other players. The show boating, the jumping around, the dancing....this stuff isn't cool to anybody who cares about respect and sportsmanship. Zach and his team were acting like $80 million NBA jerks. That's why people would make comments like "Ugly Americans". Matt wanted them to do it with dignity and respect.

Roxanne said...

Degrass, if you still post here or someone else who knows soccer.

Were the Roloffs and the Statesmen right about the disallowed goal?

At first I thought they were wrong. Then I thought about it and I think they were right.

In soccer, do they stop the play if the goalie catches and holds the ball? I don't think they do. I know they don't because I've seen goalkeepers run and put the ball down and play on.

Isn't it only a goal kick when the ball goes out of bounds.

That's what they were arguing. Molly said that. The ball never went out of bounds. Unless the editing lied, the goalie clearly caught the ball. Why would that be a goal kick?

I think the Roloffs were right. The UK goalie made a mistake and the referee bailed them out by not counting it.

Timothy said...

Speaking of rules, I'm curious, are they different for dwarf soccer?

Did you see the throw-ins? Not the one team they highlighted, but Zach's team. They threw them in one-handed.

I'm assuming they allow that. Perhaps because of dwarfism issues might restrict some players from the proper throwing motion?

Kapper said...

Have to agree with Lynn and Albert regarding Matt. Yup, Matt can certainly be a butt/overwhelming/controlling/type A, etc. etc. but I thought he was a gentleman at the games and showed genuine concern. And I thought the way Zach treated him was inexcusable. One of these days Matt won't be around and my guess is that Zach is going to remember moments like these and regret how he treated his father

Stacey said...

I felt positive feelings for Zach after this episode. He's matured in the last year. He was making wise and reflective comments about himself. I didn't think he was cocky. I think he was being realistic. Zach studies the game of soccer like it's the Bible. He watches and reads and plays it non-stop. He was playing with and against some players who barely knew the rules. Put his comments into context.

It was his passion for soccer, not cockiness, imo.

A lot of people are praising Matt for his attitude regarding the no goal call. What about Zach? He said as soon as the ref called it that way, it was over, get on with the game. Zach wasn't part of the "protest".

I think Zach is becoming self aware. I like how he's maturing.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - Matt cared so much for the team, he ... needed to spend special time with Jeremy in Switzerland.

I would be a LOT less judgemental of Matt if Matt hadn't spent two episodes bragging to the camera how he was "taking the team to Ireland". I'm actually quoting him. Then, when it came time to take the team to Ireland, as he committed to, he... bailed on Zach so he could spend time with Jeremy, thereby dumping a lot of work onto Amy and making it very very clear in a very very petty nasty way who the golden child is.

Lil hint... it's not anyone who went to the opening ceremonies.

Then... when its "camera time", Matt makes a show of stating to the camera that basically, the team was not up to his standards and needed a talking to - hence my point that the team was simply emulating their team manager who booked on vacay and skipped his responsibilities. So yeah, I can see Zach's annoyance although as I said - he better get used to it because Matt's never going to admit itwas an ass move.

"They wouldn't have been there in their fancy uniforms if it wasn't for all of Matt's work and effort."

I noticed actually, that fancy uniforms weren't a requrement at all and Matt isn't into sports at all so I have to wonder how much of this was Matt creating chaos to create a story line.

Since I hope we're still not arguing Zach couldn't afford to go to the Games when clearly he could have and there was NO requirement to bring a handpicked team.... He could have shown up and played.

DegrassiFan said...

The goal should have counted. The goalie caught the ball and stepped over the goal line (that doesn't do anything because in soccer the whole ball has to go over the line). However, the ball didn't go out of play so it was still "live" as Zach said.

The goalie put the ball down I'm assuming to kick it out to a teammate. Instead of kicking it right away he hesitated and Adam (I think it was) ran up and got the ball. It was perfectly legal for him to do this. So the goal should have stood.

However, the ref may have been trying to be fair. The statesmens throw ins were not legal by any means. They were chucking it like a football (american style). The UK team was doing them correctly. Your supposed to hold the ball over your head with both hands and release it.

Kinda of ironic that Zach being mr. cocky missed his pk but as he said it was a very bad kick. Any goalie would have been able to read that one (where he was going to kick it).

Roxanne said...

Degrassi Fan, thank you very much :)

That's what I thought. So the Roloffs were right.

I felt back for Zach missing because he does love soccer so much and takes it so seriously. At least he didn't make excuses. He said he didn't handle the pressure and made a bad kick. At least he accepted responsibility for making a bad kick.

Judy said...

Zach's treatment of Matt was inexcusable. Fine, Zach didn't like that Matt wanted to speak to the team. Is that how you act when you don't like something? Pace back and forward? The rest of the team was showing their respect to Matt by listening. It was disrespectful.

Abby said...

Didn't anyone catch Amy walk through the UK celebration? Whoa!!!!!!!

So rude!

If you watch the replay, look at Amy after the shootout when Zach is says "I didn't expect to be the guy that misses"

The UK team and family were bunched together celebrating with their arms up in the air.

Amy walks right through the middle of them and actually pushes one of the people out of her way.

Rap541 said...

Judy - you have kids

Your husband tell one kid he will manage a sport team. He then bails and takes the child he prefers on a special trip, leaving all the work for you, and completly bailing on the child he promised to team manage. He then appears at last minute, after the hard work is done, and demands your unfavored child to thank him for appearing.
Do you demand the unfavored child thank daddy for making it obvious to the US public that he doesnt give two craps about promises made to the favored?

Do you publically deride your unfavored child as he should simply smile and respect Daddy (as you should be doing as a good Christian wife,your role is to say "Yes sir!" to all your husband's demand as you are merely a wife) no matter what daddy decides?

I wonder... I *Really* wonder.... if Matt pulled this on Jer-bear - I suspect you'd b squealing for Matt's head.

Em said...

Abby, I had to watch it again, you're right about Amy pushing the UK team away.

What a poor loser. I'm not surprised the more I learn about what Jeremy is like (off the show) when you look closely at how Matt and Amy treat people.

Melinda said...

I didn't see Amy push the other team member. I did notice that when the teams were doing the "Good game" high five line, the UK goalie tried to tell Zack something and he seemed to ignore him. That didn't seem very sportsmen like. Maybe he didn't realize that he was talking to him.

Greg said...

Melinda, I saw the Amy part. It's exactly when Abby said it was.

I don't know if I'd call it a shove (probably) but the UK player had his arms up celebrating. Amy (she could have went around) stormed right through the center. As she walked by that guy she pushed his arm out of the way with "I'm so pissed off" expression.

"I did notice that when the teams were doing the "Good game" high five line, the UK goalie tried to tell Zack`

I cut Zach a bit of a break on that. He was the one that basically lost the Gold medal for his team in the one sport he cares about. He wasn`t up for talking? Understandable.

Amy however is the coach and in her 40s. I don't expect her to behave rudely to the team celebrating.

DegrassiFan said...

I forget exactly what the UK goalie said but it was something along the lines of "thank you for a great game". It was a compliment to Zach and the statesmen for how they played. The UK team was probably happy to finally face some real competition.

I think the soccer game showed that just because some countries (Germany, France, NI, etc) are absolutely crazy about soccer doesn't mean every single person (dwarf or regular height) are going to be good.

I think the statesmen did well considering how little time they had to prepare. The Dwarf Olympics isn't like the World Cup or regular olympics where the sport(s) are the athletes full time jobs. I'm sure it was hard for all the dwarf teams to prepare and work around everyone's schedules (work, school). Not to mention everyone lives in different states.

I think Chris (Adam's dad) should have been the goalie. He did well for the statesmen before. I don't know for sure but I don't think Marty was the Breakers goalie. I think he was an outfield player.

Melinda said...

I watched that part again and I did see where Amy gave a little shove to the arm as she walked thru the crowd. It was a very small circle of people. Seems like she could have easily gone around.

Greg said...

That's exactly how I saw it too, Melinda.

Someone commented about a week ago in response to the story about the person who had the rude encounter with Jeremy that the entire family is rude if you watch closely when the camera isn't focused on them.

This was a great example of that. What polite person walks through the middle of 4 or 5 people celebrating and gives them a little push. As you said, she could have easily walked around. A rude person walks straight through, pushing anyone out of their way.