Monday, May 3, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World May 3rd

Our first guest episode reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Expressed).


Written by Expressed

Pre-show write up: I wonder after last weeks "Storyline Cheat Sheet-gate" if the editors were hard at work this week combing through the episode making sure nothing like that can be spotted again. lol. I hope not.

Tonight we're supposed to see an episode about the Statesmen getting together at the farm, Matt and Amy don't communicate, argue, and Zach gets mad when Matt says he won't be there for the start of the World Dwarf Games.

The second episode is about the start of the World Dwarf Games, Amy goes crazy with the pressure of being a player, coach, manager and mom.

I can't say those sound like my favorite episodes of LPBW. At least Jeremy will be close by! I hope we don't hear 20 commentaries from Amy and Zach whining about Matt not being there for the whole thing. They complain that he takes over when he's there anyway.


Show stars.
*Oops. I missed the first 30 seconds. Zach is at the Portland Timbers game. He gets a special introduction up on the big screen and does the opening kick. Well, it's good to see they aren't pretending like this stuff happens to everyone.

*The Statesmen are having a training camp at the Roloffs. The whole team is staying at the mansion. You know you have a big house when you can have an entire soccer team stay at your home :)

*The first hint of a theme tonight. Matt's favorites! :) Matt got a special mattress for the star player, Adam Romano. Zach doesn't think it's right that Matt singled him out. Hey Matt's smart. Don't all the smart sports people suck up to the star players? :) Matt's assistant Caryn tells Zach that's how Matt wants it so that's how it's going to be.

*Matt and Caryn organize everything...Hmmm this Caryn seems to be running everything.

*Yep, Amy is upset that Caryn is running her house.

*The Statesmen arrive. Matt has them outside for a meeting, but Amy, the coach is in the house. Ooo tension! Matt gives a motivational speech. I kinda find it interesting how Zach is separate from the rest of the team. They are all sitting together. Zach is on a picnic table with Jeremy and Jake.

*Caryn gives the team permission to come down to the kitchen and have a late night snack in the Roloff mansion. Wow, this must be embarrassing for Amy. The whole world is seeing another woman runs her house. I wonder if Amy needs to ask for Caryn's permission :) Hmm, maybe this explains why their house seems so much neater than it used to be when the show started. Caryn is in charge!

*They're having a practice. Jake is there to. Why is he always involved in Zach's soccer practices? The high school team, the indoor team, the dwarf team.

*Hey, what do you know? Zach very calmly says he invited the Portland Timbers to come to the Farm to teach them how to practice. I love how he says it like just anybody can invite a pro soccer team to their house to practice with your own team.

*The timbers arrive and put them through their drills. Jeremy is there! Now I know some will take me to task for getting on Jake and not Jeremy, but that's because I like Jeremy more. lol. But really, I get why Jeremy would practice with a pro team.

*Zach talks about how when dwarfs get together it's always a big party. They throw each other in the pool. They pick on Marty. Zach says Marty is a good sport.

*Caryn is running the kitchen for the Sponsor dinner. Matt tells Jake to take Rocky's bed out to the garage. Jake looks shocked, like OMG I'm being asked to do something! Ah poor kid. Asked to clean up when they're having corporate sponsors to their house.

*I agree with Matt about this. He says he's doing all this, the stuff with the sponsors for Zach and Amy. But all they are doing is whining that Matt is ordering them to clean up because the sponsors are visiting. Matt tells Caryn that he's mad at Amy.

*The sponsors arrive. There is a lot of pointless rushing around how the Statesmen should be practicing soccer instead of basketball when Matt gives them a tour. They have a giant check. Wow. $38,500. That's actually more money than they were asking for. It was $3000 a player. I think they ended up having 10 players. Well, I've seen some pictures of the party in Belfast, I think I know where the leftover money went. LOL!!

*Jake has his own Statesmen jersey. Did they sponsor him too?

*Amy gives a touching speech about how the sponsors are the main reason why the team is able to go to Ireland.....ok Amy, then why did you just spend the entire time complaining about Matt arranging it all and this sponsorship event?

*Zach wants Matt involved until the opening ceremonies are over. He's all pissed off when Matt tells him he won't be there. This is typical Zach and Amy. All they do is complain when Matt is there about how he micromanages and takes control. But when he's not going to be there, what do they do? Complain that he's not going to be there! Make up your minds people! lol.

*One of the themes for tonight! Matt's favorites :)
Why is Matt not going to be there for the opening ceremonies? Matt is taking Jeremy on a trip through Europe, to Switzerland. Zach is mad that Matt is only taking Jeremy. Zach complains to Molly and says why isn't Matt taking Molly and Jacob, why only Jeremy? Molly doesn't like it either.

*Hey, we ALL know that Jeremy is Matt's favorite. Why even try to hide it :) I have to admit that it does seem like blatant favoritism, but Jeremy and Matt are my favorite Roloffs. Who would Matt have the best time with? Jeremy! It makes sense.

*Zach is pouting and almost doesn't show for a team campfire. Btw, the Roloffs have a lot of campfires, don't they?


2nd Episode

*Amy is in the house saying they're leaving for Belfast. They're lying! They didn't go from Oregon to Belfast. It was the last leg of their Europe trip. They were already in Europe. Amy is kind of smirking when she's talking about it. She knows she's lying.

*Matt says what he said in the last episode, except now it's that Jeremy and Matt planned a trip together to Switzerland.

*Amy is upset that Matt won't be there because she thinks it's unfair to her and the rest of the team. I'm surprised Amy doesn't think it's unfair to Jake and Molly that Matt obviously picked his favorite to have a solo trip with :)

*Filming tricks. They show Amy, Molly, Jake and Zach in an airport on the way to Belfast. They're already in Europe.

*In Belfast, they are staying at a University. Except Matt arranged it and has Molly and Jake staying with him at another hotel. They get there and Amy wants Molly and Jake to stay at the University. They're told that Molly and Jake aren't booked in, but it's not a problem, because hey, they're the Roloffs! In real life, at least real life for me and you, that situation would really suck. You'd be screwed. But they're the Roloffs places bend over backwards for them. I'm not really bitter, they're celebrities, that's what happens, I just can't believe at one time I identified with the Roloffs on some level. What was I thinking? lol.

*Molly is upset at Matt and Jeremy. She thinks they are being selfish. She said they are all there to support Zach and you're not supposed to go travel to somewhere more fun for you because you're going to be bored, because it's supposed to be about supporting Zach, but that's what Matt and Jeremy did. Hmm.

*Cut to Matt and Jeremy! :) Jeremy says for a split second he wonders what is happening in Belfast, but then looks at the Swiss Alps and doesn't care. Matt and Jeremy are having a ball together.

*Amy comes face to face with the DAAA board. Tension because of the stuff with Matt from last week. Except they all look like they're acting. Amy is smirking again while she tries to sound awkward "So....". The DAAA people look like they're grinning too. I bet anything that they were saying to each other 'This is the part where we're supposed to act like we hate each other'. Btw, one of the DAAA guys? It's Adam's dad, Chris Romano. You know Amy's good friend from her Volleyball team in the 80s? I'm not buying that there is any tension between them. He's actually on the team if I remember right from some of the pictures! lol.

*They show everyone running around and Amy trying to control everybody. Why are they acting like Amy is in charge of a bunch of kids? Some of the Statesmen players are as old as Amy. Some look like they're in their 30's or late 20's and the rest are Zach's age, 18.

*Matt and Jeremy! In Murren, Switzerland still having a great time. This must have been one of their free times. They don't have the camera crew with them. Everything is the "Jer cam". I don't like the Jer cam. The bad part about the Jer cam is he is on the wrong side of the camera! They high five.

*Zach and the Statesmen are meeting all the other LPs from around the world. There's talk about Zach and girls and being shy. They all talk to girls. He seems perfectly fine. I've seen pictures of Zach at these parties and LPA things. He dances with a lot of girls. I don't think he has a problem anymore. I guess being on a TV show for about 4 years will solve anyone's confidence issues.

*They have the opening ceremonies outside on the track? There doesn't seem to be a lot of people watching, but Amy and Zach complain that Matt isn't there.

*Cut to Matt and Jeremy. Jeremy says he's excited to get to Beflast to see the LPs from other parts of the world.

*Matt calls Zach. He wants to talk to Amy. Matt is pissed at Amy because she ignores his text messages. Amy is pissed at Matt because he's bothering and she's so busy. Really, would it be so hard for Amy to send a quick text back?

*Jake, who seems to be the family greeter on this European vacation, greets Matt's. Hmmmmmmm. Something fishy is going on here. There is no Jeremy. Only Matt arrived. Jake walks from the car into the place with only Matt. Amy talks about how everyone was waiting for "Matt". Jeremy is already seated. There is no talk about how they were waiting for Jeremy. It is kind of clear that Matt arrived alone and Jeremy was already there. How soon before, I don't know, but I think something dishonest was going on with that.

*Matt is supposed to play Boccie ball but doesn't show up in time. Chris Romano magically takes his place and meets Amy in the final. Matt arrives to see the final match. He gives some excuse for skipping it by saying his shoulder was sore. I like Matt, but gee, he could have maybe told someone that he wasn't going to make it instead of being a no show....that is if this was real and not part of the story line cheat sheet :)

Next week is the continuation of the World Dwarf Games. Matt says Zach is getting too cocky and is setting himself up for a fall. If he really said that in advance and it wasn't recorded after, then Matt is smart :)


Anonymous said...

lets see what the ol script writers have in store today!

John doe said...

In the first episode I saw about 6 Corona bottles and 1 Heinekien bottle in matts office

M said...

Wow i'm currently watching the episodes now. Can Matt be any more smucky!?? He really went to switzerland with just jer? Why couldnt he take Molly and Jacob too? What about his family needs? Amy had alot of things on her plate and she also had to deal with Molly and Jacob too. Or going around Ireland and being back in time? He is beyond a smuck. Disagree with me or not but that is what I think.

Anonymous said...

Next season...

Matt goes go AA meetings!

Judy said...

M, I do disagree with you. I don't blame Matt at all for taking Jeremy to Switzerland. If the rest of the family treated Matt with the way Jeremy does, maybe he would want to take them with him too.

You reap what you sow. I'm glad Matt and Jeremy had a great time. They deserve it.

Expressed, you're right. Amy and Zach get mad when Matt gets involved, but they get mad when Matt doesn't get involved.

He can't win, so he takes his best kid to Switzerland. I'm glad he did it.

Rap541 said...

Wow Judy..., didn't Matt claim to be Zach's team manager last week?

But he *loves Jeremy more* so despite offering to spend time supporting Zach, Matt is a GREAT DAD for pointedl renegging on his offer.

Judy - since you're fully supporting Matt's parenting- which of your kids do you love most, and which do you say "you reap what you sow, you didn't kiss mommy's butt enough so I am spending time with my best kid,not you"?

I mean you agree Matt's way is the right way, so you love your kids as he does.... so which one is the least? Since you agree with public ranking and giving treats to the one you think deserves it?

Who wants to bet Judy won't answer a direct question of which of her kids is the best one? And which she'd screw over to spend time with her fave?

Circa said...

Switzerland looks so nice! I wish I could go.

I felt bad for Amy and Zach, I understand Matt wouldn't want to sit and do nothing for the week but I still think he should have been there. Like Molly said, its about the team and Zach. Also, I don't think Matt had a reason to be pissed off at Amy for not replying, annoyed maybe, but sometimes service sucks, if I'm busy working or doing something I'm not going to just stop everything and reply to a msg.

Good review though Expressed :)

M said...

Judy, Ireland is a big place(I've been there) they could have traveled around it. Why Switzerland? They could have went somewhere fun in Ireland and been back in time to support zach. How do Matt and jer desirve it? They travel
everywere every other week. They have millions and freebees they can go anywhere anytime. They were just on (still was) a very long european vacations. Why couldn't that use that time to actually support a roloff?

Carol said...

The one who shone tonight was Molly. She nailed it in the little speech about Matt and Jeremy.

Imagine that. Life should not always be about yourself 24/7. Molly knows what is going on. She understands how to show respect.

AZ said...

Isn't it great of Matt to make it abundantly clear who your favorite child is?

Matt and Jeremy are so selfish.

Anonymous said...

If I was Zach I would have told Matt exactly why I was angry. Because he is a self centered douche bag. I would have also said that to my brother Jeremy. He knows nothing about supporting family.

It is true that Jeremy takes after Matt. It's NOT a good thing. They are both all about themselves.

Donna said...

Matt is the manager (his words) but he doesn't show up at the big event to manage??

That's kind of like owning a pumpkin farm and leaving right when it opens...oh wait!

Shame on Matt for making Jeremy his favorite. Shame on Jeremy for always doing things based on one simple question? "What will be the most fun for me?"

Anonymous said...

This episode has all but confirmed that Matt and Amy will be getting a divorce soon. I understand Matt wanting to go on vacation with one of his boys but it's sad that he misses his other son's opening ceremony at the games. You'd think he could have waited until another time to go on vacation with Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

troy is hot!

Craw said...

They need to put more of Jeremy in these shows. He was hardly in it again.

Timothy said...

"They need to put more of Jeremy in these shows. He was hardly in it again."

No, they don't. Keep him out, imo.

Shadow said...

Just had to note per your comment Jake is there to. Why is he always involved in Zach's soccer practices?

Actually, makes more sense for Jake to be there than Jer, either practicing with the dwarf team or the Timbers. Jake is (I assume) still playing club soccer, and still has a chance to improve and expand his skills through coaching and encouragement. The Timbers will become an MLS team next year, and as part of that, will start a "development academy" program in association with the club for junior players. "If" (big if, esp. now that Mike is not there) Jake has more motivation than Jer, any opportunity he can get to practice with better players and/or make an impression on someone in the Timbers organization could/will help him achieve any soccer goals he might have.

Brandon said...

Shadow, speaking of Jake and soccer, that looks like it has fallen by the wayside hasn't it? I know he plays on Zach's indoor team, but when Mike was still alive, he was playing on a competative soccer team.

I don't know if it's because Mike died or if it's because the Roloffs have spent the last 2 summers on TLC vacations for almost the whole summer, but the Jake loves soccer and is so talented seems to have fallen away.

Rap541 said...

"I don't know if it's because Mike died or if it's because the Roloffs have spent the last 2 summers on TLC vacations for almost the whole summer, but the Jake loves soccer and is so talented seems to have fallen away. "

I've noticed that as well, and I honestly don't know how he could have played soccer this year if he was literally overseas a month.

Which is sad if he geniunely loves the game... not to add fuel to the fire or anything, but I can't imagine Jeremy or Zach being happy at giving up soccer for everyone else's good time...

Brandon said...

"I've noticed that as well, and I honestly don't know how he could have played soccer this year if he was literally overseas a month."

Rap, true, but that goes for the summer of 08 too. They were gone just as long. They went to Michigan to visit Amy's parents, stayed for the LPA convention, went on the American Queen, New Orleans. They were gone for the whole summer then too.

Shadow said...

Personal opinion - Both Jake and Jer enjoy playing soccer. It's outside, it's running around, it's kicking things, it's a ready-made set of "buds," and you get to wear a uniform. Neither Jake or Jer love playing soccer in the way you have to if you want to go beyond local club soccer.

The club they played with is not a top-tier club that attends the big out-of-state tournaments and regularly sends teams deep into the state championships. They are like most soccer clubs - a notch above recreational soccer, for the kid who wants a more competitive experience and a cool team jacket.

It may be that the TV show activities have superseded Jake's soccer - but at his age, the actual league play takes place in the fall. Summer is for tournaments. You can participate in league, and not play in the summer tournaments, especially for a less-competitive club.