Monday, May 17, 2010

Guest episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World: May 17th, 2010

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong to the person making them (Expressed).


Written By Expressed

*It starts with Amy and Jake playing ping pong, Amy says she wants to win no matter what she plays. She beats Jake. Surprising Jake doesn't pout! He wants to play again.

*The Rockstar stuff! Spirits had the Rockstar stuff on here a million years ago. It finally showed up in an episode now. But wait, they blurred out the logo? Seriously, this is surprising. They came to the Roloffs, let them ride the mini motorcycles, donated one of them for Amy's Charity, gave the Roloffs what seems like a lifetime supply of Rockstars and shirts and hats (Jer and Mueller and all the friends wear them all the time) but in their big episode TLC blocks the name out?? Weird. There must be a story behind that.

*Amy is riding the mini motorcycles. In the back is the Rockstar van. Hilarious! They blur out the name Rockstar but the almost naked stripper girl painted on the side of the van isn't blocked out. lol.

*Amy has a few spills, but she's tough. Zach says it's cool to have a mom that tries things like that. I agree. My mother wouldn't have done that.

*That's it for the Rockstar stuff! They didn't show any of the kids or Mueller ride. Not even Jer. Well this sucks! Rockstar must be pissed tonight. If it wasn't for Spirits doing that article I wouldn't even know about all the stuff they gave the Roloffs.

*Amy wants to learn golf for her charity tournament. She hires some guy to help her. She can't use children's golf clubs since she is too strong. Later we find out the solution was to have her own custom made set of golf clubs made. We all know the Roloffs are rolling in the money, but stuff like this is the exclaimation mark on that point. Who would have custom made golf clubs made when you've never golf?

*Another tired old LPBW. Matt wants to build a wood shed behind Amy's back because she is distracted with her charity tournament. He discusses it with Rick the builder. I remember Rick. He was back from before the transformation into the mansion. He did Amy's gazeboo thing when Matt and the Kids couldn't do it. He's done a few other things. Rick the builder is becoming more of a LPBW regular than Molly or lately, even the beloved Jeremy! Oh Jer, how I miss seeing you for more than 2 seconds on Monday nights. :)

*Amy tries out her custom made golf clubs on the farm. Jeremy!!!! He watches. He talks about how Amy doesn't let her size stop her from doing something.

*Drama! Amy discovers Matt's shed project. Oh dear. Amy doesn't seem too mad.
They talk about cost. It's $3000. Time out. What's with all this cost talk lately on LPBW? Didn't they used to say if it was on the show and part of the plot that TLC paid for it? I think Spirits said that a guy that devilered construction equipment to the farm said Matt says TLC pays for all the supplies and materials, he just needs to be pay for the labor. Besides, the Roloffs are rich. What is $3000 to them? One month of Jacob's cell phone bill! Hearing the Roloffs pretend like they have money issues has gotten really old.

*Matt's glad Amy's distracted with her golf tournament. He goes ahead and builds the shed...or I should say gets Rick to build it. Matt mocks all the average sized men in the world by saying he's better than they are because he builds all this stuff and they don't. Hmm.

*Oh no. The moment of truth. Matt shows Amy the wood shed. Amy is supposed to be pissed, but imo she looks like she's smiling.

*Amy goes golfing with her friend Lori. Lori also works at the golf course. This must have been the day they did the photoshoot for Amy's charity because she's wearing the same outfit.

*Amy and Lori challenged each other to a game. They show a really long segment of them making bad shots. Magically the music changes and suddenly Amy is good. Wow! Who would have guessed. It is the last hole, the last shot and they are tied. Amy must make it to win. Can you feel the tension? This isn't quite as thrilling as Zach's big soccer game last week. Amy makes it. Phew. Amy wins a trip to the spa on Lori. Don't worry Lori. Just mention the name of the spa on the show and Amy will go for free! lol


2nd Episode

*Amy's on a driving range with Michael Harper, a former NBA player and part of her the golf tournament. Amy shows a business people around the farm. I hope they didn't wear their best shoes. They walk through lots of mud.

*One of the business people gives Amy a check for her charity foundation to start things off. They play a montage of Amy and her charity committee over a span of months hard at work organizing the auction and golf tournament.

*Amy's wearing a nice red suit jacket. Matt says Amy is determined to show everybody that she can organize something like this on her own.

*It's the day of the charity auction. Jeremy! Scott! Jake Rempel! They set up the vodka tent, errr...sorry slip of the tongue :) Hey there's an idea. They should have auctioned off the now famous Matt Roloff vodka bottle that now contains Sprite courtesy of Jeremy and friend Jake. lol.

*Amy walks into Matt's office. Matt wishes her Happy Anniversary. Amy forgot. That's all for the anniversary stuff. Wow, and they wonder why people think they might have marriage problems....

*The usual LPBW drama. Will they get it done in time. Oh no! When was the first time they used this theme? The 2nd season for the big Thanksgiving family reunion? Oh wait, no I think the first time was Matt's present to Amy to redo the bathroom when Molly and Amy went on the hot air balloon ride. They rush around like crazy, talk about how they won't finish and then guess what? They finish just in time and everything is wonderful. Gee I wonder how this one will turn out? So much suspense! lol.

*Jer, Scott and friend Jake work outside setting things up. Amy sends Zach on errands.

*Ok, this is kind of weird. All of a sudden one of the ladies helping Amy with the auction and golf tournament, Gayle (mom of one of Jer and Zach's Faith Bible friends) is having a breakdown. She's sitting on the grass talking to Lori about how she can't handle the stress. They show Zach on the porch looking angry. Hmm. I wonder what Gayle's breakdown was really about? Sometimes I get the feeling that there is an actual interesting story going on in reality, but they never show us that.

*Amy is stressed hours before the auction. Politeness goes out the window as she yells at some delivery guy in a van. Matt complains that Amy is having this event on the farm and wants the farm to be their sanctuary. Hmm. Isn't this the exact opposite of the argument Matt and Amy used to have when Matt would rent the farm out for corporate events?

*Jeremy! He comes to the rescue for a balloon delivery.

*Amy says this proves she can be a hospitality host because when she was younger she felt she was passed over for jobs in the bed and breakfast place because she was a LP.

*The auction event is on and people are arriving. Gayle is now perfectly calm and cool. It's raining. Amy slips and falls on the deck in her nice dress. It looks like it might have hurt. Amy gets to the auction and asks the same question I was wondering...where is Jeremy? Someone says he changed clothes?

*The auction starts. Jeremy helps lift a golf cart to show it off. Whoa, there is a sculpture that is going for $47,000??? Amy then tells us that the auction was going badly, people weren't bidding and things were going for a lot less than they were worth. I don't believe that if that sculpture was going for $47,000!

*This is another old LPBW storyline theme. Remember when Amy went to Florida on her own and spoke for some charity auction? It was going bad, Amy did a voice over how the whole thing would be a failure. Suddenly she gave a big speech, then everything turns around and it's an over-whelming success. Remember that!

*Amy tells us the auction looked like it would be a failure. They needed something to happen. Just then (thanks editing department) Zach gets up to speak. He gives a speech about what the DAAA meant to him. I'm surpised. Zach actually did a good job with the speech.

*True to the storyline theme, now everything is going wonderfully.

*Amy says she's pleased but they need to wait and find out if they made money. Gee I wonder.

End of the episode.


David said...

Matt took another step into sealing his fate as a jerk. What is with his hate of average sized men?

"I'm better than you!"

So charming. Does Matt realize that everybody who actually does the work for him are average sized men?

Connor said...

Matt Roloff is a rich dick who does not know what to do with the little money that he does make he can't stay still for a second he is such a loser.

John D. said...

2 boring Craptastic episodes. If they're rich at least be rich and real and not rich and phoney. No more "ooh I can't let Amy see this project" and other nonsense.

Jackie said...

I enjoy the episodes on the farm.

Marlene said...

It was an okay episode. They would be better if they left out the created drama. Like you said, I knew they were going to be ready in time for the event. I know the event isn't going to be a failure.

Amanda said...

I saw Scott for a few seconds. There should be more Scott :)