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Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World May 24th, 2010

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions belong to the person making them (Expressed).

Written By Expressed

Pre-show: On the schedule for tonight is another episode about Amy's charity Golf tournament. I think for once they're actually showing something in the order it actually happened. The auction and dinner at the farm was the day before the Golf Tournament. There is no escaping the fake TLC drama!

Little People, Big World
In the Hole

With her golf tournament fundraiser facing financial failure, Amy struggles to balance being a philanthropist, wife and mom - especially when she's distracted by things that keep falling through the cracks at home.

Oh no! Financial failure! I'm so distraught! Seriously, I'm being sarcastic because after the Golf Tournament Amy's charity site posted a bunch of things about how her Benefit was an overwhelming success and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. But in typical LPBW style, I bet we will get 20 minutes of gloom and doom. Then at the very last minute, Amy will get the news that it was a complete success and they raised more money than they ever thought they would....oh the suspense!

The second episode will be from pumpkin season.

Matt holds a "Fort-A-Thon" at the farm for disadvantaged children. He also hopes to inspire his own kids to get off the couch, get outside, and make something happen - which turns out to be a tougher sell than he expected.

This season is flying by as usual, we're already up to pumpkin season. From that description it doesn't sound like they're going to say it, but this fort-a-thon happened during pumpkin season. Pumpkin visitors had pictures of Jeremy helping the fort kids, but they were far away in a corner of the farm. Something to look forward. Jeremy might be on the show for more than a few seconds for the first time in weeks and weeks!


Episode begins!

*They tell us it's Day 2 of the Golf Tournament. Amy is getting ready at home with Gayle, seen in last weeks episode having a spur of the moment emotional breakdown. Amy goes to wake Jeremy and Zach up to get them to help pack Gayle's car (to the Golf tournament presumably, not to have her stress problem checked). We get the usual clips of the twins groaning at Amy, while Jeremy is completely under the covers as usual. With all the talk today about them pimping Jeremy out, this would be a good place to start. Jer sounds coherent. He tells Amy they'll help.

*Marty is there ready to golf for Amy's tournament. Now they decide to cut back 3 weeks, 2 weeks before the tournament to show Amy and her team work. Amy talks a lot about promoting. She says she thinks of herself as a normal person (except when they're skippings past lines at the Eiffel tower and getting private tours!) and is uncomfortable doing radio shows and meeting people to drum up support, but it's for a good cause. She does what she has to do to make the tournament successful.

*Amy talks with her Charity Foundation team about how they need $12,000 more to break even. Amy sounds worried. Cue the drama! Funny how things always end up working out by the end of the 30 minute episode :) How come real life doesn't work that way for me? lol.

*Amy brings Molly to the golf course while she does a radio interview. Molly complains that Amy didn't tell her she's not allowed to wear jeans. Is that some back talking attitude I'm hearing from Angel Molly?? Yes Molly fans, I do believe that's what it is :)

*The drama! The clip from the preview. Molly is cooking bacon. There's smoke. The smoke alarm goes off. Jake walks into the kitchen. They flash to Jer and Zach waking up. Hm. I think that was from the same stuff they filmed in the opening scene which was supposedly the day of the golf tournament, now this is supposed to be 2 weeks before. Anyway, that's it for fire-gate. Wow, that looked a lot more interesting in the preview.

*I must have foreshadowing abilities. Before the show, I left a comment saying they should film them talking about dinner plans because that would be more interesting than the staged drama about will the golf tournament fail. Now we get a scene of the kids talking about dinner. Woohoo! Molly walks in on all 3 boys looking like bored slugs on their video game couch in the twins room. Molly talks about chicken. Jer wants her to make him macaronni. Molly calls Jeremy an idiot. Hey, that was kind of harsh. Where did that come from? By the way, I wish Jeremy would ditch the brown pants that he started wearing for the Utah Dude Ranch stuff.

*The kids go shopping. Does Jeremy have facial hair? Or patches of facial hair? It looks kind of strange. Off to the side of his chin, there is something there. They shop. Zach just wants to get out quick. Molly is in charge and makes most of the food choice. Jeremy looks so bored. They are supposedly making dinner for themselves because Amy is so busy organizing her charity tournament. So where is Matt? And the personal Roloff chef? I don't believe the time frame here and I'm getting the feeling that this "kids make dinner" was something from the old Storyline Cheat Sheet".

*Amy does interviews for her tournament. Back to the action at home! Dinner. Jeremy misses Amy's cooking. lol. Imagine when he actually moves out if he's missing her cooking because she's busy with the charity tournament :) Well, it was a sweet sentiment. Jeremy must have won the argument about the food because they have macaronni! Jeremy informs Molly and all the viewing audience that the best way to see if macaronni is ready is to throw it against the cupboards and see if it sticks :) Ah Jeremy, you gotta love him, come on! :) I've never heard of that before. That's Jeremy, always teaching people new things.

*It's the day of the tournament. Amy sees Jeremy arrive. Uh oh. Amy doesn't like that Jeremy is wearing cut offs. She "can't believe it". Jeremy doesn't get why she's doesn't like it. He says they are nice looking dress shorts. I agree with Jeremy. They look fine. They are the same ones he wore the grad party at their place. Amy points to the strings hanging. She doesn't like them.

*Clips of Amy golfing. She whiffs on her shots, puts one into the water. Later the business guys she's golfing with (the big donors) gives her tips and she does a lot better.

*They've decided to set up games before the holes. Sounds like a weird idea. Jeremy and Zach are on the second hole with a mini soccer net. They are bored and look out of place. Jer doesn't understand what they're doing there. After the list of top Roloff search words and some of the comments, I feel like I'm carrying the torch for admirers of Jeremy's fine looking butt, so I must say there are some good shots here :) Jeremy says sitting at a hole isn't his cup of tea...or coffee....or soft drink....ah, they cut away....I was waiting for him to say vodka :)

*The last part for the tournament is a helicopter drop with golf balls. The event is over now, a week after Amy's Charity team gathers for the final results. Wow! Who would have thunk it?? They tell Amy that they made 2 times more than the amount Amy was aiming for. Success! Phew, all that drama about it being a failure was for not. I wonder why they didn't say how much money they raised. They kept saying "2 times more than what Amy wanted", but never a dollar figure.


2nd Episode

*Jake is playing video games in the twins room. Jake says Jeremy likes to be outside, but he likes to play video games. I think that's true, but I gotta say that's a bit of selective stating of facts. From what I've heard, Jeremy is quite the video game king too, but since we all know Jeremy does like the outdoors, enough about that.

*Zach talks about how they are lazy. Zach says he should get a job and build some character, but instead he sits on the couch playing video games getting fat. He says he gets tired thinking about the energy it would take to go out. I actually know what he's talking about! :)

*Matt and Jeremy talk forts! They look at Jeremy's fort. There is a Jacob fort now, but it's all Jeremy and Matt. I'm wondering why they're calling it Jacob's fort. Jeremy and Matt look at what Jacob's fort looks like. They aren't impressed. I don't believe for a second that Jacob did any of that.

*Matt talks about how Jacob sucks. Ha. Well, he says Jake doesn't like building forts because he knows Jeremy will be do better. I can tell this episode is going to make it clear why Jeremy is Matt's favorite (the unspoken truth) and why I like Matt and Jeremy the most.

*They have the clip TLC put on the site about Matt and Jeremy offering to help, but Jake doesn't want to and says he's into video games because he can win at video games but not in life. Save the pity party Jake!

*Matt tries to help Jake build. Jake doesn't like hammering. He eventually drives off. Matt rubs his forehead and says "I try and try to get through to that kid". Very telling words and expression. I agree with Matt.

*Matt has decided to put on a fort building contest for disadvantage kids. Matt explains that he loved building forts, Jeremy is great at it (I know some people don't like Matt's blatant favoritism for Jeremy, but I love Matt's Jer love!) and he hopes this will inspire Jacob to be more like him and Jeremy (that's basically what he meant!).

*Jeremy and Matt go to a boys and girls club to meet the kids who will be involved for the fort-a-thon. Jeremy looks kind of nervous.

*It's the first day of the contest. Flash to Jacob sleeping on the couch. Matt's disappointed he didn't come out for it. I don't trust the editing to this stuff, especially since we know that this was all happening during pumpkin season!

*Rick the builder is there! He's a LPBW regular. I think they should put him in the opening credits, he's on the show more than Molly.

*Jeremy comes to help one of the teams. Jeremy explains that he loves building forts and realizes that these kids don't have the opportunities Jer has had. Empathy people. Jeremy showed some? Yes.

*Now Jeremy slams Jake! Ha! I love it. Jeremy says the real reason why Jacob doesn't like building forts is because it's difficult. Jacob is quitter and won't do anything that's difficult. Jeremy says when he was building his fort, he would go look at Matt's fort project to see what he did with the joists, Jacob could do that using Jeremy's fort as an example, but Jacob won't because that's too much work for the lazy Jacob. I know some people won't like Jeremy stating it the way it is, but he explained it well. Good job Jeremy!

*A scene that seems like a Storyline Cheat Sheet moment, Matt says he hopes Jacob will come out on Day 2 for the contest. Ooo setting up for a dramatic conclusion!

*Wow! Day 2 and Jacob comes out with his friend (remember this was during pumpkin season, the kid with him is his friend who was with Jacob waving at farm customers). They say the forts look cool. Matt pretends to be way too excited because well, it's Jacob and Matt needs to try and be positive. He's so pleased Jacob rode by and said "it's cool". It doesn't take much to please Matt! :)

*Oh, now Jacob is destroying the nice looking forts by splattering it with paintballs. They judge the contest. A good time was had by all. Jeremy is wearing an...interesting hat.

*I'm just wondering, now what happens? This contest sounds like a good way to have cool forts built on your property quickly! :)

*The final scene is the heart warming conclusion. Jake has finally come out to the fort while Jeremy helps him. Ah, what a nice older brother. They ride way. Jer wants to look at a sunset. Jake stops and then rides on. Jeremy calls him corvette.

End of episode.

These are actually a lot better than I though. Lots of Jeremy! They broke up the boring Golf stuff. I liked them.

Although the plot formulas get old. For the golf episode.
Beginning: Amy is going to lose money and be a failure
Conclusion: They raise more than they expected and it's a great success! Happy ending

The fort episode

Beginning: Jacob won't help with the fort
Conclusion: Jacob comes out and we see a touching family bonding scene. Happy ending.


M said...

Is it possible to be already bored by the episodes? It's 3:40. Lol

Expressed said...

LOL @ M.

I'll try to be more optimistic! The formula is getting to me tho.

People say they need drama to keep people! Who actually believes this stuff?

I'd rather they tape their conversation about what to have for dinner. A real conversation with no storyline cheat sheets! That would be more interesting. Except I don't think the Roloffs actually cook dinner anymore. Well they must talk about which free comp to go to on a Monday. There must be some heated debates about what place to go or criticisms of the personal chef :)

Shadow said...

Yeah, sounds like some real family love being spread around tonight.

Susan said...

Did anyone notice Molly's comment about the door to the twins' room? It was broken.

Those kids are out of control lunatics with no respect. Their old bedroom door had holes in it. I can give them a pass for that because they had it for 17 years when they were little kids growing up.

Not now. They have a beautiful new home. In a little over a year these 19 year old men break the door. It's pathetic.

Brandon said...

Shadow, it keeps getting worse. The most apparent thing on the show is the fact that Jeremy is Matt's special Golden Boy. I lost track of the number of times that Matt and Jeremy alluded that Jacob is inferior to Jeremy because he doesn't like what Matt and the Golden boy like.

By the way, I am cynical. One thing I've learned is that everything Matt and Jeremy say about Jeremy is inflated to make him look good. This talk about how Jeremy is Mr Expert Fort builder?

Considering that professional Rick the construction guy seems to have a permanent job on the job, what are the chances that he didn't give the Jer Bear a hand with his Fort?

Erin said...

I thought it was strange Zach was never mentioned by Matt about the forts. Jeremy is the best ever because he likes forts. Jake is a disappointment because he doesn't have the passion.

No mention of Zach one way or the other.

Judy said...

Oh come on people.

Favorite or not, Matt is justified. Jacob whines. He doesn't like anything except video games. Jeremy shares Matt's enjoyment and sense of adventure for building and creating.

Jacob SHOULD be more like Jeremy. Which way is the better way to be? Matt was right, Jeremy was right.

Jacob is going to have to have a major shift in attitude because his 'give up' attitude that Jeremy discussed is not going to get him very far in life.

Matt and Jeremy were great with the kids building the fort.

NJC said...

"Jacob SHOULD be more like Jeremy. Which way is the better way to be?"

Yeah if he changes his attitude now maybe someday he can make it as far as his 20 year old golden boy brother who still lives in the pigsty of a room right beside his.

You can't blame Matt though I mean what could possibly make a parent more proud than watching his 20yo jobless son complete the tree fort he's been building for 5 years.

Brandon said...

Well said, NJC.

Cathy said...

I want to like Jacob because Matt is so obvious that his but preference is Jeremy, but it's difficult.

Most of the time he is sullen. He shows no motivation or enthusiasm towards anything.

It does fall back on Matt and Amy as the parents, but the boy lacks manners.

Shadow said...

I'm so glad I didn't watch. All that Christian love might have overwhelmed me. LOL...

Let's see, how's that quote go? Something like "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples."

Guess Matt and Jeremy only heard the "Love one" part and they both picked...Jeremy!

Jexter said...

Poor Jacob another episode about how he dosn't like men stuff ...

corsica said...

Jacob should be more like Jeremy? They are 2 different people, or has that escaped you?

And I'd sure be proud if my son was a 20 year old jobless loser with a bad attitude. Right, looks will get him everywhere--until he gets older and loses looks.

Disillusioned said...

Funny how nobody even mentioned the fact that the Roloffs are slowly showing the fact that they are "celebrities" on their TV show...for example, bringing the kids from the local Boys and Girls Club to the farm for the Fort-A-Thon. Just saying.

Going on to Jacob...I think he has the "what's the point" attitude going on in his life right now. Nothing bad about that, I guess, because I think we all have gone through that at some point in our lives...I know I definately have. The hardest part about that attitude is getting out of that mindset but I'm sure he will do just that in his own time.

I think it's normal for a guy his age to just want to play video games instead of going outside and having to work (yes, for you members of the Roloff Cult that doesn't think so, building forts does require physical work.)
The guy is 13 so really, no need to complain that he isn't doing what a normal 13 year old wouldn't do becuase he is doing what a normal 13 year old video games.

Shadow said...

I think Jake's "what's the point" attitude comes less from his age and more from the fact that his dad and one of his older brothers seem to delight in telling him how useless and lazy and stupid and unaccomplished he is. If I had grown up hearing how worthless I was on a regular basis, I might even believe it myself.

Jake is well aware that no matter what he does, he's not "good enough" for his dad. Just like Zach. Sad family dynamics, and a big reason why I don't watch any more.

Carol said...

Shadow, the dynamics were clear by this quote from Matt (which I'm sure he will blame on editing, although it came directly from him).

"Jacob, he has this standard of Jer...he thinks everything he does is going to be as good as what Jeremy does. It must be tough trying to feel like you're accomplishing something when your older brother are always doing it somehow better or whatever, you know?"

It says a great deal about how Matt feels about the two of them.

mythoughtis said...

Jacob is not Jeremy,nor is he MATT... and he is NOT supposed to be. Matt has a major flaw here... he doesn't know how to like anyone that isn't interested in what he is interested in. Jeremy is really good at pretending that he likes everything MATT does, or somehow getting Matt to like everything Jeremy does.
Zach and Jacob are not interested in the same hobbies Matt is. So, what a good parent does is: spend time doing things his offspring is interested in to encourage them. Zach and Jacob both like video games, . so maybe Matt could send Jacob (with Zach)to a gaming convention, where their interest in maybe designing games could be sparked.
Maybe if Matt showed his kids he loved them for themselves, he might find out what they are good at.

David said...

The fact they neglected to say how much the foundation raised after previously throwing around dollar amounts is curious.

I suspect it wasn't what they had hoped, but of course they're not going to say that. If you raise money and you're proud of you, you don't hide the amount. You announce it so the people who gave can feel good about it.

Anonymous said...

The fort o thon was my favorite episode, in some ways. I think Matt really wanted those kids to experience something they never had the chance to. I think he sincerely was into this project. However, I beleive it stemmed from trying to get Jacob into fort building and I think it was almost cruel the way he went about it. That said, the adults in the house should say to Zack, and unmotivated slug, and Jake, "TURN OFF THE VIDEO GAMES AND GO OUTSIDE"...not an unreasonable demand of a parent. Expecially Zack, there are many things he could be doing to improve himself. He needs a life coach, not Amy or Matt.

Kapper said...

As much as the entire Roloff family drives me crazy, I didn't think Matt was demeaning Jacob by trying to get him involved with the forts. Nor did I think Jeremy was belittling his brother by pointing out to Matt how unstable Jacob's fort was. Call me naive but I just saw it as genuine concern, nothing more.
The food shopping segment however was a joke. Who the hell writes for TLC anyway?

Speaking The Truth and Only But The Truth So Help Me Roloff Family 2010 said...

In my opinion I beleve that completing the job of building the fort was stage in part due to Jacob not really having the help he needed to complete the job so Matt or TLC came up with the concept of getting the local boys and girls club involved and they simply just ask jacob to go in the room and look sad and depress and pretend to be a home bound teenage boy who was pretending to be in his room always playing his game console all of the time so matt and TLC came up with the idea to us that as an excuse to use those poor kids from the boys and girls club in place of Matt paying some contractor and their crew to come and finish the job even though he had his contractor their that does all of the add on to their house on the side it came out cheaper to just use those poor kids. If we the viewers begin to really look and think about this entire season of this show it really looking like more and more parts of this show if not the whole show is just being stage rather than it be real like it use to be I wonder who idea it was to start doing this to this once real and beloved show because the edting and acting is very awful and just does not make any sense. I think that is the reason why Matt's parent Pop and Honey are not around at all or that much due in part to their family and the TLC crew wanting to start making the Roloffs be actors rather than be real so I see Matt's parents not wanting to take part in the concept of being fake and we all know that Pop and Honey are true and real religious vocal good people who wants to tell the truth and not be fake like their family is now. I believe that is why Matt's mom was hoping this season would be the last because Matt and TLC came up with the idea of this show being stage more than it being real and down to earth with all of this being said if they can't be real like it use to be maybe it is just time for this once great show to just come to and end Matt and Amy and their kids have now change any way we all can see it on the show and when Matt and Amy go on all of these tv talk shows and radio shows they are just not the same people we have all come to loveand relate to they have let fame and stardom go to all of their heads so in my opinion Matt and his family and the TLC crew and production company and network can go their seperate ways because this show is so done now and over with it til it is a shame

Anonymous said...

I think it was a real douche bag move on matts part to get jacob and his douche bag little buddies to test ie deface the b&G kids forts that blew

Anonymous said...

The TLC staff members are absolute morons for allowing tonight's show to end with Matt not feeling well and falling on the floor. It was obvious he was not conscious and no one bothered to call the paramedics...not even the TLC staff/crew. It is unconscionable to allow something like this to happen TLC!!! The family obviously was upset but OMG, I cannot believe how TLC acted or I should say DID NOT ACT!!!!