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Guest Roloff Review by Rap; Little People, Big World May 3rd, 2010

Our next guest episode reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the person making them (Rap541).


Written by Rap541

So a quick lil recap. Amy was on the DAAA board. Matt declares himself the manager of the team. Important for later - Matt is the *manager* and pointedly states he is going to be involved in vetting the players (that’s choosing the players in case you didn’t know) and pretty much takes over. So we are all clear, Matt made a personal commitment to manage Zach’s team. Matt even uses his time involvement as a guilt point to Amy. Also a rewatch reveals the fact that Matt basically made promises to the sponsors before he got the ok from the DAAA that what he promised was ok.

Just to make it clear, Matt was adamantly committed to the team to the point that Amy had to resign from DAAA’s board. Because Matt was managing and taking a team to Ireland without DAAA support and was all about the team. One of the constant refrains here from Matt is “I’m taking the team to Ireland.“ Important for later. Also, Matt had no regrets over Amy losing her position due to his managing the teams.

Episode 1

Zach is invited down to the Portland Timbers field to do the first kick, because that’s totally normal for a average family. There’s even a gift of a personalized jersey.

Caryn and Matt work on the World Games stuff. Matt rehashes how he went independent. He thinks the drama is done and now the whole team is coming over for the training event. Matt is arranging for the best players in his opinion to get better bedding as everyone is staying at the house. Yeah this is a good idea. Nothing says “welcome to my home” like sleeping arrangements based on who the host thinks is the best player. Amy consults Zach on the dinner menu and wonders why Caryn is Matt’s new wife in the house. To be fair, Caryn seems helpful. Amy seems a tad “huh?” over the whole business. Zach and Troy get in the car and on their cell phones to bitch at Amy on her cell phone in her about how Matt has completely changed the training schedule. Amy wonders when Caryn became the senior wife. I’d like to point out how using a cell while driving is completely stupid.

So the Statesmen is basically a bunch of adults, most of whom were not on Zach’s team the Grasshogs, despite the rather misleading plea for sponsors citing Zach‘s team and the whole notion of sending young athletes to Ireland. Did I mention that some of these young athletes appear to be working adults? And actual movie stars? Who need sponsors… because they can’t afford it otherwise. And hmmm there’s an 18k shower and toilet and locker room built for a two day practice. Sure seems like there would have been less sponsor drama if people made different choices….Matt introduces himself as the team manager and sends for Amy. Matt chides Amy on camera in the hay bale for her lack of organization. More on this later. Matt gives a lecture on togetherness. Amy hay bales that Matt had a lot of rules etc that she assumed only she would be enforcing. Apparently the fridge is off limits but is not, for example. And maybe a training camp where people sleep on couches or the floor and have vague rules about getting into the fridge or not is a bit overly psycho. Point - I am a good sport, but if you’re inviting me into your home and I am sleeping on the floor , on bedding based on how you think I rack up to your other guests, and basically trapped on your land… I’m gonna be cranky if there’s a lot of rules about what I can and can’t eat. I was surprised Amy didn’t bitchslap Caryn.

Now Amy is scrimmaging the team. She gives a “we’re a team” lecture and notes the Portland Timbers are coming. Again. I’m guessing the Portland Timbers need money, and or just don’t have a lot to do with their time. Zach hay bales how each member of the dwarf team is awesome. Alex seems to be in his thirties, as do some of the other players. Amy hay bales how the testosterone and egos are out of hand and then Matt comes to talk to the team about sponsors. There’s a giant thing of red vines for snack, apparently, as Matt drones on about what each sponsor does. Zach saves the day by “having invited the Portland Timbers to practice”. Which is kinda um… I don’t even know how to go on. Because I just don’t believe that the Portland Timbers weren’t simply moving in. I mean, they also attended Jeremy and Zach’s graduation party. There’s lots of kicking and such. The Timbers coach of course praises them because there’s no way he says they suck in comparison to the pro team.

Adam and Zach and others jump in the pool and mess with Marty. There’s more pushing into the pool. This is a fairly extensive scene of “Marty is fun to fool with” stuff.

Caryn runs the house and Matt hay bales how the sponsors were coming to the farm. Molly is ordered about and Matt publicly calls out Amy on the cleaning again. Jake and Molly are made to clean. Amy seems annoyed in her hay bale. Matt’s office is a total pigsty. Matt is irritated and notes he is doing this all for Zach and could spit bullets at Amy.

Quick note - Jeremy James Jesus was in no way present for any cleaning chores and was not proudly offering to assist his dad. In fact, Jeremy James Jesus has been interestingly absent from any support role for this.

Caryn and Matt bitch about Amy. Jer makes his first appearance - holding a cell phone in the kitchen. Matt wants Amy to have the soccer practice when the sponsors arrive and is annoyed Molly was not forced to drudge about the house. I wonder why Jeremy wasn’t pressed to clean?

Amy adjusts the practice for Matt. Matt then calls her to make changes and Amy is annoyed that he’s checking up on the practices and changing stuff. Caryn leads the sponsors in. The team puts their jerseys on and there is much play for the sponsors. Matt has the team come meet the sponsors and its basically an ad. The team doesn’t actually look like a bunch of kids. There’s a giant check.

Caryn basically says they are cutting and running in a meeting in the office. Zach notes he wants Matt the manager to be there for the opening ceremonies as he is the contact point and Matt pointedly bails. Zach articulates quite well why this bothers him, because from a logistic standpoint, the manager is the person who makes the arrangements and organizes things so that the coach and team only have to worry about playing. Zach explains to Molly how Dad is ditching Molly and Jake and running off to play with Jeremy. Molly seems very annoyed. Zach notes “Dad’s crap.”. Matt is going somewhere in Europe alone, and seems to have sprung this on all of the kids as Molly seems rather surprised.

Caryn is wearing Matt’s jacket for the campfire and Amy leaves in annoyance. Matt has no idea what Zach is pouting about. I’m guessing no one explained “you insisted on being the team manager, ran rough shod over the whole process, potentially offended people Zach will need to deal with for the rest of his life if he wants to play sports, and now you’ve decided to dump your responsibilities.“? Amy calls Zach down and Matt snipes how Zach needs to be there. This is all so charmingly passive aggressive on everyone’s part. Matt for professing to have no idea why Zach is upset, Zach for pointedly regressing to five, and Amy for doing nothing. Oh, and no Jeremy James Jesus, at daddy’s side respecting his words, by the way. Zach hay bales how he’s disappointed and annoyed. There’s sparklers. Matt notes how comfortable he is ditching Zach as offering to be the manager and bailing is comparative to a child being thrown into a pool.


Ep 2

Matt notes he’s not going to Ireland with the family. It’s not a good use of his time. Nice. That’s just charming. Spending time with the family is not a good use of his time. He actually says this on camera. His family will be able to buy a dvd of Dad stating that spending time with them is not a good use of his time. How *charming*.

Amy asks what his plans are. Matt wants to take Jeremy and just fool around in Switzerland. Because he’s spent a day and a half with the family and that’s enough family time for him, and he’s the only one that matters. Amy is annoyed. She hay bales it wasn’t fair to Zach, the team or her, and the team will not have a team manager. Everyone remember Matt wanted that role, right?

The production team attempts to suggest the Roloffs weren’t in Europe for an extensive period, and then head to Ireland. There’s more rehashing of the DAAA issue. Molly and Jake goof. And then we have the nicest issue ever. Apparently no one bothered to organize whether Jake and Molly had beds to sleep in at the university having the event. Nice. Matt has his private time with Jeremy all nicely planned, and since its all last minute, has left his two crap children to sleep on the street since they aren’t as special as Jeremy. I’m betting Molly has this moment noted.

Ulster. Amy organizes a room at the university. It’s not a huge issue but really an added hassle, and really the hot issue is that Matt has made it very very clear where Molly and Jake are on his list of concerns. Pretty far down. There’s door issues. Molly and Jake goof more. Molly notes that Jeremy and Matt bailed because they were bored and going to Switzerland is more fun than supporting the family, and Jeremy and Matt will always choose fun over family. Oh she’s not angry. Not at all.

Jeremy is all “Switzerland is awesome”. No reference to his brother, no reference to any family drama. He’s having fun and doesn’t give a damn. Such empathy! God, it just breaks your heart seeing him lovingly showing all the athletes his incredible support for them. Because that’s what Jeremy is, all about supporting his brother no matter what!

Amy runs into her DAAA pals and is uncomfortable and wishes Matt were there to take some of the heat he created. I kinda wonder if Matt arranged his little side train trip expressly to *avoid* having to take the heat for the situation. I mean really…. Makes a lot of sense, when you think about it, doesn’t it? In fact I don’t wonder at all. I think Matt knew exactly what he did and didn’t want to do.

Amy notes in the team manager meeting that the US team manager was not there. Amy struggles with the scheduling. Amy is lost and alone! Meanwhile the Statesmen are roughhousing and running. Molly and Jake are taken shopping for the team. Basically a large pile of snacks, and basically their special time is assisting Zach and Zach’s friends. Lets see… Jake and Molly clean the house while Jeremy does nothing. Jake and Molly assist Amy in keeping the Statesmen slopped and watered at the World Games while Jeremy gets special treats from Daddy. Who wants to bet Jer-Bear is held up for his deigning to watch a game? Amy has a meeting and is unsure what sports everyone is doing and what needs to be registered and people could have been disqualified. Molly and Jake play. Amy notes Matt is off goofing.

Matt is all “we’re having a ball”, which confirms Amy‘s comments. Matt notes how he just doesn’t care what’s happening with the team he’s managing. He’s having fun!

Oooh Irish dancing. There’s tons of dwarfs and food, and Zach is all “new people woo! And also ohnoes!”. The team begins to plot scoring ladies. Bill and Adam are off to find chicks. Zach wanders off and then is chatting up nice looking ladies. Its cute. Amy hay bales how its sweet but she fears messing stuff up bad.

There’s Scottish pipes for the opening ceremony. The games are opened without much fan fare. Zach notes that he is a bit disappointed Matt bailed. Amy also seems sad at how it went down.

Meanwhile day three of the Swiss thing. Jeremy is all about how he want to see the team play and yet doesn’t seem to understand that its not actually supporting the team if he willfully chooses to not be there.

There’s angry table tennis. Amy runs around like a maniac organizing the athletes. Marty is with her at times. Matt calls Zach. Zach notes to Dad how utterly busy Mom is. Amy gets on and they talk and Amy seems annoyed that Matt is yelling at her over the cell over her not responding to him. She apparently had cell difficulties.

So there’s awards already, and suddenly Jake helps his dad push the scooter. Where was Jeremy James Jesus while this was happening? I thought only Jeremy loved his dad and that Jake not once ever did a thing to assist his dad? Zach is annoyed. Matt is all “my job is to stay out of the way” and basically do nothing.

Now we’re off to boccia and Amy is playing with matt in the singles tournament. Zach brags up mom and notes that dad hasn’t shown up. Amy has to rush to find a replacement. She ends up playing with Chris. They hug and kiss and exchange rings and oh wait, that didn’t happen. Amy and Chris do well. Matt finally shows up as the gold medal match between Chris and Amy. Matt notes that his Swiss adventure tired him out so much that he just couldn’t participate in a game that involves sitting. Matt notes how awesome it was that he bailed on Amy.

Wow. This was like an ode to family dysfunction.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Jeremy James Jesus. No truer words were ever spoken. As always, a phenomenal re-cap!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site after watching the first two episodes of Zach's soccer adventure and completed a Google search of Matt Roloff. I have watched “Little People, Big World” television show for years and I have to say that I can no longer tolerate Matt's treatment of his family. I do not know if it is the producer’s goal to make Matt look like disrespecting monster or if it is an actual account, but Matt’s lack of respect for his family’s feelings and their time makes me angry. In the beginning, I enjoyed his spunk, but now he looks like a self-absorbed ass. I do not know the actual timing of these episodes, but it would be interesting to learn if it is during the time when Matt was pulled over for is DUI. Any thoughts?

M said...

the cell phone thing was redic. Both hands on the wheel! Doesn't Oregon got cell phone laws? If not they really should... the crazy Roloffs are on the loose! LOL

Matt was just beyond _fill in foul word__ tonight. The favoritism the treatment and lack of care of his family. The episodes this season he has been like a non stop jerk!

Also i know this is another topic but seriously who cares if Matts on the facebook and twitter now. Hes only doing it to get something for himself. He doesn't care about showing fans the behind the scenes stuff... if he did he would have done it all along. Not just started recently. I'm surprised he could suddenly find the time in his crazy busy schedule. ;)

Shadow said...

Rap (and you too, Expressed)- thanks for the recaps. I simply can't stand to watch the show any more, because I end up wanting to throw things at the screen, but your recaps are always entertaining. Sadly, they only serve to clarify why I no longer watch. Seeing/hearing Matt has become the equivalent of Kate Gosselin - nails on the blackboard, please god someone make it STOP!

I can't say I ever really liked Matt, but in the beginning, I thought it was just his "salesman" personality. As the years go by, his true nature has come out in full force, and it's just darned unpleasant to watch.

Greg said...

Matt is being all smug on his Facebook reading people's reaction to the show, talking about his smuckness and his favoritism towards Jeremy.

"It's fun ...and incredibly interesting to me... to see how easily people are influenced and swayed by television. Be careful of what you believe on your favorite news channel. lol lol .... You Silly People! :))) Off early AM to meet Amy in NYC tomorrow. Can't wait to see her again. We've all missed her but I get to see her first."

Greg said...

I guess by that comment by Matt he means forget what he says about the show being real.

Peter said...

Greg, the flip flop Matt does on that is incredible.

When people see the Storyline cheat sheet and say the show is fake, Matt denies it. He says the show is real and raw.

Then when the poor saps believe what Matt and Amy say, that the show is real, Matt laughs at them for believing his lies about it being real.

Rap541 said...

Greg, amusing isn't it, that Matt just can't resist the "no, it's not real and you're all stupid for thinking it is" when its Matty who did something dumbass on camera?

But point out the visible storyline cheat sheet and oh "its all real,thats just for prompting".

I'd like Matt to make a decision and stick with it. Either the fans are dumbasses for thinking the show is real, or the fans are dumbasses for doubting his word that they shouldn't trust what they see.

Folks who are interested in the concept of honesty, please note - Matt has now said two things that contradict one another. One can not be true.

Rap541 said...

Thanks anons!, and M and SHadow - and I agree with your points

Anonymous said...

How can anyone not have heard about how dangerous it is to drive while yacking away on a cell phone? It was really discouraging for me to see Amy setting such a bad example. What's with people nowadays--can't anyone just be out of reach now and then??

Circa said...

Your review always makes me laugh Rap! haha, Jeremy James Jesus!

Matt just keeps getting caught in his own lies

Natalie said...

I bet Jeremy was sad that the Portland Timbers didn't invite him down for the pre-game festivities.

Timothy said...

I was surprised with how good Zach was socially at the world dwarf games.

The best part of the show was Molly's commentary.

Re: Matt's comments. He can't have it both ways. Why doesn't he understand this? His defense of criticism is that the show isn't real and you're dumb to believe it is. When people are cynical and say the show isn't watchable because it isn't real, he says people are dumb for believing that it's not real.

Carol said...

Rap, good call on Jeremy James Jesus :)

I agree about the "stay out of the fridge" rule. What was with that? The Roloffs aren't hurting for groceries.

When Matt told someone to clean the counter (Jacob?), I saw a lady come through one of the doors. Was that Matt's personal chef? She was carrying a tray of something. It wasn't Caryn.

DJ said...

I don't like this Caryn person. Way too bossy! Bring back Becky! LOL!

Caryn makes Becky look timid.

Michelle said...

Who is Caryn? I know she is Matt's assistant, but where did she come from? She is too bossy for an employee.

When Matt started to complain about Amy, she told him "Shh, we will talk about that later, I need to go get ready."

That's not how I talk to my boss or his family.

Shadow said...

BTW - OR just passed "no cell phone while driving" legislation. No longer legal unless you're using hands-free device. Wasn't in effect when this was filmed.

Justin said...

Is there any of the Jeremy fans left that used to say he was a great soccer player?

He's 20 and not playing in any soccer league except indoor.

If Jeremy had any talent, don't you think the Portlant Timbers players and coach would have noticed and commented on it? The fact there has been nothing about them commending Jeremy tells me they haven't been impressed.

Tesa Mae said...

Caryn has been working for Matt for a couple of years along with his office manager Becky. Caryn is one along with her husband and kid came out to farm to check up on the Roloff kids and brought pizza for them when Matt And Amy went to Nevada. for those who remember Amy and Jeremy had a problem with Matt having her to go and check on them and Jeremy made the comment that Zach and I are eightteen years old we don't need a baby sister to come and check up on us we are adults now.

Rap541 said...

"If Jeremy had any talent, don't you think the Portlant Timbers players and coach would have noticed and commented on it? "

In fairness to Jeremy, I think you want to remember that we'd never see it on screen until he was actually on the team.

I don't think we'd be treated to the spectacle of Jeremy trying and failing.

That said, I don't think he's got real dreams of playing pro soccer as he doesn't seem to be trying out or working his skills. The clock is ticking on that dream.

Justin said...

Rap, I don't necessarily mean Jeremy making the Portland Timbers. They've been around the Roloffs and Jeremy a few times. If they thought he had any talent or amazing skill, I am sure they would have made a comment about him.

I totally disagree with you that it wouldn't be shown. If the Timbers coach or a player had given Jeremy a special shout out or compliment about his amazing skills, it would definitely be included. When has this show not taken the chance to build up Jeremy?

tashapork said...

Last night made me the most pissed at Matt that I have ever been. It was even worse than what went on with the VI trip, in fact I wonder if it wasn't his passive aggressive payback for that. I can understand that Matt tends to want things his way, but inserting Caryn in the drama was wrong. The way he was handling the cleaning issue was pathetic, he went in his office instead of cleaning, although I really think that family needs to hire someone for the cleaning, Amy is too busy and that house is large.
The thing that just blew me away was him running off to Switzerland and not at least inviting Molly and Jake, him taking them would have helped her. Also why couldn't he have sent Caryn to help Amy. That was a lot for her. His attitude just stunk and reminded me of why I never married. I like Matt and hate to see him act this way, I hope it was edited to be this extreme. Him ditching Amy for Bocci was horrible, he could have told her that he didn't feel well so she could make other arrangements instead of ditching her. Amy looked soo worn out.

Kapper said...

I watched bits and pieces of last nite's episode....I vacillated between disgust and boredom. I've never seen so much passive/aggressive behavior between a husband and wife.
LPBW is a joke, and a bad one at that. The only character I like is Rocky

Rap541 said...

Oh I just mean that if Jeremy was trying out and failing, that it would never make the show... too real. So if there have been positive comments, I don't think we'd see them because it ends up reminding us of the whole soccer thing thats *not* happening.

That said - Jeremy's old enough (ie not a gradeschooler) so I don't see a pro coach giving him a tongue bath on national television unless he's geniunely good.

Anonymous said...

I think its wierd that no one is giving Amy crap about the Jake/Molly hotel situation. Amy finds out, at home, BEFORE the vacation, that Matt will not be in Ireland right away. She doesn't think to make any kind of arrangements THEN??? She waits until they get there to find out if the two of them can stay at the university? They are both pathetic excuses for parents. Not that we didn't alrteady know this, but geez! I really hope that it was b.s. for dramatic effect and the kids were taken care of.

Jocelynn said...

"The thing that just blew me away was him running off to Switzerland and not at least inviting Molly and Jake."

Tasha, I agree. That was the part that got me the most too.

M said...

They were on a trip for awhile and nobody thought of where Molly and Jacob would stay before that? Was that's drama added? Or are they as in Matt and Amy ONLY thinking about their twins again?

I hope Amys has already gotten Jacob and Molly a room on her cruise. Or is she just going going to show up with two kids and expect a room? Oh no worries if there is any room bump Someone I'm on tv! That or Molly and Jacob sleep on some lounge chairs on deck.

Anonymous said...

Good review Rap

Dana said...

I can't believe most of the comments. Most of you are warped.

Rap, you want my review? Here it is about the key points.

Amy was ridiculous. She put up a fight about cleaning the house! What type of person gets all huffy about cleaning their house when they have corporate sponsors that donated a combined total of more than $38,000.

You all bash Matt, but Amy admitted it herself. The team was able to go because of the corporate sponsors. Who arranged it all? Matt Roloff.

Matt is a brilliant business person. If I was one of those sponsors, I would want Matt on my side. He recognized that they wanted their logo displayed. It was a very nice gesture on Matt's part to introduce the sponsors the the individual player they were sponsoring. He wanted the players to know a little bit about their personal sponsor. That was a very nice touch. If I'm giving even $100 to a person, I want to meet them and know who my money is benefiting. These sponsors were giving more than $3000. Matt understands business.

The Caryn bashing is ridiculous. She gets things done. She has priorities that Amy doesn't. Amy has checked out of that house. She's too busy. Caryn is an organizer. To the people that said she is too forceful or too confident, you can't be a shy person to work for Matt Roloff.

Some people (yes Rap, including Expressed) are forgetting that the Roloffs have a different life style than most of you. They are used to having other people in their home performing services for them. Amy doesn't have to feel personally slighted that Caryn was taking charge.

Zach was being his immature self. Is pouting the way to go through life? He didn't like Matt's news so he pouts. That's not how a mature adult acts when they disagree with a decision. He needs to grow up and grow up quick. The twins have went in polar opposite directions as far as maturity is concerned.

Dana said...

Now. One of the main points. Matt taking Jeremy to Switzerland. No one should be criticizing him (or Jeremy).

Yes or no, Zach's soccer event was not set to begin until the last couple of days of the week long games? Yes. If I had a family member in the Olympics and they were a skier. The skiing event doesn't go until the last 3 days of the Olympics. I wouldn't feel the need to attend the entire Olympics. I would arrive for my family member's event. Matt did that and more.

As far as Matt abandoning Amy. Rap, as you pointed out, the Statesmen are not a bunch of 5 year old children. Many are mature adults. All of them are over 18. Amy was not "alone". Marty must know something about these events and how they work.

The criticism of Matt and Jeremy makes me sick to my stomach. Matt has nothing to feel guilty about. Nothing at all.

They were in France. It's not difficult to travel from France to Switzerland. The Belfast games were Zach's time. The whole portion of that trip was for one kid. ZACH! Zach's event was not going to begin until later in the week. Why shouldn't Matt take the easy trip from France to Switzerland for a couple of days?

Matt missed out on much some of the trip in Europe. He didn't go to Italy. He wasn't with Jeremy and Zach in Germany or Scotland. He wanted to enjoy Switzerland. He deserves that.

They went to Belfast for Zach. So he could play soccer against the rest of the world. Why shouldn't Matt take a few days in the beginning with his other 19 year old son?

You don't know how many more chances Matt will have to travel with Jeremy. He does treat Matt with the most respect. He does help Matt the most. Molly is going to be around for many more years. Matt will have a chance to spend time with Molly in years to come. Matt knows that he needs to take time now to appreciate the blessing that Jeremy is in his life. Besides, Molly is a girl. Her traveling with Matt and Jeremy would only complicate matters (sleeping arrangements). As for Jacob, he made it clear how bored he is looking at things. Why would it be any different looking at the Swiss Alps? He would be bored. Matt wanted to savor this time with his Jeremy.

Amy's and Zach's disrespect of Matt is well known. I've grown used to it that I'm almost immune to it.

However. Something else deserves attention. The person that angered me most was miss Molly. I've seen the signs coming from her for the last year or so. She is becoming a very disrespectful girl with a bad attitude and lack of respect or thought for her father and her older brother Jeremy.

Who does Molly think she is to criticize Matt and Jeremy. Her "speech" made me sick. She is becoming very self-righteous. Look in the mirrow, Molly. She's not supporting her family by bashing Matt and Jeremy. Zach's soccer games weren't until the end. There was no harm in Matt and Jeremy enjoying each others time. Molly thinks she is smart, but she was showing her immaturity by failing to understand Matt's desire to enjoy his time with Jeremy. She had no right to call Matt and Jeremy selfish. She is becoming very quick to judge her father and her older brother. I am very disappointed in how Molly has been acting in the last year. Perhaps her back-biting is one of the reasons why Matt wanted to cherish his time with Jeremy? Judy is right. Instead of complaining about Matt and Jeremy; Molly, Zach and Jacob should ask themselves what they should be doing to have the same type of relationship that Jeremy has with Matt.

Anonymous said...

WHen our family travels, we book one room with two beds. Our son gets one, my husband and I the other. We all have pajamas. And Matt could have booked a suite, giving Molly her own room. . so, no I don't see the problem with sleeping ararnages ments if Molly and/or Jake had gone. Molly is a teenager, who gets great grades, doesn't get into trouble. It is ok if she gets mad at her parents sometimes. Jake is a pre-teen. Matt is an adult and should be mature enough to understand teenage behavior.

And, those kids do know where Matt's heart lies, all kids know who is their parents favorite... and guess what, Matt will pay for it somday. Jeremy will not take care of Matt when Matt needs a caregiver. And, I wouldn;t if I were one of the other 3.

This was the equivalent of the Olympics. Matt was the team manager, he should have been there.

Rap541 said...

Oh Dana :)

"What type of person gets all huffy about cleaning their house when they have corporate sponsors that donated a combined total of more than $38,000."

The same person who had to step down from her board position ecause the guy organizing the corporate sponsors didn't bother checking what her organization's requirements were before he made committments and who then threw a hissy, causing her professional embarrassment. That's who.

"The team was able to go because of the corporate sponsors. Who arranged it all? Matt Roloff. "

I find it hard to believe Marty Klebba was too poor to attend without a corporate sponsor. Or Zach. And if they had spent 18k on the team's trip instead of a locker room, having so many sponsors wouldn't have been an issue.

"He recognized that they wanted their logo displayed. "

He ignored the DAAA requirements and got pissed and took his toys awa when they wouldn't just roll over. As they shouldn't if they don't want their players to be walking bill boards.

" They are used to having other people in their home performing services for them. Amy doesn't have to feel personally slighted that Caryn was taking charge. "

Clearly Amy isn't comfortabe with it despite it being her different lifestyle.

"Zach was being his immature self. Is pouting the way to go through life? He didn't like Matt's news so he pouts. "

Which is similar to what I said, so I am unsure why you're complaining? oh right, because I explained clearly why matt was being a passive aggressiveass as hethrew up his ands and whined how lil innocent Matt just had no idea why his son was pissed that he was reneging on being the team manager at last minute. You know... making a committment and clearly backing out at the last minute and then expressing innocent surprise that his son isn't cheering his decision.

Next :)

Rap541 said...

"Zach's soccer event was not set to begin until the last couple of days of the week long games? Yes. If I had a family member in the Olympics and they were a skier. The skiing event doesn't go until the last 3 days of the Olympics. I wouldn't feel the need to attend the entire Olympics. I would arrive for my family member's event. Matt did that and more."

Matt committed to being the team manager. He asked for the job and then bailed. He clearly bailed at last minute.

"As far as Matt abandoning Amy. Rap, as you pointed out, the Statesmen are not a bunch of 5 year old children. Many are mature adults. All of them are over 18. Amy was not "alone". Marty must know something about these events and how they work."

Matt committed to being the team manager. Matt's not a child either. He made a committment and then bailed. He made a point of wrecking Amy's professional relationship with the DAAA because he was all about taking the team to Ireland and then bailed. Amy was clearly frazzled fulfilling Matt's obligations that Matt walked away from in order to play in Switzeland. Marty may or may not have certainly was not Marty's responsbilt to do so, it was Matt's comittment.

"The Belfast games were Zach's time. The whole portion of that trip was for one kid. ZACH!"

And Jeremy got several days in Scotland, and pretty much called the shots on the twin portion of the Euro trip. And Jake has been chided for not simply being grateful to go at all. Why should Jake just be grateful to attend while Jeremy not only needs all activities geared to his interests, he also needs special daddy time since its so unfair that Zach be the center of attention at the Dwarf Games... And btw wasn't one of your arguements tht Jeremy loves his lp friends like Bill so much, its grossly unfair to not allow him to support SUPPORT SUPPORT HIS LP PALS. His pals who he bailed on to goof in switzerland because Daddy dangled something shiny?

"Who does Molly think she is to criticize Matt and Jeremy. "

A member of the family? Who understands that Daddy is generous with material goods when it suites him and often inconsiderate about things that don't directly affect him?

"You don't know how many more chances Matt will have to travel with Jeremy. "

You don't know how many chances Matt will have to travel with Molly, Zach, and Jake. Seems like if he's concerned about his waning travel ability, he'd want to spend more time with the younger kids who have had less time with him.

" Molly is going to be around for many more years. Matt will have a chance to spend time with Molly in years to come"

This is the direct opposite of what you *just* said, Dana. Either Matt has plenty of time or he doesn't. You can't justify his special trips with Just Jer as "he might not have another chance" and then declare that there's plenty of time for the younger kids to be indulged.

"Molly is a girl. Her traveling with Matt and Jeremy would only complicate matters (sleeping arrangements). "

The sleeping arrangements exemplify the complete lack of concern about *the family* that Molly was going on about. It was clearly planned that Matt was going to Ireland becase Molly and Jake and presumeably Jeremy were supposed to stay with him in a hotel. Matt's decision to have special Jer time left Amy scrambling to find Molly and Jake a place to sleep... while Jer and Matt had fun.

"She had no right to call Matt and Jeremy selfish."

Yes she does. Matt and Jeremy left her and Jake wthout rooms to sleep in because they wanted to have fun more than any inconvienence the rest of the family might feel. Thats selfish.

Rap541 said...

And Btw Dana - lets see you do a review before you know how everyone else feels. :)

Anonymous said...

This show is totally scripted, they are all actors playing "their" characters. What is so sad is that they are all terrible at their jobs. I agree with Kapper the only "real" thing on this reality show is the dog, Rocky. I am done watching.

lucas said...

Matt and Jer stick together for one reason, and one reason only on trips like this. They party together. Most fathers would realize that the children whose time has come to needing attention and time would be their younger ones. My opinion is that Matt blew off Jake because he might just have to be a good role model. (Can't drink and party with Jacob, can he?)

Amys is as complicit in this charade as her husband. She comes across to me as just laughing her butt of about Matts ideas, she's finally learned to stop bitching in front of the cameras.. fake as hell. It reads, "Aren't you viewers so stupid? Fake disharmony between husband and wife for ratings previously, but now... "

Media whores who sold their personalities for money. What a shame.

Nice review Rap.

tashapork said...

Dana, just because we have opinions that you disagree with doesn't mean we are warped (lol)I also do not see people saying that Caryn was doing anything but trying to help. What I saw was Matt using Caryn in his passive agressive agenda with Amy. If Matt wasn't going to be there, it would have been a whole different story if he had planned the event accordingly with Amy and possibly sent her some help if she needed it, he also could have taken Jacob and Molly with him. There are things that Amy could have done differently too. This does not mean that Amy or Zach handled every situation perfectly. Amy could have put her foot down and told Matt that she would not go in those circumstances and insisted that he compromise with her. Zach could have told his Dad how he felt instead of pouting. Amy could also insist Matt hire a maid instead of dictate to her about cleaning. Jeremy also could have said, hey Dad, why can't Jake and Molly come along? None of them are bad people, Matt made choices that if I was his wife would not be okay for me.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching this show for a while now, and like others above, this is the first time I have posted anyhing on the internet. I found this site and the MR site as you call it. OMG, you can only have one opinion over there. There's one poster who seems to worship the man, and everyone else who does not agree with her walks on eggs shells to give their dissenting thoughts or they might be called trolls. It's disgusting!! Anyways, I agree with the whole run down given above. It is getting hard to watch, because I can not stand the way Matt treats his wife and kids. His opinion seems to be the only one that matters!! As others have said, I admired him in the beginning because of what he has managed to do in his life with his limitations. He can get people to do what he wants, that's impressive. But he treats his family like employees too, and that is annoying!! His ego has gotten way out of control!! His wife's opinion means nothing to him anymore, and forget about her feelings!! He didn't care one bit about getting her kicked off the DAAA board. It was his doing that they went to this event as a solo team. If they would have been able to stay with the DAAA, Amy would have had a lot more help in organizing at the games and it would not have mattered that Matt was not there.
He said that being with his family was not a good use of his time! I just don't understand this man's logic! Family trips like this should be spent together. There is no reason that he could not have stayed in Ireland and toured the country with all his children(except Zac because he was busy). There are often times that you do something that you really don't want to do to support a family member.
I saw the episode where Amy was running down the people that Matt has working for him! Does he really have a personal chef?!! This man is spending money like he thinks it will never stop pouring in!! I feel bad for Amy, I hope they don't end up filing for bankruptcy and losing the farm a few years after it all ends. I read on his site (or maybe it was this one, been doing a lot of reading about them today) that he has discussed when the show will end and said maybe when Molly gets married or he dies, but then people will want to see how the family copes!! Sick, he thinks it will never end!!
One more thing, I'm sure you have already addressed this, but did anyone buy Matt's "jet lag" while in France? I think he had a little too much with lunch at the vineyard (with his children present!)LOL

M said...

Matt and Jer could have taken Molly with them to Switzerland. They aren't hurting for cash and could have gotten Molly her own room.
Also they could have shared a room with her. It's not like they are changeing infront of eachother and sleeping naked. They can get a cot and then everyone has their own bed.
When my family and I used to vacation together we would share one room. All 5 of us! I would have to share with my older sister while my brother had the floor, the cot or the couch.
On the river boat trip Molly shared with Jacob. It's no big deal for a girl to share with her own brother.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the previous posting (by another Anonymous).

Matt was wrong on so many levels yet he doesn't even want to try to see things from the other family members' point of view. It's gotten to the point where I cringe whenever he's on.

I hope the Roloffs try to salvage their relationship because I can't imagine it going on like this much longer!

njshore said...

LPBW "jumped the reality show shark" for me when I watched the episode a while ago where Matt planned a vacation at the same time Amy had a speaking engagement - causing a major split in the family.

I never felt (even in the beginning) that Matt and Amy were a happily married couple. I believe during the past year or so they've grown even farther apart - but at the same time, the show gave them fame and money and free trips so they made the decision to fake a sort-of-happy marriage for the sake of the show.

How many married couples do you know where one can plan a week long family vacation and the other makes arrangements for speaking engagements and neither knows what the other is doing - unless - they NEVER commumicate (meaning they may not even see each other for days or more). Don't you think these subjects would make good dinner conversation (unless they never actually eat dinner together). I couldn't help but wonder when Amy and Zack were complaining about Matt not telling Amy he planned the vacation - how come SHE didn't communicate her speaking schedule to Matt at any point? I think these 2 people have led separate lives for quite some time now and they are living a "not-separating-so-that-we-can-stay-famous-and-get-lots-of-money" PRETEND marriage. This family is behaving like the parents are actually separated anyway - the way the parents try to win over the kids affection by allowing them to to take sides without reminding them that they are a family and both parents should be respected. They NEVER stick up for each other in front of the kids - only criticize each other (especially Amy).

It's a reality show pattern - family starts out normal and likeable, family becomes rich and famous, family LIKES being rich and famous (understandable), TV show tries NOT to show family is rich and famous, TV show tries to hide the fact that the family is most likely only together to shoot scenes for the show, everybody makes money - kids suffer.

winsomeone said...

I think Amy and Zack are overly aggressive, and they seem to often be angry about something or pouting. They have it better than most people, and need to wake up and see how the rest of the world copes.

Kapper said...

Wow, njshore, I couldn't agree with you more. On EVERY aspect of what you said, the main one being that Amy and Matt probably didn't have a very stable marriage to begin with, even before LPBW. But TLC comes along and dangles the carrot/$$$ and suddenly it's "Oh look at us!!! We're one big happy family with physical limitations trying to live our lives just like ordinary people"... Which is fine, but the point is I don't know of many families who are jetting off to Europe or doing massive remodels or owning a fleet of cars. So when the Roloff's say they live life like ordinary people do - "just in a different way" oh boy, they weren't kidding

Rap541 said...

BTW Dana... Don't you have anything to say to my review of *your* review?

Do you wish your husband would make committments to your less favored child and bail at last minute to well... show who the favorite is?

Do you have anything to say on how you insisted Jeremy loved the LP cons so much, he was desperate to support his *LP* friends and then he just... went to switzerland instead of ireland?

And if your arguement is that Jer-Bear was all about being with the Big MR then I fully expct Jeremy to start sacrificing vacations to be at Daddy's side. We've never seen that, have we? Jer-Bear proudly stating since Dad was too tired/too busy to play, that Jeremy was gonna stay home and help his beloved, respected father who he proudly stands behind, instead of playing.

Jeremy is an adult and his father clearly needs him to be at his side. When will we see Jer-Bear sacrficing a good time to be at Daddy's side?