Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Interview with Matt Roloff on Reality Shack

There is an interview with Matt Roloff located here:


To recap some of the more interesting points:

- The tone of the interview is what you would expect. Very complimentary. The author says that the Roloffs are just out there beating the pavement like the rest of us. Hmmm. Perhaps in the first couple of seasons. Now? Not so much, in my opinion.

-Matt says they're judged for their wealth and says they always did well financially, but the series adds to their $$$.

-The interviewer asked if Jeremy, Molly and Jake feel resentment towards Zach for being a dwarf like Matt and Amy. He says no.

-Matt jokes that maybe when Jacob is 30 years old they'll sit down with a shrink and figure it all out. He thinks Jacob is typical for being the youngest in a family with 4 kids.

-Matt states that the family doesn't make the LPA conference their family vacation because that's not fair to the 3 average sized kids (although to be real - when you take as many vacations as the Roloffs do; you can afford that luxury).

-Molly asked to bring her two best friends to this years LPA conference in Nashville. It pleases Matt because Molly has grown up with the LPA and wants to share that with her friends. Matt wasn't going to attend, but made plans after Molly's request.

-They talked about the perfect way to end the show. They used to talk about it ending when Jeremy and Zach went off to college but that has obviously changed. Matt says he doesn't see any end in sight for the show now. He used to joke with TLC that Molly's wedding will be the end of the show.

-Matt suggested the perfect ending will be if he keeled over and died...it was a joke, but he says they have discussed that possibility and thought viewers will want to see how the family copes after the loss.

-They have/are discussing the option of breaking the "fourth wall"...bringing fans in and answering viewers questions. Unlike a lot of reality shows, LPBW has never acknowledged that they have the show, on the show.

-Matt says looking back on the last 5 years of the show it has taught him how to be a better husband and father.


AussieMum said...

If the Roloffs always did well financially BEFORE the show as Matt points out in this interview, why then, in the pilot show, does Amy say she had to borrow money off her parents for Zach's braces?
Only until the show commenced did their old house start to get renovated. As Amy says in one episode, "Matt you are all BS."

Shadow said...

I think they always did well in terms of earning money, but when you spend 120% of what you make on pirate ships and Wild West towns, it really doesn't matter what you bring in.

Ronald said...

The Roloffs were in tough times before the show. Matt had lost his job. They were in jeopardy of losing the farm. They would have if the show hadn't come along.

Matt is re-writing history because it sounds better to say he didn't rely on a television reality series to be successful.

Rap541 said...

Shadow, Ronald - I think you're both right.

I think Matt and Amy had a nice middle class lifestyle and were not "poor" in the sense of being broke, needing food stamps, welfare accepting etc.

I also think - based not on conjecture or the show but on Matt's first book and comments both he and Amy have made in interviews - that they weren't making great financial choices while Matt was working and were spending money as it came in so when the crunch came, they were in trouble.

Per Matt, they did almost lose the farm. So while I think it's disengenious to suggest they had nothing before the show, it's also disengenious for Matt to suggest they were AS wealthy before the show as after. His own words in his own first book make that a lie.

mythoughtis said...

Exactly what has Matt learned about being a better husband and father? Because, he appears to be getting worse instead of better.
Second, who jokes about their own death as being fodder for a reality show?
Third... why would an interviewer think that average size kids would be jealous of a sibling that was a dwarf? All 3 average size kids have seen the health issues of Zac and Matt, the struggle to do things in an average size world.
Next, why didn't Matt pick up on the hint that Jacob needs some attention from him?