Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff say they almost died last night

I know some of you already know, but we thought everyone would like to know about this -- Jacob Mueller told this story:

Mueller: should have lost his life with his best friend today but Jesus spared us.... jer and i on a bikeride a guy loaded high on crystal or pcp or something, spun out and was headed straid at us with his van side ways screeching and smoking going at least 70mph. and missed us by Gods grace when he should have flipped and rolled his van over us and smashed us dead.


Expressed said...

That's scary. Thank God they're safe!

Sheri said...

To the people who dislike Jeremy's best friend, this shows his colors. He is a young man focused on God. He understands what could have happened and is praising our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

One of the most powerful things Amy has said on the show was about Zach and Jeremy beginning to drive. She said she must trust that God is looking for her children.

Indeed. This illustrates that God is protecting Jeremy James Roloff and his very best friend Jacob Mueller.

God has great plans for them and their time was not now. Thank you Jesus.

Greg said...

Oh lord, so....did anything actually happen? Maybe it wasn't the driver who was high on crystal meth?

Did they talk to this crazed driver? It doesn't sound like it because nothing happened.

They say they *think* it *could* have flipped and *might* have hit them and *could*have killed them, and they they *think* the driver was high and unless they had a radar gun, they think the driver was doing 70.

Nothing happened and they conclude that Jesus is thinking about themselves.

I'm sorry, but that is so typical for Christians.

What about the family of 4 that I heard on my local news that were killed in a car accident coming home from a vacation? Jesus didn't like that 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl who were killed. Jesus didn't think they were as special as Jeremy and Mueller?

Christians can be so selfish.

Mark said...

Stay safe, Jer and Muel!

Dana said...

Greg, I am disgusted by what you wrote. God DOES look after His people.

You're missing the point. It did spin out, it could have killed them, but Jesus saved them. God prevented it from flipping onto them.

You can deny God in your life. You will pay for that choice, but don't expect others to deny the presence of God in their lives.

Judy said...

Greg, it is scary when things like that happened. Be more compassionate.

Hopefully this will make some people appreciate Jeremy and Mueller more than they have in the past.

Rap541 said...

"God DOES look after His people."

Which of course means when a natural disaster occurs, God wants those people dead. Only people who aren't smited are His people.

I love shaky theology.

Dana, I was almost hit by a car while grocery shopping today. I guess I'm His :)

Since you know, I'm unharmed and THATS HOW GOD SHOWS WHO THE CHOSEN ARE :)

And I guess when Mike Detjen got bashed by the trebuchet, God was SHOWING HIS HATE.

After all, if He loved Mike, Mike would have been safe, correct? :)

Dana said...

Rap, truly. Shame--On--You.

This proves how much you hate Jeremy and Mueller. They almost die and you can't even show compassion. You are a heartless person.

God did spare Mike from the trebuchet. It was amazing that he was not killed. The cement block was 2000 pounds? He only had scratches and bruises. He walked out of the hospital.

God does have a plan. We can't always see the reasons for things that happen, but God does have a reason even if we don't figure it out until later. We should still be thankful to God when he saves good young Christians like Jeremy and Mueller.

Rap541 said...

Dana - seriously - whats the difference?

If God loved Mike, God wouldn't have let Mike be hurt - that is your point over Mueller and Jeremy. God protected them from injury because they are chosen.

You seem to be dismissing how God chose me today. Why is that? I assure you, the dumbass on his cell came about five inches from hitting me. Sure seems like I am His. Since the criteria for being His is of course, not getting hurt in near death experiences.

Lynn said...

God bless Jeremy and Jacob M. I admire their friendship. Glad they are still with us! Stay safe boys.

Rap541 said...

Dana, Sheri - all those people who died in Haiti and in the Christmas tsunami - God didn't love them or protect them, correct?

When people get hurt or die, it's because God hates them. Bad things only happen to people who don't believe in God. Am I following you correctly?

Brandon said...

"God bless Jeremy and Jacob M. I admire their friendship. Glad they are still with us!"

Yep, so they can spread God's love by telling more of Jeremy's fans that they are losers that should kill themselves...

Sheri said...

Rap, stop it now. It is no more complicated than Jeremy and his friend Jacob were almost killed, but Jesus spared them. Be thankful. They are.

You appear to be bothered that this proves that these boys are special. God is looking out for them as Amy said several years ago.

Rap541 said...

Greg - yeah, I am kinda curious how they know the driver was high on pcp or meth. But then if you look at the description, it's flled with "might have" instead of actual facts.

There's no way to know if the driver was high. The van didn't flip. There was no crash at all.

What really happened, based on Mueller's description, is that the van skidded by them and was going really fast.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - if one of your kids dies in an accident, is it because God hates them?

I was almost hit by a car in the parking lot of Safeway today - do you agree that Jesus spared me?

Sheri said...

No, of course not. Dana explained it well. As simple human beings we don't have the power to know or understand all the reasons God has for His plan. It might not be the way we want at the time, but we must have faith in God's plan. There are reasons behind everything that happen. It is our job to figure out the lessons that God is laying in our paths in our walk with God.

It was an out of control van skidding towards them at a high rate of speed. Out of control vans spitting out smoke skidding would surely kill two young people on bikes if it had tipped as it easily could have. As Jacob said, Jesus spared them because it is not in God's plan for them to die at this time.

Believers trust in God at all times. Believers learn from what God gives us in each of our lives.

Rap541 said...

So in fact bad things happen to Christians all of the time and when they do, it's God's plan... but it's NOT God's plan, He saves you... so in fact Jeremy and Mueller were in no danger at all since God has no test planned at this particular juncture?

BTW Sherri - why no comment on how God saved me this morning? :)

As for what happened, all we have is Jacob Mueller's word that a meth/pcp addled driver almost tipped a smoking van on him. Forgive me if I don't take the word of sweet "Eff off and kill yourself" Christian Mueller.

(One assumes had the person effed off and killed themselves in response to sweet jesus loving Mueller's kind words, that you'd justify it with God wanting them dead anyway)

kitashy said...

I love my "bf" so much if something happened to him I'd go after the guy. no one touches my jeremy...

Justin said...

Regardless of what really happened, they think they almost were killed but saved by Jesus.

Want to bet these two don't use this 'near death' experience to reflect on how they're living or to use this to lead more productive and more giving lives?

It's no secret that even people that know them say Jeremy and Mueller think only about themselves.

You can interpret the meaning in this in a different way. What do you suppose they were talking about before this out of control van came their way? Were they ridiculing someone as they're known to do? Unwholesome language? Were they on their way to use some illegal substances? Maybe it was God's way of saying "Stop it you jerks!"

mythoughtis said...

or it could just have been pure luck.

Esme said...

Sherri you are so dumb and clueless you are such a dumb ass Bitch when it is your time it is your time so you and the rest of these people on this topic get over it, it was just not their time okay

Craw said...

Rap you gotta stop arguing about everything. If God wasn't watching out for them we would have been mourning their deaths today. You might not care, but the rest of us do. You go off on tirades about anything. This is about God watching out for them. If you don't have anything to add, stop arguing.

Rap541 said...

"If God wasn't watching out for them we would have been mourning their deaths today."

So when someone dies in an accident... God simply wasn't paying attention?

Craw, I am curious - anyone you know ever die because God didn't care enough about them to not pay attention?

This is as amusing as "God is always looking out for His people but one someone does get smeared by a car, it's because God has preordained them to die at that particular moment for a *reason*". Which means God doesn't actually have to pay attention since everyone's fate is predecided.

So can someone clear it up? If its all preordained then why is He getting props for saving Muel and the Jer-Bear when He already has a specific time in mind for everyone?

And why does no one want to comment on whether He saved me this morning? I thought He saved his own... :)

Zee to the Z said...

I won't lie. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened. I wouldn't call them liars. Something probably did happen. But just so you know, Jeremy and Mueller always have the most amazing stories. Everything that happens to them is always the wildest, craziest thing to ever happen to anybody. When they catch a fish, it was THIS big, if you catch my drift.

Jason said...

Sorry but those two are horrible people. They treat people like crap. They are the most selfish guys always only thinking about themselves. They use God to justify their selfishness.

Now I am supposed to be kissing their feet because they're still alive? Uh, no.

Like Rap said, a lot of people could almost die. Some people are drama queens about it.

Sam said...

Who cares they are jerks. I know for a fact when they were juniors and seniors in high school, they used to make fun and humiliate junior high and freshman kids. I hate bullies that treat people that way and think they're so cool. I also know they were constantly making fun of gay people at the exact same time Jeremy was denying it.

They are the people who destroy people with low self confidence.

I find it hard to believe God would save them while many nice caring people die every day.

Mike said...
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ryan said...

spirits, i'd love if you could tell me how many rejected comments there are because people are saying "darn!"? i know there must be some!

Spiritswander said...

Ryan, there have been about 7 or 8 inappropriate comments. I don't think there is any need to publish sentiments like that.

Lisa said...

Why must you attempt to degrade the beliefs of others, Rap? As a Christian, I also believe as Jacob does, as Sheri does and so on down the line. The is a reason why everything happens. God know those reasons. There is nothing wrong with thanking God that Jacob and Jeremy were not hurt.

If that's not what you believe, you are entitled to believe as you want. However, you do not need to ridicule those who do believe in God.

Rap541 said...

Lisa in all honesty - I was nearly hit by a careless driver yesterday. Everyone on the Christian brigage who is claiming jeremy is alive because God intervened and stopped him from being hit by a "pcp crazed smoking van" has refused to touch this with a ten foot pole.... If God intervenes for His Chosen and I was almost killed by a jerk on a cell phone... doesn't that mean I'm one of His?

This isn't ridicule. One of the reasons Christians often get mocked is for comments like this - that when good things happen to good people, it's God directly intervening, but when bad things happen, it's all fate and God has a plan.... So in fact, if God as a predetermined place for each of us to die - then there was no stepping in yesterday to save the rightous lads.

Personally I am inclined to agree with several other posters who note that Mueller and Jeremy have a tendency to enhance their stories to "the wildest, craziest, most dangerous".

Andrea said...

Jacob Mueller and Jeremy Roloff might be rude jerks to fans, but I still like them. I'm glad they're ok.

laughable public relations/marketing said...

well... go Rap go. We had a child involved in an accident this weekend... not the wildest, craziest pcp driver, just a simple collision---yes, the cars actually hit each other, as has happened all over the world today many times. While there were scary moments initially determining the safety of all involved it was handled quietly and without excess drama.. Who do these two think they are thinking that their near collision warrants more drama than the thousands killed TODAY in accidents of all kinds, all over the world. Smells like a public relations stunt to me to garner attention for the ratings losers tlc.... jokes on them, they just look more unfeeling and stupid.

barnaby said...

This thread reminds me of a woman at work many years ago who was always full of drama.

In order to try to get out of work one day, she announced at a staff meeting that she simply could do that project because she was "almost pregnant!" Sadly for her we all just laughed.

More silly drama from these boys.

Shadow said...

That's a cute pic of the two boy friends, isn't it?

I'm just glad to know there are young men who can instantly detect chemical abuse in a driver going past them at "70 mph" and spinning out and going sideways, while they are riding their bikes! They could even identify the specific type of drug involved! I think they should apply to the police academy immediately, because we need those kinds of skills, don'cha think?

And since they are God's chosen, we don't even need to worry about them being in danger on the job! It's a win-win!! Well, except for the part where they would actually have to work for a living. Yeah, okay, never mind...

Toonces said...

I am happy those boys were not hurt-- The main thing that popped out at me was the atrocious grammar... No wonder he failed at school.

Kapper said...

When a Christian can not give a definitive answer (hint, hint: because there's NOT one) they always say the same line over and over again: "It's just GOD'S plan"
How can they be expected to be taken seriously with an answer like that?
If there is truth in what they believe, I'm sooooo screwed

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some posters think of God as a benevelont grandfather watching out for special people. I don't think God can be personalized that way. I believe IT looks down and just lets us work our way through each life, watching us stumble and fall, get up and go through the next life. With each lifetime we lose some of the rough spots. I imagine it something like seeing toddlers learning to walk. We don't interfere, we let them spread their wings, and eventually they mature.

Christians seem to think they have a special line to God. The Jews were the chosen people as I recall. I find the smug responses from Christians very distasteful.

Are Jeremy and Mueller a couple?

Cindy said...

Anon at 6:01,

That's also what I believe. Thank you for presenting that.

I have seen some Christians that I respect, attempt to discourage other Christians from the smugness you describe.

The sort of condescending "I'll pray for you" when they disagree with someone (I have heard on good authority that Jeremy is fond of doing that in that manner).

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying that I am a Christian. I strongly believe that God does not intervene when it comes to human life. Too many good people die every single day Christian and non-Christian to believe something like that. Everything that happens in life is either by chance or the direct result of our day-to-day decisions. I hate when people use lines like "it was God's plan" or "it was their time to go". You can give thanks when you are spared you're life in a dangerous situation but I guarantee God had nothing to do with it. Whatever happens in life, happens. Rap541: You wanted a response from the Christians, consider yourself one lucky son of a b*tch.