Friday, May 28, 2010

Jeremy Roloff got his BMW restored with the help of Pacific MotorSports

The company that "helped" Jeremy Roloff restore his beloved 1971-2002 BMW twittered a picture from last year.
"Chris helps Jeremy Roloff of Little People Big World with his 2002 restored by Pacific Motorsports last year."

The company that did the work on Jeremy's BMW is Pacific Motorsports.


Erin said...

That's not the most flattering picture of Jeremy that I've ever seen :/

Brandon said...

h, so typical. Haven't we heard for the last 5 years how skilled Jeremy is with his hands fixing cars?

Hmmmm....maybe I could be a skilled mechanic like Jeremy if I had the money or the celebrity name to have a company that specializes in BMW's to fix it up!

Jer really is Matt's son. He's watching professionals work for him while he takes all the credit. Go Jer!

Expressed said...

Wait a minute!

Does Jeremy have two different shoes on??????

It doesn't look like there is a white shoe on his left foot?

Greg said...

Another Jeremy myth uncovered.

Well, I guess technically he wasn't lying or was being untruthful when he said "give me a car and I can probably fix it"...what he really means is he can take it to the pros who fix it.

I seem to recall Jeremy giving a big speech about he loves fixing vehicles himself because he can have pride knowing he did the work. So much for that.

I also recall Jeremy saying he bought his BMW entirely with money from mowing lawns when he was 11. I guess that could be true too. Buy it cheap, then pay the pros to make it as good as knew.
That was Jeremy's way of trying to convince himself that none of the treats he loves has anything to do with the fan support (money and fame/freebee).

Jan said...

He's not from the pictures I've seen of him shirtless in Hawaii, but I finally understand why some people wonder if he got fat.

Erin, I agree. It's not a good angle for Jeremy.

Brokenwing said...

Excuse me Greg and Brandon, but what is wrong with Jeremy getting a little bit of help? It doesn't mean he didn't do any work on it. Don't you think there was probably a lot of work that needed to be done? Maybe they only helped with one aspect of it.

Who cares if he got help? He's still working on it. Even in that picture, he's leaning over helping and learning. It's not like he went to Hawaii and came back with it all done and waiting for him.

You don't know that Jeremy and Matt exagerrate when they say Jeremy is good at working on things. This doesn't mean he's lying about his abilities.

Judy said...

Greg, you sound jealous of Jeremy.

It's his money whether you feel he earned it or not. He's allowed to spend it on things he enjoys. Jeremy enjoys having vintage cars and trucks. It's good he's putting time, money and effort into a hobby he likes.

Sheri said...

Why must some of you malign Jeremy for everything? Love God, family and friends. Enjoy life. That's what Jeremy does. He deserves to be happy. His BMW makes him happy. He's not the first or last person to take an old car into a repair shop.

Dusty said...

Jeremy is a world class mechanical genius! I think Jeremy is well on his way to opening his own car restoration shop.

That sweet little ride he has, his BMW (built on the back of mowing grass when he was 10 - NOT from getting rich off the show that he does nothing for!!) didn't get up and running by itself!

It was done Jeremy Roloff style!

A freebie by a respected company with a rich history of restoring BMWs.

Is this a pattern?

Jeremy was a world class soccer player...until everyone saw that he failed miserably to advance to a higher level.

Jeremy's a mechanical wiz kid that built his own Hovercraft....except that Mike was there doing the work while Jeremy held a stapler and stapled a cape to a board of wood.

Jeremy has such killer mechanical skills that he can change a flat tire blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back....oh wait, no, he wasn't blindfolded, he didn't have an arm tied behind his back and he couldn't even change it. His dwarf crippled dad did it for him because Jer gave up because it was too difficult. What did Matt say? He told Jer and everybody that he was proud of him. Two years later Jeremy bashes lil bro Jacob to the world by saying he gives up when things are too difficult. Short memory, Jer?

Jeremy fixed Mike's old truck all by himself! Well no, the only thing Jeremy actually did was wash it while Mike did the work and was more than happy to give Jeremy all the credit.

Now that Mike is gone? Is it time for Jeremy to actually show off his skills and complete his BMW restoration on his own? No! Hello Pacific Motor Sports!

NJC said...

I thought Jeremy could just pass his hand over a car to heal it.

Shadow said...

He's still working on it. Even in that picture, he's leaning over helping and learning. It's not like he went to Hawaii and came back with it all done and waiting for him.

Let's see, a posed picture of Jer leaning over a car WHILE LOOKING AT THE CAMERA translates to "helping and learning." Wow. That's a leap. And I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that, indeed, he did go to Hawaii and come back to have it waiting for him. In fact, that's a far more likely scenario.

Hey, he has the money to pay other people to do his work. We get that. It's the farce we object to - the notion that he's actually doing any of this himself. Okay, I'll give him some credit. It DOES look as though he might be installing a lightbulb in the tail light. And I'll bet it was THE BEST LIGHT BULB INSTALLATION THAT HAS EVER BEEN DONE. AND IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!!! HE HAS WANTED TO CHANGE A LIGHTBULB IN HIS CAR, LIKE, FOR-EVAH, DUDE!!!!!

M said...

Ha i guess his taking out the engine himself wasn't true or her f'ed it up! Haha

Rap541 said...

Judy, Sheri, brokenwing....

This is less about Jeremy and more about how you as fans insist Jeremy be on the "perfect" pedestal.

If Matt says Jeremy is a great mechanic who loves working on cars, you run with that and demand we all kiss Jer's ass for it because he's extraordinary at working on cars and will of course prove all the haters wrong because he's not book smart but he's "good with his hands" and he'll do great things....

Why would a young man who loves working on cars and restoring cars and who is a great mechanic take his beloved car to a shop to fully restore it?

I know the real answer - he's not into working that hard, and while he might be a good pick up mechanic, he's not much beyond fiddling with the carberator and such.

The *problem* is the pedestal he's on as Wonderboy Who LOVES Fixing Cars and is Extraordinarily Good With Mechanics.

There's nothing unusal with not being able to restore a car - I think its quite evident that Jeremy has no formal training beyond being told what to do by someone knowledgable. That's just Jeremy being average.

Average. Not Extraordinary. And if fans like yourself didn't put him on such a pedestal and get nasty, demanding we all "respect his accomplishments as Jeremy James is extraordinarly good at mechanics RESPECT HIM HATERS OR ELSE YOU'RE JEALOUS OF HIS TALENTS" then maybe the people you fans treat like crap under your boots wouldn't feel need to rub it in your face when Golden Boy fails to achieve. Why are people being judgemental of Jeremy being average? Because Jeremy's fans tell us again and again how Jeremy is fantastic,extraordinary, and certainly above average, and get nasty when people disagree.

And then, when Jeremy does something average, and people call him on the rep you've given him, then you whine and moan how mean it is. let me give you an example.

Judy? You're insisting we respect the time and effort and money he puts into his hobby. He's not actually putting any time or effort into this. He's spending money for someone to fix his car for him. How much effort do you think that takes? And how much time does it take to pay a repair bill? But we MUST respect his incredible efforts!

Brokenwing, likewise. not only are you insisting we respect the effort he makes - though we've only seen him work on this car once and he needed Daddy's help then and has since paid someone to fix it for him - you're also pulling the "who cares if we've insisted for years he's a mechanical genius, the poor baby needed help and is preciously learning and did *some* work so you're all hating him" crap. If you don't care that he got help... why insist he did work on the car?

oh right, because he can't be an average guy who isn't a mechanical wizkid.

Sheri - people are maligning Jeremy for not fixing his car because he and his fans have insisted for years that he loves fixing cars and is incredibly above average at it. SOmeone that fantastic and who LOVES doing mechanical work.... its a little odd he sent out the work he considers play, don't you think?

Unless of course, he's just an average guy who isn't a mechanic wizard. There's no shame in that... but when people said it, they got crapped on for not giving Jeremy all the mad respect his prodigious skills were due.

Mind you - I don't expect any of you to understand the whole cause and effect aspect here.

Lynn said...

Rap, I think is you and the others who dislike Jeremy that are jumping to conclusions. It is one picture that a business posted that shows them helping Jeremy.

You're jumping to the conclusion that Jeremy did none of the work himself. While I'm not a car expert, you have no idea how much time or effort Jeremy put into it on his own. He could have worked on it himself on the farm for a year and maybe took it to this place to help with one specific part of it that only an expert would be able to install properly.

You're all acting like Jeremy bought it as a scrap of metal, he took it to Pacific Motorsports and it came out the next day fully done.

["Why would a young man who loves working on cars and restoring cars and who is a great mechanic take his beloved car to a shop to fully restore it?"]

Rap, you used the word "fully restored". That is speculation on your part. You don't know how much work Pacific Motorsports did on Jeremy's car. It could have been one day for a couple of hours out of months worth of work that Jeremy did himself.

Shadow, shame on your sarcasm. It's a hobby. What's wrong with Jeremy having a hobby?

Brandon said...


ROFL! Very true Shadow! :)

Rap541 said...

Lynn - and you're also jumping to conclusions, don't you think?

Got any proof he spent a year working on the car?

I recall one scene where Jeremy was fiddling with it, and needed his dad to help him. (And I am no car expert, but a good friend who is told me Jeremy needed help with something basic, not something highly unusual.

My personal belief - and I am not shocked it went over your head - is that the only reason people find it amusing that Jeremy took his car to the shop is *because of fans like you insisting he is a wonderful mechanic with literally NO evidence to back it up*.

I think - based on what we have seen on the show, that Jeremy probably has an idea of how to handle basic stuff, but has neither the drive or the skill to restore his car. Thats, dare I say it, pretty normal for someone of his background.

The only reason he's being mocked for pretty normal skill is because fans like yourself are holding him up as Jer The Wonder Mechanic RESPECT HIM!

You've put him on a pedestal.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I am still waiting for Jeremy to give a thesis on medevil castles and Scottish history. Since he's always been researching it.

Anonymous said...

"Shadow, shame on your sarcasm. It's a hobby. What's wrong with Jeremy having a hobby? "

as long as you're acknowledging that his hobby is spending money, and not restoring cars.

NJC said...

Well said Rap! You're so right.

For the most part I like Jeremy. He seems like a nice normal kid, more respectful and supportive of his parents than average. But when some people insist on elevating him to messiah status it's hard to resist pointing out some negatives. (especially if it's funny :-) )

Em said...

Wow, NJC, I'm surprised to hear you say that.

I'll admit I like Jeremy based on looks only. I wanted to like him as a person, but I can't. My gut instincts keep telling me that his "nice, respectful, supportive" portrayal on the show is an act for the camera because Jer knows how to bat his eyelashes and knows what people like to hear. Or that it's part of the storyline cheat sheets.

In "real life" when he's out of his tv character, I don't think he's "nice" at all. I've heard and seen too many stories that make that impossible to believe.

I think his support of his family is either insincere (his tear-jerking speeches about how Matt inspires him to live each day!) or is done because he gets so many cool things out of "supporting his family". I might support my family if I got to do every fun activity I ever dreamed of while vacationing in the BVI's (and get to bring my friends).

AussieMum said...

I'd hate to be Jeremy. Being put on such a high pedestal is very nerve racking, because the only way off is DOWN. Ya know the 'tall poppy syndrome'.

Rap541-I think your words fall on deaf ears unfortunately, but I love reading your posts.

Shadow said...

Anyone who wants to live in RoloffLand, where Matt is always right and Jeremy is superman is welcome to do so, of course, but just for anyone who might be stopping by this blog, let's all note the critical phrase in the tweet - restored by Pacific Motorsports - NOT "that Pacific Motorsports helped Jeremy restore."


I mean, you can't fault someone for enjoying a hobby, can you?

Greg said...

NJC and Rap (and even Rap! Yes I include you in going easy on Jeremy, I know some will be throwing things at me), I think you're going easy on Jeremy. I see what you're saying, but I don't think it's accurate to put it all on Jeremy's fans and not on Jeremy and the Roloffs.

Jeremy himself, Matt and Amy (I think Amy's ego boosting re: Jeremy is very underestimated) are the ones who have hyped Jeremy.

Jeremy and Matt are the people who have went on and on about how great Jeremy is with his hands. Fans just believe them. You're going way too light on them if you're saying it's not about Jeremy, it's only about his fans.

It's Jeremy and Matt who have said that Jeremy isn't good in a classroom but he can fix anything you put in front of him and he's so brilliant with machines, etc.

That's the Roloffs and Jeremy bragging about Jeremy. And it's Jeremy that says his BMW was earned entirely lawn mowing money. Like Dusty said, I can see where Jeremy was going with that. It's the same thing Matt does.

They don't like the implication that they don't earn things themselves, that the things they enjoy are all because TLC came around to pay them to act on camera. No, that bothers them. They want to be able to say they earned it through their own hard work and I think they know that the majority of the public don't think that vacationing in the BVIs and around Europe while following the story line cheat sheet is "blood, sweat and tears, hard work".

That's why Matt re-invents history and tries his best to make it sound like the Roloffs were almost as wealthy as they are now long before TLC came around which obviously wasn't true...they couldn't afford braces for Zach, they almost lost the farm, etc. But Matt wants to be respected and he doesn't want people believing he "provided" for his family only by selling them to TLC to follow story line cheat sheets.

Jeremy doesn't want to be thought of as a spoiled rich boy who accumulated his classic cars by sleeping on the couch, going to school dances and vacationing on beaches for TLC. You know that must be important for him to insist on the lawn mowing story. IMO, the real reason for that ridiculous excuse from Jeremy was because he doesn't want to feel like he owes anything to fans for supporting the show. That was one of people's arguements for Jeremy being ungrateful and rude to them. He's driving around in his precious BMW, can't he spare a few minutes ever? Jeremy's way of justifying it and responding is to say he earned his BMW on his own hard work, mowing lawns before the show.

The point on that is Jeremy is obviously following in Matt's footsteps of twisting the truth to make himself look good. Even if he didn't spend a fortune on the initial purchase of the BMW, it was restored not by Jeremy's own home grown creative mechanical skills, but because he's a spoiled rich kid on a reality show, he either paid a ton of money to Pacific Motor Sports to restore it or they did as a comp because he's a spoiled rich kid on a reality tv show and they got suckered into thinking the publicity will be worth it. I wonder if the company that restored Matt's yellow VW thinks they get a fair return for all the work they did - hey why didn't Jeremy the mechanical genius do that one too! Either way, Jeremy is driving around in his BMW because of the TLC show and that's something that Jeremy tries to deny to himself and to fans.

You're cutting Jeremy major slack if you make this only about Jeremy's fan club. You might have something going if Jeremy had been all "I'm just average when it comes to fixing cars", but that's not the case. People think Jeremy is a mechanical genius because Jeremy honks his own horn about how skilled he is and Matt yells it from the mountain tops "That's my boy! So talented!"

Diane said...

Shadow, I couldn't agree more with you. Read the tweet from Pacific Motor Sports.

"Chris helps Jeremy Roloff of Little People Big World with his 2002 RESTORED BY PACIFIC MOTORSPORTS LAST YEAR"

Maybe the gas cap came off and Jeremy took it back to them to help him put it back on! But the wording is important. "Restored By Pacific Motorsports".

Em, ITA. I haven't seen or heard of Jeremy do anything that I'd describe as "nice" that wasn't playing for the cameras. I don't think Jeremy is "a nice person" at all.

Shadow said...

Y'know, I was thinking about that lawn mowing. It is entirely possible Jeremy did earn the money for the car that way. Because I remember in some of the early episodes, Matt was paying Jeremy and his friends like $100 each to plant pumpkin seeds for an hour. So I bet mowing the lawn was probably good for at least $200-300. And since "mowing the lawn" at Roloff Farms equals "driving a riding lawnmower" for a couple of hours, something most 10-12-year-olds enjoy (especially those who hate reading and homework), I'm betting Jer probably mowed that lawn 2-3 times a week. That could add up pretty quickly. LOL...

I would actually like to see Jer do something on his own, and prove us wrong. I hate seeing a child wasting any potential he might have. But I think Jer is paralyzed by fear that if he actually tries to do something on his own, he will fail. No shame in that; it's how we learn, but Matt and the show have set him up as this genius who can do anything, and he hasn't helped his own case by being a braggart and believing his own press. I think he's terrified of public humiliation. What he doesn't get is that we ALREADY know the emperor has no clothes. Sad, really.

Craw said...

That's totally ridiculous. Jeremy is not terrified. If he was afraid of public humiliation he wouldn't have signed on to do the show for the last 2 years. Someone who is terrified of public humiliation doesn't sign on to do a reality show.

Jeremy's not a braggart. He tells the truth. His bashers just call it bragging. Just because he got help with his BMW doesn't mean he doesn't know anything about cars.

AussieMum said...

Jeremy keeps signing on for the show because the love of free money is stronger than his fear of public humiliation.

Jen said...

Thanks for posting this. Jeremy certainly gained a few pounds in the last year or so. Not only in this picture but others as well. He's still cute but he's rounding out.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy might be full sized but he sure is a mental midget.

Dana said...

Jen, you and others are being so ridiculous. Jeremy is not fat. He looks like he is "rounding out" in this picture because of his shirt, the way he is leaning and the angle of the picture. This picture was before the tabloid pictures of Jeremy shirtless in Hawaii. I believe the internet trolls on TMZ were calling Jeremy "Too skinny" in response to TMZ's article with the pictures of Jeremy. Bashers call him too skinny, bashers call him fat.

Anonymous said...

not skinny, not fat.just overrated

Melinda said...

Well said Rap!

not skinny, not fat. just overrated.

That's sums it up perfectly, too!!

If this is the same shop that fixed the VW, then they are located in Bakersfield, CA. That's a long way to go for a "little help"!

Melinda said...

Oops! Just realized I was wrong. Not the same company that did the VW.

carnut said...

Who cares if he is after getting fat. The point of this is that he hasn't a clue about cars. I have worked on cars and I can tell you that he didn't put a hand near the car while the engine was being removed. I have said this on imdb forum before this was written. He was too clean and had too much drama about removing the last bolt. Viewers that don't work on cars will fall for this nonsense. Remember when he was trying to remove the wheel of the carrero he couldn't loosen the wheel nut. Then Matt magically loosened it with a ratchet and an axe, people that do this every day can plainly see that the nut was loosened before Matt went near it. Indeed Jeremy doesn't have a clue about using a wheel brace. They try to make themselves look smart but end up looking stupid most of the time.