Monday, May 10, 2010

Matt and Amy Roloff on the Rachael Ray Show Monday May 10th

Matt and Amy Roloff were on the Rachael Ray show today. The episode was taped last week.

In case you're wondering why the Roloffs are often on the Rachael Ray show; it's because the Senior Supervising Producer on Rachael Ray is also one of the Executive producers on Little People, Big World.

Joseph Freed actually goes back to the beginning with the Roloffs -- he was a Co-Executive producer on the original documentary "Little People, Big Dreams".

Here is recap of the Roloff segment.

Rachael introduces Matt and Amy with a clip by saying LPBW is in its 5th season and things have never been more interesting around the Roloff home.

(Note for anyone that doesn't like spoilers -- and if you don't, you probably wouldn't be reading this site! :-) If you want to see what really happened in Ireland (it sounds like they will be playing with the order of how things unfolded in the game), we had it months ago :-) Check out this story:

Anyhow, back to Rachael Ray!

They show a clip of the episode that will air tonight. It's at the end of the Gold Medal soccer/football game in Ireland between the Statesmen and the UK team. The UK team is ecstatic celebrating. Zach says they scored, the whole crowd went nuts. Amy talks to the Statesmen: "It was a good game, there was some bad calls (witnesses reported that Amy lost her temper yelling at the ref during the game), but you guys did great. Matt says he was very proud of the team; overall it was a great success, but the dose of humility was actually good for Zach and an important lesson. The clip ends.

Rachael says the 200th episode will air tonight. That's a huge milestone in the television industry, especially for a reality show. She asked them how they think they made it that far and how they've been able to keep the show fresh and relevant? Amy said it's just life; kids growing up, everything is an adventure. Matt said they scratch their heads how they've kept going for so long and it's funny to them that the show has lasted as long as it has.

Rachael says there is so much bad press about families who do reality shows, but the Roloffs stay fresh, inspiring and relevant to everyone's family. Matt interjects that he keeps building dog houses out on the farm, Amy adds that "and I just keep traveling.'

And for those wondering, Matt and Amy looked like a perfectly happily married couple. Lots of hugging and touching and playful smiles back and forth.

Rachael then tells a story about a viewer through a video montage -- a mother and daughter, who wrote in about how LPBW has been an inspiration. The daughter was born with a condition where her left arm stopped growing at the elbow, so she has no left hand. She still cooks and swims and plays basketball. The mother and daughter say LPBW is their favorite show and inspired them because the Roloffs can do anything other people can do; they don't let anyone say they can't do something because they have dwarfism and she feels the same way. She still lives an active life despite her disability. Matt and Amy said it's very humbling and inspiring to them. Matt said when they began, they were only going to do a few shows, but stories like that started to dribble in and that inspired them to keep going. Amy said it's a "Pay It Forward" type thing. Stories like that inspire her. As the segment ends, Amy and Matt walk over to the audience to talk to them.

So that was about it. It was mostly the clip from the LPBW episode airing later tonight, a little talk about making to 200 episodes and the viewer's story.


Laura said...

"Rachael says there is so much bad press about families who do reality shows, but the Roloffs stay fresh, inspiring and relevant to everyone's family

Uh....speak for yourself Rachael! Roloffs stopped being relevant to my family when they turned their house into a mansion, got the 11th car, don't wait in lines and the kids don't work.

Justin said...

Wow, with all the sucking up Rachael was doing it wasn't hard to tell that it's the same producer.

Greg said...

I don't like how they pretend like the real reason why they do the show is to "inspire" people. They do the show for the money obviously. If they didn't have the money to build the mansion, travel everywhere and have cars everywhere they wouldn't be doing the show just to "inspire" people.

David said...

Seriously, the original message of the show IS inspirational.

The Roloffs themselves are not inspirational. I hope their lies and hypocrisy are not inspiring people.

Speaking lies and maintaining a phony image (the drinking, language and behavior of "the boys") is not something anyone should want to emulate or respect.

Shadow said...

...the dose of humility was actually good for Zach...

WTF? Does Matt hate Zach THAT much? How sad for Zach to know that his dad will never be on his side, unconditionally loving him and cheering him on in his endeavors as a parent should. Perhaps that explains a great deal about Zach's attitude toward Matt.

I suspect that comment came from Matt's narcissism and jealousy. Everything HAS to be about Matt, and when the focus shifts elsewhere, Matt will say or do anything to get back to being the center of attention, even at the cost of his kids.

Sad, sad, sad...

Em said...

I agree Expressed. I would have rather seen Jeremy get trashed at the parties. :)

mythoughtis said...

I agree Shadow.

And, yes, I think Matt really does hate Zach that much... because Zach is an LP. And, we all know that Matt lives thru his average size first-born, Zach's twin, Jeremy.
And, what Matt doesn't get, is that Zach is smart enough to know that.