Thursday, May 20, 2010

Matt Roloff interview about fame

Matt did another interview about how the family deals with their fame.

He tells a story about how girls walked by their table during dinner in Hawaii and droped a piece of paper in Jeremy's lap, telling Jeremy he dropped it. It was their phone number.

He says they don't like people looking in the eye when out in public because they might need to talk to a whole bunch of people.

Matt Roloff also states that he realized in Hawaii how polite and well adjusted the Roloffs are.

‘We were in Hawaii and a couple of ladies walked by Jeremy during dinner and shoved a piece of paper in his hand and said he dropped this and of course it was their phone number. That’s the kind of stuff that may not happen if they weren’t on TV but it’s cute to see,’ reports Roloff, smiling as he speaks of one of his 20-year-old twin sons. As viewers know, Jeremy is 6′1′ and Zachary is 4′4′.

He goes on, ‘We get recognized quite a bit. People are sometimes very respectful and give us space and other times they’re overzealous. You do start to build a wall because you get bombarded at times. I grew up where you smile at everybody but you can’t make as much eye contact because suddenly you’re talking to all kinds of people.

‘It definitely does take some getting used to. I don’t know how we adapted to it but we sort of have. We live life and they do their jobs. Sometimes we do have to say, ‘Hey, we need to take a break for a couple of days.’ When every move you make is being watched and judged, you may not discipline the kids like you should because you don’t know what people are going to say or think. Other times you forget the cameras are there and go about your business as you normally would.’

How have the kids managed? ‘My kids have dealt with it amazingly well,’ he replies. He adds admiringly, ‘It’s hard enough to grow up as a teenager but to also have the world scrutinizing your every move is really tricky business.’

Roloff tells us the family was happy to take a trip recently and ‘We got reacquainted. I realized how polite they are and how they have their heads on straight. We were very selective in the beginning about how much we would let them do as far as interviews or missing school for something. We tried to keep them as normal as possible and they all still have the same friends,’ he says, referring to his brood that also includes son Jake, 13, and daughter Molly, 16, both of whom are of average height.

‘We continue to evolve as a family,’ he notes. ‘Relationships change like with any family, but they happen to be filming it. Our society is so fixated on sitcoms where nobody ages or changes, but that’s just not reality. You’re getting what really happens in life with people. You learn, you grow, you make mistakes — that’s just real life.’

And the realness of the Roloffs continues to be among the attributes that attract viewers to their ‘Little People, Big World’ the most. — Emily-Fortune Feimster

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Brandon said...

It makes me laugh when Matt makes comment about himself or his own family and them being polite or that they don't have egos or big heads.

Who is the judge of themselves? It's not up for an individual person to decide if THEY think THEY are polite. It's up for other people. And no celebrity is able to be a fair judge on whether they've let fame go to their heads.

That was such a Matt Roloff thing to say. I realize that me and my kids are so polite! And grounded! As though he's the authority on the subject.

Carol said...

What I dislike about the Roloffs attitude is how Matt and Amy make everything about them. They always speak as though they are the the victims, having their privacy infringed upon. It's all about how other people treat them, not vice versa.

The Roloffs are the ones who are throwing themselves on television. If it wasn't for those people that recognize them in public they wouldn't be living in their mansion, driving all those cars they have and Jeremy might have needed to do something with his life other than walk around shirtless looking pretty.

David said...

I couldn't agree more, Carol. The Roloffs have never put any personal responsibility on themselves.

Jocelynn said...

"We were very selective in the beginning about how much we would let them do as far as interviews or missing school for something."

Well, Jeremy and Zach are 20 and they still don't feel they're mature enough to do interviews on their own.

To me, that speaks louder than Matt's words about how they "have their heads on straight".

Carol, I also agree. I would like it if the Roloffs focused more on how they treat people instead of it always being about how they're treated.

Greg said...

Oh yeah, really unaffected kids they have.

Their 20 years olds have no jobs (except Zach's soccer job with little kids), live at home, spend most of their days playing with their friends and Matt, Amy and TLC are terrified of letting them speak publicly. When Jeremy screws up on his own, he hides behind the show and his daddy.

Yep! That's a perfectly well developed 20 year old man.

Em said...

I find it sadly ironic that the people who respect the Roloffs the most and are the most responsible for their lifestyle that they love (by them signing on for more than 6 seasons probably) are the people the Roloffs treat with the most disdain.

Someone who is a loyal fan and watches every week, the Roloffs don't even want to look them in the eye.

But if someone doesn't give a crap about the Roloffs and have never watched their show because they couldn't care less about them, that person has a better shot of the Roloffs being decent to them?

It's sad when you think about it.

And I totally agree with the other comments. Matt is no position to be the judge and jury about whether his family is polite and well adjusted.

Timothy said...

Matt and Amy are both dillusional when it comes to Jeremy and Zach.

At least Molly gives some hints that her praise is warranted.

mythoughtis said...

I'm confused. The twins are going to community college, living at home, Molly and Jacob are living at home, Matt and Amy are living at home. But they got 'reaquainted' on the trip they took recently. Seems like they see each other every day...and have been on a zillion trips lately. And, since, Matt usually skips out on their trips - because it's not an efficient use of his time.... how would they get 'reaquainted' on a trip, anyway?

Expressed said...

Mythoughtis, I think Matt is talking about the Hawaii trip they took for March break. It was just the family, no cameras or crew and not for the show. I think he means the crew and the show are usually around or that they're busy at home....but then again, they stopped filming basically in November so yeah, it doesn't make complete sense.

Well, they do have a HUGE hous, er, mansion now. Maybe they get lost in there and don't see each other for weeks! lol.

William said...

It's not hard to figure out why the Roloff kids are known for being rude to people they haven't known since kindergarten...

BeckyM said...

When we were in highschool, my brother and I worked at a grocery store. He had girls giving him their phone numbers all the time. That is not anything new. *rolls eyes*

Brandon said...

Well said Becky. It might have even happened to me a time or two ;)

Honestly, I think Matt told that story for a couple of reasons. One, Matt loves to tell stories where the Roloffs are the poor victims of fame, being harassed by the rude public and all they want to do is live their lives for LP awareness and not to be famous or rich (minus the mansion, the 13 luxury cars, the personal chef and driver, the lavish vacations, the charging $300 for 30 minutes charge, the frequent talk show and celebrity event appearances).

Two, Matt is Macho Dad. He has always wanted to brag about his sons being King Stud. He was disappointed when Zach wasn't at the LP cons. Hell, Matt was bragging about Jacob being a ladies man at 9 years old which was a wee bit ridiculous. You bet Matt is going to yell from the roof tops about all the girls wanting his Golden Boy stud Jeremy.

Matt would much rather have people think of Jeremy as the guy who girls are throwing themselves at rather than talk about his earring or his shirtless pictures groping with Mueller.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have never read a board with so many bitter judgemental people. So, the Roloff sons are horrible people because they didn't get thrown out and are forced to scrape by while in school. So they are a bit a lazy, point taken, but they are not out doing or selling drugs, using their fame to sneak into night clubs and get smashed. They don't run around and get into fights or try to be all macho like "The Situation". So Jeremy is snubbed for not taking the number, when he could have used his fame to take advantage of the girls, which he could have done? Not all families live the same. Everyone has a different type of lifestyle. If the Roloffs are OK, with their sons living at home for now, who are we to judge? My family was the same way. My two brothers are successful with great careers and families of their own now. Not being thrown out to make it on their own before college did not hurt them. And as far as the Roloffs sons occasional mistakes and getting trouble, well they are not perfect, what do you people expect?

I also feel Matt's interview was, well, honest. He said he sometimes does not look in the eyes because he needs a break, and everyone here says, well don't be on TV. You have never had a day where you need some space? If you believe what you say here then I am guessing you have never had a day at work where you have ever complained, rolled your eyes, or need space. I mean you chose your careers as well right? Also, you say they only talk about themselves and their families? What married people with kids don't do that?

I really like how committed tat family is to each other.When it gets tough, they always come together. How many can say that about their own family? So, Matt is not as tactful as he could be. Some people just lack in that department.

As far as them being selfish, they do so many charities, they could put some churchs to shame. I am sure some of you in your bitterness will say they only do it for the publicity. Well, they don't HAVE to. Matt did not HAVE to go to Iraq for those kids. Amy does not HAVE to run around working with the amount of charities she does. And Congratulations to them for using their show to teach us about the different charities they are working with. You want to talk about a horrible family that is all about themselves and playing the victim card, look at Kate and Jon. They have never used their show for for anything other than playing the victim card. They also do nothing for others, or teach their children about charities. Shown by their kids, at least older daughters whining spoiled demanding behaviour.

I like the Roloffs, They are not perfect people, but they are not hurting anyone either. I understand where he is coming from when saying people can be overzealous. Everyone has personal rights and limits. To say people on TV are not allowed space is not our right. I am fine with someone not wanting to have a conversation with me just because I watch them on TV.