Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matt Roloffs picture of Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jake after playing soccer Saturday night

Just in case anyone is still not visiting Matt's Fan Facebook page or twitter (he posts from Facebook and links to twitter -- Good choice!) or for any non-social media types out there, Matt posted a new picture Saturday night. He said all 4 of the Roloff kids played on the same soccer team tonight.

As mentioned previously, if you're interested in the Roloffs and you aren't following Matt on those accounts or at least visiting his page sometimes, you probably will want to start doing that.

Matt has really stepped it up and is pretty much giving fans exactly what they wanted in terms of his interaction with fans on the internet. Good job, Matt! :-) (although as mentioned, it's better to follow the Facebook page, Matt is actually replying to people's comments there).


Expressed said...

Cool! Way to go Matt!

Sheri said...

This shows what a good family they are. Spending time together on a Saturday night. How many other families with 19 year old sons can say the same thing?

Matt and Amy raised their kids right.

I don't want to get too off topic, but the Roloffs are proof that Christian parents should send their kids to private school. Avoid the public school system. Kids will turn out better if they are raised in a Christian environment. You will raise boys who will be spending Saturday nights playing sports with the family instead of smoking drugs or drinking.

Thank you Roloffs for showing America the right way.

Brandon said...

I'm so not shocked that Mueller plays on Jeremy's team. Is there ever a "real" picture of Jeremy when Mueller isn't standing beside him?

Greg said...

Not to be too much of a jerk because I agree it's nice of Matt to be doing this.

I don't really care if he plays or not but rules are rules, are they not? Not for the Roloffs apparently?

All four kids played on the same team?

Since when did Jake turn 16? A quick browse of the rules for coed soccer very clearly stipulates that "YOU MUST BE 16 YEARS OLD OR OLDER TO PLAY IN ADULT LEAGUES". All the other coed leagues are under a certain age that would exclude Jeremy and Zach from playing.

Like I said, I don't care if Jake plays, but if another family had a kid Jake's, I'm assuming he would not be allowed to play because he is not a Roloff.

Rules obviously don't apply to the Roloffs as has become clear over the years.

Dana said...

Where are all the people that said Matt doesn't care about his fans? He sure proved his doubters wrong.

Thank you Matt for caring about your fans.

Carol said...

Cute picture. I agree, this is nice of Matt.

I can't resist being snarky :)

When the show eventually goes off the air, the freebies stop and the demand for Roloff merchandise halts, I fear that friends of the Roloffs kids will be naked.

Between Roloff farm sweaters and Rockstar shirts and hats, do they have other clothes? Whenever I see pictures of Roloffs friends it seems they either have Roloff stuff or freebies from companies on the show.

Ashley said...

Carol, I gotta say I like the Roloff Farm sweaters and hoodies! :) I would wear it, friend or not :)

David said...

Carol and Ashley,
You must have discovered Matt's true motivation for posting that picture. The friend representing the Roloff clothing line. I'm surprised Matt didn't link the Roloff store. >)

Expressed said...

David, here you go!


It's $25.00. That's a good price for a hooded sweatshirt.

By the way, I noticed when I went to find the store, the Tropical Palapas company advertises there. That was quick. lol.

Anonymous said...

The 3 vodka consumers standing behind Zach and Jake in that picture.

Rap541 said...

"Where are all the people that said Matt doesn't care about his fans? He sure proved his doubters wrong.

It took how many years, and he origanally stated not that he was contractually obligated not to, but that he simply a)didnt have time as he was too busy and b) was too physically impaired to type.

Personally I have never asked for more Matt interaction, but lets not rewrite history, Dana. For years Matt has made excuses on how the family doesn't twitter and are too busy enjoying Jesus's nature to sit down at a computer. Now suddenly...after not only close to a year of people complaining about it here and at his own website... suddenly it's "contractual obligations".

Greg - to throw Matt a bone, a lot of these gyms have family nights and stuff where everyone can play together.

Greg said...

Rap - No. Every day of the week is a different league. Saturdays are the Co-ed league. That's why Molly and her friends were playing on the same team as Jeremy, Zach and friends. It's the Co-ed league.

The rules for the Co-ed league states that you must be 16 years old to play. There are other Co-ed leagues, but they are for younger ages, under 15, under 13, etc.

If the Roloffs didn't get granted special privileges, Jacob would not be allowed to play on the same team as his over 16 year old siblings and their friends.

Rap541 said...

Well, never let it be said that I can't be fair :)

Giles said...

I think it's great what Matt is doing, but the ungrateful kids bother me.

Molly commented on Matt's picture. But no one can send her a message and she does not interact or speak to any of the fans whose support sent her to Europe or have driving around in a classic car at 16 years old.

She's obviously using the computer fooling around like all people. Why can't she interact with fans? She's right there!

She has a job to work in the "Roloff store" and count the money fans give them, err....pack up the merchandise. Matt must pay her well to do that. But she can't ever thank the fans, even when she is bumming around the internet and they are right there? The Roloff teenagers don't talk to fans, they just take their money.

The same thing goes for Jeremy and Zach too of course. Even worse for them since they are practically 20.

I don't give Molly a break because she's under 18. She is 16, going on 17 later this year. She is not mentally challenged who can be taken advantage of. She's a smart, mature 16 year old young person.

There are plenty of 16 year old girls who are actually working jobs where they (gasp!!!!) are out in the public interacting one on one with strangers. But it's too dangerous for Molly to interact with the fans of the Roloffs who buy the Roloff merchandise? That's a cop out.

This is a good example of how the Roloff kids are allowed to be so self-centered and spoiled and frankly - disrespectful.

That must have been the result of the "social media" discussion Matt said he was having with the spoiled kids in Hawaii. 'Fine dad, you do it if you want, but we won't because we're little babies that need our play time 24/7! Stupid fans, I'm not wasting my time on them. Let's order room service, someone wax my vintage automobile and next week summer is Australia, right?'

Such spoiled kids. Jacob is the only one with an excuse.

Dana said...

Rap, the bottom line is simple.

People like yourself said Matt did not care about his loyal fans.

If Matt didn't care about the fans, he wouldn't be taking time out of his very busy life to share with his fans on his Facebook page.

Dana said...

Giles, you make some points about Molly, but I think we should just be grateful for what Matt is doing. Don't go getting negative about it.

Also, in defense of Jeremy, even SpiritsWander confirms that Jeremy is the most in-demand Roloff kid. He is also the one we all know is the most out-doorsy of all the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

Dana - the bottom line is simple.

Matt lied when he said he was too busy. He was, per his current statements, contractually obligated not to interact. That means his being too busy/too tired/too much difficulty typing - all excuses used - were not true. You can't have it both ways. One of the excuses used is not true.

I personally have never advocated Matt be on line, and I think its a rather cynical ploy (and not especially wise) on Matt's part... but if it's about Matt caring about you so much... why did it take five years for him to decide to give you that personal interaction he wanted to give so much?

And why didn't he just say it was a contractual issue instead of lying to the fans he loves so much?

Greg said...

Rap,I'm not upset about Jake playing, but pointing out that it is an example of the Roloffs receiving special treatment. If they allow Jake Roloff to play in an adult league, they should get rid of the rule to make it fair for other younger siblings who want to be cool and play with their older sibs.

About the other subject, I can be fair too :)

I think Matt is being smart about it. He's not getting into the "I love Jane so much more than the rest of you. Sally and Jane are so smart. Bill really does suck. I laugh at Bill. You all should laugh at Bill. If I like you more than the others, maybe I'll give you my personal phone number."

That kind of stuff is what got Matt in trouble on TLC and on his own board years ago. That kind of stuff creates a lot of bad feelings that eventually comes back to bite the Roloffs.

Matt isn't picking favorites on his Facebook page and he's not being, well, a jerk.

He's being gracious. Plugs for local (freebies) businesses aside, he has been very good putting some effort into it

Rap541 said...

Giles - I know and I hear you on the fairness aspect but considering the reality of um... staging, it occurs to me that this soccer game was filmed and its certainly more poignant for Matt or Amy to voice over how the kids are all growing up and this might be the last time they all play together, if Jake is playing. And Molly.

I mean really, since when does Molly play soccer? I don't know that I would call it "special privedge for Jake" so much as a staged event.

As for Matt's facebook.... truthfully Giles, the reason I am not a celeb watcher on facebook or on line in generaly is because the sites all seem the same. I strongly suspect that Matt isn't picking favorites and fights on facevbook because someone at TLC wised him up on how bad publicity isn't always better than nothing. He's being gracious because he'd be pretty stupid to be nasty (which is what I think got the visits to the TLC board stopped) and the facebook is basically a series of plugs...

Oh and before anyone accuses me of being ungrateful, I direct you to the various posts I have made over the last year stating I had no interest in Matt or the Roloffs interacting on line. I don't have to be grateful for something I specificully said I didn't want or need.

Shadow said...

Interesting that Matt becomes all Chatty Cathy just as the ratings start to drop through the floor...

Expressed said...

But Rap, to be fair, a lot of people including me like what is Matt is doing. I think that's what he should have been doing all along, but he's doing it now. I'll let bygones be bygones.

I like seeing the pictures Matt is posting. The Roloffs never let us see pictures like the soccer picture before. Go Matt! :)

I like knowing that the Roloffs are alive. lol. We don't see things from the show until 9 to 12 months after the fact. I like knowing what they're doing now.

Rap541 said...

Expressed - thats fine. I'm merely reiterating a point I made previously.

I also think Shadow does make a point.

Rap541 said...

And for the record, I don't understand why Molly (younger, less mature) should be taken to task for not interacting with random anonymous fans while Jeremy and Zach (grown men, world travelers) aren't.

Point - if Matt can find time, then Jeremy and Zach can haul themselves from nature occasionally, right? I mean, they don't have jobs. They are adults. TLC isn't contractually against Roloffs interacting on line. When are these two grown men going to take on adult obligation. They were children at 18, and children at 19. Are they going to be children at 20 while their geniunely underage sister is chided publically for not taking on public obligations her childish adult brothers can't bear?

Dana said...

Rap, all I am saying is that Jeremy and Molly and even Jeremy and Zach are different people with different interests.

There are more demands on Jeremy. He also has said he doesn't like computers. Zach described himself as being a computer nerd.

Because of that, their personalities and their demands, Jeremy has a more solid position when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Christine said...

"Interesting that Matt becomes all Chatty Cathy just as the ratings start to drop through the floor..."

According to what was posted, LA Ink got nearly 1 million viewers more than LPBW.

Maybe with ratings dropping they'll decide that fans aren't all bad.

Matt should hit the "kids" upside the head and tell ask them how much they really love their rich lifestyle with no responsibility?

Maybe they'll think it's worth doing something that isn't their first choice for once in their spoiled lives.

Carol said...

Rap, I understand your point, in theory, but Molly is NOT less mature than Jeremy or Zachary :)

Jocelynn said...

I think the other possibility that people aren't talking about when it comes to Matt being the only one handling the fans and so forth, is that after the Jeremy scandal and to a lesser degree, some of Zach's rude comments before that, do they - Matt and Amy, the producers, the head honchos at TLC, really trust Jeremy and Zach not act in a way that will get them in more hot water?

Jeremy already brought on a lot of bad publicity when they let him loose on the internet. They probably don't want to give him that chance again.

Rap541 said...

"There are more demands on Jeremy."

Those demands are?

And you are upset that Molly isn't interacting, even though she is underage, in high school, and franky a pretty girl who maybe shouldn't be encouraged to chit chat with random strangers, but you are giving her adult brother who does not have even a part time job a free pass on this obligation?

Molly is bad. Jeremy *needs to be in nature*. Bless Jeremy, his time must ALWAYS be his own as he is just boy loving nature and god! He's a boy! He's a twenty year old boy, let no one take him from his boyish play!

And Molly is a woman at 16 and needs to step up and work. While her older boybrother plays. Because he's a child and doesn't like computers and if he doesn't like something, he shouldn't ever have to do it.

Molly on the other hand needs to put aside her likes and dislikes and work like the adult she is.

Rap541 said...

Carol - I take your point as well :)

But I'm tired of the "Jeremy is a boy, and shouldn't be pressed to do anything he doesn't like as it will stifle his boyish joy" arguement when it's coupled with "Molly needs to grow up and work to support the family, spoiled little bitch."

Jeremy is a 20 year old with no job. Molly is 16. If Molly is being taken to task for not showing her maturity, why isn't Jer-Bear?

Dana said...

"Those demands are?"

More requests. You can't say it's me making excuses for Jeremy. Spiritswander has said that Jeremy is the Roloff who is most in demand.

"And you are upset that Molly isn't interacting, even though she is underage, in high school, and franky a pretty girl who maybe shouldn't be encouraged to chit chat with random strangers"

Come on. Giles made that point. There are many girls Molly's age who work jobs where they deal with strangers out in the public. It's ridiculous to suggest Molly is in danger if she had said some words on Matt's fan page to the fans.

Whether you like it or not, it is true about Jeremy. He is the Roloff kid who uses computers the least, he is the most social in person and the most outdoorsy of the kids.

Rap541 said...

So again, Molly is bad and Jeremy must be excused?

Thats your point? Molly should be online as she is an adult and its time she was put to work as an adult, and Jeremy is far too busy being a *boychild* to spend what... one hour a week on a computer.

Molly is an adult. Jeremy is an immature child who must always have his way. Gotcha. Glad he's not my 20 year old spoiled brat who has to given his way.

I mean, you do realize you're describing him as a spoiled brat? He's 20... his 16 year sister needs to be working but he's needing to play in the woods and must never do anything he doesn't love.

Poor widdle Jer-Bear, he's just a 20 year old baby.... I wonder if using a computer would mak wddle Jer-Bear cry "Daddy no! Want outdoor time!"?

Rap541 said...

And for the record,I don't see anyone demanding widdle Jer-bear sit at the compute he hates so 24-7. Maybe he should do as much as Molly, his adult sister, is being demanded to do?

Rap541 said...

"There are many girls Molly's age who work jobs where they deal with strangers out in the public."

There are many young men Jeremy's age who work full time and support growing families. His life isn't demanding by any standard and if Molly should be out working at her age, I fail to see Jeremy's excuse of "demands"

Joshoh said...

You guys are seriously nitpicking a stupid soccer game?! You find something negative in everything don't you? Must really stink for whoever lives with you people. God bless them. Matt posts you complain, matt doesn't post you complain. Give it up.

Brandon said...

"Poor widdle Jer-Bear, he's just a 20 year old baby.... I wonder if using a computer would mak wddle Jer-Bear cry "Daddy no! Want outdoor time!"?"

Oh Rap, I'm literally cracking up. LOL!

You should be a skit writer for SNL or something.

Timothy said...

Rap is very entertaining. Brandon, forget SNL. Get Rap to LPBW as one of the script (sorry, "storyline" writers. Have them play out the above scene! It would be a hit show guaranteed!

Kapper said...

Sheri, are you for real??? Do you truly believe that kids who are raised in a Christian environment "play sports with their family instead of smoking drugs or drinking"??? With all due respect, do you have any idea exactly how ignorant you sound? I'm sure that certain members of the Roloff offspring have imbibed a time or two, and I'm sure they have huffed and puffed a time or two as well. And OMG (every pun intended) they're CHRISTIAN!! You just sunk your own theory.
Oh, and by the way, even non-believers can be good people ....just so you know

Sheri said...

Rap said: "Jeremy is an immature child who must always have his way. Gotcha. Glad he's not my 20 year old spoiled brat who has to given his way."

I don't believe that for a second. I think that is the very reason why you spend your life trashing Matt and Jeremy Roloff.

You're all alone. You don't have a Jeremy in your life like Matt does. I think you're jealous that Matt has a son like Jeremy. That's why you spend so much time trying to tear them down.

Rap541 said...

Sheri hun - do you think Molly should correspinding with fans while Jeremy is allowed to play?

Come on now - Is molly bad for not corresponding with fan, while you applaud her 20 year old adult older brother for his need to be a baby boy?

I wonder Sheri - since you want to play the personal attack game - do you tell your own children to be like Jeremy? That you personally want them to goof off in high school and head to community college because they are lazy and you will applaud them for it? Do you personally drop any demands for responsibility from your own children if they want to "hike outdoors"?

Do you insist your children emulate Jeremy in all ways? Would you demand your 16 year old daughter interact with strangers as she is an adult while you deem your 20 year old son a boy who needs his playtime? Fess up Sheri.

Sheri said...


You have no proof of what you're accusing Jeremy and Zach of doing. They had a beer in a foreign country where they were of legal age. That is all you have proof of.

I don't care what left wing Liberals and atheists attempt to claim.

Christian people lead more productive and law abiding lives than non Christians. Kids who are raised in a Christian environment are more polite and less likely to be involved in all that mischief which has sunk society.

What I am saying was confirmed to me by people who work in fields where conventions are held. They always enjoy it when it is a Christian group because they know the people are always respectful and polite. They know they will control themselves.

Christian people have more morals than non Christian. It shows in their behavior.

If Jeremy wasn't a Christian raised in a private Christian school, things could be very different today. He's not violent. He's never been in any legal trouble. He isn't a father. He's not on drugs. He's not out getting drunk every night (no one ever has proof). He's a good Christian kid who loves God and his family the most.

A parent that doesn't send their child to a private Christian school is doing a disservice to their child as far as I'm concerned.

circa said...

"Kids who are raised in a Christian environment are more polite and less likely to be involved in all that mischief which has sunk society."

Jeremy saying his fans suck the unsuckable (which also means you, since your a fan. Ever think of that?) is being polite? and, all those rude myspace comments from him? that's polite?..... getting drunk and almost burning down the barn when they weren't legal to drink... that's not mischief?

David said...

I genuinely don't understand all the Jeremy love.

Matt, say what you will, has accomplished things in his life. He has overcome the odds and made himself successful.

What has Jeremy done? These are not insults, they are facts.

He is a 20 year old that lives at home.
He has never worked a job where Matt wasn't his boss or Matt hasn't created.

He's given special treatment/travel and a rich boy lifestyle.

What else does Jeremy have on his resume? He has offended many different groups and insulted his own fans.

There is nothing about Jeremy that I deem to be praise worthy.

Wow, he gets excited to go on free vacations. He likes having the freedom to do whatever he wants with play time. Wow! What an incredible man!

lpbw537 said...

"I genuinely don't understand all the Jeremy love."

What it comes down to is mostly looks, that might seem like such a shallow response but its true. Jeremy is VERY good looking, of course not everyone agrees but its certainly true. And that most definitely boosts up the ratings, it's one of the top reasons i watch the show as well as many other people.

Melissa said...

Matt posted a new one of them out for dinner. I think it's that Mad Greek place he's been talking about. They have the chef or the owner in the pic.

What is up with Jeremy and the overalls????

David said...

lpbw537, thank you. I do appreciate your honesty. I figured as much.

Pray for Jeremy when he begins to lose his good looks, and I don't think he has the type of look that will age well.

The scary thing for Jeremy is that will most likely start to happen around the same time as the fame starts to fade. He will need to deal with both.

Shadow said...

Melissa - Someone speculated that Jeremy only dresses the way we see him on the show for attention; that "off camera" he dresses like other 20-yr-olds. Unless this dinner shows up on an episode, I guess we can assume that his sartorial choices are exactly what we see on the show...

Kapper said...

I look at these pictures and realize that Matt has accomplished a lot in his life. Yes, it's true that TLC has helped tremendously, but still...
I wince when I see how atrophied his legs are; I only wish his wife could be more understanding and caring in that aspect. At least she has strong healthy legs and can walk without crutches

Heather said...

[["Someone speculated that Jeremy only dresses the way we see him on the show for attention; that "off camera" he dresses like other 20-yr-olds. Unless this dinner shows up on an episode, I guess we can assume that his sartorial choices are exactly what we see on the show..."]]

Hi Shadow, I was the person who said that. I can only go by what I saw. I saw Jeremy socializing around the hotel in April. The camera crew wasn't with him.

There was no fancy hat. No tight jeans. No bright yellow shirts. No pink shirts. No overalls. He was dressed like any other 19 year old and not one person approached him, at least not in the time that I saw him.

I saw him more than once. I was surprised that he was never dressed anything similar to how he dresses on the show.

Seeking attention was only my speculation on why the way he dresses when being filmed (or in pictures Matt is going to post on Internet fan pages?) was so different than how I saw him dress "in real life".

Shadow said...

Heather - thanks for the info. So, if true, I'm trying to figure out exactly what/who Jer is dressing for on camera? Is he trying out for one of those 80's kids' shows? Or maybe he hopes those five gay guys will come do a makeover on him? Seriously, does he think he's getting positive attention for his clothing choices, or is it just "Matt syndrome" - you know, ALL attention is GOOD attention, as long as it's all about me me me! LOL...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy always looks like he's trying too hard to get's not natural
Ok, we GET it Jeremy

Justin said...

It's so charming how Matt laughs at everybody. Anybody that doesn't suck up to him and say his kids are the greatest kids in the world, he laughs at.

I'd love for him to engage in a fair debate about it.

Nancy said...

Matt doesn't do those kids any favors by telling them they're super tremendous. They're already spoiled as it.

Austin said...

Yeah Justin I saw that comment by Matt. Yep, lots to be proud of. 20 year old sons that have never worked a job that he didn't get for them. Kids who selfish and rude. They insult their own fans that gave them this life style and they spew hate slurs.

But hey hey, only rich white Christians that have known them all their lives tell Matt that the kids are great. Ignore everything else.

Greg said...

The proof is in the pudding :)

Matt is so proud of his 20 year olds that he doesn't trust them to be able to speak on their own. The only talking they've ever done on their own was to one of Matt's own employees where Matt had full control.

When they do get off on their own, Jeremy insults just about every other minority group and his own fans. Zach's not much better, minus the racial slurs and the gay mocking like the Golden boy Jer.

Quinisha said...

oh come on, Amy probably wore the pants in this family for years. She is the biggest excuse maker ever for her kids. ( We're talking as simple as making beds and cleaning up after themselves). They are not role models.

jk said...

what did matt say?

Justin said...

It was this:

Collette: Your kids are great Matt. You are one blessed man with those four. Although... the apple does not fall far from the tree. You’re pretty fantastic yourself.

Matt Roloff: Thanks Collette-- Anybody that knows them like you do.. Thinks so too!! Amy and i have a lot to be thankful for... and proud of! I love it when all those folks who don't know diddly .. are soooo wrong in their opinions :)

JenT said...

Gee, I wonder where Jeremy gets his smugness and inflated ego wonder why Matt is so proud.

Grace said...

I know that I would be proud if my son was known for his bigotry and hate speech (please note the sarcasm).

Brandon said...

I love how Matt writes on his Facebook that fans will be excited because he did 2 hours of barn bites.


When it airs Matt will just laugh at people for being dumb and believing what he said was true.

Sheri said...

It was very nice of Matt to reward his fans by having t-shirt contest. I am glad and not surprised, that the winner selected by Matt and Molly was a Christian. Matt rewards his Christian audience because he realizes we are the ones who will stick with them through thick and thin as Christ does in our own lives.

CL said...

Just so everyone knows, the people that post on Matt's Facebook telling him how wonderful the Roloff kids are...they are Matt's employees at pumpkin season. Objective source there, haha. Employees looking to suck up and get a promotion and raise probably.