Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Most Popular and searched for topics about Matt, Amy, Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob Roloff

The following lists were put together from Google. We thought that you as readers and people interested in the Roloffs would like a chance to see what people from all around the world search for about the Roloffs.

What topics are people *really* interested about the Roloffs? What is their legacy? What are their reputations? What words are synonymous with certain Roloff family members? What subjects stick and what fades over time? What do people really search for and want to know about the Roloffs when they aren't talking about the Roloffs in public venues and aren't trying to impress others?

We thought that many of you might find this interesting, informative or amusing in some cases.

When you search for a subject or a person's name on the internet it will often suggest certain words associated with that subject or person based on the high volume of content already on the internet or on the number of inquiries about said subject.

It is important to remember that this isn't scientific and it does constantly change over time. As an example, a few months ago one of the popular Amy Roloff inquiries was "Amy Roloff Enchiladas", now it's apparently been replaced by "Amy Roloff Chocolate Potato Cake". This list was compiled a few weeks ago.

It's also important to remember that these are subjects that real people search for everyday. There isn't necessarily any rhyme or reason for some them and obviously there is no truth to some of the subjects and truth and valid reasons others. However, for many of them, followers of this site and long time Roloff and LPBW fans will know exactly why those subjects are popular with the general population and why people are searching for those topics (ie. people who follow our site and avid Roloff internet watchers will know exactly why "Vodka" is attached to Jeremy's name while the more casual fan might not know the main story behind that). Perhaps at a later date we will go through and answer some of the subjects or explain for all the people who were inquiring about a certain subject, but for now we will just list the lists.

The lists below are from Google, not just this site: Spiritswander/Keeping Up With The Roloffs -- however, they are very similar to what we get. Obviously ours includes more things because our inquiries are on a daily basis, not just the most popular terms over a period of time, but this data is accurate according to our statistics. We receive inquiries about all of the listed subjects.

You can see what we have always said about the Roloff kids is true -- Jeremy is by far the most searched about Roloff kid. His number of popular topics is more on a par with Matt and Amy's. Although having the most subjects attached to their names is not always a positive obviously. I would have to say on our site, by far the most inquired about subject is relating to variations of "Matt and Amy Divorce". If you toss out the divorce subject, on our site Jeremy is probably the number one most searched about Roloff even including Matt and Amy due to the high number of inquiries relating to his appearance (or various body parts -hey we don't have any control over this! This is what people honestly search for on the internet about each Roloff) or subjects relating to his controversies and scandals. To that point -- there are far fewer Molly Roloff inquiries than for Jeremy, yet almost nothing negative regarding Molly.

So here are the most popular search terms for each Roloff family member.

Jeremy Roloff

How many popular Jeremy Roloff search terms appear
in this picture?

Jeremy Roloff Age
Jeremy Roloff And Kirsten
Jeremy Roloff And Mueller
Jeremy Roloff And Girlfriend
Jeremy Roloff And Jacob Mueller
Jeremy Roloff And College
Jeremy Roloff Apology
Jeremy Roloff Arrested
Jeremy Roloff Ass
Jeremy Roloff A Virgin

Jeremy Roloff Biography
Jeremy Roloff Barefoot
Jeremy Roloff Birthday
Jeremy Roloff Boxers
Jeremy Roloff Bigot
Jeremy Roloff Blog
Jeremy Roloff Butt
Jeremy Roloff Body

Jeremy Roloff College
Jeremy Roloff Controversy
Jeremy Roloff Caught Using Racist
Jeremy Roloff Caught Using Racist Groups
Jeremy Roloff Comments
Jeremy Roloff Car
Jeremy Roloff College 2009

Jeremy Roloff Dating
Jeremy Roloff Drinking
Jeremy Roloff Drunk

Jeremy Roloff Europe
Jeremy Roloff Enquirer
Jeremy Roloff Earring
Jeremy Roloff Exposed

Jeremy Roloff Facebook
Jeremy Roloff Friend Died
Jeremy Roloff Feet
Jeremy Roloff Fat
Jeremy Roloff Friends
Jeremy Roloff Fan Club

Jeremy Roloff Gay Basher
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend 2009
Jeremy Roloff Girlfriend 2010
Jeremy Roloff Going College
Jeremy Roloff Graduation Pictures

Jeremy Roloff Homophobic
Jeremy Roloff Hot
Jeremy Roloff Height
Jeremy Roloff Hawaii
Jeremy Roloff High School

Jeremy Roloff IMDB
Jeremy Roloff Is Hot
Jeremy Roloff In College
Jeremy Roloff In Hawaii

Jeremy Roloff Jacob Mueller
Jeremy Roloff Jerk
Jeremy Roloff Jeans

Jeremy Roloff Kilt
Jeremy Roloff Kirsten

Jeremy Roloff Little People Big World
Jeremy Roloff Language

Jeremy Roloff Myspace
Jeremy Roloff Mueller
Jeremy Roloff Muscles
Jeremy Roloff Model
Jeremy Roloff Myspace Comments

Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer
Jeremy Roloff No Shirt
Jeremy Roloff News

Jeremy Roloff On Twitter
Jeremy Roloff Official Myspace

Jeremy Roloff Pictures
Jeremy Roloff Portland Community College
Jeremy Roloff PCC
Jeremy Roloff Photography
Jeremy Roloff Play College Soccer

Jeremy Roloff Racist
Jeremy Roloff Racist Comment
Jeremy Roloff Racist Article
Jeremy Roloff Racism
Jeremy Roloff Racial Slurs
Jeremy Roloff Rumors

Jeremy Roloff Scandal
Jeremy Roloff Smoking
Jeremy Roloff Snob
Jeremy Roloff Soccer
Jeremy Roloff Shirt Off
Jeremy Roloff Selfish
Jeremy Roloff Sarah
Jeremy Roloff Sleeping
Jeremy Roloff School
Jeremy Roloff Still Dating Kirsten
Jeremy Roloff Single

Jeremy Roloff Twitter
Jeremy Roloff TMZ
Jeremy Roloff TLC
Jeremy Roloff Trouble

Jeremy Roloff University

Jeremy Roloff Vodka

Jeremy Roloff Wiki
Jeremy Roloff With Straight Hair
Jeremy Roloff Weight

Soccer is of course one of the words that people associate with Zach

Zach Roloff At Michigan State University
Zach Roloff And Dani
Zach Roloff At MSU

Zach Roloff Bio
Zach Roloff Birthday

Zach Roloff College
Zach Roloff College Plans
Zach Roloff College Plans 2009

Zach Roloff Died

Zach Roloff Ear Surgery

Zach Roloff Facebook

Zach Roloff Girlfriend
Zach Roloff Graduate
Zach Roloff Graduation

Zach Roloff Height

Zach Roloff In College

Zach Roloff Little People Big World

Zach Roloff Myspace
Zach Roloff Michigan State University
Zach Roloff Mouth

Zach Roloff Portland Community College
Zach Roloff PCC
Zach Roloff Pictures

Zach Roloff Quotes

Zach Roloff Say That To My Face
Zach Roloff Surgery 2009
Zach Roloff Surgery
Zach Roloff School
Zach Roloff Soccer

Zach Roloff Twitter
Zach Roloff Teeth

Zach Roloff Wiki

Zach Roloff You Tube

People wonder if Molly is dating or when she'll have a boyfriend

Molly Roloff Age

Molly Roloff Biography
Molly Roloff Bio
Molly Roloff Birthday
Molly Roloff Boyfriend

Molly Roloff Dating

Molly Roloff Facebook
Molly Roloff Fansite

Molly Roloff Graduation

Molly Roloff Height
Molly Roloff Hot

Molly Roloff Is Hot

Molly Roloff Little People Big World

Molly Roloff Myspace

Molly Roloff Photos
Molly Roloff Pics

Molly Roloff Swimsuit

Molly Roloff Twitter
Molly Roloff Tattoo

Molly Roloff Wiki
Molly Roloff Wikipedia

Due to an episode of LPBW, Jacob's cell phone bill
is now infamous

Jacob Roloff Accident
Jacob Roloff Age
Jacob Roloff And His Girlfriend

Jacob Roloff Bio
Jacob Roloff Birthday
Jacob Roloff Brat

Jacob Roloff Cell Phone

Jacob Roloff Girlfriend

Jacob Roloff Height
Jacob Roloff Hawaii

Jacob Roloff Is Hot

Jacob Roloff Myspace

Jacob Roloff Pictures
Jacob Roloff Photos
Jacob Roloff Puberty

Jacob Roloff Twitter

Jacob Roloff Underwear

Jacob Roloff Wiki

Amy's Swimsuits are a popular subject on the internet

Amy Roloff Age
Amy Roloff And Matt Roloff Divorce
Amy Roloff At WSU
Amy Roloff Actress
Amy Roloff Achondroplasia

Amy Roloff Bio
Amy Roloff Blog
Amy Roloff Birthday
Amy Roloff Birthplace

Amy Roloff Charity Foundation
Amy Roloff Chocolate Potato Cake
Amy Roloff Cruise
Amy Roloff Central Michigan University
Amy Roloff Chocolate Potato Cake Recipe
Amy Roloff College
Amy Roloff Camera
Amy Roloff Cleavage
Amy Roloff (did she) Carry Her Children

Amy Roloff Divorce
Amy Roloff Divorce 2009
Amy Roloff Divorce 2010
Amy Roloff Divorced

Amy Roloff Email

Amy Roloff Foundation
Amy Roloff Facebook
Amy Roloff Fairfield
Amy Roloff From Little People Big World

Amy Roloff Golf Tournament

Amy Roloff Height
Amy Roloff Hairstyle
Amy Roloff Hometown
Amy Roloff Highschool
Amy Roloff Hot

Amy Roloff IMDB
Amy Roloff In Indiana
Amy Roloff Is Hot
Amy Roloff Interview

Amy Roloff Little People Big World

Amy Roloff Michigan
Amy Roloff Myspace
Amy Roloff Maiden Name
Amy Roloff Marriage
Amy Roloff Medora
Amy Roloff Marriage Problems
Amy Roloff Movies

Amy Roloff North Attleboro
Amy Roloff News

Amy Roloff Official Website

Amy Roloff Pregnant
Amy Roloff Pregnant Pictures
Amy Roloff Pictures
Amy Roloff Parents
Amy Roloff Potato Cake
Amy Roloff Pregnant Twins
Amy Roloff Photography

Amy Roloff Quotes

Amy Roloff Recipes

Amy Roloff Separation
Amy Roloff Swimsuit
Amy Roloff Speaking Engagements
Amy Roloff Schedule
Amy Roloff Seinfeld
Amy Roloff Speaking At Wheaton College
Amy Roloff Speaking
Amy Roloff Saginaw Valley State University

Amy Roloff Twitter
Amy Roloff TMZ
Amy Roloff Tattoo

Amy Roloff Update

Amy Roloff Website
Amy Roloff Wiki
Amy Roloff Wheaton College
Amy Roloff WSU
Amy Roloff Wheaton
Amy Roloff Wedding Ring
Amy Roloff Weight

Contrary to popular search engine inquiries wondering
if Matt Roloff died; Matt is still alive! :)

Matt Roloff Alcoholic
Matt Roloff Arrested
Matt Roloff Address
Matt Roloff Arrested For DUI
Matt Roloff Affair
Matt Roloff Amy Roloff Divorce
Matt Roloff At SCSU
Matt Roloff Age
Matt Roloff And Amy Divorce
Matt Roloff Amy Roloff

Matt Roloff Blog
Matt Roloff Biography
Matt Roloff Book
Matt Roloff Birthday
Matt Roloff Brother
Matt Roloff Bad Father
Matt Roloff Back Surgery

Matt Roloff Court Case
Matt Roloff Company
Matt Roloff Cheating
Matt Roloff Career
Matt Roloff College
Matt Roloff Cars
Matt Roloff Contact Info

Matt Roloff Divorce
Matt Roloff Death
Matt Roloff DUI
Matt Roloff Dead
Matt Roloff Divorce 2010
Matt Roloff Drinking Problem
Matt Roloff Drunk Driving
Matt Roloff Direct Access Solutions
Matt Roloff Dad Died

Matt Roloff Ewok
Matt Roloff Ewok Pictures
Matt Roloff Email
Matt Roloff Email Address

Matt Roloff Farm
Matt Roloff Facebook
Matt Roloff Forum
Matt Roloff Fired
Matt Roloff Father Died
Matt Roloff Farm Address

Matt Roloff Gossip

Matt Roloff Heart Attack
Matt Roloff Height
Matt Roloff Health
Matt Roloff Hawaii

Matt Roloff Is A Jerk
Matt Roloff Income
Matt Roloff IMDB
Matt Roloff Iraq
Matt Roloff In Star Wars
Matt Roloff Interview
Matt Roloff Is An Idiot
Matt Roloff In Court

Matt Roloff Jerk
Matt Roloff Job
Matt Roloff Jail
Matt Roloff Jewish

Matt Roloff Little People Big World
Matt Roloff Lawsuit

Matt Roloff Money
Matt Roloff Mercedes
Matt Roloff Marriage
Matt Roloff Marriage Problems
Matt Roloff Mid Life Crisis
Matt Roloff Movie
Matt Roloff Mike

Matt Roloff Net Worth
Matt Roloff News
Matt Roloff Newsletter

Matt Roloff On Trial
Matt Roloff Occupation
Matt Roloff Oregon

Matt Roloff Parents
Matt Roloff Phone Number
Matt Roloff Photos

Matt Roloff Quotes

Matt Roloff Religion

Matt Roloff Separation
Matt Roloff Salary
Matt Roloff Surgery
Matt Roloff Step Stool
Matt Roloff Star Wars
Matt Roloff Speaking Engagements
Matt Roloff SCSU
Matt Roloff Skiing Video
Matt Roloff Skiing
Matt Roloff Scooter

Matt Roloff Trial
Matt Roloff Twitter
Matt Roloff TLC

Matt Roloff Wiki
Matt Roloff Website


Jocelynn said...

Interesting. I'm not surprised. Matt and Jeremy have the most, but the most tainted reputations.

Expressed said...

Cool lists!

I like many of Jeremy's :)

Take note TLC! Like him or hate him, Jeremy is the most popular. More of Jeremy in the episodes please.

Connie said...

Poor Zach. He's the only one of the kids that doesn't have " hot".

Dwarfism discrimination.

Craw said...

Haha, Jacob Roloff Brat. Justice is served. LOL.

I hope no one is surprised that Jeremy is the most popular? It's easy to be quiet and boring like Molly.

Judy said...

I agree with that. Matt and Jeremy attract the most attention because they are the biggest risk takers, the most social. There are pros and cons of that.

tay1 said...

take that you jeremy bashers.

jeremy has more than zach, molly and jacob combined.

Greg said...

I'm not surprised.

Gee, Jeremy should be proud.

Basically he's known for being a jerk and a bigot. And for being "hot". That's really something to be proud of (rolls eyes).

Well, at least there is Molly to give Matt and Amy some real sense of pride.

Brandon said...

Jeremy and Matt both get "Jerk" linked to their names. Very fitting.

JimW said...

Any publicity is better than none. You can't ignore the fact that there is more interest in Jeremy because he is the most charismatic and real of the 4.

If LPBW isn't going to do it, another production game should be approaching him for a TV show of his own, it would probably have to include Zach and the friends. You can't ignore the fact that people notice Jeremy.

Dana said...

Jim, I totally agree. Matt and Jeremy are the biggest reasons for LPBW being a long running series.

They have the most bashers, but they have the most fans too because they do the most things.

Roxanne said...

I don't get the Jeremy Roloff feet/barefoot things. People are weird. lol.

What is the Zach "Say that to my Face" about? That's weird.

Carol said...

"Basically he's known for being a jerk and a bigot. And for being "hot". That's really something to be proud of (rolls eyes)"

Greg, that's why "Himbo" is a perfect description for Jeremy.

Vee said...

The popularity for Jeremy's ass is well deserved. Look at the picture. He's very well endowed :)

Lynn said...

Personally, I think that list is sad.

Matt and Amy are adults and have been adults for the entire time the Roloffs have been public figures.

Jeremy hasn't been. It's sad that a young man starts life out with such a negative reputation. As Matt said, being a teenager is hard enough without having people unleash those kinds of things about Jeremy.

Timothy said...

Sheri, are you in shock?

I don't see "Jeremy Roloff Christian" on that list? You mean that people don't think of a Christian and automatically think of Jeremy?

On that note, why would Matt Roloff Jewish be there? Odd. Do some people think he's Jewish?

Abby said...

No way is Jeremy a virgin!

Steph said...

Hah. All of Jeremy's are either about his sexiness or about him being a drunk, a bigot or a selfish jerk.

ALNC said...

Go Molly! She doesn't shame the family name like Jeremy.

Lindsay said...

Poor Jeremy.

Kapper said...

The only reason so many people think Jeremy's butt is so 'hot' is because his only competition is: his sister, his little brother, and Zach...
now put him in a room with a bunch of other guys his age, and trust me, there ain't nothin' outstanding about this kid's butt

Jan said...

That's interesting. I've never thought about what is popular re: Roloffs.

People think Jeremy is fat??

Em said...

Kapper, I disagree!

My instincts and common sense tells me that Jeremy is a jerk off camera in real life, but he does have a fine looking butt! :)

I disagree that he doesn't have any "competition". I've seen pictures of Jeremy with his friends, all lined up in a field with their backs to the camera. Jeremy's butt is the stand out.

Chris said...

Jan, I don't understand why people would be searching for Jeremy is fat either.

I'm kind of glad that the National Enquirer Bigot article has stuck. He deserves it for the lack of remorse and the lack of character he has shown.

Michelle said...

I'm not surprised at those lists, esp. about Jeremy. Those are all the things I thought people would think of about Jeremy.

William said...

It's telling that Matt has a lot more negativity surrounding him than Amy does and Jeremy has a lot more than the three other kids.

Sheri said...

The good the Roloffs have done with their lives, particularly Matt and Jeremy, cannot be defined by what others gossip about them,

Their legacies are that of LP awareness and Christians who have devoted their lives to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and provided a fine Christian example during times when it is difficult to find good Christian examples on television.

DJ said...

Jeremy's says it all. Known for being racist jerk. The only reason why anyone would like him is because they like his looks and/or body and that's not something to be proud of.

AussieMum said...

Since when did the Roloffs devote their lives to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ? I know my country is way behind on this show but do Amy and Matt turn to christianity in future episodes?

Rap541 said...

It's not gossip. Jeremy did call Mike Detjen his n-word and never once said he was sorry. Jeremy did indeed say "Not to be a gay bragging f*ggot but I raped their defenses". Jeremy did indeed refer to Mexico as "that beaner place".

Sheri - as a Christian, do you think its gossip if its true? Because Jeremy Himself said these blessed Christian things. Is it how you, Sheri, talk in church? N**ger, "beaner",and f*g?

Is it *gossp* if it's true? Because it IS true that Jeremy said these things and hid behind his daddy while daddy tried to blame "one of the children".

Jeremy is such a *man* at 20, still hiding behind daddy and playing like a child. Thats such an achievement...being a racist and hiding behind daddy as a "child" at 20.He's so accomplished as a man now, huh?

I mean he's such a man, he still isn't trusted by daddy Matt to talk to the media without his mommy or daddy present. They must be so proud of the big boy they can't trust. :)

Brokenwing said...

In my opinion, people pick on Jeremy more because of jealousy. That's why there are more bad things out there about Jeremy than there is about Molly.

Jeremy is a good looking young guy who loves life and is having fun. He's making great money and doing exactly what he wants. People are jealous of that. That's why he has more people that don't like him and that's how his "bad" reputation has spread into things people connect with him.

Nat said...

"People think Jeremy is fat??"

Jan, I don't think Jeremy is fat, but I can understand why people might think that after seeing some pictures, at least enough to search for it.

Jeremy's body is kind of compact. It's not wide, even in the pictures from Hawaii of him shirtless, the definition is from back to front. When he has a shirt he can look like he gained weight and is getting fat.

The best example of what was the picture a fan took of them at a bagel shop.

Rap541 said...

Actually Brokenwing - if your jealousy theory is correct - people would be picking on Molly more since there is more to be jealous of. Not only is she on a tv show and getting rich for doing nothing, she's also athletic, popular in school, and bright.

And remember - Jeremy has the reputation as a bigot because he actually publically used those words. Thats why he had to stand behind Daddy while Daddy acknowledged it was true. So lets not paint JerBear as the innocent little boy who never did nothing wrong.

NJC said...

Any truth to the rumor that Expressed is single handedly responsible for #9 on Jeremy's list?

Expressed said...

NJC, Maybe me and Noell together :)

Honestly I'm not the only one. Basically anywhere there are pictures of Jeremy, people comment on it (youtube videos, Facebook groups, etc)

Sheri said...

Rap, Actually Brokenwing is correct. Molly is a delightful young woman who makes Matt and Amy very proud. The ways in which Molly excells do not incite the same type of jealousy in people that Jeremy does. People don't get angry over seeing someone get A's on their High School report card. Molly is a lovely looking young lady, however I don't see random boys dropping their phone numbers in Molly's lap or yelling out her name during Amy's speech as girls do for Jeremy James Roloff.

Jeremy is an attractive, popular and talented young man that has the world at his feet. He has opportunity thanks to Matt and shares many of Matt's qualities that have made him the success that Matt Roloff is today.

People are jealous of Jeremy. I believe they are also jealous of Jeremy's relationships. His father/son relationship with Matt is something all fathers wish to strive for. People are also jealous of his friendship with Mueller. Many of the insulting comments about those two young Christians is plain and pure jealousy. You wish you had a best friend who you were as close to as Jeremy shares with Jacob Mueller.

There is one other reason why Jeremy is a target. He is a proud Christian. Christians are targetted in the media. Molly loves Christ too, but Jeremy is more outspoken publicly about it. Jeremy's devotion to Jesus is more well known stemming from his words in their book, to his public comments about how he is thankful for whatever God puts in his life. Jacob Mueller also revealed their love of Jesus about recognizing that Jesus saved them from harm. The two young Christians turned to Jesus to thank Him for looking out for them and saw it for what it was, a sign from God that He is watching out for them and have special plans for them.

Un-Godly people don't like hearing Christians who praise God. We would be fooling ourselves if we pretended that that isn't part of the reason why people speaking badly of Jeremy.

People who do that are weak-willed people who don't have God in their lives.

Rap541 said...

"Molly is a lovely looking young lady, however I don't see random boys dropping their phone numbers in Molly's lap or yelling out her name during Amy's speech as girls do for Jeremy James Roloff. "

Well, first, you really don't know that. Sorry... but you don't attend all these events right? So you don't know what gets dropped in anyone's lap - and we all know Matt Roloff lies a great deal.

(I can cite multiple examples of Matt Roloff bold face lying about his family if you need examples)

Second - we also know that while Matt is proud to brag about nine year old jake being a player and jer-bear, Zach and jake all needing condoms as soon as they understood why their pee pee was hard, the reality in Christian homes is that its not "hot" or "cool" or even "nice" to advertise your pretty sixteen year old daughter is getting sexy offers. I assume you woudn't be bragging if *your* sixteen year old daughter was getting offers of phone numbers from strangers.

Now lets assume its true. How nice that Jeremy gets sex offers! He's so Christian! People want to do him and that brag worthy! He's hot to trot and Matt loves pointing out how his boy is *cock* of the walk! Boys (because Jeremy is a *boy* at twenty) should be *proud* to say they are getting multiple offers and any Christian mom would be proud to brag how her *boy* has girls offering themselves and their special flower to a good boy!

Right? Matt has every right to brag how his boy is getting offers? Christian boys (as Jer-bear is a boy at 20) should be getting some? And proud to point out how jesus made them handsome and ready to spread seed?

Thats what people are jealous of? Jeremy getting laid?

Tell me Sheri - do you think 20 year old Jeremy James is a virgin, waiting for Daddy to pick a wife? :)

AussieMum said...

Sheri-If you don't mind me old are you?
I hope you are not a mother. A christian mother at that.

Sheri said...

Rap, you are a certifiable lunatic. You either post outrageously on purpose as part of a game to see how outrageous you can get or you are sick in the head or indulge certain substances before posting. Either way, you need God in your life to bring decency to how you conduct yourself.

You need to dial it back a few thousands notches. You are worse than talking to a child. You are not capable of rational discussion.

First off, back off on the sexual content. There is no "pimping" of the Roloff kids. It is a simple statement of fact for anyone intelligent.

People are jealous of others who are showered with attention because of their looks. That is the way it is. While Molly is a fine looking young lady, thousands of young males do not go crazy over her. You can observe this on a number of fronts. If you cannot tell that there is a difference in how girls in the general public react to Jeremy and how boys react to Molly than you are not very smart.

There is no selling of his children's sexual physical appeal from Matt or Amy. You are ridiculous. Jeremy receives more attention for his looks than the others. It is a fact. There is not the same number of comments all over the place about Molly as there is about Jeremy. The result is that people get jealous.

I will not speculate on matters that infringe on Jeremy's privacy.

You have some nerve. Are you flat out saying that Matt Roloff is lying when he told the story about the girls in Hawaii giving Jeremy a paper with their phone numbers on it? You find that so unbelieveable that you are calling Matt a liar? That is not Matt "pimping" his son. It is relaying a story that shows how the public reacts to Jeremy. Nothing more than that. Jeremy did not ask for that. It is how he is received. Many young men are jealous when they see how Jeremy is treated, hence the jealousy people attempt to drag Jeremy down by writing nasty things about him on the internet.

Matt Roloff is not a liar. You are completely void of morals. You sit behind your computers and accuse a respected man as Matt Roloff of being a liar.

Rap541 said...

"Are you flat out saying that Matt Roloff is lying when he told the story about the girls in Hawaii giving Jeremy a paper with their phone numbers on it? You find that so unbelieveable that you are calling Matt a liar? "

He's lied before. I don't see any young teen girls (and apparently there's more than one) admitting to handing off their phone numbers. I do see Matt lying a lot.

Matt said he just didn't have time to be on line/had too much difficulty typing due to his dwarfism. But apparently the truth was that he was contractually obligated not to interact on line.

Matt said on the first BVI trip that Jake's birthday occured during the trip. The trip was in August, as was the vague celebration, and Jake's birthday is actually in January. Hmm... How can two completely different things be true?

Matt said that scenes are not reennacted. When it became obvious that scenes were being re-enacted, he then decided that yes, sometimes the family redoes things.

Matt lies. As it happens, I'm neither shocked nor horrified - I don't have the man on the "honesty pedestal" the way you do, but rest assured, must liek how Jeremy James has been proven to lie, so has Matt Roloff so Sheri, insisting "Matt Roloff is not a liar" is only going to make people bring you more and more examples.

Thats one.

Second - Matt is the one bragging about how Jeremy is getting all these ladies, how Jake at 9 has girlfriend and what stud muffins the boys are. Not me. I'm not a producer on the show, unlike Matt, and Matt clearly has no problem with Jeremy's bare chest in the credits, Jeremy's ass hanging out his pants, Jake's ass hanging out his pants, etc etc. I don't normally stoop to your level Sheri, but you're crazy if you think they aren't selling "hot teen boys" on this show, and you're crazy if you don't understand what Matt is implying with his "Jeremy gets lots of hot girls to give him their numbers".

"While Molly is a fine looking young lady, thousands of young males do not go crazy over her. You can observe this on a number of fronts. If you cannot tell that there is a difference in how girls in the general public react to Jeremy and how boys react to Molly than you are not very smart."

You can claim "thousands" of girls want to do Jer-Bear all you want (and I am curious how this works in Christian circles, after all, this is purely a lust thing) but I really don't see evidence of these multitudes adoring Jer. I am happy to look at evidence that consists of something other than "Matt said so and as a Christian, Matt always speaks the truth" since I've already proven Matt's just like the rest of us.

And a further point:

"There is not the same number of comments all over the place about Molly as there is about Jeremy. The result is that people get jealous."

This is actually a case where your vaunted "editing" arguement comes into play - although you won't like the unpleasant truth.

Here's the reality. Jeremy gets more air time and always has as he is Zach average height twin. Molly has purposely been kept from the camera focus. It's only recently that she's even been focused on at all.

To use a different example - ever watch Survivor? Ever notice how the worst people tend to get the most "haybales" so to speak? And ever notice how the biggest jerks tend to end up winning fan favorite? Its because they get more air time.

"I will not speculate on matters that infringe on Jeremy's privacy."

Why not? You've speculated on matters of my privacy. You're a hypocrit, Sheri. If you were as christian as you claim, you'd be appalled that Matt is pleased as punch that little hussies are throwing themselves at the Virgin Jeremy.

Laura said...

"Matt is the one bragging about how Jeremy is getting all these ladies, how Jake at 9 has girlfriend and what stud muffins the boys are. Not me. I'm not a producer on the show, unlike Matt, and Matt clearly has no problem with Jeremy's bare chest in the credits, Jeremy's ass hanging out his pants, Jake's ass hanging out his pants, etc etc. I don't normally stoop to your level Sheri, but you're crazy if you think they aren't selling "hot teen boys" on this show, and you're crazy if you don't understand what Matt is implying with his "Jeremy gets lots of hot girls to give him their numbers".

Whoa. Rap, I realize you enjoy going round and round with Sheri, but do you actually believe what you wrote?

I don't find it hard to believe that girls hit on Jeremy. There are several Facebook groups dedicated to Jeremy's "hotness", twitter posts everyday, excited girls posting pictures with Jeremy from the Roloff Farm in October, women asking Amy during her speaking engagements if Jeremy is single.

Do you honestly find it hard to believe that Matt's story in Hawaai happened? That girls were hitting on Jeremy?

Matt told the story as an example of how Jeremy is treated in public because of their fame. How do you read more into it than that?

I don't think it's fair to say Matt and Amy sell "hot teen boys". Jeremy is a fit teenager and sometimes teenage boys walk around shirtless. I agree that TLC executives like that they can appeal to the female market by having their own "Tiger Beat" star on their show, but you're out of line if you're suggesting that Matt and Amy are intentionally sexualizing Jeremy their teenage sons.

And Jacob? That's distasteful. Do you think they are attempting to sell Jacob as a "hot teen boy"? Just because a kid is cute (and both Jeremy and Jacob are cute kids) doesn't mean the parents are guilty of trying to sell their sex appeal.

Rap541 said...

I find it hard to believe that it's a constant occurence, in all honesty, that teen girls are sneaking their phone numbers to . If only because.... who does that anymore? Maybe I was just more discreet than to drop my number in the hot boy's lap where his *daddy* could see?


As for the sexualization of the show... I trust you'll be bitching at expressed for the "Jeremy's Hot Ass Review" yes?

Or is lusting for hot teen ass *not sexualizing* Jeremy?

All I know is that I'm not the one allowing my son to parade about shirtless for the teens, and display his hot ass.

As for Jacob - where were you when Sheri, Dana, Judi, etc were calling Jake a "slut" and a "skank" and "a chippendales dancer"?

How can you claim these boys aren't being sexualized when its very very obvious that they are and that Matt *loves* seeing his three boys with ladies. He was pleased as punch that Jake at nine was sporting a girlfriend, and was attempting to marry off Zach at 15, complete with sending a bevy of nice looking dwarf girls to wake Zach up.

And he certainly made sure to have that *filmed*. Thats not sexualizing his kids?

BeckyM said...

My only thought when I read this, and having the history I have with the Internet (website devloper, programmer, online art design, and blogger) is I would be extremely concerned about some of these search terms if I was these kids parents.

Sexual freaks on the Internet abound and their intentions in no way are honorable.

Seriously, this just goes to prove that TLC once again convinces a family to put it all there for money, with that family completely naive about the long term consequences.

But then again this is Amy and Matt I'm writing about - two people who I think have the parenting skills as effective as a batch of turtles. Again and again, I've seen these kids run the household with the parents flapping about helplessly.

As I've stated before - if you are a nice looking teen boy it's not hard to get a girl to give you a phone number - add in a girl wanting to have her moment on national television, and who is surprised that Jeremy is getting offers? Big Whoopee.

I have three brothers... please! so what? It proves nothing of how good Jeremy actually is as a partner in any way shape of form. I would, considering his personality, would not be surprised that he is boring and narcissitic as a partner. Ho-hum. *yawn*

Jocelynn said...

Becky, I completely understand your point, but in defense of the Roloffs, how are they affected if some people on the internet who search for "Jacob's underwear"?

Don't gt me wrong, I understand why that is "creepy". But ultimately, it is meaningless and there is no point in fretting about something that you aren't really in control of and won't have any impact on you or your family.

My point is that if you've ever posted a picture of your kids on the internet, at a birthday party, from a vacation, playing sports, even pictures of yourself, that someone out there on the world wide web will see that picture and have a "creepy" thought while looking at the picture. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter. People think very differently than they act and the internet is where that shows to be true.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, I often think you make excellent points, but if you're making the point that Jeremy doesn't have a following based solely on his looks, I think you are completely off the mark on that one.

In reading the comments over the years about LPBW on this and other sites it is very obvious to me that one of the reasons why the show is still on the air is because of Jeremy's "heartthrob" status. What Laura said about FB groups and Twitter users tweeting that "Jeremy Roloff is so hot!" is true.

I understand Sheri's and Brokenwing's point about Jeremy compared to Molly on that front.

How many girls drop their phone numbers in Jeremy's lap while he's eating? I don't know, but I don't doubt that the story is true. I don't think it was Sheri's point that that exact story repeats itself 5000 times. It was the point that Jeremy has a large following based on his looks alone.

BeckyM said...

Jocelynn- how are they affected? Well first, stalkers on the Internet have often crossed the line. Go do a search and murders, as well as sex crimes, kidnappings, etc... have been linked to online activity.

Next, since they are in the media, all of them are even more at risk of stalkers and a psychopath who may think dropping a phone number in the lap of a young boy means they are actually an item... go do a search for stars killed or injured by fans.

People get obsessed about silly things and take it over the top - not unknown, not unusual and certainly as a parent, I would want to protect my children as much as possible from even "going there."

And this is the EXACT reason I don't post my kids' photos on the internet and why I deleted my Facebook account two weeks ago. My kids don't need to have some pervert j*cking off to their photo.

Seriously... and the Roloffs should take a note from the Gosselins. The search terms for those kids is even more horrifying.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I just don't see him having this massive popularity. I've seen the facebook crowd and frankly they tend to sound like midde school girls and compared to oh, Jason Beiber?(sp) or the latest american idols... he's not that popular.

And if the show is staying on the air because Jeremy is hot, and we increasingly see him parading about shirtless... I really don't see how anyone who believes the show is on the air because of Jeremy's good look and hot buttocks can realistcally say his parents aren't pimping him out.

If the show is still on the air because Jeremy is fine man meat, and he's increasingly shirtless etc.... if people believe that - then how can they say he's not being sexualized for profit?

Jocelynn - I'm not saying you're saying this - I'm merely pointing out the flaw in the arguement. Is this a sweet Christian family who would never pimp their eldest boy for money - or is the show still on the air because Jer is hot and Matt and Amy don't mind the network working it as long as they get paid?

And if the show would be canceled without Hot Jer - how is it helping dwarfism again? I mean, havent we heard for years that this isn't about the money for Matt and Amy but for the love of dwarf activism?

As for Molly - I again point out that while Matt has no problem portraying all three of his sons as players who like the ladies.... Molly is never bragged on for attracting men. Molly is presented as the sister, the pure little girl whose stud brothers don't want dating (which leads to point out how Matt would not be pleased as punch and bragging if he caught some nice boys dropping phone numbers in Molly's lap)

Shadow said...

Jeremy has a large following because Jeremy is on TV and, as Elle would say, "isn't completely unfortunate looking." That combination is what makes him "attractive" to the tweeners. Period.

Jeremy is the "flavor of the day" for the teeny-bopper set. Girls were throwing themselves at famous boys long before he came along, and will be long after his fifteen minutes of fame are up.

Is he gorgeous? No.

Is he the sole reason the show has been successful? No. If so, TLC would have spun him off a long time ago. Why pay everybody a bunch of money when you could pay one person and get the same result?

Does TLC use him to add a sexual vibe to the show? Absolutely. Why else have there been such a proportionately high number of scenes of Jeremy shirtless in the last season? Why the wink-wink-nudge-nudge emphasis on beer and whores and "going commando" in the Europe trip, and a girl "randomly" inviting him to spend the night with her family? Sex sells, even in a "family" show.

I predict that when the TV show is over and Jeremy's spent all his money (a la Matt), one of two things will happen: 1) he'll start showing up on reality competition shows, like Kate Gosselin, in a desperate attempt to keep the moneyfall flowing, or 2) he'll fade into "where are they now" obscurity, with nary a groupie in sight, as they will be off on the scent of the "next young thing."

Jocelynn said...

Becky, I understand your view and you're entitled to it, but I disagree.

I think there is too much paranoia and fear in our lives. There are murderers and rapists and child molesters but these are incredibly rare for the type of thing we're talking about. I don't think it's a realistic fear that someone who in the privacy of their own home searches for "Jacob Roloff underwear" is actually going to be a child killing psycho who is going to plot to stalk and do horrible things. It is so rare, but it's dramatic and kind of Hollywood thrilling to talk like everyone is in danger. There is far more talk about celebrity murders and celebrities being in danger than ever actually happens. It doesn't mean it never ever happens, but it is incredibly rare. You're better off worrying about reckless drivers.

I read a good parenting column in my local paper from a mother that talked about how people have become too paranoid. Some people won't let their teenagers walk to school because there are those rare horrific stories of kidnapping and abductions.

Yes we all need to be smart, but you can't let fear rule your life and to me worrying that someone you'll never meet is thinking when looking at a photo is just being paranoid and causing yourself unneccessary worry.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, massive popularity is relative. LPBW doesn't have massive popularity. In the world of LPBW popularity is the attention Jeremy's looks receive substantial? I think it is.

I think back to the charity basketball game I attended. I thought it looked like 600-800 people (but I'm not a judge of crowd sizes), but I read where there were more than 1500 people.

You'll have to trust me here Rap :) When Jeremy was introduced it became crystal clear what girls thought of Jeremy. It was shrieks of excitement from girls. Most of them were teenagers, probably 16 to 18 (there were a lot of kids from the local high school). I think that was typical of how girls react to Jeremy. It's the same as when pictures are posted you see a fair number "Jeremy is hot" comments.

Speaking for myself, I don't think the show is about dwarfism anymore.

I guess it depends on your definition of "pimping" Jeremy out. I think Jeremy would be shirtless whether he's on tv or not. I don't think Matt and Amy force Jeremy to show is body or instruct him to take his shirt off or wear tighter jeans.

But yes, I do think Jeremy's female fan base that only like him because he's cute (and that's not a compliment as far as I'm concerned :) is one of the reasons why the show is still on television. I just don't blame Matt and Amy for that.

AussieMum said...

Has Jeremy got a girlfriend? The last girl I saw was Kirsten.

If not, it may have something to do with his popularity as in......don't have a girlfriend so he stays more popular with girl viewers. Just a thought.

Rap541 said...

Jocelynn - I do see your point but let me suggest something about the charity basketball game.

Think a lot of non LPBW fans were there? And do you think - purely on looks - that Jeremy had a lot of competition for "best looking"?

So Jeremy got a lot of cheers at an event advertised for LPBW fans, and was competing againt... Marty Klebba and the Statesmen? (and yes some NBA types) I'd be shocked if he didn't get a lot of girlie cheers.

Sheri's arguement is basically how dare Rap suggest Jeremy is being pimped out.... but again and again I am told Jer-Bear is the show savior as this would have been canceled if not for his super hot ass.

if that's true... and if Matt and Amy aren't half wits and read this site - and their public comments indicate that they do read this site- then they are well aware they are making a ton of money not because the show is a compelling documentay of people with dwarfism but because teeny boppers want to nail their average height son who has a sweet hot average height ass.

Since they are producers, that would explain why Jeremy has so many "himbo" scenes as Carol likes to call them. They do have *some* control over what gets put out. That would also explain (along with vicarious machismo) why Matt feels it necessary to proclaim Jeremy a stud.

Its just interesing also in the skiing episode how Christian Matt made a point of telling Christian Jeremy not to save himself for marriage but to get as many as ladies as possible before he settled down like an old goat.

I wonder a) if he tells Molly similar "get as many as possible" advice and b) if he would want a boy to follow that Christian advice he gave Jeremy with Molly?

BeckyM said...

Jocelynn - one area that I actually have experience with is tracking website vistation. Trust me - the explicit terms people use IS disturbing.

I also want to point out that all three of the children were MINORS when this show began. They were not at the age of consent; Matt and Amy agreed for them to be filmed so right there they are "pimping out" i.e. exploiting their children for money. Just like some other reality families - whatever they can do for money, it will be done. Anyone's concerns are dismissed.

Visit A Minor Consideration and read from the mouths of children stars (now adults) - don't take my word for it. The impact of "reality television" on minor children is yet to be fully realized in terms of damage to their futures.

Would Jeremy be such a jerk (and I believe he is one) if a camera wasn't following him about saying he was important? We will never know ...until the cameras go away and even then it is too late - those years are gone forever.

Shadow said...

I'm guessing Jeremy would still be a jerk (witness his attitude at age 7), but no one other than his family and the Faith Bible community would know or care. He would be just one more self-absorbed, spoiled brat, 20-something guy sponging off mom and dad.

Christine said...

Shadow, I think what you said is so true about Jeremy. I read something from a person that used to go school with Jeremy before and just as the show was beginning. They said Jeremy was just another selfish guy that didn't give a crap about anyone or anything except himself.

Anonymous said...

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