Monday, May 31, 2010

No Little People, Big World episodes Monday May 31st

Little People, Big World won't be on tonight (May 31st, 2010). TLC is running a 'Cake Boss' Marathon all day.

LPBW will return next Monday, June 7th, 2010.

Jun 07, 8:00 pm
Little People, Big World
Dwarfs in Space

Zach and Amy kick off the first ever LP Space Camp. Zach has trouble embracing a leadership role - while Amy realizes they're creating opportunities for little people from all walks of life.

Jun 07, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World
Molly's Sweet Sixteen

Matt and Amy plan separate celebrations for their driver-to-be daughter, Molly. But while academics are smooth sailing for Molly, passing her driving test is a rocky road.

That's all the new episodes TLC has previews for as of now. Season 5B has a couple of new episodes to go, but will be wrapping up very soon. There are traditionally 20 episodes in a portion of a season (usually two - half hour episodes a week).

'Molly's Sweet Sixteen' episode airing on June 7th will be the 18th new episode shown of Season 5B.

The Roloffs have been and are currently filming a brand new season - Season 6 which should begin in airing in the fall of 2010 as usual.


Expressed said...

The seasons always go so fast.

I hope those episodes next week are more interesting than they sound.

A space camp for LPs? Is there really a need??

The usual TLC drama from Molly's license episode. Make it sound like she might fail! Every test they've ever taken on LPBW they play it like the person is going to fail. Every event they have, they play it like it will be a failre or they won't make the deadline on time. Oh my, will Molly fail?!? Oh the suspense! :)

It sounds like there won't be much of Jeremy again :(

mythoughtis said...

Never having been a LP nor been to Space Camp, I'm guessing that modifications to the 'set', etc have to be done for LP guests.

As to the Driving episode, you glossed over the 'separate celebrations' part of the synopsis. Why do they need to do separate celebrations? When Matt missed (on purpose) the twin's birthday, there was no mention of him celebrating it with them separately.

And, not every episode needs to be about Jeremy