Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Classic Little People, Big World Roloff Review by Rap541: Little Farm, Big Apple

We have been receiving some requests and email questions from people requeseting the names of episodes in which certain events took place. The episode that contained Jeremy and Jacob Mueller catching bees as well as the near tractor/trailer accident is called "Little Farm, Big Apple" from the Second Season of Little People, Big World.

So now would be a good time for the second installment of Rap's Blast From The Past classic LPBW episode review.

With many fans fondly remembering back to earlier seasons of LPBW and how the Roloffs used to be -- follow Rap on a journey back in time where LPBW episodes were about such things as Jeremy and Mueller catching bees in a jar :-)

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Written by Rap541

Little Farm Big Apple

For the record, while the credits in the early seasons were a lot more fun, and informative, with the extended dialogues about Matt’s horrible childhood and the kids riding skateboards and expensive powered vehicles on a white screen, it’s also almost one and a half minutes of credits for a show that is usually about twenty one minutes total. I can see why it was changed.

We start with music and several farm shots. Wheat fields - although there is no wheat grown on Roloff Farms, and the barn that I think is actually the man-barn with the giant pile of toys.

Then we zoom in to the cute farmhouse, possibly my favorite incarnation of the Roloff home - the nice kitchen and great room and porch but not the giant McMansion thing.

“Do you guys want to put the boat in the pond?” asks Jeremy. Mueller and Zach both say yes, because obviously putting the boat in sand isn’t as likely to be wet muddy fun. They skip off down the steps to find the ratty boat. Mueller and Jeremy lift the boat on to a wagon while Jeremy voices over how no one knows if it will float but there’s only one way to find out!

Um, just looking at the obvious rot and holes, I think there’s two ways to find out and one of them just involves looking and thinking for a moment, Jer, but you have your ‘fro on so lets see what happens.

All three boys are excited by their manly prowess and they cart the hay wagon (interesting note - it’s a pumpkin farm with no animals, why do the Roloffs have hay wagons?) with the kicky red Mule. Now we’re at the pirate ship pond and unloading the boat, I can actually see a *giant* wobbly crack, but since I think the real plan here is to “goof off and find an excuse to get wet and muddy”, we’ll move on. After lugging the boat to and fro, ‘Fro Jer finally notes that indeed, there’s at least one hole in the boat. But he will not be daunted! Zach suggests letting just Zach test it but Jeremy jumps in!

In a delicious irony, when I paused the dvd, there is an awesome shot of Jeremy, his shorts, and his boxers and someone was boxer-butt sagging! Heh. You have to stop the dvd at 2:49! Hehehe.

For those who care, apparently its unChristian, slutty, and skanky and when Jake Roloff did it three years later in front of his uncritical mother, he was deemed an unChristian slut who couldn't possibly have learned such skanky behavior from his older brother. Yes... this is credible.

Jeremy = Fine Christian boy

Jake = See Satan Sag

Mueller laughs and notes they will sink. Its actually getting dark but I can see the flash of Jeremy’s boxers as he and Zach jump out of the boat, achieving the whole wet and muddy aspect of the fun, and head to shore. The boys laugh about their manly exploit! They leave the boat at the edge of the rather tiny pond and Zach notes that the whole thing was ridiculous.

Clouds! And we’re on to the main plot. Matt is watching his workers assemble his stools and hay bales how he and Amy are about to take a trip to New York. For business! Basically they are selling stools and Matt wants to start an LP magazine. There is much talk about DAS and stools and hotel access. Basically they use a workshop that has disabled people making the stools and it seems pretty cool. Matt is all nervous about his potential big sale and now he can relax! Ahem.

Its night at the farm and Matt is hugging the kids good bye in front of the black door. Molly and Jake both sleepily say good night as Matt and Amy walk off the porch. They will be gone for a “few days”. Mike will be babysitting. Matt notes how rarely Amy comes on his business trips with DAS. And we have take off!

And now the Big Apple! They have lunch with a very tall little person and Matt drones on and on in what amounts to a fairly extensive commercial for his business. The LP pal really doesn’t identify as an LP since he is proportional and just short and doesn’t have big access issues. Amy tells Tall LP that you just have to adapt and work through it. Matt notes how knowing Tall LP who is in the hotel industry will help his business. They make a not especially clever joke about being short.

Meanwhile Back At The Farm! We’re catching bees! We’re catching bumble bees with glass jars and oven mitts! (The oven mitt is for safety, dontcha know!)

Jeremy looks at the bumble bees and notes how they will soon have their own honey business! Yeah um…. I wonder if we should tell him only honey bees do that? In an effort to calm the bees down, Mueller snaps his fingers against the glass while Jeremy shouts. I somehow doubt that will be effective.

Molly notes that the boys are evil. Mueller notes that they haven’t killed any…except the ones crawling on their backs. Should we call PETA? Jeremy decides to relocate the bees by running and tripping and breaking the glass jar holding their precious hive of bumble bees. Jeremy shouts an explicative that I *think* rhymes with truck (it was duly bleeped for family viewing) and then shakes his hands and says another swear - rhyming with “pit”. And now we’re in crisis mode!

Mueller rats out Jeremy to Mike on the phone while Jeremy washes his hands. Mike tells Mueller to tell Jer to rinse off his hands. Its bloody. Jeremy notes his hands are burning. Mueller notes Mike is on the way.

Mike is here! Mike explains first aide to Jeremy, while Jeremy reads lines in a voice over that he was glad Mike was there. Does Jeremy really need to have “this is an antiseptic wipe” explained, Mike? Jeremy notes how he is “so pissed”. Mike puts one Band-Aid on his finger. Jeremy notes how he’s normally king stud of the mountain.

Meanwhile back in New York City! Amy is wandering about alone, shopping in stores that really don’t scream “New York”. She calls home. And Mike tells the horror show of the one Band-Aid crisis. Amy is duly concerned.

So now the kids are auguring out holes in the completely dry swamp to build Ye Olde Swamp Fort. Including the auger, the power saw and all the supplies involved, the swamp fort - essentially another play area - probably cost well over 1000 dollars. Remember, this was filmed back when the Roloffs were “poor”. There do not appear to be any bandages on Jeremy btw.

Zach notes the project depends on Jeremy’s motivation. And now we have building scenes. Expressed? Jer isn’t wearing his shirt for this. And at 12:54 in the dvd, we can all see Jeremy, his shorts, and his boxer-clad buttocks. Hee!

There is much manly using of tools. Including a chainsaw with no eye protection, hurrah!

Jeremy basically explains that he’s building a platform so that it can be above the water. Good for you Jeremy! Yes, putting the floor of the fort above the water line is really a masterstroke of genius. Then Jeremy notes how glad he is that Dad is away in New York because its more fun without Dad there! Because if Dad was there, they wouldn’t be able to do it their way! The boys ride off, leaving behind several boards in the ground nailed together.

Beginning of the swamp fort in 2006...

Important note - I think this is summer of 2006. When did the swamp fort get finished?

The finished swamp fort in 2010

New York! Matt is working on his little people magazine idea. Matt feels he is being pitched. He “wants to contribute”. The meeting is actually a little dull. The magazine guy is basically thinking there is a void in the market. They like the name “Living Little” and this is really just a weird idea from a profitability standpoint. Matt thinks they should all move forward with it. Honestly, again, it’s a couple years later and I am so not shocked that this didn’t seem to take off. It’s a nice idea but magazines with HUGE audiences are taking hits these days. Matt scooters off.

Now Amy and Matt head back to Oregon. And there we are. Molly and Jake play in the pool, in the *old* pool that the Roloffs had before the giant in ground new pool and Amy is there! That was one heck of a flight! Amy notes that while Matt and New York was nice, she really missed being around the kids. Ironically she is cleaning the pool as this voice over plays. She loves spending time with the kids. Molly and Jake fool around.

Matt and Jeremy and Zach work on the fort. Zach hay bales that Matt basically took over and we have a scene of Matt shouting at the lumber pile, picking out wood. Jeremy lifts Matt into a tractor thing. Matt explains to Jeremy how to build the fort in minute detail while Jeremy seems to zone off, his fro taking him away from the buzz kill.

So for the record, Matt is the one who loaded up the tractor with a ton of lumber and sends Jeremy off. Zach gets the Mule and the wood cart. Can you smell the impending doom? Can you?

Jeremy hay bales that Zach has a load of wood and so does he. Jeremy notes in a rather harsh tone how completely careless Zach is. The wagon disconnects from the Mule going down the hill. Zach is trying to fix it when Jeremy comes down the hill with the big load of wood on the tractor scoop thing. Jeremy ends up dumping the load.

Jeremy yells at Zach that when driving with a trailer on the Mule, you have to go slow. Jeremy notes that the tractor can’t go down the hill and brake with such a heavy load.

Ok sports fans - Zach was driving too fast, and if Jeremy knows he can’t brake the tractor with such a heavy load, he either unloads some of the wood, or waits until he has a clear shot down the hill. And Matt really might reconsider sending either kid out on the heavy equipment.

Jeremy notes darkly that Matt needs to “teach Zach a thing or two”.

As he explains this to Matt, for those who tend to disbelieve, he clearly states that the tractor can’t brake. Matt defuses this with a calming moment about how he loves everything about Jeremy and Zach. It is sweet. It also is a rare moment where it doesn’t feel like a staged comment.

Oooh next episode! The boys break the new Mule!


Jason said...

Oh the good old days!

The single best moment in LPBW history was when Jeremy fell. Molly's expression was priceless! :)

"Hey Moll...(Jeremy disappears from the screen)..LOL!

That's reality! They can't put that kind of stuff in a story line cheat sheet.

Erin said...

Thanks Rap. That was one of my favorite episodes.

Matt's speech was so great.

Craw said...

I remember that episode as the one where Zach almost got Jeremy killed. Thank God Jeremy knows how to handle a tractor and can think quick.

Zach screws up and Jeremy saves the day. I wonder how many times that happened in real life growing up? Lots I guess.

M said...

Ha great recap rap! Such a funny episode! Loved the Satan sag comment,
I love the Pics. I love mollys face! To funny!

The swamp fort looks great now! Perfect for un christian things! :)

Ashley said...

I agree M. The fort looks cool now. I think they use it more for than tp play capture the flag...hehe.

Michelle said...

In Jeremy's defense and I realize that he is probably very different in real life, maybe it's because of the criticism that they changed how they portray him or maybe it was just age, but Jeremy used to be FAR more obnoxious than he is in the current episodes.

After reading some of the accounts of people who have met Jeremy, it sounds like he is still obnoxious. Maybe he got smarter about how he acts on camera.

NJC said...

Hard to see a difference. Maybe good Christian boys wear boxers while Satan's spawn wear boxer briefs?

Judy said...

"Hard to see a difference. Maybe good Christian boys wear boxers while Satan's spawn wear boxer briefs?`

I don`t like Jeremy`s look back then either, but I see a difference.

Jeremy was 16.
Jake was 12.

Jeremy was bending over. The tops of his boxers were exposed.

Jake`s jeans were practically below his butt.

There are differences.

Marlene said...

As a 42 year old woman with no kids, I don't boys underwear.

What are boxer-briefs? What's the difference between boxers an boxer briefs?

Craw said...

Rap, NJC, I don't care about the boxer thing on Jacob, but you must be blind if you don't see a difference.

Look at the picture of Jeremy pushing the boat into the water. The zoom is great!

Jacob is gross. He's a little boy. I'm a teenager and I can tell you that 16 year old guys like Jeremy was are hot and Jeremy was hot. That was a good look for him. He has a nice ass. What's wrong with him drawing attention to it?

AussieMum said...

Watched this epi for the first time a couple of weeks ago here in Australia. It's a miracle those kids are all still alive.

So showing boxers is sinful? I've heard it all now. LOL!

Rap541 said...

Craw - you're missing one salient point about the tractor incident. Two actually, but the second is more subtle...

Jeremy clearly states that he knew the tractor he was driving has no braking ability when going down hill with an overload. The smart, not accident producing thing to do, would have been for Jeremy to have taken his load of wood first... since he was very aware that he had no brakes. Or he could have waited until Zach was finished.

The more subtle point is that Matt was there, Matt's the genius with construction who really should have known better. He's the parent and he was too into "projects" to stop and think about the cabilities of his boys (is Zach a good driver, does Jeremy realize he can't brake going down a hill). There's a reason children aren't supposed to work construction, and there's a reason good parents supervise.

Judi - Jeremy is clearly standing upright in the second photo with his panties hanging out as he struts and sluts like a chippendales dancer. I thought the whole arguement was "Jake certainly didn't learn it from Jeremy Jesus" and "Jeremy Jesus had the sense to not be seen on camera".

And now the "Jeremy Jesus had a fine hot sexy ass at 16 so its Christian!" Is that how you feel, Judy? Does Jeremy's underage buttocks exposed make you *love* him and think of Jesus?

I suspect the issue has nothing to do with the actual offense. Kind of like how Jake is bad to want to be active, but also bad to enjoy sit down activties, and how grades don't impress anyone or matter, unless its Jer-Bear managing a B after four years of struggles.

johanna said...

People, please. Now if your underwear show you aren't a good christian? I'm pretty sure God doesn't even care about that. EVERYBODY WEARS UNDERWEAR. Hate to break the news for you. They're both just boys. Boy's will be boys. And if you are going to blame anyone, blame the parents for not telling them to pull their pants up!

Carol said...

It always bothered me how Jeremy yelled at Zach about the trailer. That was the first indication I had regarding Jeremy's arrogance. It was all about blaming Zach, instead of thinking about his part in what happened.

What is sad is that from the sounds of it in "real life" Jeremy and Mueller haven't advanced much from catching bees.

Jocelynn said...

Thanks Rap. It's nice to remember the early seasons.