Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Roloff Family hosting a Republican Fundraiser

This will make certain factions of our readers and fans of the Roloffs very happy.

The Roloff family will host a Republican Fundraising event on their farm June 15th from 3pm to 5pm. It's called "Celebrate Oregon's Exceptional Agriculture" - A fundraiser for Senator Bruce Starr and several others Republican nominees for office. Sponsors include:

Join Senator Starr out at the Roloff Farms (where TLC features their hit reality show, "Little People, Big World") to celebrate Oregon's heritage and unique agriculture. This is a casual, down on the farm event for family members of all ages. Some of the event highlights will include:

•VIP guests Matt and Amy Roloff as well as several Republican nominees for office: Chris Dudley (Governor), Rob Cornilles (First Congressional District), Bob Horning (SD 16), Lew Barnes (HD 32), Shawn Lindsay (HD 30), Katie Eyre Brewer (HD 29), Bill Berg (HD 28), and Mike Niehuser (County Commissioner)!

•Fresh, Oregon-grown strawberries, shortcake, and ice cream,

•Live music from local bands,

•Face painting, petting zoo, and kids magician,

•Free prizes, including future tours of the Roloff Farms and coupons for free pumpkins when the farm opens to the public in the fall,

•And an exciting raffle and silent auction! Bring your checkbook.

*Due to the short time frame of the event, guests will be limited to the pumpkin patch area.

**This event is not open to the public. Ticket cost is $35 per family and $25 per individual.

Celebrate America at the Roloff Family Farm, Sunday June 13th 3-5pm. Scheduled to attend – State Senator Bruce Starr (sponsor), and candidates for governor and US House District 1. This will be a family event, with live music, a petting zoo, and other activities for kids. RSVP required. For more information please contact Laura Jannsen at laura at brucestarr dot org


Dana said...

"This will make certain factions of our readers and fans of the Roloffs very happy."

Like me! :) Well, anyone with a brain (that excludes all liberals and Democrats :)) knew the Roloffs are proud Republicans who love God. It's impossible to be love Jesus of the Bible and be a left wing Liberal.

Sheri said...

This is the true reason why there are certain people who spend their time trying to tear down Matt, Jeremy and the rest of the Roloff family. Because the Roloffs are Republicans and vocal Christians. Christians are always under unfair scrutiny. Ann Coulter has written informative articles documenting how Republicans are treated unfairly.

The Roloffs are a loyal family. They supported Mr. Bruce Starr long before the show reached the popularity it has today and they are still lending their support now that they have a massive audience to raise funds that will help put Republicans in office that will vote and act always with God and Jesus Christ in mind.

Rap541 said...

Heheh you know... I voted for McCain in the last election.

And in fact, the Roloffs are NOT vocal Christians. When a dollar is dangled in front of them they tone down their Christian views. Thats why they aren't proudly sharing their views on homosexuality on their show. The money is more important than their faith.

Dana said...

"Thats why they aren't proudly sharing their views on homosexuality on their show."

That's TLC's decision, not the Roloffs. If anyone is motivated to do so, it is easy to find out the Roloffs feelings on those subjects.

Jeremy (or Matt on behalf of Jeremy) never apologized for offending the homosexuals, did he?

Rap541 said...

Thas not TLC's decision, Dana - Matt and Amy both state they have some control and intentionally don't portray their church.

The Duggars, with some very extreme views, aren't restricted by TLC.

And no, Dana, neither Jeremy or Matt on Jeremy's behalf have had the basic decency to apologize for Jeremy's "n*gger" talk - you remember, when he refered to Mike Detjen as his "n*gger" as Mike was doing as Jeremy told him?

Jeremy has never apologized for the other racials slurs either. I wonder why. Maybe because he thinks he's better due to his white skin?

Or perhaps its his status as a white Christian male?

When a dollar is dangled in front of a Roloff - they shut up and take the money. Taking a stand versus taking a dollar - I *know* what a Roloff will do... lil hint - they take the dollar every time.

Craw said...

You make no sense Rap! You're a joke!

TLC has control of LPBW. Not the Roloffs. The Duggars are a different show that is marketed differently and I don't care about them. They're weird. The Roloffs are normal.

They don't show them at church because Amy said they don't want to force the cameras on people the Church is personal to some people.

They've never hid that they are Christians. They pray. They say the name of the school almost every episode Faith BIBLE CHRISTIAN. They talk about them being at Church and in Church Youth Groups.

If they were hiding any of that none of us would know all this and if they were hiding that they are Republican regligious conservative they wouldn't be having things like this at their place.

Rap541 said...

I love you Craw.

"TLC has control of LPBW. Not the Roloffs.

"They don't show them at church because Amy said they don't want to force the cameras on people the Church is personal to some people."

You do realize that these two statements mean the exact opposite right?

Amy doesn't want them shown at church BUT TLC controls everything?


Why not show the Roloffs attending the anti-gay sermons that people say they like? Because it would affect ratings and mean less money.... so much for being proud of their beliefs.

Craw said...

God, you're so black and white. Talking to you is like trying to talk to a baby.

They don't have control over everything. Going to Church is not controversial! TLC would probably show that, but the Roloffs don't want to make the other people at their Church uncomfortable. Some people don't want to be on camera. They don't want to go to Church and need to sign waiver forms. They are at Church to connect with God.

But something like the Roloffs being against homosexuality or for Focus on the Family or talking about how homosexuals are wrong in the eyes of God, that would be up to TLC.

If TLC doesn't want to go there because they think gays watch the show and don't want to offend those gays, that's TLC's decision. Not the Roloffs.

Rap541 said...

"TLC would probably show that, but the Roloffs don't want to make the other people at their Church uncomfortable. "

So the Roloffs do control how they are portrayed and TLC is NOT restricting them?

Personally, having watched the Duggars and other TLC shows, its totally within TLC guidelines to have religous issues with all kinds of things.

Including homosexuality and whether a parent gets to decide who you marry. Hell TLC used to show Kate and Jon Gosselin being very anti-abortion in actual churches. So please don't trot out "But mean TLC won't allow them their views on camera".

Frankly if it meant more ratings, I think TLC would love it. The reason we don't see it is because, as you state, Craw, it would cause ratings to go down and thats less dollars for Roloffs. The Duggars, lke them or hate them, are a lot more upfront about their views and make less money because of it. The Roloffs clearly prefer money to standing up for their values.

Craw said...

"So the Roloffs do control how they are portrayed and TLC is NOT restricting them?"

You are so thick headed. You didn't read what I just wrote. Showing them at Church is different than showing them discuss "controversial" things.

For the thousandth time, the Duggars are a totally different show. TLC markets the Duggar show as a freak show - Look they have 19 kids! TLC markets LPBW by trying to make people think they are so much like the Roloffs. Talking about controversial stuff works against that.

It's TLCs decision, not the Roloffs. I won't repeat myself again. What I said is clear if you're too stupid to understand it that's your problem.

Don't put words in my mouth either. Maybe someone at TLC thinks ratings would go down if they showed that the Roloffs are Pro-God and and anti Gay, but I don't because the Roloffs get a ton of support from Christians conservatives.

Williams said...

Almost all of the Roloffs friends are Republicans (and Christians).

The Roloffs don't have much diversity in their real lives.


Rap541 said...

Craw - its not putting words in your mouth if you're saying two different things.

1. TLC clearly does allow controversial stuff. So stating that TLC is forbidding it - when generally speaking, they allow it all the time, is incorrect.

2. The Roloffs clearly do have control over how they are portrayed and the fact that they choose to hde their more extremist views because it is bad for business means they are indeed, choosing money over their values.

Ifyou geniunely believe TLC is silencing them - I don't but lets go that way - the Roloffs choose to renew the contract that forces them to publically hide their christian values *every year*. SO if they weren't ok with being portrayed much more liberal thanthey actually are... they've had ample opportunity to stop.

And they don't. They see the dollars, and take them, and keep their Christian values off the show for money.

David said...

I wonder how many of Amy's castmates and the production team at Frogtown for Diversity will be at the Republican fundraiser? :)

Craw said...

"1. TLC clearly does allow controversial stuff. So stating that TLC is forbidding it - when generally speaking, they allow it all the time, is incorrect."

You're so stupid Rap. It's A DIFFERENT SHOW!!!! Gee TLC has a show about drug addiction so yeah they show controversial's a different show! TLC markets LPBW differently.

The Roloffs renew their contract because the good the show does for LP Awareness and for what it lets them do, like support Focus on the Family and help their fellow Republicans get elected.

Anonymous said...

Sarah palin ruined the republicans.

Rap541 said...

LPBW is on TLC which has many family shows that show families living controversial lifestyles. In particular we have several shows where the participants are quite religious and have rather conservative, Republican views on abortion and homosexuality.

TLC does not as a channel, refuse to air such views.

We also have the Roloffs proudly stating to the cameras again and again that they are real and show the good the bad and the ugly. So do keep in mind, the *Roloffs* aren't saying "TLC is marketing us to the liberal audience".

The Roloffs are saying the show is an accurate portrayal of their lives and that they rarely ask TLC to not show something. So why aren't their proud views on religion and politic out on theshow?

Oh, TLC CONTROLS THEM. Except that TLC pretty constantly airs much more controversial material.

And if the Roloffs choose to be publically silenced over their proud beliefs on homosexuality? That aren't included in their honest "good, bad , and ugly" portrayal? Why? They are doing it for LP awareness, not money.

I imagine they cash the checks just the same though.

Look Craw, the Roloffs are making a choice - their values on display or money. They choose money.

mythoughtis said...

who cares what political party the Roloffs belong to? They did not give up the right to support the poltical candidates/agendas of their choice because they have a TV show. They also do not have to support any particular group of people just because one of their fans support that group of people.
The Roloffs renew their show because they like the money, the trips and the attention.. isn't that why you would do a TV show?

Lynn said...

I agree MyThoughtis...

The Roloffs did not give up the right to support the political groups of their choosing just because they might have fans who make different decisions.

I don't mind hearing about it though. I am Republican, I knew Matt was a smart man :)

Brandon said...

Mythoughtis, you're correct the Roloffs have the right to support whatever they want. I don't think anyone is saying they don't.

I think the point Rap makes is fair. They are secretive about their political opinions and affiliations because the nature of their program is something that attracts a lot of "liberals" and members of minority groups (yes like the dreaded "gays").

I think a good example is Amy being invited and being paid to speak at a University for "Social Justice Week" about the rights of minority groups. Amy spoke right after a speaker for gay rights.

Do you think if Amy was more vocal about her views on homosexuality on the show and it was more well known and her traditional "right wing" opinions (like her support of Focus on the Family), that she would have gotten invited to that and paid for that event and events like that?

Perhaps, but I really kind of doubt it. It's awkward of an event that has a speaker about rights for minority groups and in that case, gay rights, to be followed by someone who supports the exact thing that the other speaker this event was hosting was speaking out against.

The Roloffs know that, TLC knows that, so they lay low on stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

If I supported Freedom Works, I'd be secretive about it too, so even though I think these Teabaggers are a bunch of wingnuts, I can see why the Roloffs wouldn't mouth off about it--they would lost quite a bit of their fan base.

However, they are typical of the type that support this movement--bigots, xenophobes and by and large the LOW end of the educational spectrum--just check out their signage at their rallies--full of grammatical and spelling errors. Personally, I think anyone that subscribes to this nutty faction are total idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dana, you are a total FOOL. Since when is spitting on people and other outrageous behavior of your teabagging friends considered "christian?"

GOP does not stand for "God's Own Party," and it's time you got that through that mental block you have which seems to be made of cement.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous--Not only did Palin destroy the party, she is a total JACKASS

Carol said...

"They also do not have to support any particular group of people just because one of their fans support that group of people."

MyThough, I think you're missing the point. If they are proud of their beliefs, why don't they say it on the show?

A gay person is likely to watch LPBW when it is billed as "Accept yourself. Don't let others ridicule you or keep you down. Live your life to the fullest".

However if that gay person than finds out that the Roloffs think they are going to Hell and give their money to organizations that fight against what that gay person holds dearly, that is probably going to majorly affect the amount of support that person is going to give to the Roloffs and LPBW.

The Roloffs don't have to support (as the obvious example) gay rights because they have viewers who are gay, but they cover it up because all they care about is high ratings that will keep the money flowing in. That's the point people are making. The Roloffs aren't proud of their beliefs. They are willing to stay silent for the money because that gay fan that doesn't that the Roloffs are against him or her in real life is probably watching the show and might by the Roloffs t-shirts because their being fooled by the Roloffs "accept yourself, pro-diversity" image from the show.

The other important factor is the public speaking circuit that Matt and Amy are both in. A lot of the organizations that pay Matt and Amy their $7000 speaking fee are more liberal organizations. The Roloffs are willing to stay quiet about their beliefs because they don't want to lose those opportunities.

It's not like you said, the issue isn't that they're not allowed to support the political group they choose. It's the fact that the image they created and their careers (as diversity speakers and stars of show that advertizes itself as being about diversity) does tend to appeal to a more liberal audience. Hence, they are a little or a lot hush hugh about how they really feel about the world.

Anonymous said...

Typical. To support a group like freedomworks you have to have your tab picked up for you either by the government or in their case tlc. It's just everyone else that has to work for their money.

JimW said...

The Roloffs are smart. That's the bottom line. The show is a business and business is about making money.

I am sure the Roloffs sit back and laugh at the their liberal and gay fans that are too stupid to figure out the truth. LOL.

Don't blame the Roloffs for being smart.

Rap541 said...

Jim - thats kind of the point being made. The Roloffs are laughing about how they make money off their lies.

As long as we acknowledge that the Roloffs are lying about their views in order to cheerfully screw people out of money, I have no problem.

Just don't tell me they have a lot of integrity and as Christians, they never lie. Because thats clearly not true and they shouldn't be getting credit for their honesty if you are correct.

JimW said...

I couldn't care less about the integrity of the Roloffs. They have a right to make as much money as they can. If that means biting their lip as liberals and gays throw money at them, then that's what they'll do.

Correction. What they are doing is not called lying. Lying would be "We the Roloffs support Gay marriage". They just aren't for full disclosure re: their political stances. That's different than lying.

Rap541 said...

Jim - but you do concede that they aren't being open about their beliefs nd proudly standing up as anti-gay because they'd rather have the money, correct?

Don't get me wrong - I like money too. Just don't tell me the Roloffs are taking a stand on their values when dangling a dollar means they shut up and don't say boo on camera to the gays they hate.

Thats not standing up for one's beliefs at all. Thats taking money to not make a fuss and money means more than values to a Roloff.

JimW said...

Yes, that's what I'm saying.

It's being smart because they want to make money. And it isn't lying.

A good friend of mine owns a banquet hall that hosts functions like wedding receptions. He hated Italians because they were so demanding. He takes their business because he likes their money.

When they approach him, he doesn't tell them "I don't like Italians". That would be stupid. It's business. He wants to make money and he'll gladly take their money and smile to their faces.

Anonymous said...

If your friend claims to be a diversity speaker then yes he is lying. Right now he's just a secret bigot. The Roloffs are diversity speakers.... hence the accusations of lying.

Shadow said...

The Roloffs' idea of "diversity" is that all white heterosexual U.S. citizens, including dwarfs, are equal. Everyone else should move to the back of the bus, or better yet, just get off. Sad to see such hatred and bigotry from people who have themselves been targets of discrimination, and who claim to be Christians.

Anonymous said...

Not a surprise, stupid people need to have other equally stupid people in positions of power so they can validate themselves.

brainwashing via tlc said...

NICE shadow. !! Also Brandn and Rap. A corporation is now paying the Roloffs to further their political party. And they complain about campaign contributions. Matts dream is to be the younger Rush, it's all crooked.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if palin had become VP! Omg just the thought boggles my mind! Why he picked her... We'll never know what the f*ck he was thinking. Worst move he could have made. He honestly could have been president but once he picked her bam out the window!!

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching the show when Jeremy's disgusting comments were uncovered on Myspace. I am a GAY BLACK man and it offended me. That word "nigger", to be thrown around joking, is just plain heartbreaking. It is hurtful to us who have suffered by hearing ourselves referred to as that. And then not even an apology? I wasn't surprised in the LEAST to see they are right wing Republicans. It just seems to go hand-in-had with hate. Of course, I know there are good and bad in all political parties/affiliations, it just seems like I haven't met many racist or ignorant homophobic fools in the Left. I used to really enjoy watching the show with my partner (who is white) but we both agreed our time with the Roloff's is over. Matt could at of least taught Jeremy something about the power of hurtful words, since he constantly is trying to get us to accept dwarves for WHO they are and not WHAT they are. Thanks Roloff's. You really let us down

Anonymous said...

Get over it. I'm of Italian decent and still get call a whap, grease ball, darkie, or sometimes just plain stupid. I don't walk around whining about it.
And, I'm a republican!

Rap541 said...

So to be fair, its also acceptable to say "He's a midget. Dance like an oompa loompa, midget!"

Because I *bet* I'd get a lecture from a Roloff on how undiverse that is ;)

If I recall, Matt unsuccessfully sued one of his previous employers over oompa loompa jokes.

*You have to go thru the twop thread pretty extensively to find it but someone actually got the case and gave notes. It wasn't pretty how badly matt lost.

Laura said...

"Well, anyone with a brain (that excludes all liberals and Democrats :)) knew the Roloffs are proud Republicans who love God. It's impossible to be love Jesus of the Bible and be a left wing Liberal"

Excuse me, Dana, but I am a Democrat and I love Jesus and go to church. It sure is funny how you claim to be so "christian" yet you are so judgemental and dead wrong!! It's people like you that perpetuate hate. I know that every person is entitled to their own views and I respect that. Perhaps you should spend some more time at church because the God that I know doesn't judge and promote hate. I love Little People, Big World and it doesn't matter to me what their political affiliation is. Why are you so hateful? You are a hypocrite!!

Anonymous said...

What a shame the Roloff's have thrown their hat into the political ring by hosting this republican fundraiser! I guess I'd always hoped they might be a little more open minded and accepting of everyone as children of God - that's certainly NOT what the GOP stands for! What a shame. They'll surely lose a lot of liberal viewers now, myself included. But hey, that's the republican way - they probably don't care who they offend!

I'd also speculate that Jacob was perhaps the sole liberal in the family, and thus became the Black Sheep, and eventually left. Just speculating.