Sunday, May 16, 2010

Roloff family video with Make A Wish foundation on a Portland TV Show

A Portland TV show put up some very brief videos of a child from Make-A-Wish Foundation with the Roloffs.

Matt tells the kids about the scary tunnels under the western town. Jeremy confirms.

Amy plays soccer with the boy.


Lynn said...

The Roloffs are good people. Thanks for posting this.

Tucker said...

The Roloffs are fake ass stuck up people with rude ass young adult sons. That don't give a damm about no one but themselves.

Shadow said...

Why did Matt need to emphasize the "dangerous" nature of the tunnels? Aren't these the tunnels HIS kids played in for years? I call BS...Just another example of Matt trying to impress someone (little kids! LOL!) with how "cool" he is.

Denise said...

I am the mom of these boys.

They made a wish come true for my son. My tiny Tim suffered from Burkitts lymphoma. He went under months of chemo. His wish was to meet the family of the Roloffs.

They are the kindest most humble family you would ever meet. I am greatful for everything that they made come true for my son. Think about the true meaning of what brings a smile to a child. If its telling about a tunnel that makes a child imagination wonder then let him. It made him smile.

A smile that was lost for a long time. My tiny Tim is a miracle, and so are the Roloffs. God puts people in your lifes for a reason. Its not by mistake. Think about the person you sit next to at work, or on the subway. Why are they there? Search your heart, maybe they need a story, so they can find their smile too.


Sheri said...

Denise, thank you for posting and sharing that. Many of us know that what you said is the one hundred percent truth about the Roloffs. They are wonderful people and truly a blessing from God who spread the Love of Christ the best way they know how.

It is always refreshing to hear the truth about the Roloffs from people who have first-hand experience of their kindness and giving nature.

God Bless you, your Timmy and your entire family.