Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ron and Peggy Roloff official Facebook Fan Page

Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff have their own Facebook fan page that they're using:


Joanne said...

I really miss seeing them on the show. Why are they not on these days?

Greg said...

I think there are 3 explanations why they aren't on the show these days.

1. The is a rift between them and Matt's family and they aren't around in real life (I don't believe this since Peggy has talked about them visiting on her blog).

2. The show is so contrived and scripted that they haven't figured in one of their plots. Most things on the show these days are about staged drama on their vacations around the world. It doesn't reflect real life, ours or theirs.

3. The producers and Discovery want to distance themselves from Ron and Peg because of their controversial opinions on religion and politics.

Before Sheri and Dana yell at me, yes, their opinions are controversial. When someone says that you should have to be a Christian to be an American citizen that is controversial for a reality show that promotes itself as "We're all the same" and pretends to welcome diversity. To have semi-regulars on the show with those strong opinions is bad, bad busines. I could understand if The Powers That Be at TLC don't want to be too close to Ron and Peg.

People like the way they are portrayed on the show. Loveable grandparents. Not all people aren't so fond of people with very divisive opinions that would offend many of the show's audience.

Carly said...

Joanne, I agree. I love Matt's parents. I miss them. They've been married 50 years. We need more positive examples on tv.

Kapper said...

Greg, you hit the nail on the head

Jocelynn said...

FYI - They were asked on their Facebook page if there is a reason why they aren't on the show. They didn't answer, but they are posting about other things.

I assume that means there is a seedy underlying reason that they don't want to or can't discuss publicly.