Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scott LeSage in Oregon State Dodgeball videos (Jeremy and Zach Roloff friend)

As we've mentioned previously, people from around the world quite consistently search for anything and anyone who are sometimes seen on Little People, Big World -- some more than others, particularly Jeremy's friends.

So we're passing this along for all the people who search for Scott LeSage. The admin/creators at kindly passed this video along.

It seems that most of the loyal viewers, after 5 seasons of watching LPBW, especially people who take their LPBW interest to the internet and sites like ours, are very familiar with the friends who are sometimes on the show - the main ones being Jacob Mueller (#1 most inquired; of course most of those are people wondering why Mueller and Jeremy are so close), Dan, Bryan and Scott.

If you're just a casual viewer or you get the friends mixed up, here are some of the Scott LeSage scenes on LPBW over the years (and an excuse to make some people happy and put some Scott pictures on here). Hey, we exist for the fans, so that's what we'll do :) If people request it, we attempt to deliver.

Scott and Jeremy, infamously, accidentally breaking the lamp while wrestling in the old living room. Well, that lamp probably wouldn't have made it into the new/house expansion anyway :)

Scott helping Jeremy with math homework

Scott was the one Jeremy was cheating off of with his case of "peaky eye" as Zach described it.

Scott working on Jeremy's truck with Jeremy and Mike Detjen

Scott at a Faith Bible soccer practice

Amy showing Scott her fake tattoo

Scott was part of the wrestling/boxing matches seen last season

From way, way back. Scott was in the original documentary, Little People, Big Dreams. Scott was the one kid who helped Zach get "revenge" after Zach returned from being bullied

Scott at Faith Bible graduation with friends


Scott is on the Dodgeball team at Oregon State University.

Every week the OSU Dodgeball team has been making weekly video highlights.

In this one, Scott is named the winner of the "Acrobat" award :) I must say, those are some nifty moves; very fluid motion.

Here is the video; the acrobat move is at 1:43:


Peter said...

I am fairly sure that if I tried that, the ball would go springing out of my hand and I'd break my neck :(

Roxanne said...

Thanks! I've always thought Scott was better looking than Jeremy.

That's pretty good!

Brandon said...

Nice Christian music :)

Mad props to the one girl in that video!

Rain said...

i've learned from lpbw that oregon has very good looking guys :)

love the first picture. mmmm.

sarah said...

I love him but I never known his name! I just wanna date him but he looks like "air where the brain is supposed to be" lmao...(i love him after jeremy of course!

Jada said...

Sarah, Scott would probably be better to date because Jeremy is a "TV star". It's a fact tv stars are jerks. They all deny it but there's good reasons why famous people have those reputations.

Scott isn't as known as Jeremy = less of a jerk.
Scott has a better body than Jeremy anyway :)

lol at your brain comment, but be fair Sarah!
Who is at Oregon State University and who is at Community College? :) Another point for Scott.

Rap41 said...

I always enjoy when we cutely reference how Jeremy "ALWAYS HONEST" Roloff was cheating on tests. So Christian he was to cheat...:) I imagine Scott and Jeremy's teachers considered it Jesus's blessing to let Jeremy Jame Jesus cheat on camera. He's so blessed, he's allowed to cheat per Lord Jesus Christ :)

Adam said...

I must try out that dodgeball move!

Expressed said...

That was a good move :)

I laugh at the lamp picture. Look at Mueller sitting quietly in the back like the good well behaved kid.

What's the name for that? When the trouble making kid acts all innocent when there are people around? That's how I think of Mueller.

Btw, Scott usually works in the parking lot for Roloff pumpkin season if anyone wants to meet him :)
I talked to a couple of girls that got their pictures with him last October :)

Melinda said...

They have a dodgeball team?! Is that normal? That's awesome!!!

Rap541 said...

Dodgeball has become a popular intramural sport.

Tracy said...

Melinda, I agree! I don't think it's normal, but it's cool.

I google searched for it and didn't come up with much. The University of Cincimnati has a You Tube video.

The news report says since the Dodgeball movie came out teams have been popping up everywhere.

Laura said...

Was Scott the one in the vodka story with Jeremy? When Jeremy and friend stole Matt's vodka and almost burnt down Matt's barn in a drunken stupor? Or was tat someone else?

Zee to the Z said...

Laura, nope. That was a guy named Jake.

Scott did spend a lot of time with Adam Garland. Read into that what you want.

Fans don't know this but people around Faith know this. Scott and Jeremy weren't always friends.

You won't see Jeremy portrayed this way on the show but Jeremy is a very sore loser. He's also a popularity hound. Jer doesn't like being second. The Roloffs were at Faith before Scott. When Scott came to Faith he could compete with Jeremy. Jer didn't like it. He didn't like Scott and Scott didn't like how Jeremy reacted to him.

As they got older they liked the same things. They're both into fixing up trucks. I think it was around grade nine when Jeremy dropped the grudge and they became good friends. That was when the show started to get big. Jer didn't feel a threat to his popularity anymore.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how we can join that scott lesage blog? it says you have to be invited by the creator??

Spiritswander said...

Blog site authors and creators can choose their visibility/privacy settings. Our site is open to all readers. Some blogs choose to be visible only to selected people by sending an invitation via email.

The Scott LeSage blog site chooses to select their readers by email invite only. They sent an invite to

It is the admin team's choice on that blog to be available only to people they choose.

The email for the Scott LeSage blog is

You can try emailing to express your interest.

However, we have no control over who another site permits to read their site.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when his birthday is?

DJ said...

I've always thought he was better looking than Jeremy too.

Amanda said...

Mmmm...i'm in love :)

Aimee said...

He has a girlfriend right?

Erica said...

Sorry if this is a bad question, but is he a father?
The girl he went with thru HS has a baby now.

Is he the father?

Adam said...

No! He's not. The girl's name is Roxy. They broke up. She met and married some other guy. That's who she had the baby with.

Christine said...

For the record, Scott's girlfriend name is Courtney. She was in the truck video, the last day of 2009 video with Jeremy.

Melissa said...

Courtney and Scott broke up. It was a mutual break up, they're still friends.

He wanted to concentrate more on school. They both thought it would be best if they weren't dating at this time.

Tom said...

Love the move, haha. Cool!

Andrea said...

Geeeez, I grew up in the wrong state! Between Scott and Jeremy those Faith Bible girls were very lucky. ha.

Jenny said...

I love the young picture :>

Yay Scott for not beating on Zach!
Too bad Jer didn't step up to help his bro, but that's old news..

Anonymous said...

I wish Scott had wrestled and boxed Jeremy instead of Bryan. Scott would have whipped him. It would have been great to see.

Chris said...

You can't see it very much from these pictures except maybe in the posed one with the balls, but I wouldn't be surprised if Scott is doing the same kind of stuff that Jeremy is probably doing body wise.

Just My Opinion...but I'd be shocked if Jeremy did it naturally and Scott looks the same way.

Craw said...

Oh they're not doing steroids. Shut up Chris.

It's called working out. A lot of guys do it. Maybe you should hit your local gym Chris.

Albany, OR said...

I don't know Scott too well, but Courtney is awesome. I know she still has good things to say about him even though they broke up. I trust her judgement if she thinks he's a good person.

Shannon said...

I adore the first picture :) I want to move to Oregon. These guys seem cool (not the fake on the show act of the Roloffs image)

Johannah said...

How come only certain people are "invited" to the Scott blog? Why can't everybody see?

Spiritswander said...

Because it is the privacy settng choice the owner or admins of that blog chose. Every blog owner decides for themselves whether they want to be public - available to anyone or if they want to have the ability to choose who can see their content.

Our site is open to all readers. Some blogs choose to be visible only to selected people by sending invitations via email.

The Scott LeSage blog site chooses to select their readers by email invite only. They sent an invite to

The email for the Scott LeSage blog is

You can try emailing to express your interest.

However, we have no control over who another site permits to read their site.

Corbett said...

I have a blog that I have private.

Johannah, you in no way have a right to read any blog that you wish. People aren't required to let just anyone read what they write on their own blogs. That's why there are privacy features.

Some people have personal things on their blogs that they only want family and friends reading. Other blogs might only want other fans of whatever their subject is about to be able to read instead of bashers. It is sometimes nice to be able to control who has access to your blog. The downside of that is you keep new people out. You don't get as much attention as sites that are open to everyone, but not everyone with a blog or website is looking for the biggest audience.

Johannah said...

Thanks for the help! I'm not a blogger, so I really don't know how they work. I was simply just curious.