Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Television Ratings for Roloff family on Little People, Big World May 10th, 2010

Perhaps all the interviews Matt and Amy Roloff have been doing lately, as well as Matt's recent surge in his online fan interaction and accessibility is paying off in the form of a few more viewers for the television show?

The episodes on May 10th generated the best ratings for Little People, Big World of this portion of the new season (referred to as Season 5 Part B). It is still well below of the average of 1.8 million viewers in Season 5 Part A, however for this section of episodes; they are climbing from a few weeks ago when they dipped below the 1 million mark for the first time in quite some time.

The 8:30pm episode, Going For Gold: the episode about The Statesmen's soccer game at the World Dwarf Games received a season high rating of 1.452 million viewers.

This is the complete list of television ratings for LPBW season 5B including the ratings for the Monday May 10th Episodes.

May 10th "Full Court Stress" 8pm: 1.315 million viewers
May 10th "Going For Gold" 8:30pm: 1.452 million viewers

May 3rd "The Statesmen" 8pm: 1.075 million viewers
May 3rd "Belfast and Furious" 8:30pm: 1.352 million viewers

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers


Em said...

Wow, I'm surprised. From the reactions I've been reading everywhere most people online are saying they thought the soccer episodes were boring. I guess not!

That's a big jump between the 8 and 8:30 episode. What was on 9pm on TLC?

tashapork said...

thse episodss were a lot better than the last two the last two were to me the worst episodes of all five seasons, they made the whole family look bad