Sunday, May 16, 2010

TLC bonus Roloff Video clips from the new Season of Little People, Big World

TLC's official site has some videos with extra scenes of Little People, Big World that were not included in the episodes that were shown on television.

Nine dwarves walk into a barber shop: The Statesmen get haircuts in Belfast while Jeremy takes pictures of the results. Troy gets a design that he apparently didn't request, Eddie gets a mohawk and Zach styles a faux-hawk.

Playing as a team; Amy and Zach talk about their relationship as coach and player on the soccer field. Basically to summarize; Zach runs the practice and Amy allows him to be in charge.

Setting Goals: Jeremy gets goal posts ready for The Statesmen trip to the farm.

Playing Again: Matt finds out "last minute" that every basketball team has to have a female play. Of course, it wasn't really "last minute"; the stuff with Marty and the Statesmen at the farm was back in June, the World Dwarf games weren't until the end of July and opening days of August. Matt startled me with his "Eureka!!!" scream! :-)

Sibling Rivalary: The description says Molly and Jake get into a scuffle while sight-seeing with Amy; but really they only playfully bicker.

The Giant's Causeway: After the Roloffs went to the castle as seen in the episode on May 11th, they visited The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.


Roxanne said...

Did anyone notice TLC used the mirror effect on the in-van camera? They switched the side the driver was on.

Dana said...

I hope certain people noticed that Jeremy was out supporting Zach and working hard all for Zach.

I can't recall Zach ever doing something nice for Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

I so remember Zach telling the college soccer coach what a great player Jeremy was and that Jeremy was an All-Star.

And that Jeremy was his wingman. He's said that a few times.

What an unchristian bastard he is, praising his brother, huh Dana? :)

After all, Jeremy should hear, when he wakes up, his entire family should be waiting at his bedside every day to say "Thank Jesus, Jeremy is awake!"

Any time Jeremy does anything, Matt, Amy, Jake, Zach, and Molly, should be at his side, saying "Good job, Jeremy! You're dressing yourself! Thank Jesus!Good job Jeremy! You can use a fork! You're AWESOME!"

Since he'll just collapse in dispair if he's not praised every time he goes on the potty?

Hey, when is the big boy ever gonna have a job where daddy Matt isn't his boss? Even *Zach* has managed that....