Tuesday, May 18, 2010

TV ratings for Roloff Family on Little People, Big World May 17, 2010

The ratings for this week's episodes of Little People, Big World were back down a little, after last week's slight climb.

This is the complete list of television ratings for LPBW season 5B including the ratings for the Monday May 17th Episodes.

May 17th "Par For the Course" 8pm: 1.110 million viewers
May 17th "Going, Going, Gone" 8:30pm: 1.297 million viewers

May 10th "Full Court Stress" 8pm: 1.315 million viewers
May 10th "Going For Gold" 8:30pm: 1.452 million viewers

May 3rd "The Statesmen" 8pm: 1.075 million viewers
May 3rd "Belfast and Furious" 8:30pm: 1.352 million viewers

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers


Sheri said...

TLC must be very happy with LPBW. The President of TLC came to visit them because she truly cares about the Roloffs as the wonderful people they are. Matt had kind words for TLC unlike the other ex TLC family.

Matt posted this on his Facebook page:

"The President of TLC and her team of execs were here today at the farm for a social visit/meeting. Just to check in on how we're doing. Some had never seen the farm before. They treat us like family and sincerely seem to care about our well being. I love being part of the TLC family!"

God bless the Roloffs.

AussieMum said...

Of course TLC care about your well being Matt. For heavens sakes! You are moneymakers to them.

Let's see how caring they are when LPBW ratings start to drop. Because as we all know nothing lasts forever.

Brandon said...

Aussiemum, ratings have already begun to drop. Last seasons average 1.8. Now they are scraping to get over 1. A couple of years ago they got ratings in the 2's.

Personally I wonder why TLC really met with the Roloffs. I don't trust anything Matt says. Even Matt says he plays people, Amy says Matt plays people, Zach says Matt plays people....why do people think Matt is telling THEM the truth about anything?

IMO, it seems strange that the President of television network would stop in to chit-chat about the weather with the stars of their show that is dropping in the ratings with the only message being we love you!

Matt isn't about to say if it was about anything negative.

Shadow said...

Just so you know...Apparently Matt refers to the "haybale" sessions as "Barn Bites." I like haybales better...