Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ron and Peggy Roloff camping with Jacob

Ron and Peggy Roloff posted a few pictures from their camping trip with their grandson Jacob and his friend Levi.

Matt's Facebook page has been getting a lot of attention, but if you haven't seen Peggy and Ron's page you might want to check that out, too. Ron and Peg are quite active on Facebook, keeping fans updated about what they're up to and they're personable and interactive with fans on their page.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Performer with an Improv show on Royal Caribbean - Oasis of the Seas mentions the Roloffs

Padraic Connelly, who is a performer from Chicago has a show with Royal Caribbean on the cruise ship -- Oasis Of the Seas -- which of course is the same ship that Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff are on right now for the celebrity cruise. He performs in 'Hairspray the Musical' and the improvised show 'Throw Me a Line' on the Oasis of the Seas.

He has "tweeted" a few times about the Roloffs being on the ship. He mentions that he hopes he'll be seen on Little People, Big World when the episode airs.

June 28
The mom and sons from 'Little People, Big World' are on the ship. I thought about making a bad joke, but decided to be the bigger person.

June 28
They came to our improv show tonight, which was probably our best yet! I can only hope we make TLC!

June 28
Amy Roloff came to our improv show tonight! It was thrilling to have a celebrity guest for a standing-ovation show

Here is a look from a different angle at the ship Amy, Jeremy and Zach are on right now for the cruise.

New Matt Roloff interview about season finale - he has "mixed emotions" about cliff-hanger ending

TV has a new interview with Matt Roloff where he mostly talks about the reaction to the cliff hanger Season 5 finale of Little People, Big World.

He talks about the reaction and the fact that he was fine, but his fans on Facebook were worried and concerned. Matt said he feels bad because he didn't want to intentionally scare his fans and he has mixed emotions about the fact they used it as a dramatic cliff hanger ending.

They asked him if something health related happened, would the crew (who all have very strong friendships with the Roloffs -- but most fans don't think of that aspect of it) continue shooting? He said if they were the only one in the room they would put the camera down but for the most part they would film if other people were there. He says there have been instances in the past where the kids have gotten hurt and the crew stops to attend to them. Matt says what he has often said in the past -- that they show the good, bad and the ugly of their lives.

On another subject, Matt said when the family travels, it's heart-warming that people stop them and ask for photos. He says they love interacting with people like that -- which honestly is a bit of a departure from what Matt said in another interview a few months ago when he said they have learned to avoid making eye contact with people so they won't get bothered by adoring fans.

Matt Roloff Talks 'Little People, Big World'
by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 29th 2010 3:00PM

If you watched the finale of 'Little People, Big World,' you might have wondered how Matt Roloff is doing after his shocking collapse. Well, he's alive and well and doing great! Turns out it was a bad case of vertigo -- not a heart attack, as some viewers suspected.

TV Squad caught up with Roloff, who talked to us about what life has been like since the finale.

So my first question is, how are you doing?

I'm doing fine. It caught us by surprise, how much attention this thing got. It's funny, because we don't really watch the episodes [as they air]. We saw a rough cut months ago, but we put it out of our mind and never thought about it. I was off traveling to New York and doing my thing, and I'm getting on the airplane coming home, and people are like, "Oh, man, good to see you." And I'm like, "What? Why?" And they're like, "Everybody is saying you were dead!" But I'm here to tell you that I'm definitely alive and well.

So it wasn't a heart attack?

No, it was a bad case of vertigo, which makes you dizzy. So I hit the floor.

By the time the episode aired, did your extended family know you were fine? Did you get any frantic phone calls?

I didn't. People I keep in touch with knew I was fine, but a lot of my Facebook fans were sad or distressed over it.

If something like that happens, does the camera crew continue shooting?

If there's nobody else in the room, then yeah, they would have dropped the camera in a second and attended to me. In the past, we've had instances where the kids get hurt, and if it's dire, then they do put the cameras down and jump in. But, for the most part, if they feel it's under control, their job is to continue to roll.

It must be hard, though. Like the accident with the trebuchet a while back. Do you ever feel like saying, "Stop the cameras. This is too much"?

Oh yes, definitely. When the accident happened, they specifically said, "Can we go ahead and shoot it?" And in that few seconds we were rushing down there, I said, "Yes, but give us lots of space." In other words, don't be pushing us out of the way to get your camera shot. So they shot it from more of a distance than they might typically want to. But you develop a relationship with the crew where I can just wave and they know that means -- turn the camera off and go away. But we try not to do that very often because we're trying to share our life, all the good and the bad and the ugly and the dramatic and the not dramatic.

Has it gotten easier to deal with over the years -- sharing your life on camera with the rest of the world?

Yes, over the years, we've become more accustomed to it. It's easier to let them do their job while we go about the business of our life.

Plus, it seems like you've got the support of all of these people who are watching, too. Like when you lost Mike, did it feel like you had an extended family in the millions of viewers?

That is absolutely true. I mean, it's humbling, and it just warms your heart to think how many people are so concerned about you out there. I feel bad because I don't intentionally want to give anybody a scare, and the fact that they did the cliff hanger like that, you have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, you want to support the production of the show and what that's all about with the drama. But on the other hand, you don't want people to be scared. I just assumed that because I was on Facebook every day and people knew that the show ran a few months behind, that everybody would know I was fine.

And, like you said, you probably didn't think too much about it. You were going on with your lives.

Yes, we moved on. I picked myself up off the ground and dusted myself off. I did go to the doctor and get some medication for my vertigo, which has kept it under control.

How are you feeling otherwise?

Overall, my health is pretty good right now. I'm doing a lot of things to try to keep on top of it, and I'm feeling pretty darn good lately.

I know you've had a lot of surgeries and medical issues. Do you ever just get tired of all the medical stuff?

Yes, I definitely get tired of the medical stuff. There's no doubt about that. It's just one of those things where you have to deal with things through life.

You and your wife Amy seem really down to earth. How do you manage to stay sane among all the publicity and everything?

It's totally gone to my head! No, it's hard because it does change your lives in ways that you don't expect it. We've tried to just stay focused on our mission in life. Even when we're shooting, we're on our farm with our family, in our zone. And when we do go off the farm and travel, a lot of people stop us for photos, and it's heartwarming. We love to interact with the public.

I know that you and Amy work with a lot of charities. Do you feel like you're the voice for little people out there now?

I wouldn't claim that we're the voice, because we always say, "All little people are different, and they all have different needs and desires." And we don't claim to be the voice for any organization or group, but I do have CoDA, which is the Coalition of Dwarf Advocacy. It's an important charity, and we're doing some really cool stuff, like building custom-made bicycles for dwarf kids that can't afford them otherwise, helping with adoptions and educational scholarships. That's a very near-and-dear-to-our-heart effort

Monday, June 28, 2010

Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Cruise in Haiti -- Amy, Jeremy and Zach Roloff

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation is in Haiti and posting updates and a few pictures while they are there on their website.

Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, along with Amy's charity foundation board members -- Lisa and Gayle who fans of Little People, Big World saw in a few episodes about their benefit last year, are on their Oasis of the Seas -- Amy Roloff Charity Cruise and stopped in Haiti.

June 27, 2010 Dinner with the Captain tonight on Oasis of the Seas! Discussing Haiti trip tomorrow

June 28, 2010 Just boarded our plane for Port Au Prince. Thank you to Gary Eng and his crew for donating the transportation. Stay tuned for updates today! Please help the children of Haiti!

June 28, 2010 Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. We have arrived in Haiti. Its very hot and the streets are congested and crowded.

June 28, 2010 ARCF in Haiti. Tents everywhere due to buildings unstable. People are afraid to go into their homes so they live outside and in tents.

June 28, 2010 Just left tent school with Angels of light program.

June 28, 2010 Zack Roloff, Jeremy Roloff and Amy Roloff along with ARCF visited Port Au Prince Haiti today to help bring awareness back to the devastation that still remains.

June 28, 2010 We just visited a special needs school in Haiti. They are teaching the mothers to feed their children properly so the children won't choke during feeding.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roloff family summer travel plans have begun

It's the summer. For the Roloff family, that always means non-stop adventure in the form of travel, travel and more travel.

Amy's Charity Foundation cruise as started. The date of the cruise is from June 26th - July 2nd.

Amy flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the Cruise begins with Zach and Jeremy. She posted this picture on her charity site.

And Amy with her charity foundation board members and friends that viewers know from the LPBW episodes regarding her Golf Tournament - Lisa and Gayle.

You can see the ship Amy will be on in the video Amy did in February:

Then from the end of the cruise, it's off to Nashville for the party known as the National Little People Conference of America in Nashville. The date of the LPA conference is July 2 to the 9th.

Matt Roloff has said in an earlier interview that originally he wasn't planning on going to the LPA conference this year, but changed his mind because Molly wants to bring her best friends with her to the Little People of America conference.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Matt Roloff

Sending out a "Happy Father's Day" to Matt Roloff and all the fathers out there.

Matt and his boys and some of their friends spent most of father's day weekend camping (think the old camping episode in the first season of Little People, Big World).

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Layouts

Dear readers,

As you can see, we have been experimenting with new layouts and designs for the site over the past week.

Feel free to leave feedback about which style you prefer either here in a comment or in email to

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Discovery catches some flack for the death theme to attract viewers

While the cliffhanger ending of Little People, Big World has obviously worked better than Discovery/TLC and the Roloffs could have imagined - Matt is trending topic on the internet and is in all the gossip sites - going the way of Jon and Kate without the divorce -- but they're also starting to catch some flack.

The Washington Post has an article "Discovery Does Death" and does a good job portraying how the episode of LPBW played up the death storyline throughout the episode.

"Fatal attraction: Discovery lures viewers with a morbid theme"

There are a couple of corrections I would make to the Washington Post article. One, as we pointed out - the dramatic scene with Matt collapsed on the floor was not filmed in the fall, it was filmed in the summer of 2009.

Second, I must defend "bloggers" a bit. It's interesting to see how a story can spread and facts can be reported incorrectly when more and more sites that don't usually follow the Roloffs jump on a story.

Almost all of the article or blog postings were shooting down the rumors. The majority of headlines said "Matt Roloff Heart Attack rumors -- He did not have a heart attack" or "Is Matt Roloff dead? He is alive and well".

Our site can vouch for the fact that the show succeeded into leaving trusting viewers worried about Matt. Within hours there were thousands upon thousands of inquiries and search terms of people asking "What happened to Matt Roloff?" Did Matt Roloff have a heart attack? Did Matt Roloff die".

From that, most sites and blogs were publishing stories "Matt Roloff is not dead" -- because the show had successfully fooled trusting viewers into worrying about Matt -- as the Washington Post article pointed out - with the whole theme of Matt talking about his poor health and dying throughout the show and then to end with Matt on the floor.

We actually didn't see too many - if any - actual reports that Matt had died or that he had a heart attack. Almost all of it was saying it was false. Then as soon as that started to become popular, the spammer sites re-post a headline such as "Matt Roloff heart attack - video" -- which are just fake headlines that lead people to spam and virus sites. Then because of that, there are just more and more things on the internet with that headline and that's what makes a particular subject catch steam on the internet.

As our readers know -- since we "Keep Up With the Roloffs" all of the time, it's interesting to see what happens when people and sites who aren't as familiar with the Roloffs jump on board.

Some of the reports about the "rumors" were saying that Matt was alive and well because his wife, Amy, was posting on his Facebook that Matt was fine and in New, no that's not correct. Amy posted on her charity foundation, but certainly not on Matt's profile page.

Other reports from more mainstream publications about the rumors said that when Matt found out that people thought he was dead, he posted a picture of himself on Facebook and assured his worried fans he was okay.....No, that's not correct either.

As our readers know, what really happened was Matt was posting on Facebook as he usually does. He was posting during the airing of the show. Then when it became clear that there was thousands of people worried about him and rumors of a heart attack of even of his death -- that's precisely when his posts were suddenly removed -- or as Matt now claims - when he had a "security issue" so his staff deleted them. So it wasn't a case of Matt posting to calm the fears of his worried fans. It was the opposite -- it was Matt (or Matt's staff if you believe Matt) removing his posts just as they were realizing that they were getting all of this attention for the death and heart attack rumors or if you believe Matt - it was just the worst possible timing to have a "security issue" that caused his staff to wipe out his posts. Yet as the story grew, suddenly the sequence of events became "Matt posted later that night after the show aired to assure fans he was alright" - which isn't what happened Monday night at all. They let the story build steam before Matt finally posted his message and made his statement to TMZ.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amy Roloff responds to the public worry over Matt's health and criticism of the cliffhanger

As you can see from the site, we've done many items about aftermath of the show and this viewer frenzy about Matt's health and Matt's reaction to it (albeit delayed reaction).

How is Amy handling this frenzy? And the criticism from viewers who feel used and are questioning the Roloffs morals for the cliffhanger ending.

A jaded fan expressed their feelings to Amy and she responded on the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Page.

Jen T: Amy, it's great you do stuff like Frogtown and support good causes, but I fear you've sold your soul in the name of money and TV ratings. The "ending" last night truly disgusted me. I wonder if you realize how disrespectful it is to all the people who have experienced the panic and pain of finding a family member on the... floor. To use it as "cliffhanger" to get people to watch is deplorable. And then for Matt to delete his Facebook posts last night to hide the fact that he's fine so that naive good hearted people will continue to worry - wow - I'll stop before I say something I regret. But I fear you have all lost your way and shame on you and the producers (you sing their praises but they show their true colors with things like this) for taking advantage of people's emotions.

Amy Roloff: Hey Jen. I appreciate your thoughts. Though Matt is fine it was a scary moment for us though too. WE are grateful all is fine. No, I only give my time to just maybe give a little help for a BIG world through the opportunity I have been given via LPBW. Thank you again.

Mike L.: Praying Matt is ok

Amy: He is fine and the family is doing good. Thanks.

The real timeline of Matt Roloff's collapse/dizzy spell -- June/July 2009

Emails and comments and inquiries continue to pour in about the dramatic cliffhanger ending on the Season 5b finale of Little People, Big World -- worried fans trying to find out if Matt is alright (yes, he's fine).

Or from E-Online (Return link back to here -Thanks E) with another good summary of the aftermath of the episode and reaction:

In a previous item we had - pictures of the dramatic final scene - we pointed out the timeline of events to put things into perspective for fans. We will put on our detective hat that will reveal when it was filmed :)

If you look at the details of the "Matt collapses" scene, it was filmed approximately one year ago - late June/early July of 2009. It was before any of the European trip. It was before Jeremy and Zach left for their backpacking trip. It was before Amy, Molly and Jacob left for Italy. It was before Matt joined the rest of the family in France in July 2009. It was before the World Dwarf Games. It was months before pumpkin season.

We will take a moment to examine the scene in question.

First, notice the giant check leaning against the left wall of the office. Some people asked for it to be pointed out because they couldn't see it. It is the giant sponsorship check they used when the sponsors visited the Roloff Farms in late June to present to The Statesmen for the World Dwarf Games. That was filmed in late June 2009. Some people wanted us to point where on the screen the check is because they don't see it -- the check is to the left of Zach, about the height of his shoulder. The date on the check (which doesn't necessarily mean anything about the timing of this scene, but bear with us!) is June 27, 2009. The amount on the check is $38,500.00. That amount can be seen right about where they have closing credits, about the P for Paul Barrosse.

Of course, just because the check that used for something that was filmed in late June doesn't necessarily mean it was filmed then -- but there is further evidence which places this "scene" in late June/early July of 2009.

You might recall the scene in an earlier episode when the backpacks arrived for Jeremy and Zach's Europe trip. The packages arrived, they opened the boxes. Jeremy and Zach tried them on, Amy watched....that was in preparation for their Europe trip which was July 2009.

Are you still with us? Pay attention to the clothes that each of the Roloffs are wearing. This was from the scene when the backpack arrived before their Europe vacation in July 2009.

Notice Jeremy's red soccer jersey with the Carlsberg logo on the front and blue shorts, Jeremy's barefeet, Zach's Indoor Goals shirt, Amy's black top...

Now the scene in question. Matt's dramatic collapse that was used as a cliffhanger. Notice again Jeremy's red soccer jersey with the Carlsberg logo on the front and blue shorts and his backpack gear, Zach's white indoor goals shirt and Amy's back top.

We just thought it would beneficial to point out the timeline since some people were still worried. In actual fact, you've been seeing Matt on Little People, Big World (and doing a whole lot of media interviews and talk shows and appearances)a whole bunch AFTER this scene that had everyone so concerned. So they are using Matt's apparent "dizzy spell" in June of 2009 as the cliffhanger to spark interest in the premiere of Season 6 which will air September 2010. Welcome to reality tv! :-)

Matt Roloff finally responds to all the health, heart attack and death rumors because of the cliffhanger ending of LPBW - makes it to TMZ

Matt finally responded to all the rumors on his Facebook page:

Wow!! I am humbled, by the responses to our last episode. For those wondering..the reality of my collapsing was REAL.
I continue to fight Vertigo dizzy spells. I'm now on the right meds. Happy to say I'm doing much better...haven't hit the floor in months.

For those wondering why the deleted posts? Had a security issue in NY so my staff deleted them. Bad timing! Thank you for your well wishes. I'm glad to be home!"

If you're wondering about Matt's last statement -- throughout the day on Monday, Matt was using his Facebook page as usual, posting about the fundraiser on the Farm for political candidates, his trip to New York, arriving in New York. He even posted as LPBW was airing (depending on where you live) of him out and about in New York.

Yet in the aftermath of the show and the frenzy of worried people who thought it was another situation like Mike Detjen, where the episode aired and then they came to the internet to find out that Mike had died months ago - people began asking if Matt was ok (in actuality - Matt's dizzy spell was filmed almost exactly one year ago - in late June/early July 2009 - before the Europe vacation, before pumpkin season, etc).

Sites like ours pointed to Matt's Facebook posts as a quick and easy to calm the fears of worried of viewers.

Then, suddenly as rumors of Matt's health and death and that he had heart attack were becoming one of the popular searches on the internet -- Matt's Facebook entries from Monday - suddenly disappeared and the stories continued to spread...

Those who are skeptical felt it was Matt and TLC trying to ride the wave of attention by letting these rumor stories build. Now Matt explains that it was a "security issue" so his staff deleted them. Hmm.

Matt also made it to TMZ

'Little People' Star Matt Roloff -- I'm Not Dead!

Originally posted Jun 16th 2010 12:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Millions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn't even suffer a heart attack at all -- it was vertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape ... or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, "Although having a dizzy case of vertigo ... I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern."

We're told Matt didn't even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show -- and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Detailed look at dramatic final scene -- Matt Roloff collapse that caused all the health / heart attack / death speculation...

Since this Matt Roloff health crisis cliff-hanger has developed into such a big story -- the producers and editors obviously did their job well -- we thought we would take a closer look at it for anyone who might have missed it.

Also, for people who always wonder about when in real time the events were filmed -- the pictures may reveal the answer. As Jeremy and Zach enter the office, you can see that leaning against the left wall is the giant sponsorship check for The Statesmen. That places it back around late June/early July 2009. Which would also explain the hiking backpack Jeremy has on that they got for their European trip.

Boy I'm dizzy

Matt drinks water

Thump - Amy "Who is that?"

Zach: "What the hell"
Jeremy: Papa loon (No idea!)
Notice Statesmen sponsorship check leaning against the left wall - the presentation on the farm with the giant check was done late June of 2009

Matt on his back

Matt on his stomach

Jeremy: Dad....Dad?

Amy: What happened?

Molly: "Father?!?"

Jeremy: Dad?

Jeremy: Go get him a bottle of water, Zach

Amy: Are you alright?

Amy: What happened Matthew?





Little People, Big World finale; Roloff family score highest ratings of Season 5B

The finale of Little People, Big World for Season 5b on June 14th received the highest ratings of this section of the season - with the finale episode topping the 2 million viewer mark. The finale of course concluded with the dramatic ending of Matt shown collapsed on the floor which has sent worried viewers into a frenzy wondering if Matt is seriously ill or even worse - dead.

He is of course perfectly fine and is and has been driving and flying around the country doing press for the show and speaking engagements.

Matt originally posted -- unrelated -- on his Facebook (he is in New York and was on "Fox and Friends") during the airing of the show, but in the subsequent internet frenzy wondering if Matt is okay -- he has since deleted those entries -- perhaps trying to add to the "mystery" for confused and concerned viewers who wonder if he is alright.

Personally, I don't know how they'll be able to keep the "suspense" and cliff-hanger going for the next 3 months considering Matt has loads of events that he will be promoting over the summer including his cruise ( - kind of ironic title, since naive viewers have been stressing out thinking that Matt had a heart attack and is critically ill or dead).

Anyhow, the finale did bring in the best ratings of Season 5B and should set them up nicely for a ratings win in September for the Season 6 premiere on Sept 6, 2010.

This is the complete list of ratings for Season 5b of Little People, Big World.

June 14th "Clash With The County" 8pm = 1.872 million viewers
June 14th "Twin Takeover" 8:30pm = 2.085 million viewers

June 7th "Dwarfs in Space" 8pm = 1.187 million viewers
June 7th "Molly's Sweet Sixteen" 8:30pm = 1.457 million viewers

May 24th "In The Hole" 8pm: 1.106 million viewers
May 24th "Fort A Thon" 8:30pm: 1.214 million viewers

May 17th "Par For the Course" 8pm: 1.110 million viewers
May 17th "Going, Going, Gone" 8:30pm: 1.297 million viewers

May 10th "Full Court Stress" 8pm: 1.315 million viewers
May 10th "Going For Gold" 8:30pm: 1.452 million viewers

May 3rd "The Statesmen" 8pm: 1.075 million viewers
May 3rd "Belfast and Furious" 8:30pm: 1.352 million viewers

April 26th "Field of Schemes" 8pm: 1.033 million viewers
April 26th "War of the World Games" 8:30pm: 0.994 million viewers

April 19th "The Burgermeister's Daughter" 8pm: 1.137 million viewers
April 19th "Vive La Roloff" 8:30pm: 1.316 million viewers

April 12th "Roman Roloffs" 8pm: 1.327 million viewers
April 12th: "Brothers in Bavaria" 8:30pm: 1.359 million viewers

April 5th "Twins Go Commando" 8pm: 1.213 million viewers
April 5th "Amsterdammed" 8:30pm: 1.394 million viewers

Monday, June 14, 2010

Matt Roloff is not dead; Matt's health

We don't normally publish other items other than the reviews the night that the episodes airs, but due to the enormous amount of inquiries and traffic, we're making an exception.

In the last few hours, our site alone has received over 20,000 hits -- most of whom are concerned fans in a frenzy wondering about Matt Roloff's health, wanting to know if Matt Roloff is okay, worried that Matt Roloff had a heart attack and died like Mike Detjen.

Matt Roloff is fine. He's been posting away on Facebook for months. He was in Hawaii on vacation, in Michigan for a Basketball game, in Canada giving a speech, traveling for other engagements, he will be on Fox Morning show very soon. Matt Roloff did not die. He is fine.

It was a cliffhanger to entice viewers to watch Little People, Big World when it returns for Season 6 - September 6th.

Judging by the amount of traffic and the inquiries, it is working perfectly and certainly got people talking about Little People, Big World.

In fact, Matt is in New York snapping these photos of himself hours ago and happily posting away on his Facebook fan page.

June 14th Matt Roloff: Zach and I made it home safe ...just in time to host a big fundraising party yesterday for our friend Senator Bruce Starr and Future Oregon Governor Chris Dudley. Now after a medium night sleep.. I'm off to NYC. to do the FOX morning show (Fox and friends) and a number of other media junkets. Plane leaves in 90 min.. I better hustle.

June 14th Matt Roloff: In crazy times square. Got to get up at 5:00am ... Its 11:45 pm Why is everyone still out? NY is wild.

So concerned viewers can rest easy. Matt Roloff is alright. He did not die, you didn't miss a death announcement. It was just a cliff-hanger to fire up viewers into a frenzy so they'll make sure to tune into LPBW Season 6 in September.

Matt was on "Fox and Friends this morning.

EDIT: Interesting...Matt just deleted his NY postings and the picture. The internet is buzzing with "Matt Roloff Heart Attack" and Matt Roloff Died" rumors. The kind of thing that the spammers then attach onto and re-post that headline. Anyhow -- sites like ours that set the record straight for worried viewers, cite Matt's Facebook page the picture of him in Times Square last night to calm viewers...Now Matt has deleted his recent postings.

That sneaky Matt Roloff! ;-)

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World June 14th

Our next Guest Reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to Rap541.


Written By Rap541

So Matt is checking a pumpkin and notes that the pumpkins seem to be a bit icky this season. He notes that it may be a bad year. There’s a pile of weeds all over the pumpkins and fields look like the pumpkins were planted and everyone just walked away. I mean, sure, that’s ONE way to farm but having had a garden and planted a pumpkin or two, I can honestly say… there’s better methods of cultivation than “doing nothing.”

Matt tells Amy the horrifying news and that he may need to purchase pumpkins. He’s sort of disappointed but then chides Amy for not looking at the positive of the bad news he gave. Because the glass is always half full!

Now Matt takes some construction workers to block off the doors to Western Town to stop people from wandering into them. He then tells Amy that “the county” is down on him and thinks the farm is a commercial site. He has to reapply for permits because people are supposedly going into the buildings and that simply isn’t happening. He’s all “I should close” and Amy is all “lets sell”. This was all fairly mellow, really. He insists that people are never allowed into the buildings etc etc etc. This is where the show works against him, I think. I mean quite frankly, we see people in those buildings all the time and the structures are considered “attractions” and called “attractions” by Matt. Also, when you are buying other peoples pumpkins so you can sell them at your “farm” and then sell rides and tours of the “attractions”, then it’s a pretty fair bet that your profits are coming from the attractions and not the agriculture.

Matt and Caryn talk about the permits. The bridge, the pavilion, pretty much the Western town. He talks to an inspector and then rants in a voice over how the evil county is heading out to take pictures of everything. Because they hate people being successful. The televised record of Roloff Farm accidents and near accidents of course not in any way a factor, its just mean people hating success. He rushes about to bring things up to code. Per Amy this happened a week before pumpkin season. Even the castle must be inspected. He is all about battling the county. Matt waits for the county to come! I’m surprised he doesn’t have Jeremy at his side with a gun!

In fact Jeremy and Zach were very very absent from this. Odd considering the next episode’s theme.

Matt drives the mule! He says the county is forcing him to repermit and is throwing a surprise inspection. They are wanting to look at the pavilion, the new store and the bridge where all those people almost were killed last season. The inspector looks decrepit. Amy wanders in to “listen”. They go see the castle and Matt notes the entire massive rebuild that was televised was a “texture coat”. Matt notes with the bridge that despite the near accident on film last year that no tractor can miss the rails. The inspector notes that the doors to Western Town being blocked was “interesting”. I’m still impressed that all the concrete work on the castle was described as a texture coating.

Matt talks to the seasonal workers about how they are all working for Matt. He hay bales how exhausted he is and goes on about how every year he hopes for profit and implies he is constantly disappointed. Yeah, the pity party over money gets old when the family clearly isn’t about to be turned out like a bunch of Okies. He loses the first round with the evil haters at the county and runs to the architect to somehow appease the evil county. Because again, this is not about safety or codes at all, these people jut want to tear down a successful man. He is appalled at how things have to be made safe. He again notes he may not break even.

He buys pumpkins. To sell on his farm. That is an agricultural business and not commercial at all.

Jeremy notes that being shut down isn’t good. Zach hay bales that it’s bad. Amy and Matt discuss how they may have to shut down the farm and sell it. He hay bales the same exact thing. Yes we get it.

And now its three days before the opening. Matt’s a *fighter* and he hay bales that again and again. He brings his engineer and he’s all “hopefully they just buy it”. He shows his plans to the inspector. He hay bales how he wants things safe but safety is ridiculous.

Meanwhile Matt drives around the farm preparing. Animals are coming in, and there’s a baby lion in the petting zoo. He’s very cute. He looks very annoyed at everyone and hisses.

So the farm is ready! But something could go wrong! Two days before the opening. Matt says he retrofitted and now the county wants to inspect again! He says he’ll do whatever they want. They are asking questions about the columns in the pavilion are leaning outward. I actually noticed that a couple seasons ago and thought it was part of the design. Interesting that its not. They are concerned about the pavilion collapsing. Matt gets his lawyer involved. The big issue is that the engineer hasn’t signed off and the plans he gave Matt are different from the buildings. He’s super pissed at Koby the inspector. Matt is, I suspect, difficult to deal with in a professional setting. The entire theme here has been “the rules are ridiculous and I am pissed and no one should ever get in my way”.

The county people say the engineer needs to give them info. Matt says he thinks the engineer may have been hit by a truck! Yeah um… drama much? Finally he gets the engineer on the phone and there’s talk of letters and basically they want someone to say “I said it was safe” so there’s someone taking responsibility when the bridge collapses.

Amy hay bales how Matt is kind of cool. Matt is pissed the bridge can’t be used, yeah um…

Did I mention all the footage of the near accident on the bridge?


Ep Two

Twins goofing and scratching themselves on the couch in their hoard room. I mean really, anyone ever catch Hoarders and then look at Jeremy and Zach’s room? Because it’s a little disturbing how similar they are. Amy notes how the twins are in college. Zach rides a baby cart. Jeremy watches tv. Amy notes they have a lot of free time. Zach goofs on the cart for a bit.

Amy and Matt look for updates on the twins college ambitions. More shots of the twins lying on their piles of garbage while Matt hay bales how he was pleased they signed up for college - technically didn’t Amy and Molly do that for them? Because they didn’t know how?

Zach is taking three classes. Jeremy is taking two classes. Now - unless things have changed, that means the twins are NOT full time students. Matt and Amy go on about they aren’t babying them but then check if the babies have parking permits. Jeremy looks completely bored in this. Zach seems annoyed.

So pumpkin season. Matt notes the twins couldn’t help out with opening day because of being so busy in college. You know, with their course loads where Jeremy doesn’t even go to school on Thursday or Friday and we later discover seems to have dropped one of his two courses to free up Saturday. Matt hay bales how he is tired and worn out and wants the twins to take over.

Jeremy heads into school, looking sad because he has to drop one of his classes and is so tired. He says “My college driveness goes on…” Really hun? Maybe you should stay in the writing class. He wants to switch classes. The advisor shows him how to register online. He hay bales how college is a question mark. He expresses shock over thirty people being in a class. I’m absolutely positive he has no idea what a silly remark that is.

Zach hay bales how college is different and weird. He realizes there’s a good chance he’ll be at home in six years doing nothing. The only shock is that he realizes it.

Jeremy couldn’t figure out how to register himself for a course and whines a bit in an inarticulate fashion on how he has no idea how to handle the situation. Yeah, this isn’t a shocker either. Neither is the fact that when the going gets difficult, he decides to walk away and do nothing. Wasn’t Jer-Bear the one going on about how Jake quits things when they are hard? Hmmm gosh someone quickly run to defend him since its so mean to expect a 19 year old to be able to register himself after its been explained.

So Amy and Jeremy discuss how he can’t get out of the writing class. He has math and writing and he gets snippy with her and walks away. Amy is pissed with him for being so whatever over it. I’d like to point out that he’s taking two classes which means he is at most an eight credit part time student. And yet he is too overwhelmed with school work to be around for opening day of pumpkin season. Zach is only slightly better in that he theoretically, with three classes, *might* be considered a full time student. Maybe.

Matt plans to build a swiss chalet on the farm and notes he wants his ashes in an urn displayed in various points on the farm. Well. How morbid. But then apparently, at Disneyland, one of the crew’s job is to sweep up the ashes of well… people who want to eternally rest in Space Mountain. He seems to be in some pain. He also notes that he tells Amy he is soon to die and she says “promises, promises”. He notes it will be soon. I would be much more sympathetic if Matt ever seemed to take his health seriously, and if he hadn’t been making this prediction for some time

So the twins are needing to awakened by their parents for college and work like little boys. Glad to see the maturity happening there. Matt decides to let Zach and Jeremy run the patch “for a day”. They continue to sleep until Amy comes up and cuddles them out of bed and hauls them down to eat the breakfast she made for them. Yeah, you keep enabling that Amy. Its working real well. Basically this is theoretically a good idea. It might be too little too late. Zach hay bales how he’s not that interested. The radio calls for ones and fives. Jeremy looks confused. He says he was “just walking into the blindness”. Zach meanwhile comments on how bossy and jerkish he can be.

Jeremy notes they are in charge of lunch breaks etc. Oh and there’s an assistant supervisor helping them. Yeah they’re working without a net! He wanders about asking people if they have had lunch. Zach runs off to complain to Mom how he’s only half in charge. Jeremy continues searching for people who need lunch. There’s huge crowds. Things are disorganized and Zach and Jeremy seem to work at cross purposes. Jeremy hay bales how they have to hustle.

There’s triumphant music. Jeremy hay bales how this was a test. Oops. There’s a tractor accident and stuff is broken. Its crisis time - Jeremy actually hit the fence with a tractor. Wait, isn’t Jeremy the master tractor driver? I’m sure someone will explain how like the incident where he backed the trailor into the garage and the incident where he dinged up the Mercedes, despite the fact that he was driving it, he is completely blameless and a perfect driver. Matt rolls in and yeah, um… Jeremy hay bales how he manned up and ran the farm for an hour.

Zach bitterly notes to Matt how crappy some of the employees are. Really Zach, considering unlike you, they all had to make an effort to be hired, you could take it down a notch. And I bet their mommies didn’t have to haul them out of bed for workies either.

Matt notes how he is soon to die and is glad to know the twins can manage everything. CAN YOU FEEL THE FORSHADOWING?

Amy hay bales how the twins are immature and taking longer than she expected. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

Matt drinks a glass of water and says he feels dizzy. Then a bang! Matt is down! Jeremy comes in, looks down, says “Dad… dad” in a monotone, nudges Matt with his foot and then pats his back. Yeah, the time my dad fainted in the house, there was a lot more screaming and shouting to call an ambulance. Amy comes in at a walk, and Molly and then we fade to black.

Yeah um. Matt was on his back face up when Jeremy first walked in, and then was somehow flipped over and now face down. Compare this to the genuine emotion of the trebuchet accident footage and really seriously ask yourself if this wasn’t um… re-enacted? Because it clearly was.

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World June 14th

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the reviewer (Expressed).
Written by Expressed

Pre-Show: It's that time again. The season is over already! Tonight will be the finale of Season 5 part B.

I'm more hopeful this week. The previews sound weak and fake, but the content looks promising.

I see people on twitter all worried, so to start the Roloffs are not selling the farm! I'm sure Amy said that knowing they would use that as a teaser clip. Just like when Amy said "we might as well get divorced right now".

The second episode sounds like there will finally be a lot of Jeremy. He's been missing for most of this season. It's the annual pumpkin season episode. The preview says the twins are off to a bad start at college so Matt tries to teach them responsibility by putting them in charge. Whoa. Hold on. Does anyone notice that no matter what the Roloffs do, they always start off doing bad (supposedly), but in the end it's always a success! Every test they've taken, they make it look like they'll fail, but they pass. Every event they have, they voice over about how it looks like a failure, but it turns out to be the best event ever.

That's what happens with the pumpkin season. Matt already said in a newsletter that the pumpkin season was the most successful one ever.

Jeremy and Zach at college, according to the show they're doing bad? Wasn't it Matt's October newsletter where he said they are going to PCC and they were doing fabulous, Amy and Matt were so proud of them because they were getting grades that they could actually be proud of. But by the preview it sounds like they're going to say college isn't going well. I can already see this turning into another situation where people watch the show and say "I knew the twins would suck in college!" And then Matt will say "You dumb people, I laugh at you, you believe the show is the truth!"

Whatever the plotline is, at least there should be lots of Jeremy tonight :)


The show begins!

*Matt is out in the pumpkin fields, he's worried about how the growing of pumpkins is going, the pumpkin plants are burried by fields of weeds. Amy comes into Matt's office to talk about it. Am I the only who now scans the desk to see if there is a story line cheat sheet in plain view? lol. Maybe to the left. There is a stack of Matt's Against Tall Odds book.

*They're getting ready for the opening of the farm for the pumpkin biz. Jeremy sighting! He sweeps. Matt bypasses Jer for the professional constructions guys and builder Rick. I've been pushing all season for Rick the builder to get his own spot in the opening credits. He's been in it more than Jeremy this season!

*The construction guys and Rick block entrances off to all the Western town buildings. Matt says the county wants to shut them down. Basically they are saying it's a commercial business and Matt argues that it's agriculture. There are different standards if it's commercial, so that's why Matt is fighting so hard to say it's not. His point is they don't let people go in any of the structures. That kind of sucks for the visitors. Remember the old days when people could actually walk around by themselves? Damn safety rules. I think they go overboard.

*Matt doesn't like all the rules. He says they'll just close the farm, Amy delivers her line "We might as well sell the farm!" Everybody knows they're going to open. For some reason Matt uses we'll just close as a threat.

*Btw, there something about Matt's assistant Caryn that reminds of Kate Gosselin . I don't know what it is. Maybe the haircut or something about her face?

*Also what is with the memo on the inside of the Roloff's front door. I think that's the filming waiver...on the inside of the door?? I've seen that before but never mentioned that. You know you have a lot of people coming and going in your house when you need to stick a waiver on the door!

*The county inspector is here for the surprise inspection that Matt has been preparing how is that a suprise inspection? :) Marshall is an old guy that looks scared of Matt. He's no match for Matt. Marshall follows Matt's instructions.

*It's funny listening to Matt talk about the castle. He says it looks like a lot of work went into it, but it was really only a light coat of paint or something. Isn't that the opposite of what he said in the episode about it?

*Matt gives a pep talk to farm employees but still doesn't know if they'll be allowed to open. I'm skeptical. Jer helps trot in pumpkins from other farms to make up for their low supply and the ones that died.

*Matt complains about the county again and all the crap they have him go through. For the second time says he's going to shut the farm business down and put the for sale sign out. Amy doesn't look impressed. Matt says they want to "put the little man out of business".

*Despite all the chaos happening Matt has a surprise. Baby Lions for the petting zoo. Leo the Lion. He's cute. Jer snarls. He's cute too :)

*The inspectors are back. These 3 look a lot tougher than old Marshall. Kofi tells Matt what is wrong with the structures and how it doesn't match the plans of his engineer and how he didn't sign it. This is getting intense. Matt yells at Kofi.

*For most of the show Matt has a goofy funny character on the show, but I get the feeling that Matt can be pretty scary when he gets upset. Kofi is feeling the wrath.

*But of course it all works out. They get the engineer on the phone. He says he'll sign off on the plan. Even the mean lady inspector smiles and cheers when Matt says they'll open. I think they're all afraid of Matt and intimated by the cameras. I don't really understand the whole crisis if it could all be solved by the engineer on a cell phone.


Second episode!

*Jer and Zach sit bored on the couch vegging. Defense of the twins! It would be quite easy to make most 19 year olds look lazy by showing them play video games or watch tv.

*Zach rides on the mini little baby scooter with Amy's Charity logo on it. Hmm. That's harder to defend.

*Matt says he's disappointed in the twins and their lack of ambition. With Matt now being an online addict, I notice how different what Matt says on the show is from what he says online. On the show he talks about how he's disappointed in the kids. Online he can't stop bragging about how they are the greatest kids in the world and they always do amazing and succeed.

*Amy says the twins have started college, they don't tell her how it's going but she knows they have a ton of free time. Finally some truth! I think Jer is great, but the guy has a helluva lot of free time.

*Matt and Amy summon the twins to the office to talk about college. Jer looks bored, Zach looks majorly pissed off. Jer only has classes Monday and Wednesday. Math and writing and a 4 hour writing class on Saturday. Amy wants him to change it because of pumpkin season (which he obviously did change). Jeremy either sounds like he just woke up or he's hung over. I'm not sure which I believe. lol.

*Jeremy goes to college with the cameras! Jeremy looks very good with wet hair. Jeremy goes to the advising department of PCC to try and change the Saturday class. He can do it online. It doesn't seem like a big deal. But there is a waiting list for one of the other classes. Jer says wow there's 30 people in that class....I think he thinks that's a lot of people. Wow, Faith Bible was small.

*Zach says he knows Matt and Amy are worried that in 6 years he will be in the exact same position he is in now, not knowing what to do and living at home. I think most viewers think that too.

*Back to Jeremy. He says changing his class online "didn't work". He's back in the advising department, but got tired of waiting so he leaves. Btw, for the record, I think during the year Spirits reported that other PCC'ers said Jeremy said he only had classes on Monday and Wednesday. Either he dropped the class altogether or moved it to one of those days.

*Amy is in the twins room talking about college, asking Jeremy about his classes and the Saturday class. Jeremy either looks pissed or embarrassed. It's a rare moment. Every once in a while, not often any more, I see a genuine expression out of Jeremy. I think that was one. I think he was embarrassed that Amy was on his case about the class. Amy is upset too. She's says she would have done it differently if she was at college with Jeremy....but Amy you aren't! She doesn't like the non chulant attitude.

*Jeremy says he's not really studying anything, he's just taking classes. I thought he was taking photography?

*Matt is getting all dramatic. He's talking about dying and where he wants his ashes put on the farm. He says his health isn't good and he tells Amy "When I die", Amy responds "Promises, promises" Matt rides away saying something dramatic like just wait.

*Overall I like Matt and I'm not being insensitive but we've heard for the last 2 years about how horrible his health is. It was about a year and a half ago that they said he would need to have back surgery "next year". Still no back surgery. We all know Matt is flying around to every talk show, every city doing speaking engagements and cruises. Trying to make it look like Matt is on the verge of death is sketchy.

*Matt is on the twins case now. He's saying Jeremy and Zach still want their playtime, but he says playtime is over, time to be adults. Hmmm...he sounds like....Rap541! Rap's identity revealed! Matt in a bad mood! lol :)

*Matt is going to lunch with Caryn so he's putting the twins in charge. I think this is way more dramatic than it really was. They're gone for lunch. How difficult could it really be?

*I'll point out though when Matt was telling the employees about it Matt said "He" is in charge, obviously meaning Jeremy (Zach's whining to follow).

*Zach says he's good at bossing people around. Yes I know Zach. Ask Keith (Zach's friend and co-soccer coach). I think Zach has a lot of Matt in him. Probably why they don't get along.

*Jeremy seems pretty nice to everybody although he doesn't know anybody's name or really what he's doing. He walks around telling people they can go on lunch if they want. Jer talks about how he's in the dark because he has no idea what he's really doing, but as long as they don't burn the place down it will be successful. There is a good vodka joke to be made here, har har har! (for people that don't get it, there was an old famous story when Jer was 15, he and friend stole Matt's vodka, put Sprite in it so Matt never noticed, got drunk on the vodka, went out to the barn to play with fire crackers and accidentally set the corner of the barn on fire).

*Zach seeks out Amy to whine about Jeremy. Oh gawd. Get over it Zach. He complains to Amy that he doesn't like being half in charge.

*The lines are getting longer as the crowds pour in. Jer and Zach rush around to make it look like it's a two man show. If that's really what happened, I feel bad for those customers. I always thought it was a bad idea to have Jer and Zach or any of the Roloffs have actual duties. People are there to meet them and talk to them and take a picture. I'd be disappointed if I traveled to the farm only to have Jeremy rushing around concerned with the business of running the farm.

*Zach tells Jeremy to move the tractor. Something broke! What happened? Someone yelled "Jer!!!!" But now some big employee is telling Amy that Zach ordered him to stand right there. I'm with that guy! Blame Zach, not Jeremy!
Jer says someone (cough cough, Zach probably) parked too close to the fence so when he pulled it away it caught and broke some of the wood.

*Matt comes back to ask Jer how it went. Jer is a little reluctant to tell Matt but says it went good but there was a little accident. Matt doesn't care. He says they did a fabulous job. Jeremy is happy to please Matt. Aw.

*Zach on the other hand is nasty. He tells Matt that the employees don't care about the farm, they just want to get paid. Um, Jeremy bashers? Please pay attention. Who would you rather deal with, Jeremy or Zach? Jeremy is a much nicer person (at least in public for sure! when he's with his friends, that might be a different story). I'd rather deal with Jeremy. Zach they're getting paid minimum wage. How much caring do you want them to do?

*Matt is in the office, he groans like he is dying and voices over about how his health isn't good, he rubs his head and doesn't look good....

*Matt collapses! Zach actually yelled his named and sounded real for a second. But this is a weird "scene". Jer walks into the office with Matt on the floor. Jeremy seems way too calm for this to be real. I'm having a hard time believing everyone would be so calm and the camera men and producers would just be standing there watching while Jeremy calmly stands over a collapsed Matt saying "Hey dad". Amy walks in and it's the same thing. Everybody seems way too calm for this to be real and not staged, in my opinion. I think if it was real someone would have yelled "call 911".

I know it's pretty bad to say something like that was staged but they all seemed way too relaxed. And if they faked that to give them a cliff hanger for the premiere of Season, new low for the Roloffs.....shame on them.

With that Season 5 ends. Tune in for Season 6 in September to see if Matt lives or dies (hint - he lives! He's using Facebook and is flying all over the country every 2nd day!)

Season 6 of Little People, Big World officially announced - Begins September 6th

Well, that took a while for the official announcement to finally come, but what everyone knew was finally announced. There will be a Season 6 of Little People, Big World as it has been renewed for another season. Season 5 concludes tonight and they've currently been filming season 6.

They do have a date for Season 6's return -- September 6th (yes, that's a Monday)

There is a little bit of a spin with the ratings figure as you would always expect in this type announcement. As most people know, TLC splits one season of LPBW into two halves. Part A and Part B.

Part A starts into the fall and goes into the winter. Then there is a couple of months of hiatus, only for Part B to return in the spring and run until about this time of year.

Season 5 Part A averaged 1.8 million viewers; experiencing a season high of a 2.4 rating and a low of 1.4.

Part B which returned in April has seen a drop in ratings. The high for 5B has been a 1.4 (the low of 5A) and the low was dropping below the 1 million mark with a 0.994 rating. So it's obviously advantageous to combine the two sections to raise the overall rating.

'Little People' renewed for sixth season
TLC series averaging 1.5 million viewers

By Stuart Levine

TLC has ordered a sixth season of reality skein "Little People, Big World."
Series examines the Roloff clan of Portland, Ore. Parents Matt and Amy are small, but three of their four children are of average height and all help out on the family farm.

Season five, which has been averaging 1.5 million viewers, concludes Monday. Production on the new season has begun and will debut Sept. 6.

Skein is produced by Gay Rosenthal Prods. Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio exec produce.

Also, the cabler announced a new set of judges for the new season of "BBQ Pitmasters" including ex-NFL star Warren Sapp, restaurant owner and chef and Art Smith, as well as Myron Mixon, who has won 180 BBQ competition championships.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Television ratings for Roloff family on Little People, Big World TLC June 7th

Some people have asked about the ratings for this week of Little People, Big World, so here they are - along with a few other TLC shows that are often watched by LPBW viewers or shows that are associated with LPBW.

It is worth mentioning that TLC's ratings darling - Kate Gosselin - has returned to the network with "Kate Plus Eight". However 'Kate Plus Eight' aired on Sunday rather than the old position of Monday after LPBW. Cake Boss still followed LPBW on Monday.

June 7th Little People, Big World 8pm "Dwarfs in Space" = 1.187 million viewers
June 7th Little People, Big World 8:30pm "Molly's Sweet Sixteen" = 1.457 million viewers

Sunday Kate Plus Eight 9pm = 3.376 million viewers
Sunday Kate Plus Eight 10pm = 2.996 million viewers

Monday 9:30pm Cake Boss = 1.868 million viewers

Tuesday - The Little Couple = 1.156 million viewers.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Zach Roloff sighting and video of Zach joining in on a soccer game

Another blogger posted about her Zach Roloff sighting.

Matt and Zach were on a road trip through a few states. This one was in Ogden, Utah. According to the blogger, Matt and Zach were picking up a vehicle from a custom auto shop...

The blogger had a soccer game at the indoor place across the street from the auto shop, when Zach walked in. The team invited him to play so Zach played.

They have video of Zach playing in the soccer game that was taken on a phone

They have some nice pics of Zach here:

Amy Roloff in Iowa at the Lakes Health Conference

There are a few reports regarding Amy's appearance at the Lakes Health Conference in Iowa.

This article is more about Amy talking about the show.

She tells the people she meets about her condition anyway -- if for no other reason than to help with the terminology.

"I'm a little person with dwarfism -- because when you say 'little person' that doesn't really give the connotation as to: What exactly does that mean? I face my own challenges and my own obstacles," she says. "The one thing that I really want to communicate to people is that we all have challenges. We all have obstacles. Mine is obviously more prevalent because people can see it -- it's a physical disability. But, I think the biggest thing to overcome is your own personal attitude and perception of yourself."

"I think a lot of people are trying to meet some goal or some guideline on who they should be and how they should act," Roloff said. "I spent way too much time worrying about what other people think. I think I missed out on a lot of opportunities. The old saying is very true: 'The older you get, the wiser you are' hopefully. If I could know what I know now and go back in time, my life would be completely different."

Roloff "was really pretty much against it," at first.

"I've got kids and it's hard enough to go out there and be the best you can be and put on this persona," she said. "Now, they're into your house -- where else do you go to hang out, let loose, wear sweatpants and no makeup?"

Roloff now sees the show as an opportunity to educate people -- not only about dwarfism, but about disabilities in general.

"We just come in a different package," Roloff said. "We have more challenges and obstacles than other people do, but I often tell people this is the only life I know. I adapt the best I can and overcome certain things I overcome, because, if not, I'll be standing still and not living life."

The "life" viewers see when they tune in is a fairly accurate account. The family's ups and downs are not airbrushed or dramatized for the most part. The only time TV factors into the otherwise normal aspects of a day is when the family goes on a trip. The logistics of a camera crew following the family to hotels and other venues takes a bit of preparation.

"I'd say, overall the show is as real as it gets," Roloff said. "There are no scripted parts. They're just there filming."

She also made a point of trying to be herself whether the cameras were on or not. "I didn't want to go out in public afterward and have two different faces," she explains. It has also helped that the show has maintained the same producer and core team of cameramen and sound crews. Her home is her personal space, she says and a lot of changes would make the filming "more like business."

Roloff also made a point to tell her children their job is school -- TV conforms to their lives, she tells them, their lives don't conform to the TV show. The family still has to go back to their community, family and friends once the camera goes away.

"I think that's one of the reasons why the show works," Roloff said. "It's pretty real. It's pretty much just about our life. I'm grateful for the parents who have allowed their kids to be on TV because if that didn't happen, I don't know if we'd be on as long. It's important for my kids to have that regular, normal life, like any other kids."

Roloff knows the family lives in a reality show world where "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is now just "Kate Plus 8."

"I always contend there are problems to begin with even before TV even comes in there," Roloff said. "I think TV just brings them out more. It's like the door is open a little more. I think that's an added stress and frustration into whatever is happening in the family dynamic. Matt and I even have ups and downs. Part of that is just the season of life we're in, too. I would never say TV caused anything that's happening in my family or if it ever did."

Her speaking engagement Friday was a collaboration between Iowa Lakes Community College and Northwest Iowa Community College. She hopes the conference attendees leave with a better understanding of disabilities -- and a better outlook.

"Life does suck sometimes," she said. "That's OK as long as you don't stay in that attitude. Give yourself that break -- that 'yeah this is a hard day and I don't like what's happening to me.' OK, give yourself pity for a day or two.

"Then get out of it. Continue on, the adventure is still happening."

You can read the full article here:

This article is more about Amy's speech at the conference:

Roloff Inspires

By Michael Tidemann - Staff Writer

Roloff vividly recalled in first grade when she refused to go to school. It was also the first day her mother was starting a new job. Her father came home from work and said something to her that has remained with her ever since.

"God doesn't make mistakes but there's a reason and a purpose that you're here," her father said.

"It keeps me focused," Roloff said of that message from her father. "It keeps me reminded."

She continues to tell her son Zach the same thing plus another message: "If you want to do something, go for it."

"Everyone has challenges. Everyone has obstacles they need to overcome," Roloff said. "It took me a while to understand that life is a beach. I love the journey. I love the adventure.

Listening to Amy Roloff for an hour and a half is like looking through a window into your own soul.

Roloff, whose family stars in the reality show "Little People Big World" on The Learning Channel, offered a very inspirational message to attendees at the Lakes Health Conference Friday in the Arrowwood Resort in Okoboji. For six seasons, viewers have seen the ups - and downs - of a family that lives a very normal life despite fact that Roloff and her husband and one of their children have dwarfishm.

"You could look at it as a burden or you could look at it as an opportunity," Roloff said, echoing that refrain throughout her remarks.

It's a message from which we all could learn.

While Roloff and her husband Matt and son Zach have successfully dealt with dwarfism, how many of us suffer from another smallness that may be even more difficult from which to extricate ourselves.

We're talking about a smallness of ideas - of prejudice, of judging others without getting to know them first, of lack of imagination. That's a smallness that in many ways is even more difficult to overcome than physical.

Roloff and her family met the challenge and beat it. However, those of us who really don't have an excuse seem to be unable to overcome that smallness of mind which is even more limiting.

For some reason, we need someone with a disability and who overcomes it to inspire us. But Roloff addressed that too.

"God doesn't make mistakes but there's a reason and a purpose that you're here," Roloff recalled her father as saying.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Matt and Zach Roloff were at a Fundraiser for the Salman family in Idaho

LP couple shares their story

This isn't really about the Roloffs, although the author mentions the Roloffs. She attended the same LPA conference back in the 80's in Michigan where Matt and Amy met.

She explains how back then there a was apparently a pecking order among LP's. People with achondroplasia (the type of dwarfism that Amy and Zach have) were at the top. She feels things have changed in recent years.

It's a pretty interesting article:


Well, "Small People, Big World" isn't that bad of a mistake. I remember some of Jen Montzingo's favorite mixed up names for the title.

A site for Conservatives in Oregon posted the news of the upcoming fundraiser the Roloffs are holding for Republican candidates.

Reality TV Show star hosts Republican outdoor party
At the Roloff Farms, of TV Reality Show fame - "Small People, Big World"

Little person in Space camp episode claims LPBW is completely spontaneous and unscripted

To the side other side of the staged or not argument (one of the memories of Season 5B will be the now infamous "Storyline Cheat Sheet") there is an article about one of the fellow campers seen in the recent "Dwarfs in Space" episode. The family tells their story. They were fans of the show, but didn't know that Amy and Zach were going to be there until they arrived. They say the show is unscripted and spontaneous. The boy and his mother say Amy and Zach were very nice and down to earth.

By Anne O’Brien-Kakley

Rochester sixth-grader Joshua Winsper has a new aspiration – to be the first little person astronaut. For this diverse student, this is just one of his many plans for the future.

Josh, a student at Rochester Memorial School, had the opportunity of a lifetime during November of 2008 when he visited the first Space Camp for Little People. There was one detail that his mom withheld as he got ready for the weekend-long event in Huntsville, Alabama – the entire trip was going to be filmed as a part of TLC’s “Little People, Big World”.

“When we got there someone was like ‘Josh, are you excited that they are going to be filming this weekend?’ and Josh was like ‘what’?” laughed Josh’s mother Karen Winsper.

“I didn’t know what they were talking about,” added Josh.

Two of the three little people featured on “Little People, Big World”, Amy and Zach Roloff, attended the Space Camp that weekend, and their camera crews came with them. Josh and his mother described the family as being “really nice” and “down-to-earth,” despite the fact that four years of reality television has launched the Roloff family into fame.

The Space Camp program has several special branches, including a camp for the blind and visually impaired, and a camp for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. In 2008, a family friend and schoolteacher in Washington D.C., Geoff Mitchell, started up the first-ever Space Camp for Little People. In a spontaneous, last-minute decision, the Winspers decided that this would be a great experience for Josh.

Ms. Winsper discovered that the Roloff family would be filming during the camp and didn’t tell Josh until he arrived in Alabama. Josh, a longtime fan of the TLC show, discovered the secret when he spotted Zach and Amy Roloff in an elevator at the facility.

The Roloffs participated with the camp students in all of their activities, and even lived at the dorm with them. According to Winspers, the show is completely spontaneous and unscripted, just like a reality show should be.

Josh, a fifth-grader at the time the show was filmed, was given the position of Flight Director for the simulated missions that he and his team tackled over the weekend. “I was in charge,” said Josh, who pointed to a picture of himself sitting behind a command console, “and I had to follow a script.” This “script” of commands would help Josh’s team on their space missions.

Weightlessness exercises and a manned maneuvering unit were included in the program for the Space Camp weekend. A clip from the TLC program showed the Space Camp students engaging in a “Space Bowl” trivia game with Zach Roloff. The students even made small, working rockets to launch.

“The [Space Camp] staff were so great,” said Ms. Winsper.

Before going to Space Camp, Josh had focused his interests on history and baseball. Now, he has been focusing on a possible future in space flight, either in space or as a controller.

“There are no limitations,” said Ms. Winsper, as far as people of short stature working in the astronautics field.

Josh hopes to attend Space Camp for little people again, if an advanced program for older students is developed in the future. He still has his identification tags and his blue space suit from the trip.

The Winsper family has been waiting over 18 months for the Space Camp episode of “Little People, Big World” to appear on TLC, and it finally happened on Monday, June 7. At first, Josh’s classmates thought he was joking when he said he was going to be on television. The Winspers planned a viewing party for their family and closest friends, and Josh’s class at RMS planned on a classroom showing of the episode as well.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amy Roloff to give the "Be The Best You Can Be" speech at Conference

Amy Roloff will offer a "Be The Best You Can Be" speech as the keynote speaker June 10-11 at the Lakes Health Conference in Iowa.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest Episode Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World June 7th, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions belong to the person making them (Rap541).

Written By Rap541

Ep one

So Zach and Amy head off to Space Camp. Considering how neither Amy or Zach are that into space I dunno but the credit card stuff and Amy totally with her hands off the wheel while driving distracts me from any point they were making, TEN AND TWO AMY.

Amy and Zach basically mock the concept as they arrive. Zach has a soccer jersey. Oh dear god I have been to Space Academy (which is what its called when yer over 13) and this is like asinine. Zach, make yer own damn bed.

In fairness I see a lot of physical issues with doing LP Space Camp. I also note that it was prolly the guy in NASA with the kid with dwarfism who did the leg work here. I will give Amy props for being very very fun with the kids. Zach needs to get over it with interacfton. As near as I can tell he knows most of these kids. Yes. Some of the kids aren’t that much younger, I mean really. 14-16 isn’t that off. I think the bigger problem is that I don’t get the sense that Space Camp is something Zach would like.

There’s no soccer after all. Although we did discuss “space soccer” at camp. And in fairness, it would be a difficult game to play in weightlessness without a significant change in rules.

So somehow they are on the topic of deaf scientists. They tour about. Amy basically tells Zach to stop whining. She hay bales how he needs to lead. The kids make rockets. They ALL have jumpsuits and I know from going that its intentional since you normally don’t get the jumpsuit unless you pay. The jump suits, I hate to say, are the way the have and have not’s are distinguished. Yes, I had a jumpsuit, but it came out of my paper rote money. Zach whines and behaves like a five year old.

Rockets shoot off. So much fun. So not as hard as they are making it.

Meanwhile Matt decides to sneak off with Jeremy and spend money. They buy toys for the farm. I mean, when Jeremy is noting how its mostly for making berms for mountain biking, yeah um…. Doesn’t sound like a necessary purchase at all. I especially like how Matt notes he waits until Amy leaves to make big purchases. So respectful, that.

The rock wall is to simulate astronaut situations Amy! Astronauts may need to rock wall climb! It’s a skill! And yes its tiring. Amy notes Zach gave up easy and does not call him a sissy man. Amy makes it, as almost everyone does…

Amy hay bales how she hoped Zach would be a leader. He seems to fail and fail.

So they head to the cool stuff. The simulators are fun! The kids get to try a lot of the simulators. There’s a lengthy bit by an adult camper who is little so Zach isn’t the oldest there, *Amy*. So they do the space mission which fyi is fun. Pity we’re close to the end of shuttle launches. I do love this tho. I loved Space Camp (and Space Academy) and it was actually interesting to see how lps handled it. Its too bad they couldn’t do the water stuff.

But the graphics still look lame.

Meanwhile Matt is all “I couldn’t decide so I bought close to 100k in tractors since well….”. Matt is quick to snit how he knew Amy wouldn’t approve but he did it anyway, since he’s soooo afraid of Amy he can’t attend events with the family lest she disapprove. Amy seems to have been brainwashes by NASA… I get it, Space Camp is fun and ignores the reality that you have to be a phd in a hard science and also fit enough to fly a fighter jet to be an astronaut.

Amy goes on about she’s bonding with Zach. There’s a graduation ceremony. Aww. I still have my stuff from the camps….And I notice that Amy wasn’t the only parent there.


Ep 2

So Molly is getting a car but is allowed no input on the color of her car. The Chevy Nova is being remade for her.

Matt is all about making Molly remember her sweet sixteen. They’re remaking the Chevy Nova. They’re getting her a muscle car… I think Molly will love it since it’s a car but um… I so think this is more about what the males will like than what Molly will like. Amy is the voice of reason, noting that its expense to remake a car.

Meanwhile in Portland, Amy and her friends plot a party in downtown Portland. With a red carpet and balloons. Mom notes Molly likes to keep it simple but….. There’s party plans.

Amy explains the Candy Lounge idea to Molly who seems sorta appalled, especially over the fashion show idea.

Zach notes he is bringing donuts and balloons. Jeremy is all yeah! Donuts ! Balloons! At school! Why am I not surprised this is hard for the twin brain trust? They drive about. Zach goes on how cool the previa is.

So Jeremy goes on about how getting balloons and donuts is hard. The twins wander about their old high school like they just came back from ‘nam. Molly is pleased but notes how dramatic they are.

Amy is all whoo! Molly is taking her driver’s test! Molly drives to the test with Amy. Molly takes her test with the Mercedes. Molly takes off. Amy goes on about how the kids are growing up. Molly comes back and…. She passes! Hurrah! She gets a good license photo and runs off.

Matt wants a birthday ceremony. Amy notes its for Matt not Molly. There’s a huge debate about food. In fairness. I like artichoke hearts and cream cheese AND mushrooms and onions. I would adore both. Honestly, I secretly suspect that there must be a way of combining these four ingredients into manna.

So there’s a whole montage of Molly preparing and parents giving her a nice day. There’s this whole shell thing where everyone takes a shell and mak s a wish for Molly and drops the shell in a keepsake jar. Molly is given a tiny key box and asks about the Nova. It looks nice. She seems pleased. Now they head off to the Candy place? And there’s a big party with Pop and Honey. There’s pictures and an actual photographer. Amy wants Molly out of her comfort zone… Molly notes that its her birthday and she would like to be allowed to be in her comfort zone for that special day. She poses like the street kids I see on the MSNBC specials….

Molly seems uncomfortable but ok but kind off put. So then some hot guy sits next o her and sings to her. Matt hay bales how cool it is. Molly is clearly feeling awkward but not pulling a Zach. Amy and Matt both hay bale how cool it is Molly is older. The guy with the guitar is hot.

Oh Matt gives Molly the same car kit my dad gave me. it’s a nice gift.

I adore that the car doesn’t start at the end.

I also note that the dramatic “two birthday parties” was quite the lie….