Monday, June 28, 2010

Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Cruise in Haiti -- Amy, Jeremy and Zach Roloff

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation is in Haiti and posting updates and a few pictures while they are there on their website.

Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff, along with Amy's charity foundation board members -- Lisa and Gayle who fans of Little People, Big World saw in a few episodes about their benefit last year, are on their Oasis of the Seas -- Amy Roloff Charity Cruise and stopped in Haiti.

June 27, 2010 Dinner with the Captain tonight on Oasis of the Seas! Discussing Haiti trip tomorrow

June 28, 2010 Just boarded our plane for Port Au Prince. Thank you to Gary Eng and his crew for donating the transportation. Stay tuned for updates today! Please help the children of Haiti!

June 28, 2010 Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. We have arrived in Haiti. Its very hot and the streets are congested and crowded.

June 28, 2010 ARCF in Haiti. Tents everywhere due to buildings unstable. People are afraid to go into their homes so they live outside and in tents.

June 28, 2010 Just left tent school with Angels of light program.

June 28, 2010 Zack Roloff, Jeremy Roloff and Amy Roloff along with ARCF visited Port Au Prince Haiti today to help bring awareness back to the devastation that still remains.

June 28, 2010 We just visited a special needs school in Haiti. They are teaching the mothers to feed their children properly so the children won't choke during feeding.


Ann said...

Amy and the twins are doing great things. Thank you Amy, Jeremy and Zach for all you do for the world.

Carol said...

Hopefully the experience will have an affect on Jeremy and Zach.

Sheila said...

The world needs more people like the Roloffs. Good job Amy, Jeremy and Zach.

Greg said...

Uh, sorry to be the downer, but I really don't see the reason for all the accolades and 'thank yous' to Jeremy and Zach.

Amy has a charity foundation. Good. She arranged it so she gets to cruise and some of the money goes to her charity. Sweet deal for her.

They were stopping in Haiti anyway, so they made it into a "relief mission".

For that people are singing the praises of the lazy selfish Roloff twins? Because they are cruising and cool ship? They have nothing to do with giving. They're just along for the awesome cruise.

Kapper said...

Greg, you're not being a downer, you're just calling it like it is.
Hmmm, I wonder when they'll get down to the Gulf and help with the sea life and such down there....
just can't see that happening. Too much work and too little glory

Louise said...

Stay safe, Amy, Jeremy and Zach. Love the Roloffs in Alabama.

Sheri said...

The Roloffs are spreading Christ's love and helping people.

What are you doing Kapper? Greg? That's what I thought.

Wendy said...

Amy is an inspiration. Way to go to Roloffs.

Iraq, New Orleans, Haiti, the Roloffs are always there to help out.

Dana said...

I knew it was just a matter of time before people tried to diminish what the Roloffs are doing and have done. The Roloffs put their back into their charity work. You might recall Jeremy putting on an entire roof of a house on in Biloxi with the project supervisor.

Dana said...

Instead some people would rather speculate ignorantly that Jeremy is getting drunk instead of appreciating the Roloffs for helping in Haiti.

Brandon said...

Well, Dana, Jer isn't in these pictures is he? Maybe he was too wasted back on the ship ;)

Seriously Greg called it like it is.

It's a free cruise. A very expensive cruise and they're actually getting paid to do it. If anyone decided to fork over the money specifically to support Amy's charity, they are the ones donating and giving. The Roloffs just pick up the rewards and the praise.

Like Greg said, your stopping in Haiti anyway. What person wouldn't bring a few supplies or canned items before they hit the beach?

Penny said...

I hope they're having a great time. What's wrong with having fun and helping at the same time.

mythoughtis said...

I don't understand the problem here. Amy developed a cruise with her charity foundation. I'm guessing people booked Cruises, with a portion of the price going to the Charity. A win-win for the charity and the cruise line. I'm also guessing that Amy's foundation is using part of the money for Haiti relief.
Zach, Amy, and Jeremy are continuing to be exposed to other cultures, and the fact that the US is much richer than other countries.

What is the downside to that?

Greg said...

Thanks Kapper.

MT, the problem is the over the top praise for Jeremy and Zach. "They're such great kids!". "Thank you Amy, Jer and Zach for giving!" Give me a break.

What are Jeremy and Zach actually doing besides enjoy a 7 day luxury cruise?

Nobody else would be praised for being amazing humanatarians for being treated to a free world class cruise that was pre-arranged to stop in Haiti and then asked the people paying the money to bring some supplies.

Praise Amy for having the charity foundation in the first place, but the part that is ridiculous is giving credit and applause to Jeremy and Zach. All they are really doing is enjoying a luxury cruise.

mythoughtis said...

True... but they are being exposed to Haiti, etc. Experiences like that do shape people... maybe not now, but in a few years, it will still be in the back of their mind.

Heather said...

Do the Roloffs ever give any of their money to these charities?

Are Jeremy and Zach giving some of their TLC paycheck to help orphans in Haiti?

Or are they just along for the fun cruise and to lap up the compliments.

BeckyM said...

I guess it's just me... taking a LUXURY cruise to Haiti...? Don't those poor people have enough to deal with it withotu rich white folks coming down and giving handouts - while patting themselves on the back for their greatness?

And I thought the large charities and gov'ts were discouraging siteseers to Haiti due to the massive logistic problems of clean water and food that these people are still dealing with in their country?

I have no problem with charity... but this strikes me as a noble idea gone just wrong. Rather like the stupid missionary that got jailed for kidnapping "orphans." Just not well thought out or even sensitive to the people of Haiti.

Susan said...

I agree with you, Becky.

Part of what I don't like about the Roloffs "charity work" is how vocal they are about. If I'm not mistaken, Amy's charity site once posted a "Thank you" letter to Amy from a homeless shelter she visited with Molly over Christmas.

That's in poor taste (pardon the pun), in my opinion.

Also, I don't see what they are really doing in Haiti. It is very wealthy people taking an extravagant vacation that has ports in Haiti. They grab some canned goods and blankets and pretend like the cruise is about Haiti.

It's not. Is it all of one day? From the updates, they are getting a little tour, but what are they really doing to help?

There are a lot of people who selflessly gave of themselves and are giving of themselves to help in Haiti, but we don't know their names and that's just the way they want it.

David said...

What people are put off by is the illusion that they are sacrificing and going out of their way to give and help others which the Roloffs, even Jeremy and Zach are apparently earning praise for it.


With the type of comments people leave, I would expect them to have given their $2000 to a relief organization instead of enjoying a vacation themselves (but the Roloffs aren't paying anyway).

If I spend thousands of dollars on myself to stay at posh hotels and zip around the world and tan on a beach in Hawaii, and on my way back to the posh hotel, I see a homeless person and throw them a few dollars, it doesn't mean that my vacation was for the homeless or that people should shower me with praise for being so given while I enjoy my posh vacation.

Anonymous said...

What a big lie this is. Please go to the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation site and click on the calendar of events. This cruise is listed a Celebrity Fan Cruise... in other words, this is the type of cruise you take to go an interact with celebrities you like. The cruise company uses this trick to attract people to their cruises that want to mix it up with celebrities. Well, wake up you fools , they usually keep the celebrities around but out of reach.
The Roloffs only hang around people they like. I am very positive that neither Amy nor the twins(especially Jeremy) are going to be feeding weak black Hatian children or their parents. The Roloffs were just touring the sites just to claim they were helping. Then at night,and I got this from her charity site, they were eating great meals at the captain's table. These emotional midgets never really help anybody. They just use them to boost their meager ratings. It is a shame and a disgrace that TLC continues to parade these leaches and claim that they represent the LP community. These leaches are so far removed from the real LPs and from a real family that when I watch one of their so called episodes I have to brush my teeth afterwards. Unfortunately, I am a critic so I have to watch.
The arrogance of them saying that they were there to teach Hatian mother how to properly feed their children. What? They don't know how to feed children properly because they are black? or because they are poor? Could it be that their kids aren't fed properly because while the Rolloffs go from party to party, from vacation to vacation, from country, city and state to ever more extravagant pleasure tours, these hatian are home dying of hunger and malnutrition. and unlike the Roloffs and her fan, these Hatians can't just climb into the cruise ship and eat at the captain's table. They are black and poor Amy, They don't even speak any english so NO LOBSTER and Champaign for them.

You know it is strange how the fake Amy Roloff Charity Foundation keeps avoiding filing financial disclosure documents with the State of Oregon. Is like they don't want you to find out how much of every dollar you donate really ends up with the real charity and what big chunk is being taken by the Roloffs and their friends for administrative purposes.
What a terrible life midgets live, Right?

Anonymous said...

If you really want to see how much Amy and the twins were suffering and sacrificing for the charity work then watch this video and open your eyes.

My God. How can she dare call it charity work when this cruise is a luxury cruise. Then she dares to parade the rich Americans in front of starving poor black people. What? Did they need to erase Jeremy's racists comments from people's minds so much that TLC suggested "Hey, since you guys are stopping in Haiti anyway, why don't just tour around the slums in Haiti and call it relief work. It is good for ratings!"
"We will pay for the luxury cruise. "
I want to know how can these people and their friends be so shallow and opportunistic.
This was not a charity even this was self promoting and family luxury vacation.
Don't believe it? Just watch the darn video and open your eyes.

Kapper said...

Hey Sheri, FYI: Here in Seattle I'm involved in working with the homeless community(day after day by the way, not on a 'whim' like some people I know....) During the winter months I travel to Mexico and work with animal rescue organizations. And guess what? I DRIVE there, a 4800 mile round trip, with a load of donated supplies. Oh, and just so you know, I'm atheist. Yup, I'm godless yet happy. Hard to imagine, huh?

Kapper said...

You can't refer to the Roloff's as midgets. Only Chelsea Handler can.

Anonymous said...

Brother Dorsey
Nov 14 2006, 08:51 AM

Hi Berry....Although I have never met his family I do know Matt Roloff
personally I can tell you all kinds of real things about him (unlike
typical TV hype)....I work as a truck mechanic in Hillsboro
Oregon....Roloff farms is located here and he has been bringing his
trucks here for repair and maintenance for years. About 20 years ago
Matt wrote a book about being a little person....I have never seen it
and do not know the name of it but appearently it sold well and he was
able to purchase his farm. He also, as the series shows has a company
that sells items to hotels and resorts which help cater to little
people. The one thing the TV show does not show you is that Matt
Roloff is a plain jerk....he wears his size on his sleeve and and he
is demanding and demeaning if you don't cater to him right away. I am
speaking from experience....when he brings his trucks to be serviced
or repaired no one wants to work on his stuff because he stands around
and tells you what to do and then questions your work like as if you
were lying to him or trying to cheat him. This happens every single
time....then he argues about his bill....when he does have his farm
hands with him he calls them names like "stupid beaner", "dumbass
messican" and the like and then laughs about it...these are all
mexican farm laborers who just take his crap which is sad. No, don't
let the TV show fool you....Matt Roloff is not someone I would
associate with for sure. I feel sorry for his wife and kids

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you but I can call the Roloffs whatever I want and as far as I know midget is in the dictionary and is used to describe people like them.

I remember in the seventies, Tatoo, the guy from Fantasy Island, he use to make people call him a midget. He hated being called a "little person".
The dictionary makes distinctions like midgets are small people that have correctly proportional limbs and dwarfs are small people the have very small legs. I call them midgets because they are all mental midgets and actual midgets even though some of them are dwarfs so for the sake of my own sanity and to annoy the heck out of them I decided they will be called midgets in all my postings.

Besides. There is an article online where Matt seems to be having problems with his neighbors because he is a bastard that is trying ti impose his will on everybody. Anyway, at the end of the article the reporter mention the fact that Matt calls himself a "farming midget".
""You hear all the crap about the schools not having any money? Well, why is Oregon chasing down a farming midget... when they could be funding schools?"

Article link follows and the quote is in the next to last paragraph.

Kapper said...

Anonymous, I was being totally ironic by saying you can't call the Roloff's midgets. There was a big uproar about the word - I can't remember the specifics - the Roloff's were bitching and moaning about being referred to as midgets. And then they go on Chelsea Handler (yuk) and they're throwing jokes back and forth, and all of a sudden they don't mind being called midgets. All of a sudden it's okay, because, after all, a celebrity was calling them that.
They take offense only when it's advantageous for them, true Roloff style.

Brandon said...

Kapper, I hear what you're saying, but I don't think their real issue is that it was Chelsea Handler.

It comes back to Jeremy's slurs and the Roloffs hypocrisy.

They used to be very firm. Midget was wrong.

Then Jer's slurs came out and the rest is history.

Whenever Matt and Amy vaguely talk about it they say things like "words don't matter", we hate being "PC"" and everything to defend Jeremy.

People called them on their hypocrisy. Midget = wrong. N word and gay slur f** not wrong when coming from the lips and fingers for Jeremy 'Golden Boy' Roloff.

That's when they started doing the dance about midget being ok.

Now they are both inconsistent. Some interviews they say it doesn't matter and they aren't offended if someone calls them midgets and some interviews they still say it's wrong and people shouldn't say it.

I think it's all because they know how they tried to defend the Jer Bear.

Bigga said...

Hi everyone. I have never posted before and just recently learned about the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation. So before I made any comments, I wanted to learn more so I asked around before I made any comments. What I learned made me understand that most of the comments I read were made by folks who had no clue as to what the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation was all about and who the people, along with Amy, were doing with the Foundation. In my opinion, these are very dedicated people who are giving their time and money to help some very good causes. If only we all could think of ways to help others instead of criticizing those that are out there doing just that. It's so easy to be negative.

Amy, keep up the great work you are doing with your Foundation. I am sure the kids in Haiti were uplifted by your visit and appriciated even the smallest of gift you brought. I know for a fact that 99.99% of these kids have NEVER had a toy in their life. How many of the doubtful critics can say that and how would they even know how a child in that stiuation felt when they got something, anything, from someone. I have been there so I know.

brenda said...

That episode made me feel sick. Go on a cruise, complain about those awful gravel roads, take a private plane to drop in to visit those poor people who are living in that disaster area for four whole hours then fret about missing your big ship. Give me a break. How about stay home and give the money straight to relief instead of taping how great you are. I liked Amy. Now I am no so sure anymore.

Mike said...

Watching that episode made me sick. I would love to know the administrative costs of the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation.

Shelley said...

Amy is so delusional it is scary. She actually believes that she, Jeremy and Zach are responsible for the water well in a 3rd world country because they took a luxury cruise for a week and stopped in Haiti with cameras for a few hours, then asked regular joes and janes to give their money for the water well.

What arrogance and totally self serving! She actually thinks herself, Jeremy and Zach deserve the credit...for getting a free luxury cruise!!! The Roloffs give "charity work" a bad name.