Thursday, June 3, 2010

Amy Roloff on Portland TV show - KATU

Amy was interviewed on a Portland morning show (AM Northwest) that she has been on many times.

A real quick recap in case the video doesn't work for anyone who might have difficulty with video on the internet.

Amy said she's amazed they are filming their 6th season. They hemmed and hawed about it.

The hosts mentioned about the bickering on camera. Amy said "that's why it's real".
She was asked if she gets marital advice. She says she gets emails, some of it's good and some of it negative, to which she said...."It's only a moment you see, don't assume you have this whole analytical picture of our life".

The female host made the comment that the show has made everyone see you as you and Zach as Zach" (personally I think that is very true). Amy replied "For the most part, until you get....", but then the male host interrupted.

She was asked about Jeremy and Zach in college. Amy said it's strange because they are in college, but it's not like they are off at a 4 year college or university. They still live at home, but they do their own thing; come and go as they please, but she is still in the mom role wanting to know where they're going and when they'll be back.

Amy was promoting her performance in Frogtown. She explained that Frogtown is about acceptance of yourself, acceptance of others and diversity.


Emma said...

Yes, Amy. Storyline cheat sheets are definitely 'real.'

Austin said...

This Frog Town performance is hard to take. The producers of it messed up.
Do they like hypocrissy?

Amy Roloff in a play about accepting yourself, accepting others and diversity?

Except if you're gay (like I am). Then don't accept yourself. I should pray to God to be un-gayed!

And if you aren't gay like Amy, don't accept gay people. Tell them to find a cure for their difference.

And diversity. Except if you're black and don't like white kids like Jeremy throwing around the N word like it's nothing. Then shut up, it's only a word.

All of that and she is in a play about accepting yourself promoting diversity? Who is the next Frogtown guest star? Ann Coulter? Rush Limbaugh?

Brandon said...

The typical real not real routine.

"That's why it's real life"

Until people believe all the stuff Amy says on the show about being uncertain about the future of the marriage, how she doesn't know if she sees Matt in her life in another 20 years because they've lost their friendship....then people are just stupid judging because they believe the show is real...

Erica said...

I love Amy. She is doing a good thing. If I lived in Portland, I would attend.

BeckyM said...

For me it's hard to swallow. The Roloffs encouraging diversity when we know they just hosted a right-wing political agenda at their farm?

The "we promote diversity" is just a gimmick for the show to try to promote the Roloffs as some sort of ambassador of peace and acceptance. Not buying it.

OTOH, I wonder if Amy's political beliefs are different then Matts' and that is why she is struggling on alone with this?

Brandon said...

Becky, that's how I feel too.

But I don't think Amy has different political beliefs than Matt. I think they are both on the same side, albeit for different reasons, imo.

Matt is all about money as always. Matt is wealthy. The party of the rich is the Republican party. Enuff said.

Amy is more of the right wing religious type. Her support of Focus on the Family is the best example. I think Amy is the one of the two of them that pushes the hardcore Christian stuff.

mythioughtis said...

Why is it the people who value diversity really mean... 'everyone should think just like me in that I believe everyone is perfect in their own way...those of you that believe some behaviors are not ok should be more diverse.... it is perfectly ok for me (being diversity enhanced) to believe that conservative behavior is abnormal'... in other words, diversity only means forcing conservatives to believe like liberals, not frocing liberals to be TOLERANT of peole who believe that some behaviors are not ok. Sounds to me like Liberals need to be a little more diversity friendly toward conservatives. and, I am a moderate.

Also, just because Amy is in a play about diversity when she is not totally diversity friendly is not always hypocrisy... maybe she is open to growth and change on her part and this is part of getting out of her comfort zone.

Sheri said...


Very well put.

The gays want people to be "diverse" and be "tolerant" of their immoral behavior, but they show no "tolerance" towards good Christ-loving people like the Roloffs who don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle.

Austin said...

That's a ridiculous argument, MyThought.

Hypothetically, let us say a KKK leader decides to hit the "diversity" speaking circuit.

If you people say "Hey...there is a lot of hypocrisy there. I don't think he should qualify as a diversity speaker considering he doesn't believe in diversity", by your logic, they are the ones who are wrong and are not being diverse? It's a ridiculous arguement.

Ann Coulter played this card when she was in Canada a few weeks ago. A professor at a University in Ottawa sent her an email before her speech reminding her to be respectful to all people and not to promote hatred toward any group of people. She then claimed she was the victim of a hate crime because he was hating on her for telling her to be respectful to all groups...pure idiocy.

Amy doesn't teach other minority groups to accept themselves. She doesn't accept other minority groups herself. Her being in a diversity theatre production is a crock.

Dana said...

Great comment, MT.

I'm very interested in how Rap responds to that. Probably by avoiding it or clinging to other statements made by other people instead of the valid points you raise.

Liberals are the hypocrites, not the Roloffs.

I Am Leviticus said...

{The gays want people to be "diverse" and be "tolerant" of their immoral behavior, but they show no "tolerance" towards good Christ-loving people like the Roloffs who don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle.}

Sheri, why don't you have a slave of color? You are following the call to denounce homosexuality as you should yet you choose to ignore others. Have you sold your barely teen-aged daughter to wealthy member of the tribe? Was that you I saw at the Red Lobster last week? Tsk tsk....

mythoughtis said...

I don't believe that a KKK leader should qualfiy as a divesity speaker... as KKK, by definition, is not only INTOLERANT toward people who don't share their views, but are downright violent towards them.. That is not what I meant by liberal being tolerant toward conservatives. What I meant is that liberals have to accept that some people think certain behaviors or lifestyles are wrong/abnormal, and acknowledge that person's right to think that way. Does that mean that people should tolerate losing a job, or a residence because someone dislikes them?, it does not. And, no one should tolerate violence towards anyone else.

But, it does mean that you should not think Amy is evil just beause her views are not the same as yours. She has a right to say that she doesn't like certain behaviors, as long as that is all she does about her dislike.

Rap541 said...

"The gays want people to be "diverse" and be "tolerant" of their immoral behavior, but they show no "tolerance" towards good Christ-loving people like the Roloffs who don't approve of the homosexual lifestyle."

Thats not what mythought said at all. Mythought, you correct me if I am over stating, but the point is that there needs to be some respect on both sides of the fence... not that "gays hate Christians".

I am also curious... how does someone being gay in any way create disrespect for your faith? Or stop you from being Christian?

Back to the point - I think sometimes people get confused by what is meant by "valuing diversity".

It doesn't mean everyone has to love each other and love mexican cantina music as well. It means everyone has to treat each other as decently as they would like to be treated themselves.

It means that while I dislike Mexican cantina music, that doesn't make it completely invalid as a musical choice and I don't have the right to say that it is.

Diversity is why we let people like Matt, Amy, and Zach live with us despite their obvious physical defects. Thats why I am sometimes surprised at Matt and Amy, to be honest... it was NOT that long ago that people like the Roloffs were considered well... better hidden away or perhaps displayed in a sideshow.

So lets look back at Sheri's remark, and ask... what are the gays being intolerant about? Sheri - has a gay person asked you to not be Christian?

I kinda doubt it.

What gay people (and blacks, and people with disabilities, and others) want is to be treated equally under the law. It wasn't so long ago that conservatives were decrying the liberals for wanting to allow legal interracial marriages. it wasn't so long ago that conservatives saw nothing wrong with shuttling handicapped children off to institutions since they would never have the ability to be anything other than leaches on society. Now we're more educated and we understand that these things were wrong.

Rap541 said...

I would also say that I don't think liberals, conservatives or the Roloffs have any sort of immunity to hypocracy.

Shadow said...

...maybe [Amy] is open to growth and change on her part and this is part of getting out of her comfort zone...

One can only hope. As for the whole supposition that we "liberals" are being "intolerant" of people who believe homosexuality is a sin, or who believe that people of different ethnicities and/or skin color than our own are inferior to us--actually, that's not my issue here.

While I certainly don't admire anyone with those kinds of beliefs, and wouldn't choose to associate with them, if Amy (and her family) wants to be intolerant of people who are different from her, that's her right. All I ask is that she publicly own up to her beliefs, instead of dancing around them to make money. All of the "hidden" intolerance is what I find annoying. If you're going to be intolerant, OWN IT.

The Roloffs conceal their beliefs and evade any discussion of them, because they are well aware that the truth would affect their popularity and income.

Lynn said...

Rap - What is your response to MyThought's point? Not to Sheri's, but to MyThought's. Do you agree that liberals are being intolerant of the Roloffs conservative beliefs?

At least Shadow attempted to respond to that very good point.

It is something the Roloffs have long been criticized for and was happening here in these comments. It is something I have seen you talk about many times. You are constantly bringing up the fact that the Roloffs are "diversity speakers".

Don't avoid MyThought's very good point to only attack a more extreme view from Sheri or Dana.

Brandon said...

What is wrong with wanting people to represent what they are actually speaking about?

If you're going to speak about how people who are different should accept themselves and others should accept them, yes you should actually be putting that into practice, not that you're really telling people who are different from you that they are diseased and should pray to (your) God to be cured. Because believing that is not accepting yourself or accepting others.

If I as an average sized person believe that Amy should not have been allowed by the state to be a parent of an average sized child because it puts too much strain, pressure and scrutiny on the child and I just don't believe in dwarfs being equal to me because that is what I believe the Bible says and I think dwarves should and I think dwarves should be praying to be changed and undergo treatments to make themselves normal...then that's my right as a person to believe that. Correct?

But I shouldn't be a "diversity" speaker getting paid to tell people about the value of acceptance and tolerance to people who are different than you are.

Because my beliefs are NOT accepting of people who are different from I am and I do not believe that people should accept themselves for who they are. I have a right to that opinion (no one has said the Roloffs don't have a right to believe what they want) but I shouldn't be giving speeches and in plays about accepting people who are different and how they should accept themselves because that's not what I really believe.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I think I was clear in my second post but I will repeat.

I don't think liberals, conservatives or Roloffs have any immunity to hypocracy. Yes, I have seen situations where I think liberals are hypocritical and overstating their offense. I also can think of situations where conservatives do the same.

Do you really believe that Christians are oppressed in this country, for example? That Christians are so scared of being found out as Christians that they have to hide their faith and pretend to be pagan in order to not be shot?

The point about the Roloffs being diversity speakers is that they do set themselves above the average rabble when they decide to get paid to tell others how everyone needs to accept them and how wrong it is to not treat someone who is four foot tall as though they were the equal of someone of average height (The irony is that fans of the Roloffs constantly point out how physically amazing Jeremy is and poo poo the idea that Zach and Jeremy are in any way equal or should be treated equal)

Back to the point - when you go around telling people "don't call us midgets, we're just like you!" and get paid to tell people "we're all alike on the inside, accept each other's differences" and accept public kudos for being diverse, yes, people will question how geniune your values are when you have a son with a racist mouth, and when you endorse treating gays as less than human.

I notice Amy and Matt are never adding "but iff you're gay, you're choosing to go to hell" at any of their diversity talks on accepting differences. See the problem?

Greg said...

MyThoughtIs, you're using the old "Don't call a jerk a jerk or else that makes you a jerk" routine.

If someone is being mean and insulting to another person. You don't approve. You say "you're not being mean to him and you hurt his feelings". That person responds by saying "Well, you're being mean to me and hurting my feelings by telling me that I'm being mean".

You can play that game with anything.

David said...

"While I certainly don't admire anyone with those kinds of beliefs, and wouldn't choose to associate with them, if Amy (and her family) wants to be intolerant of people who are different from her, that's her right. All I ask is that she publicly own up to her beliefs, instead of dancing around them to make money. All of the "hidden" intolerance is what I find annoying. If you're going to be intolerant, OWN IT.."

Excellently put, Shadow.

Rap541 said...

I have to agree with you, David. Shadow, that was nicely said.

BeckyM said...

Just wanted to thank the thread members for giving me and hubby the best laugh of the day. I told him that apparently "libersls weren't LIBERAL enough! D*mn their hyprociscy for not allowing the Right Wing to hold tight to their narror view of the world and ENFORCE it (with laws) every living member in society."

Yes, we had quite a laugh! ROFLMAO!

Lynn said...

Becky, that is not a response to the very good point that MyThoughtIs made.

Rap541 said...

Lynn - since you're griping - what do *you* think mythouthtis said?

I personally asked mythoughtis to disagree with me if I was overstating....

What do *you* think Mythoughtis said?

Amy Prolodd said...

Amy I have followed your show since its imception and truly enjoy every aspect of it - the ups and downs. I must say I did not know much about 'little people' and your show has emphasized the differences and the sameness in our families. I am from Roseburg Oregon and my daughter/soninlaw and granddaughter live in Portland. My husband and I were going to Jjahats for the weekend to meet my brother and wife. Don't ask my what way we were traveling but there was a sign for your farm. I was 'giddy'.Would love to visit you all and sit down with some good conversation and an Oregon grown bottle or wine or two.I would love to hear from you and I pray the headlines of you and Matt getting a divorce is untrue. Kids are almost grown - now it is the grandkids you can take or leave. Love you Amy.