Saturday, June 5, 2010

Amy Roloff performing in One Night in Frogtown today

Later today Amy will be performing in the musical "One Night in Frogtown". Here is a video and an article that contains the composer, Philip Pelletier, talking about how he get involved with Amy on this project.

"One of the most recent additions to the cast is the star of the reality series “Little People, Big World,” Amy Roloff. In recounting how he and Roloff reached out to each other via Facebook, he recalls how in their first phone conversation they connected immediately and realized they were both doing the same thing for the same organization, Shriners Childrens Hospital. Once they realized they were very much on the same page, they made plans for Amy to join the cast of Frogtown.

Pelletier on Amy Roloff’s role in Frogtown: “It really speaks to a lot of the things that are really important to her and her sense of fun. She has a great sense of humor. She sees and appreciates the magic and the imagination of it, and the importance of that in life. Education has become so testing-oriented that something like this, that has a great message but also is fun, is important that kids experience those things.

It was so synergistic and we’re really happy that she is involved. She brings this great energy to the whole Frogtown project.”

The evolution and growth of the project is culminating in one of their biggest events to date, the upcoming fund-raising event for the Shriners Childrens Hospital at the Aladdin Theater this Saturday, June 5th. Two shows are scheduled (2pm and 5pm)."

You can read the full article here:

Here is a video to give you an idea of what it's like. I must say, I'm really loving the title song :-)


Anonymous said...

The music is really good

Austin said...

Great lyrics. I could interpret the words in a way that mean something to me (not the frog part :)

"And don't be afraid to sing your song
When it comes from inside it won't be wrong
Just listen to your heart
Feel it getting strong

Jocelynn said...

While I don't agree with some of the Roloffs beliefs and their past actions about some of these subjects, the composer and performers are doing a great thing and have a nice message for kids to hear.

Amy being involved brings some publicity to it and that's a good thing. I wouldn't have known about it if not for Amy having a part.

Brandon said...

Jocelynn, yes I see your point. I don't think anyone has criticized the Frogtown people or even said it's bad that Amy is involved. Just pointing out that she's not really as diverse as she pretends to be with her and her family and friends history.

Susan said...

It's interesting that Matt promotes the heck out of that Greek Restaurant and bar on his Facebook page but hasn't said one word about his wife being in this musical play on his Facebook page. He tells people to come to the Greek Restaurant but doesn't encourage people to support his wife's play.

And they wonder why people might speculate that they have problems in their relationship?

Rap541 said...

Susan - Frogtown supports Shriners Hospital in some sort of way and Matt has some issue with Shriners.

And of course, always remember that while Amy should always stand by her man and do as he wishes and never ever say anything other than "yes matt" and support every and any notion he has with no backtalk or concerns, Matt as a husband is under no obligation to support anything Amy does, ever.

Yes, this mutual lack of support (because Amy hardly advertises Matt's ventures on her website) is one huge indicator that Matt and Amy aren't quite as cozy as they insist.

Dana said...

Susan, don't listen to Rap. Matt has been very supportive of Amy. If you read Matt's Facebook page you should know that they are very happy and everything is fine. Matt has explained many times that the show edits for drama.

Matt does not support this one venture by Amy because it benefits Shriners and Matt has issues with Shriners.

I don't think Amy should be helping Shriners if Matt is against it, but it doesn't mean you should speculate that it's proof that they have problems.

Alice said...

Amy, Good luck. I hope you and the entire cast have a great show!

Rap541 said...

"If you read Matt's Facebook page you should know that they are very happy and everything is fine. "

Yes NO ONE ever lies on Facebook! :)

And of course, Matt Roloff always speaks the truth huh Dana?

Remember when Matt said he found typing too physically difficult to be online much?

And remember when he later said that TLC had contractually obligated him to not be on line but now he had permission and posts all the time on Facebook?


Hey what about on the show when he said he was building the locker room for the soccer team? But when he caught flack for it, he said he actually built it for the crew but was somehow magically edited to say it was for the soccer team? (Even though there is no evidence at all that his words were cut and spliced together)


And hey, when the entire season is devoted to depicting Matt and Amy having marital problems... Matt says the show is real and raw and HE NEVER LIES!

But they aren't having any marital issues and everything is fine!

Dana - I don' understand, must be cause I am not a christian... How is Matt depicting his marriage falling apart on tv TRUE and also telling everyone his marriage is perfectly fine and the show edited TRUE?

Because it sure seems to me that one of these things can't be true... But you're insisting Matt never EVER says a lie so you explain it to me how he's not lying (and possibly lying for money if the "drama=ratings" folks are to be considered)

Dana as a Christian, do you and your husband pretend to have marital discord for money and call it honest? Just curious ;)