Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Amy Roloff responds to the public worry over Matt's health and criticism of the cliffhanger

As you can see from the site, we've done many items about aftermath of the show and this viewer frenzy about Matt's health and Matt's reaction to it (albeit delayed reaction).

How is Amy handling this frenzy? And the criticism from viewers who feel used and are questioning the Roloffs morals for the cliffhanger ending.

A jaded fan expressed their feelings to Amy and she responded on the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Page.

Jen T: Amy, it's great you do stuff like Frogtown and support good causes, but I fear you've sold your soul in the name of money and TV ratings. The "ending" last night truly disgusted me. I wonder if you realize how disrespectful it is to all the people who have experienced the panic and pain of finding a family member on the... floor. To use it as "cliffhanger" to get people to watch is deplorable. And then for Matt to delete his Facebook posts last night to hide the fact that he's fine so that naive good hearted people will continue to worry - wow - I'll stop before I say something I regret. But I fear you have all lost your way and shame on you and the producers (you sing their praises but they show their true colors with things like this) for taking advantage of people's emotions.

Amy Roloff: Hey Jen. I appreciate your thoughts. Though Matt is fine it was a scary moment for us though too. WE are grateful all is fine. No, I only give my time to just maybe give a little help for a BIG world through the opportunity I have been given via LPBW. Thank you again.

Mike L.: Praying Matt is ok

Amy: He is fine and the family is doing good. Thanks.


Erin said...

Very classy of Amy to respond like that.

Jocelynn said...

I really go back and forth on Amy. This is the Amy I like though. I find her to be more honest than Matt and nice of her to face the heat and stay classy.

Brandon said...

Good for Amy for responding. Before Matt did too.

Carla said...

Well, I'd like to say good job on Jen for asking the question because that is how I felt too.

I do have more respect for Amy for responding and not getting angry or sarcastic like Matt gets.

Anna Cole said...

Thank you Amy for setting the record straight. Love your family.

BeckyM said...

Hey Amy... when I was 21 my dad died from a heart attack at home. It was his fourth. He was in tremondous pain and I got to have a front seat ticket to it while he left this life.

JMO but this will backfire on you, Matt, TLC and your show bigtime. As it should.

Reality? Give me a break. When Matt predeceases you, which is a very good chance, why don't you give an interview about how it felt to see him dying or dead? Can we interview your worthless children about how they "felt" when he took his last breath?

Trust me, I've been there, and the things you will feel when this really helps, well it won't be nothing like your scripted, phony reality show.

As usual TLC shows what lows they will stoop too - and how easy it is too con their "talent" cough cough to do whatever they want.

Cindy said...

BeckyM, I think your comment is very uncalled for.

Amy didn't have to respond to that upset person. She could have ignored it or told the person off or laughed at them.

It was TLC's decision to end the season with that. Amy said in her answer that they were worried and it was scary.

You're acting like Amy is laughing at people who have seen loved ones die of heart attacks.

I don't understand where are you are going with "Why don't you (Amy) give an interview about how it felt to see Matt die (when he does). You're just being rude.

Amy has always been very sincere about serious issues. Her speech and words about Mike at his memorial were very real, very heartfelt and very touching. I'm glad she opened up like that. THAT was reality.

I just don't understand why you seem to be pinning this on Amy and acting like she is making light of people who have lost family members.

May said...

Very classy of Amy. I like Amy a lot more than Matt!

I bet Amy gave Matt heck over his Facebook tricks (deleting to keep the hoax going).

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy. Best to your family.

Anonymous said...


Rap541 said...

Cindy - in fairness, Amy did response and her respons was basically "whatever"

Amy and Matt are both producers and listed in the credits as producers. Their protests aside, they clearly have SOME control over what is aired as we never saw a raw and real reaction to Jeremy being named in the national enquirer as a bigot.

The fact is - the show was ended on an intentional cliffhanger and if it wasn't staged, the roloff kids and Amy responded to this with "oh hey get dad some water" which is hardly how most families would respind... and considering how fake and staged it appeared, the Roloff family ncluding Matt, staged this after the fact for the cameras.

If it was just vertigo - as Matt has publically stated... how do you feel about being led to believe it was serious?

Christine said...

If you read between the lines I think what Amy is trying to say is what they did and how the show is using it might be shady, but the show provides her with the opportunity to do good things.

Yeah the Roloffs make a good living from the show, but Amy doesn't need to have her Charity Foundation and she is raising money for other charities. It's all because of the show.

I think she is saying it is worth it.

Cindy said...

Rap, I don't think Amy was blowing that person off. If she wanted to blow them off, she could have ignored it.

She realized the person had concerns because of their own apparent experience. She said it was scary to find someone on the floor.

I'm not always about editing but it sounds like basically Matt fell out of his chair. He might have been speaking to Jeremy as he approached. That would explain their reaction.

The show never said it was a heart attack. That is the conclusion people jumped on. I never thought it was a heart attack. I thought it was realated to his diabetes.

"If it was just vertigo - as Matt has publically stated... how do you feel about being led to believe it was serious?"

The Roloffs never said or implied that. The show used it as a cliff hanger because that's what they do in the television business. You're making it sound as though they played clips of an ambulance pretending like they are huddled around the hospital waiting to see if he lives.

That's not what happened. He got dizzy, that explains their reaction, they could tell he wasn't having a heart attack and the show used it as the cliff hanger because the name of the game in television is to get people to watch.

Dana said...

I can't get over how some people feel betrayed that Matt is alive and well.

Those are the sick people if you ask me.

Judy said...

It was good of Amy to respond.

I would have hoped this scare would have mades Amy, Zach, and Jacob stop and appreciate Matt more but nothing seems to have changed.

Rap541 said...

You're being naive, no offense intended, if you believe that showing Matt unresponsive to questions, lying face down (after shifting from face up) wasn't a ratings ploy.

Did anyone *on the show* say "Matt had vertigo"?

Did they? Tell me where that happened.

Tell me where someone said "This isn't a serious medical issue despite how Matt referenced dying on at least one occasion"

I don't understand how you can argue that the Roloffs weren't culpable in this hoax (and it is a hoax if Matt knew full well it was just vertigo and allowed this episode to air with no explanation) if they knew Matt was fine.


Because TLC damn well knew about the racism incident with Jeremy James Roloff and the *producers* including Amy and Matt kept that off the air. So Matt and Amy aren't helpless little victims forcedto dance for the cameras and implying they are is offensive

BeckyM said...

Hey Cindy

Amy and Matt are making money from this show and they definitely have input on it and how it is produced. And from multiple comments Matt has made in the past, yeah he is LAUGHING at how people consider his show "real."

Hasn't he said many, many times that people don't "know" what is really happening and what his family is really like?

Amy blew this person off. TLC has a plan on how to make this show have higher ratings, and as they have already learned from one of their other Reality-ho stars, if you make FAKE controversy, it SELLS ratings!

Why do you think Matt deleted his Facebook postings? Because people were searching for him to make sure he was okay and he DIDN'T WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT.

Why? Because the Roloff's are milking the fake drama. Buy into it if you want, I won't.

My point is that when a loved one collapses you in now way shape or form react in the way his family did - OBVIOUSLY faked and the audience was hooked and played like a fish.

Jane said...

Amy's response was polite but didn't really address the concern of the poster. Why? Because Amy is intelligent and she knows the poster is correct and she has no real defense other than admitting it is good TV to end the season with a cliff hanger concerning Matt's health. Pulling the charity card is kind of like a "Get Out of Jail Free" card whenever anyone in reality TV is questioned about why they do what they do. It was a safe answer to a controversial question. I am glad Amy is able to help these charities, but I would have had more respect for her if she had addressed the real concern of the poster. But that probably would have required an apology and that wasn't going to happen.

I have also witnessed the collapse of loved ones, more than once, and the memory is traumatic and seared into the brain. Using that type of a cliff hanger when they knew it was only vertigo was a cheap trick to keep ratings. As far as reality shows, you can't get much lower than that.

Amy and Matt are producers of this show. That position is different than those who appear on shows like the Real Housewives of _____ (fill in the blank). Those women have no say so in how the show is edited and not that much input, if any, into the direction of the show. Their role is to be as controversial as possible and hope they get invited back next year.

Amy and Matt have a lot more control over what is shown and how it is shown. For people to blame TLC alone is not realistic. I mean think about it. Can you imagine Matt, with his personality, not having a significant input into what is shown about him and his family?

I have only watched this show on a hit and miss basis since last season. Last season the show was edited to play up the differences between Amy and Matt, leading viewers to believe they would split. It was all a red herring to keep viewers and so is this supposed health scare. When you know that, then the show becomes even more boring. You can only watch so much soccer, so much of the twins screwing up, Jacob misbehaving, Matt steam rolling over everyone, Amy complaining but doing nothing about it and Molly being smart and level headed. They know that and that is why as long as this show is on the air, there will be a lot more red herrings to come.

Anonymous said...

Dana, it is not fair to accuse people of feeling betrayed because Matt is OK and saying they are sick. That is not the point of this discussion at all. It is great that Matt's only problem was vertigo and he is OK.

What is sick is deliberately leading people to believe that Matt wasn't OK. Matt has been shown to have health problems and he is not a spring chicken any more. To see the show edited to continue to let viewers worry about Matt instead of reassuring them it was a dramatic, but relatively minor problem, was not only sick but calculated to manipulate viewer's concern for him and to get ratings.

Tony D said...

In response to everyone on this topic the ending of the june 24, season finale show of Matt falling down to the floor that was done on purpose of them using that clip because that had already had happen that took place before they had all left to go on their month long summer vacation that was the same day that Zach and Jeremy got their back packs delievered to them by mail that was the first part of summer season 5 part b start the season off during the summer months june/july from their they took us in to the fall months august/september/october they should all of this some what in order in august amy started planing her chairty golf tournament and by september that was when it took place even molly birthday took place then october rolls in pumpking season startted so if this was not done on purpose for them putting something that had already took place back at the beginning of the summer and trying to incorporate into the fall months during or after pumpking season if you all don't call that manipulating your veiwers well then what is that called then cause if no one see it that way well thing you all are sick like Matt Roloff and must be fooled by others all of the time.

David said...

Jane: Excellent message. I believe you are correct about everything.

Sandie said...

I came across this humorous quote earlier this week, and somehow the Roloffs came to mind :) :

"You can fool some of the people all of the time. Those are the ones you want to focus on."

Greg said...

I can't believe Amy's father Gordon Knight writes for a church about moral, righteous and Christ like behavior. His own daughter and grandkids are part of a show that is nothing but a scam. It just so Christ like to trick people into worrying that something serious happened to someone.

Rap541 said...

In fairness to Gordon, Greg - we don't know that he approves of what Amy does or that he knows the ins and outs of whats been going on. He lives in Michigan after all, and does not seem to have a lot of close contact.

Anonymous said...

I too think that this cliffhanger is very shameful. Not sure to what extent the Roloffs had a say in it, but this very week I saw footage of two other TLC shows (Cake Boss and the Little Couple) where they showed characters in upcoming shows to be in serious medical situations.

In Cake Boss, they showed one of the bakers (not Buddy, one of others) having an apparent heart attack. Then on the Little Couple they showed Bill lying down in a doctor's office having some sort of serious medical problem.

It seems that this is a trick that TLC is repeatedly resorting to this season. Shame on them!!

Rap541 said...

"The Roloffs never said or implied that. The show used it as a cliff hanger because that's what they do in the television business. You're making it sound as though they played clips of an ambulance pretending like they are huddled around the hospital waiting to see if he lives."

In fairness, Cindy, what they aired was Matt openly discussing how much pain he was in, how sick he was, how tired he was, and how he was thinking he would soon be dead and was already making arrangements for his impending death. So the entire show was a bit of a set up since Matt's pumpkin season despair occured well after his dizzy spell. (Which is very manipulative and misleading)

Then we end the season with Matt face down on the floor, apparently not responding to questions.

No, I wasn't fooled, because I was well aware he was fine - but do you really feel he was presenting this as "nothing to worry about"?


And do think he should get kudos for intentionally misleading people with the editing into thinking he had a serious collapse during pumpkin season when in fact it was vertigo that occured sometime in June?

Matt is a producer on his show. He is complicite in the decisions being made - thats why big boy Jer's articles on his nasty mouth were never ever mentioned.

I don't expect a huge amount of honest from this sort of show, but please don't tell me the action isn't being scripted to deliberately mislead.

The average viewer, who does not visit websites, will think, on watching this, that Matt had been physically unwell and deteriotating during pumpkin season and then collapsed for unknown reasons. The *reality* is that Matt "had vertigo" in June, before participating in a lengthy somewhat strenous family vacation where he was well enough to hang with his son in the Alps.

What we saw presented on the show was in no way the reality of the situation - to use a non show example, its like shouting "fire!" in a darkened movie theater and then justifying oneself by pointing out that there was a fire three months earlier that was put out so yelling fire isn't a lie...

Woman in Love said...

What most fascinates me is that if Matt had vertigo why was he unresponsive?

Yeah, I realized immediately it was fake and even laughed. I found it tough to believe some people believed that it was for real!

But even faking or having real doesn't make ya pass out! It makes one dizzy and I've fallen out of bed but to make one unresponsive? Nah. More acting .... bad, very bad acting.