Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Amy Roloff to give the "Be The Best You Can Be" speech at Conference

Amy Roloff will offer a "Be The Best You Can Be" speech as the keynote speaker June 10-11 at the Lakes Health Conference in Iowa.


Greg said...


How did the Roloffs manage to become motivational speakers?

Be the best you can be? Maybe Amy should start by talking to her 20 year old slugs for sons.

You know, the 2 that still live at home, the 2 that she still needs to wake up every morning, the 2 that have no real job that Matt hasn't arranged for them. The two adults that don't even take on responsibility as television stars by doing anything to support the show because they need play time.

Does anyone believe Jeremy and Zach are "Being the best they can be" by slacking off playing like their small children with no responsibilities at the age of 20?

Jexter said...

It’s a joke right? she cant clean her house, her oldest sons are a complete fails (racism, laziness, lack of goals, hypocrites) , her youngest have serious rage issues against his all family for been ignore all his life, her marriage is based in always attack her husband and divide the family, cero , none values at that house is a house not a home, but yet she go and tell people to give The Best You Can Be speech... LOL !!!

Judy said...

Greg and Jexter, both of you are way off base.

Both Matt and Amy have overcome more physical and social barriers than most people will ever be faced with.

Look at where they are. Doing what they love, living their dreams, experiencing life to the fullest.

They are being the best they can be. Amy is more than qualified to give a 'Be the Best you can be' speech. There are many people aren't living "the best they can be" with obstacles that are less than what the Roloffs have overcome.

It's not to use Jeremy and Zach against them. They are only one year removed from high school. How many first year college students are great examples of "The best you can be"?

Jeremy and Zach went to school, they're getting an education. From what I hear, Jeremy is talented budding photography prodigy. They just haven't expanded on that on the show yet. While I think Jeremy is a much better example than Zach of living life to be the best you can be, Zach has odds stacked against his dreams and is still working to pursue the field he loves. Imagine if he listened to all of the naysayers?

Rap541 said...

"Look at where they are. Doing what they love, living their dreams, experiencing life to the fullest."

Because they are displaying their disabilities for money. Not because they built a better mousetrap or actually accomplished something significant.

Don't get me wrong - I am not one of those people who think the Roloffs spent the first 14 years of the twins lives grubbing in the dirt and living on welfare. Matt was a reasonably successful salesman and Amy was a homemaker.

Then they decided to enter the entertainment field and make a lot of money *for being dwarfs on tv*. And everybody coos how cute and awesom Matt is to be a farmer.... and no one comments on how making a decent living for one's family is just whats expected of an average height man, and no one comments on how Matt doing something is rarely Matt actually doing something, but Matt paying others to do things for him since its not nice to point out to a handicapped person that they're getting accomadations and special treatment.

I mean really - its 2003, and lets say everythng about Matt is the same except that he's average height, out of work, ad trying to run a pumpkin with a family of four average height kids. Would he be getting a reality show then?

For his accomplishments?

"They are only one year removed from high school. How many first year college students are great examples of "The best you can be"?"

Judy - I am asking nicely. When will it be ok to note that Jeremy and Zach aren't very accomplished? I mean.... are they *ever* going to have to own their behavior? Do you realize how you infantilize them with "they're ONLY 20, dear god, they are just babies, how DARE you expect them to be responsible for themselve! How DARE you expect them to be mature adults?"

And there's PLENTY of young adults out there being the best they can be. Jeremy could join them... at last check the Army likes white Christian men ... but I bet Jeremy sits at home and has mommy make him dinner.

"From what I hear, Jeremy is talented budding photography prodigy."

I wonder how he has time for it, since he's also a soccer prodigy, a master carpenter, a business whiz worthy of Wharton, ad following his dreams of flight and boat captaining....

Now he's a photography prodigy? Really?

I'm open to it. Has he done any shows? Has he gotten a job as a photojournalist? Is he attending art school? Apprenticing to a professional?

Or did he take a course at community college, walk around with an expensive camera, and show his facebook buddies his emo-laden shots of himself staring into the sunset?

I am guessing the later, but if he has done professional work, I am sure Spirit would love it if you gave the info.

M said...

Just because Jer can take photos with a nice professional camera doesn't make him an photography prodigy. I have a nice camera and take pictures like Jeremy... I'm not a photography prodigy. The only thing that nice about jer photos are what's being photographed. Anyone can take pictures like he does if they own his camera.

Lisa said...

You people don't know what you're talking about. You believe you can judge the Roloffs, you believe that you know all there is to know about them because you watch a carefully edited television show.

I have seen Jeremy's work. He is a very talented young man with a passion for photography. You people are making ignorant judgments about Jeremy based on ignorance and pure dislike.

The more you all talk, the more you look like fools. Jeremy is just beginning, however he does have talent. He is headed places.

Rap541 said...

Lisa - in all seriousness, can you point me to any geniune accomplishments Jeremy has made in photography?

I am more than willing to listen to how he won a contest or got recommended to an art school by an actual professional, or even sold some of his work. I mean it, and I meant it when I said it Judi.

Photography is an easy art to become a solid beginner in because the camera does the work. Thanks to someone who contacted me after reading this blog, I have seen some of Jeremy's recent work. He's not bad... I wouldn't call him a prodigy tho, not when several of his friends are turnining equally good photos. This is beginning to turn into one of those "Is Jeremy being over praised" moments.

I mean, he's passionate about soccer, and Scotland, and fortbuilding.... and he's no prodigy in those either.

Is it possible he's a talented beginner? Sure. Is it a field of work where raw talent is a plus? Absolutely. Is he doing anything other than taking pretty pictures and letting his friends coo over them?

Part of being an artist is facing a lot of criticism. "He's a Christian! You just dislike him!" isn't going to help him progresss as an artist ad it isn't going to earn him any respect.

BeckyM said...

Keynote speakers are picked up for the value of name recognition. They then trot out some inspirational speech and because they have some sort of famous value to them people applaud.

I am not surprised that Amy is pulling in some money this way. Would I pay to go to that speech? Nope.

Re: Jeremy and Zach. I have three brothers - they were all late bloomers. All have been moderately successful individuals but it didn't start happening until they entered their 30's. Some "boys" are like that so in that area I am willing to cut them slack.

I am now the mother of a teenaged son (16) and yeah it's hard to get them motivated, out of bed, and not watching video games! That means setting some rules, something Amy and Matt suck at.

For teenagers I have expectations:

- to experience a "real job" where I am not the employer by the age of 18. I don't expect full-time or even part-time work all through the school year (I did that and grades suffer) but I do expect them to "experience" a job;

- to have a schedule and wake themselves up, get dressed, and be ready to go;

- to keep their room moderately clean and picked up. To participate in cleaning the room;

- to do chores that contribute to the household such as dishes, trash, mowing, laundry, helping with general housework;

- to be polite and treat other human beings with respect;

- when it comes to their own ambitions and dreams, understand that they will be contributing financially towards getting there (i.e. college courses). I won't be holding their hands or footing the 100 percent bill;

- In highschool get A's and B's. If grades are lower then that, punishment and removal of priviliges will occur (both of my children are straight A students);

- pay for their own car insurance and gas;

- pay for their own entertainment after the age of 17;

- if they fail a college course, they pay ME the money it cost to enroll them, and they pay the re-take tuition cost.

JMO but with Jeremy and Zach we've watched years of slack parenting. These boys never had responsibility or paid the cost of when they goofed up. This is why they continue to come across as irresponsible, ungrateful, and priveleged jerks.

Shadow said...

Well, maybe this IS the best the Roloffs can be...

Carol said...

BeckyM, thank you for that post. Great thoughts re: parenting. You illustrated the point that many people touch on, but you did it wonderfully.

The Roloffs and their hardcore cult who hangs on their every word defends any criticism of the Roloffs as "We're not perfect. Are your kids perfect?" I've seen both Matt and Amy do this.

Perfection is not what people are looking for at all. It's the fact that many (or almost all) of the expectations you have are not being met by the Roloff kids and they aren't even expected to do or abide by those things.

I think at one time Amy might have similar expectations, but it fell by the wayside when she fell in love with TV and the money and the fame.

I knew the show wasn't good for the kids when Jer and Zach were not forced to work a job that you describe. That was the first big situation they faced with having the tv show and the tv show won over raising good children with work ethic.

I see things on your list that are continually missing from the Roloff kids. There are no expectations. They aren't taught to be accountable or the value of anything because they are so privileged.

David said...

BeckyM 8:18 - I nominate that for best comment ever.

You nailed everything perfectly. Great job.

David said...

Rap, I agree as well. I haven't seen Jeremy's "work", but I trust that he has a very expensive camera. As M said, take pictures of beautiful places with an expensive camera and you would hard pressed to not have a nice looking picture. I don't care who you are. A top notch camera does most of the work.

You also said it re: the praise. The constant praise those kids hear are not good for them. If they do anything even slightly, they are told they are amazing.

Matt's Facebook fans are over the top. I realize most of those are people who are trying to win Matt's friendship by lavishing he and his kids with praise, but all the "You have such amazing kids Matt!"

Becky very nicely pointed out very valid things. Can anyone argue that she is off base?

Yet the Roloffs and Jeremy and Zach hear that they are amazing. Why? Because they goof on a tv show.

I think some of the spoiled pampering from Matt and Amy comes from wanting to please and reward the kids (when Jeremy and Zach were still kids) for going along with the show and allowing them to keep the gravy train growing.

Terrible way to raise kids.

BeckyM said...

Thanks gang....

I will state that I do LIKE Matt and Amy (probably Amy more) as people. I think their hearts are in the right place (for the most part) and they generally come across as likeable people to me.

I have to write what has disappointed me with the show from the day to day, is how ineffectual Matt and Amy are as parents. Matt wants to be the "friend" to his kids; doesn't work Matt and never will. Amy flutters and doesn't enforce.

I expect Jeremy and Zach will be late bloomers; perhaps they will never get their act together until (God Forbid) a parent becomes ill/dies. That is what happened to my slacker brother after my father (who had been supporting my brother, his wife and child) died unexpectedly of a heart attack.

Sometimes responsible behavior only occurs when life circumstances forces you to do it. It will be interesting to see what happens when they turn 21, as I assume that is when they get full control over TLC income trust. And even more interesting when this show ends which is bound to happen sooner or later.

BTW my "rules" are strict and I'm a moderate Liberal. So again, I was surprised to read on this site that Matt and Amy's politics are more conservative then mine, yet their parenting style is laissez faire. It makes me think that their words do not match their actions.

I am not a perfect parent and I certainly would never choose for a television crew to follow me about.

Jocelynn said...

BeckyM, let me join in, well said couple of posts.

I think at this point the most interesting thing will be to see the effects this whole show has had on the kids as they get older. It doesn't appear that the show will end any time soon. Even Matt has is now talking like they are banking on the show for years and years and years. But the most interesting aspect will be to see 5 years from now where the kids are.

The twins honestly seem be too comfortable to take the free ride that the show has provided them with. They show no initiative or drive. I don't see that changing.

mythoughtis said...

I think there are lots of 'keynote' speakers that people really don't know anything about... because their personal lives are not discussed. If we did not see Matt and Amy's personal lives, just knew them as the dwarf couple that owned Roloff farms, and tried to be normal.. would we consider them worthy of a keynote speeach? I would.

There are lots of famous people that I respect a lot less once I hear about their personal lives.... any of the Kennedy's come to mind, Martin Luther King, Various congressmen who can't keep their pants zipped, etc. It's the same here with the Roloffs. Does that lack of respect for their personal lives outweight what they have accomplished, or not?

Brandon said...

MT, the problem is what have the Roloffs accomplished that wasn't done by exposing their personal lives on a reality show? And then they claim it's real, then fake, then real, then fake.

The point people are making is that the Roloffs are not an example of "be the best you can be". They're an example of "Do anything for money - and always think of money over values".

Just because the Roloffs are "famous" for having a reality show doesn't mean it's an accomplishment.

Are we really in the dark ages where we don't think the average LP can have a normal life? The Roloffs simply have sold a lot of their values and character for money and fame.