Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Detailed look at dramatic final scene -- Matt Roloff collapse that caused all the health / heart attack / death speculation...

Since this Matt Roloff health crisis cliff-hanger has developed into such a big story -- the producers and editors obviously did their job well -- we thought we would take a closer look at it for anyone who might have missed it.

Also, for people who always wonder about when in real time the events were filmed -- the pictures may reveal the answer. As Jeremy and Zach enter the office, you can see that leaning against the left wall is the giant sponsorship check for The Statesmen. That places it back around late June/early July 2009. Which would also explain the hiking backpack Jeremy has on that they got for their European trip.

Boy I'm dizzy

Matt drinks water

Thump - Amy "Who is that?"

Zach: "What the hell"
Jeremy: Papa loon (No idea!)
Notice Statesmen sponsorship check leaning against the left wall - the presentation on the farm with the giant check was done late June of 2009

Matt on his back

Matt on his stomach

Jeremy: Dad....Dad?

Amy: What happened?

Molly: "Father?!?"

Jeremy: Dad?

Jeremy: Go get him a bottle of water, Zach

Amy: Are you alright?

Amy: What happened Matthew?






Expressed said...

Molly's "father" was over the top. lol.

I've decided I think it was totally staged.

Molly might have a bright future, but it's not as an actress. lol.

JOhn D. said...

Molly can't hold back that smile. lol

Chris said...

I think LPBW works better as a comedy than as a "reality show".

Molly's "fatherrrrr?" was classic stuff. LOL! I wonder how many times she rehearsed that?

M said...

Good eye!

Mollys father was so fake! Seriously!? Haha

Anonymous said...

can someone put a red circle around the checkthing.. i dont see a damn thing..

Esme said...

Thanks spirits for posting this because I noitce that also that jeremy had the back pack on his back and I said to myself that look like the same day they got their back packs because that is the same cloths they all had on and they were all in seperate rooms on that particular show when the back packs were delivered and I remember that it took them a while to come out and see Zach and Jeremy's back pack because they were all busy doing something in different rooms and Matt was in his office and it took him awhile to come out of his office and why would they take clips from that day and put to the very end of the show season finale so the things I remembered if any one really pays attention to this show the editing is really really bad because they are always peice mealing already aired show segements into other show scenes where they don't even make sense to fill in the minutes are seconds they have on several of their shows because they are not ready are do not want to air certain segements of the show and they just want to wait to air them and peice meal on to another show which in my opinion is awful because they are not editing them right to the point that if you have a good eye like spiritswander and myself and other loyal fans it just really awful and pointless if Matt and Amy want to be excuetive producers to their show maybe they need to go to production school and learn who to edited their show the proper way to where it makes sense to us the viewers of the show from what it looks like to me TLC staff can't edited the shows themselves and can't tell the Roloffs what to do sense they have creative control over their own show what may look and make sense to them surely does not look and make sense to us viewers, if they knew what they were doing Monday night's show and basicly mostly all of their shows in these past few seasons would make sense but it does not due to the fact that Matt and Amy wants to do it all and it clearly shows that they can not do it all because like I said in the beginging of this post they need to go to motion picture production School until they do that or step down as excutive producers of their own show we the loyal viewers will continue to see piece mealed scenes and miss leading stuff on this show so to you Matt and Amy give it up and let TLC network do what they are paid to do and what they went to school for you all can't do it and have it your way not in this case because your ending product is now looking to be a bunch of crap let this part of your duties of the show go it not good for you and the network and more so your fans.

Shadow said...

Esme/JT/LisaAnn - 1) please pick one name. It's not exactly hard to figure out you're the same person. 2) Consider using some punctuation now and then. Even if you're texting from a phone, you can use commas and periods and spaces. Otherwise no one will read your posts. I haven't since the first one.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Mollys "FATHER?" , WAS SO FAKE. Come on Roloffs LET'S KEEP IT REAL. !! I LOVE THE SHOW !!!

Anonymous said...

I was very concerned for Matt even though I realized that this happening was at least 9 months past. However, I have lost a husband due to sudden death (pulmonary embolism) and a daughter slowly (realitively) due to cancer. It's not ever easy to lose a loved one even when you know they are in heaven with our Lord and Savior. Living here without them is extremely painful. And, I would not wish that on anyone!!

SFGirl1967 said...

Wow I noticed alot of what the other fans did .. molly's father was fake and she was smiling..jeremy was standing outside the office looking like he was waiting for instructions, amy did not do crap, why didn't anyone scream call 911??? and Matt kept making all these comments about death throught the two episodes.. did anyone notice that? and he was on his side then flat on his stomach FAKE! I get dizzy spells too and thankfully I have never passed out like that I love the show but that was a bad set up

Chris said...

This goes out to you Shadow I've notice the same thing about those names also, it lead me to believe also that it could maybe be one person using different names either way who are you to judge by saying you along with other people are not reading their comments. All of those comments that they make do be very good points like the ones you make at times have you even considred that maybe they are on their job and that they just might be sneeking to post their comments on this blog from work because maybe they don't have internnet service at home any more, and their is not enough time to put punctuation when needed due to the fact that they might be seeking on their jobs to express themselvs on this blog. Their are many people where I work at that have to take care of their personal stuff on their jobs because they had to cut back at home. So who are you to now all of a sudden have a mind of all who reads this blog to say that no one reads there comments because of miss punctuation maybe you should have a open mind when it comes to others when making and expressing themselves on any type of blog because a lot of people are having to do their personal stuff that normally due at home on his or her jobs maybe you should think of other people feelings before you speak.

Shadow said...

Chris - I read about the first two lines of your post (because it had my name in it, LOL).

If you want to write big, run-on sentences in one solid block of text so that people have to squint and try to follow along and keep your thought in mind while you change subjects and run all over the place that's okay by me but just don't expect anyone to care enough to try and find out if you have a good thought in the middle of all that text or not because it's really annoying to try to keep reading when there's never a pause or a place to think okay that was one thought and here's the next and if you think I'm hurting your feelings by making comments like that then so be it I guess I am but I am just telling you and the other posters if in fact they are different posters and not just you using yet another name because if you want people to read your posts then you have to present it in a way they can read it without haivng to work at it because there are a lot of posts to read and why should I read yours when I can just read the others a lot easier and by the way I did this all without adding in any typos which make it even harder to read because some times you can't even figure out what the original word was supposed to be but thanks for reading my post anyway.

Anonymous said...


Ticktock11 said...

It's hilarious. They just stood there and looked at him. Poked him a little with a foot, did nothing to "help." They are manipulative frauds, Matt leading the pack of them.

Anonymous said...

There were plenty of people were upset because of matt passing out , there are so many rumours about it being staged , if so i as a fan i would be very upset . That is not a pleasant joke to play on anyone , and if matt had a heart attack my payer are with him and the family....

lucas said...

Dizzy spells sometimes equal a little too much vino. Hmmm, funny nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

If my dad passed out I would right on the phone calling "911" and as a wife, I would be VERY concerned for my husband not just stands there like its no big deal...GOOD GRIEF!! if this is fake...how dare they do this to there fans...Matts wife just doesnt seem like she really loves him (is it just me??) I mean, she is always rolling her eyes at him, and acts discusted(sp) anyways, I hope and pray that Matt is all right! and if its a all a stage, I wont be watching the show anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucas said...

FUNNY Ticktock11---it's getting more ridiculous by the minute!

Rap541 said...

" I hope and pray that Matt is all right! and if its a all a stage, I wont be watching the show anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

He's fine, and although he couldn't possibly post on Facebook last monday night (and had his staff removing posts that made it clear he was alive and well) he certainly posted today on how his facebook "isn't a democracy".

Which kinda makes me think ol' Matty isn't ready to sit down and answer his critics. Since, you know, his website forum is censored per Matt and now his Facebook is "praise only or you're banned".

Makes me think Matt doesn't handle criticism well at all.

Lynn C said...

It's Matt's own fan page. He doesn't need to let people attack him and his family on his fan page.

He's right. It's not a democracy.

Anonymous said...

Nobody mentioned that he has diabetes and he has mentioned in past episodes that he doesn't manage it well. I'm sure they just open the next season with "he got dizzy because he was low on blood sugar" and Amy will lecture him on how he needs to take control of his diabetes and not rely on other people to manage it for him.

Mystery solved.

Rap541 said...

"It's Matt's own fan page. He doesn't need to let people attack him and his family on his fan page.

He's right. It's not a democracy. "

Lynn, if Matt wants nothing but people who praise him, sure. He just needs to shut up about facing all critics.

Does that sound fair? He can't say he welcomes criticism when he's censoring criticism?

Because he's clearly not NOT facing all his critics when he decides his facebook is for praise only.

Anonymous said...

Matt is the one who leads the whole family and the deals, especially everytime when it comes times to renew the contract. This incident its all set up and fake, if my father would be on the floor as he was I would be dialing 911 in no time!, but everyone stood around like nothing happened, and yeah mollys father! made me laugh haha

Anonymous said...

Its all about Matt! he comes across as a very selfish man!
About the 'collapse',
When my mother collapsed the first thing we did was call for an ambulance while my father was at her side makeing her compfortable and reassuring her ambo was on the way and she will be ok, none of that happened on the show.

justin said...

Wow. Not ever being a big fan, I was surprised at the ending of last season. I haven't been on Spiritswander since then. I've always maintained the family was racist and spoiled, especially Jeremy. But i would NEVER wish bad things to people who's opinions i don't agree with. I pray in the morning, before bed and thruout the day. HONESTLY as recently as last night i prayed for the Roloffs, especially the father that they were all healthy. And yes it's true, I was one of the IDIOTS that believed it was real. Don't i feel silly and duped now. Tonight i will pray one last time for them, that they are healthy and happy. But that's it. I don't have to watch the obviously phony last season or write on here again. Christians??? Yeh, right. One thing not in the bible in quotes is "Karma is a Bi*ch." Enjoy the money you've made as you're all now just a joke. And the 'stunt' the father pulled didn't really do anything to make people feel sorry or change the language of the Dwarf, Midget, whatever the message was they wanted to make people get sucked into..."A great Christian, Loving, Decent Family that was going to Break Barriers'... The family seems to be as Christian and Religious as much as Bill Maher. What a sad, sad, sad little group.

justin said...

oh yeah... how come when this happened, Jeremy just stood around kicking, or nudging his dad with his foot? odd reaction.... Jeremy is in the will, right?

Anonymous said...

I love the Roloff family. They are the most normal of all the reality shows. They are a family I would like to know because they have such a common sense approach to life.
I am very, very sad that this is their last season on television. We need this show to show others (that have no idea how a normal family behaves). Please keep them on TV. Pay them more or whatever it takes. They have true family values and they teach values by living them.

Yole said...

I love the Roloff family. Every single one of them...they seem to be good, decent people...as far as the finale, hey i'm sure it wasnt' their idea, give em a break..geesh..I wish they would stay on TV but they probably realize that it isn't the best idea for their family's life.
Good Luck Roloff family..We will Miss You:)

beverleejb said...

I did not see the collapse of Matt.
I just saw an episode tonight about Zach looking for a job as a coach and he seemed quite relaxed
I am quite sure he will get the job that he has wanted and he will be the man for this job, congrats! Zach
Also I was very happy that Amy's cookbook is going to be published
I would love to purchase one
I did have their email adresse but for some reason it has been misplaced.
I always looked forward to their shows.
They are an awesome family
These kids surely are loved and they have an awesome Mom and Dad