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Guest Episode Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World June 7th, 2010

Our next guest reviewer is Rap541. All opinions belong to the person making them (Rap541).

Written By Rap541

Ep one

So Zach and Amy head off to Space Camp. Considering how neither Amy or Zach are that into space I dunno but the credit card stuff and Amy totally with her hands off the wheel while driving distracts me from any point they were making, TEN AND TWO AMY.

Amy and Zach basically mock the concept as they arrive. Zach has a soccer jersey. Oh dear god I have been to Space Academy (which is what its called when yer over 13) and this is like asinine. Zach, make yer own damn bed.

In fairness I see a lot of physical issues with doing LP Space Camp. I also note that it was prolly the guy in NASA with the kid with dwarfism who did the leg work here. I will give Amy props for being very very fun with the kids. Zach needs to get over it with interacfton. As near as I can tell he knows most of these kids. Yes. Some of the kids aren’t that much younger, I mean really. 14-16 isn’t that off. I think the bigger problem is that I don’t get the sense that Space Camp is something Zach would like.

There’s no soccer after all. Although we did discuss “space soccer” at camp. And in fairness, it would be a difficult game to play in weightlessness without a significant change in rules.

So somehow they are on the topic of deaf scientists. They tour about. Amy basically tells Zach to stop whining. She hay bales how he needs to lead. The kids make rockets. They ALL have jumpsuits and I know from going that its intentional since you normally don’t get the jumpsuit unless you pay. The jump suits, I hate to say, are the way the have and have not’s are distinguished. Yes, I had a jumpsuit, but it came out of my paper rote money. Zach whines and behaves like a five year old.

Rockets shoot off. So much fun. So not as hard as they are making it.

Meanwhile Matt decides to sneak off with Jeremy and spend money. They buy toys for the farm. I mean, when Jeremy is noting how its mostly for making berms for mountain biking, yeah um…. Doesn’t sound like a necessary purchase at all. I especially like how Matt notes he waits until Amy leaves to make big purchases. So respectful, that.

The rock wall is to simulate astronaut situations Amy! Astronauts may need to rock wall climb! It’s a skill! And yes its tiring. Amy notes Zach gave up easy and does not call him a sissy man. Amy makes it, as almost everyone does…

Amy hay bales how she hoped Zach would be a leader. He seems to fail and fail.

So they head to the cool stuff. The simulators are fun! The kids get to try a lot of the simulators. There’s a lengthy bit by an adult camper who is little so Zach isn’t the oldest there, *Amy*. So they do the space mission which fyi is fun. Pity we’re close to the end of shuttle launches. I do love this tho. I loved Space Camp (and Space Academy) and it was actually interesting to see how lps handled it. Its too bad they couldn’t do the water stuff.

But the graphics still look lame.

Meanwhile Matt is all “I couldn’t decide so I bought close to 100k in tractors since well….”. Matt is quick to snit how he knew Amy wouldn’t approve but he did it anyway, since he’s soooo afraid of Amy he can’t attend events with the family lest she disapprove. Amy seems to have been brainwashes by NASA… I get it, Space Camp is fun and ignores the reality that you have to be a phd in a hard science and also fit enough to fly a fighter jet to be an astronaut.

Amy goes on about she’s bonding with Zach. There’s a graduation ceremony. Aww. I still have my stuff from the camps….And I notice that Amy wasn’t the only parent there.


Ep 2

So Molly is getting a car but is allowed no input on the color of her car. The Chevy Nova is being remade for her.

Matt is all about making Molly remember her sweet sixteen. They’re remaking the Chevy Nova. They’re getting her a muscle car… I think Molly will love it since it’s a car but um… I so think this is more about what the males will like than what Molly will like. Amy is the voice of reason, noting that its expense to remake a car.

Meanwhile in Portland, Amy and her friends plot a party in downtown Portland. With a red carpet and balloons. Mom notes Molly likes to keep it simple but….. There’s party plans.

Amy explains the Candy Lounge idea to Molly who seems sorta appalled, especially over the fashion show idea.

Zach notes he is bringing donuts and balloons. Jeremy is all yeah! Donuts ! Balloons! At school! Why am I not surprised this is hard for the twin brain trust? They drive about. Zach goes on how cool the previa is.

So Jeremy goes on about how getting balloons and donuts is hard. The twins wander about their old high school like they just came back from ‘nam. Molly is pleased but notes how dramatic they are.

Amy is all whoo! Molly is taking her driver’s test! Molly drives to the test with Amy. Molly takes her test with the Mercedes. Molly takes off. Amy goes on about how the kids are growing up. Molly comes back and…. She passes! Hurrah! She gets a good license photo and runs off.

Matt wants a birthday ceremony. Amy notes its for Matt not Molly. There’s a huge debate about food. In fairness. I like artichoke hearts and cream cheese AND mushrooms and onions. I would adore both. Honestly, I secretly suspect that there must be a way of combining these four ingredients into manna.

So there’s a whole montage of Molly preparing and parents giving her a nice day. There’s this whole shell thing where everyone takes a shell and mak s a wish for Molly and drops the shell in a keepsake jar. Molly is given a tiny key box and asks about the Nova. It looks nice. She seems pleased. Now they head off to the Candy place? And there’s a big party with Pop and Honey. There’s pictures and an actual photographer. Amy wants Molly out of her comfort zone… Molly notes that its her birthday and she would like to be allowed to be in her comfort zone for that special day. She poses like the street kids I see on the MSNBC specials….

Molly seems uncomfortable but ok but kind off put. So then some hot guy sits next o her and sings to her. Matt hay bales how cool it is. Molly is clearly feeling awkward but not pulling a Zach. Amy and Matt both hay bale how cool it is Molly is older. The guy with the guitar is hot.

Oh Matt gives Molly the same car kit my dad gave me. it’s a nice gift.

I adore that the car doesn’t start at the end.

I also note that the dramatic “two birthday parties” was quite the lie….


Ashley said...

I don't think Zach knew the kids. I think Amy meant they knew who Zach was because they watch LPBW. I also thought there was a big age difference. Most of those kids looked 10 or under other than the girl that was talking to Zach.

Rap541 said...

In all honesty, is it really that hard to be twenty/nineteen/whenever this was actually filmed, and join in?

I was a camp counselor from 14 to 23 - its NOT that hard to impress a 10 year old. Its NOT that hardto feign interest to a five year old.

Laura said...

"I also note that the dramatic “two birthday parties” was quite the lie…."

It shows the editing of the show as Matt always says, if you're smart enough to figure it out...

Stories can be crafted together anyway they choose. The two separate parties could have been referring to the house party that Matt arranged to give the gifts to Molly. Amy planned the party at the Lounge. They could have made that into a story line if they chose to go that route.

Glen said...

I don't know why I keep reading these "reviews" on this site. It's almost as if the authors are auditioning for Television Without Pity. Rather than just recap the episodes, they feel obliged to let us know how stupid the show is or the people on the show are (or how cute one brother is). I mean, why bother? If you don't like the show (or the people on it), why would you even bother watching it, much less write a "review" of it?

Spiritswander said...

While everyone will have their own opinion of events, the reviews have been a nice addition to the site and we have received a lot of positive feedback from other readers.

They are reviews. While they can serve as detailed recaps for people who might have missed the episode and want to know what they missed; opinions are encouraged.

Straight recaps can be a little bland, especially for people who have already seen the show.

-Jeremy and Zach bring Molly donuts at school
-Matt gives Molly a car
-Amy and Matt have party for Molly
-Man sings a song to Molly

That can get a little dull.

We have made the offer to anyone who would like to write a review -- everyone is going to have their own opinion. If you feel someone is negative and you want to be more positive in a review - we have made that offer.

Although a few people have hinted that they want to write their own reviews to be featured here; thus far only Expressed and Rap541 actually put the time into writing the recaps and their contributions are appreciated.

It's easy to tell someone how bad of a cook they are and how you can do a much better job -- yet when that person is asked - Okay, you cook this time, you show us how good of a cook you are -- the response is "Umm,'t....I'll just stick to eating the other person's food and telling them how much I don't like it." :-)

Rap541 said...

Twop is a closed shop that bans you if you ask to write recaps. There are no try outs :)

And they're allowed to use naughty words. Meanie Spirit never lets me say what I really want! ;)

Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Zach drives like a lunatic and will probably hurt himself or others if he doesn't change his ways.

Brandon said...

Jeremy and Amy also drive like lunatics. Remember road rage Jeremy in the U-haul? He felt some woman cut him off (knowing how the Roloffs drive, I doubt Jer was without fault) so he tail-gated her blaring his horn until she got off the highway. Amy has down the same type of driving as Zach, weaving in and out blaring her horn.

Anonymous said...

Amy was not driving the car to the airport. If you've watched LPBW even a few times, you'd know that they do not own a dark blue/green minivan. And if you've ever been in a minivan, you'd know that Zach and Amy were sitting behind the front seats, so Amy was not driving with her hands off the wheel. Obviously the called a cab or had a friend drive them. Not that hard to figure out. And I don't think Zach or Amy's hands can reach TEN AND TWO- they're achondroplasia dwarfs, so their arms are about half as long as an average person's. She and Zach usually use 8 and 4 or 9 and 3. C'mon, not that hard to figure these things out, people.

Rap541 said...

Honestly, Anon, they own so many cars I can't keep track, and I am terrible at identifying the friends too.

But point taken - although since they do drive and can reach the wheel, ten and two doesn't seem impossible