Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Rap541; Little People, Big World June 14th

Our next Guest Reviewer is Rap541. All opinions and statements made belong solely to Rap541.


Written By Rap541

So Matt is checking a pumpkin and notes that the pumpkins seem to be a bit icky this season. He notes that it may be a bad year. There’s a pile of weeds all over the pumpkins and fields look like the pumpkins were planted and everyone just walked away. I mean, sure, that’s ONE way to farm but having had a garden and planted a pumpkin or two, I can honestly say… there’s better methods of cultivation than “doing nothing.”

Matt tells Amy the horrifying news and that he may need to purchase pumpkins. He’s sort of disappointed but then chides Amy for not looking at the positive of the bad news he gave. Because the glass is always half full!

Now Matt takes some construction workers to block off the doors to Western Town to stop people from wandering into them. He then tells Amy that “the county” is down on him and thinks the farm is a commercial site. He has to reapply for permits because people are supposedly going into the buildings and that simply isn’t happening. He’s all “I should close” and Amy is all “lets sell”. This was all fairly mellow, really. He insists that people are never allowed into the buildings etc etc etc. This is where the show works against him, I think. I mean quite frankly, we see people in those buildings all the time and the structures are considered “attractions” and called “attractions” by Matt. Also, when you are buying other peoples pumpkins so you can sell them at your “farm” and then sell rides and tours of the “attractions”, then it’s a pretty fair bet that your profits are coming from the attractions and not the agriculture.

Matt and Caryn talk about the permits. The bridge, the pavilion, pretty much the Western town. He talks to an inspector and then rants in a voice over how the evil county is heading out to take pictures of everything. Because they hate people being successful. The televised record of Roloff Farm accidents and near accidents of course not in any way a factor, its just mean people hating success. He rushes about to bring things up to code. Per Amy this happened a week before pumpkin season. Even the castle must be inspected. He is all about battling the county. Matt waits for the county to come! I’m surprised he doesn’t have Jeremy at his side with a gun!

In fact Jeremy and Zach were very very absent from this. Odd considering the next episode’s theme.

Matt drives the mule! He says the county is forcing him to repermit and is throwing a surprise inspection. They are wanting to look at the pavilion, the new store and the bridge where all those people almost were killed last season. The inspector looks decrepit. Amy wanders in to “listen”. They go see the castle and Matt notes the entire massive rebuild that was televised was a “texture coat”. Matt notes with the bridge that despite the near accident on film last year that no tractor can miss the rails. The inspector notes that the doors to Western Town being blocked was “interesting”. I’m still impressed that all the concrete work on the castle was described as a texture coating.

Matt talks to the seasonal workers about how they are all working for Matt. He hay bales how exhausted he is and goes on about how every year he hopes for profit and implies he is constantly disappointed. Yeah, the pity party over money gets old when the family clearly isn’t about to be turned out like a bunch of Okies. He loses the first round with the evil haters at the county and runs to the architect to somehow appease the evil county. Because again, this is not about safety or codes at all, these people jut want to tear down a successful man. He is appalled at how things have to be made safe. He again notes he may not break even.

He buys pumpkins. To sell on his farm. That is an agricultural business and not commercial at all.

Jeremy notes that being shut down isn’t good. Zach hay bales that it’s bad. Amy and Matt discuss how they may have to shut down the farm and sell it. He hay bales the same exact thing. Yes we get it.

And now its three days before the opening. Matt’s a *fighter* and he hay bales that again and again. He brings his engineer and he’s all “hopefully they just buy it”. He shows his plans to the inspector. He hay bales how he wants things safe but safety is ridiculous.

Meanwhile Matt drives around the farm preparing. Animals are coming in, and there’s a baby lion in the petting zoo. He’s very cute. He looks very annoyed at everyone and hisses.

So the farm is ready! But something could go wrong! Two days before the opening. Matt says he retrofitted and now the county wants to inspect again! He says he’ll do whatever they want. They are asking questions about the columns in the pavilion are leaning outward. I actually noticed that a couple seasons ago and thought it was part of the design. Interesting that its not. They are concerned about the pavilion collapsing. Matt gets his lawyer involved. The big issue is that the engineer hasn’t signed off and the plans he gave Matt are different from the buildings. He’s super pissed at Koby the inspector. Matt is, I suspect, difficult to deal with in a professional setting. The entire theme here has been “the rules are ridiculous and I am pissed and no one should ever get in my way”.

The county people say the engineer needs to give them info. Matt says he thinks the engineer may have been hit by a truck! Yeah um… drama much? Finally he gets the engineer on the phone and there’s talk of letters and basically they want someone to say “I said it was safe” so there’s someone taking responsibility when the bridge collapses.

Amy hay bales how Matt is kind of cool. Matt is pissed the bridge can’t be used, yeah um…

Did I mention all the footage of the near accident on the bridge?


Ep Two

Twins goofing and scratching themselves on the couch in their hoard room. I mean really, anyone ever catch Hoarders and then look at Jeremy and Zach’s room? Because it’s a little disturbing how similar they are. Amy notes how the twins are in college. Zach rides a baby cart. Jeremy watches tv. Amy notes they have a lot of free time. Zach goofs on the cart for a bit.

Amy and Matt look for updates on the twins college ambitions. More shots of the twins lying on their piles of garbage while Matt hay bales how he was pleased they signed up for college - technically didn’t Amy and Molly do that for them? Because they didn’t know how?

Zach is taking three classes. Jeremy is taking two classes. Now - unless things have changed, that means the twins are NOT full time students. Matt and Amy go on about they aren’t babying them but then check if the babies have parking permits. Jeremy looks completely bored in this. Zach seems annoyed.

So pumpkin season. Matt notes the twins couldn’t help out with opening day because of being so busy in college. You know, with their course loads where Jeremy doesn’t even go to school on Thursday or Friday and we later discover seems to have dropped one of his two courses to free up Saturday. Matt hay bales how he is tired and worn out and wants the twins to take over.

Jeremy heads into school, looking sad because he has to drop one of his classes and is so tired. He says “My college driveness goes on…” Really hun? Maybe you should stay in the writing class. He wants to switch classes. The advisor shows him how to register online. He hay bales how college is a question mark. He expresses shock over thirty people being in a class. I’m absolutely positive he has no idea what a silly remark that is.

Zach hay bales how college is different and weird. He realizes there’s a good chance he’ll be at home in six years doing nothing. The only shock is that he realizes it.

Jeremy couldn’t figure out how to register himself for a course and whines a bit in an inarticulate fashion on how he has no idea how to handle the situation. Yeah, this isn’t a shocker either. Neither is the fact that when the going gets difficult, he decides to walk away and do nothing. Wasn’t Jer-Bear the one going on about how Jake quits things when they are hard? Hmmm gosh someone quickly run to defend him since its so mean to expect a 19 year old to be able to register himself after its been explained.

So Amy and Jeremy discuss how he can’t get out of the writing class. He has math and writing and he gets snippy with her and walks away. Amy is pissed with him for being so whatever over it. I’d like to point out that he’s taking two classes which means he is at most an eight credit part time student. And yet he is too overwhelmed with school work to be around for opening day of pumpkin season. Zach is only slightly better in that he theoretically, with three classes, *might* be considered a full time student. Maybe.

Matt plans to build a swiss chalet on the farm and notes he wants his ashes in an urn displayed in various points on the farm. Well. How morbid. But then apparently, at Disneyland, one of the crew’s job is to sweep up the ashes of well… people who want to eternally rest in Space Mountain. He seems to be in some pain. He also notes that he tells Amy he is soon to die and she says “promises, promises”. He notes it will be soon. I would be much more sympathetic if Matt ever seemed to take his health seriously, and if he hadn’t been making this prediction for some time

So the twins are needing to awakened by their parents for college and work like little boys. Glad to see the maturity happening there. Matt decides to let Zach and Jeremy run the patch “for a day”. They continue to sleep until Amy comes up and cuddles them out of bed and hauls them down to eat the breakfast she made for them. Yeah, you keep enabling that Amy. Its working real well. Basically this is theoretically a good idea. It might be too little too late. Zach hay bales how he’s not that interested. The radio calls for ones and fives. Jeremy looks confused. He says he was “just walking into the blindness”. Zach meanwhile comments on how bossy and jerkish he can be.

Jeremy notes they are in charge of lunch breaks etc. Oh and there’s an assistant supervisor helping them. Yeah they’re working without a net! He wanders about asking people if they have had lunch. Zach runs off to complain to Mom how he’s only half in charge. Jeremy continues searching for people who need lunch. There’s huge crowds. Things are disorganized and Zach and Jeremy seem to work at cross purposes. Jeremy hay bales how they have to hustle.

There’s triumphant music. Jeremy hay bales how this was a test. Oops. There’s a tractor accident and stuff is broken. Its crisis time - Jeremy actually hit the fence with a tractor. Wait, isn’t Jeremy the master tractor driver? I’m sure someone will explain how like the incident where he backed the trailor into the garage and the incident where he dinged up the Mercedes, despite the fact that he was driving it, he is completely blameless and a perfect driver. Matt rolls in and yeah, um… Jeremy hay bales how he manned up and ran the farm for an hour.

Zach bitterly notes to Matt how crappy some of the employees are. Really Zach, considering unlike you, they all had to make an effort to be hired, you could take it down a notch. And I bet their mommies didn’t have to haul them out of bed for workies either.

Matt notes how he is soon to die and is glad to know the twins can manage everything. CAN YOU FEEL THE FORSHADOWING?

Amy hay bales how the twins are immature and taking longer than she expected. DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

Matt drinks a glass of water and says he feels dizzy. Then a bang! Matt is down! Jeremy comes in, looks down, says “Dad… dad” in a monotone, nudges Matt with his foot and then pats his back. Yeah, the time my dad fainted in the house, there was a lot more screaming and shouting to call an ambulance. Amy comes in at a walk, and Molly and then we fade to black.

Yeah um. Matt was on his back face up when Jeremy first walked in, and then was somehow flipped over and now face down. Compare this to the genuine emotion of the trebuchet accident footage and really seriously ask yourself if this wasn’t um… re-enacted? Because it clearly was.


Erin said...

I think the question is did it even happen at all. Was it re-enacted meaning it did actually happen or was it totally fake?

Karen said...

I wouldn't be happy with Zach if I was a farm employee right now considering most of the staff returns.

I also thought Jeremy was pathetic at college. Amy was so right years ago when she described Jeremy as "in life". He has no direction, he has no care for anything that isn't super fun.

Megan B said...

Well written review, Rap! The Roloffs have apparently decided to use this for a ratings stunt. I don't know if it was staged or not, but using it as a cliffhanger if it was real actually turns my stomach more than if it was staged!

William said...

I also was stunned by Jeremy's amazement re: there being 30 people in the class. He didn't even realize. Such a sheltered boy.

M said...

I went out tonight and forgot to dvr the episodes. Oppsie! BUT I caught the last 3 minutes of the 2nd episode with my cousin. When we say the aftermath of Matts colapse my cousin and I started laughing. Seriously? We really are made to believe this is real? Nobody reacted if my dad colpased I would be yelling, calling 911 and starting CPR(I'm certified)! Everyone just walked in like oh hey dad/matts on the floor.. No emotions. Redic.

Mollys "father" was hilarious! Father? Seriously who calls their dad father in a crisis? So fake! TLC needs to pay for acting classes.

Anonymous said...

I missed the first episode. Keep forgetting (TLC this split schedule loses viewers)

Saw part of the second and it was pathetic. The kids are always pathetic but that morbid stuff about Matt is just too over the top! It has for some time become an unbelievable but still enjoyable series but last night's episode really turned my stomach.

Snap! said...

Wow- Jeremy is sheltered. At the University I attended- and my son attends now- there is often 400 students in first year classes! Second year classes might have 70. There is no way these boys can attend a 4 year college. I really appreciate my son now- who I usually think is a slacker. He is trying to decide whether to take 5 or 6 classes per semester next year!! Parents don't spoil your kids, they will end up like these twins.

Rap541 said...

I have to say, I geniunely think Matt had some sort of health issue... but I don't believe it happened near the cameras and I think this was obviously staged/reenacted after the fact.

Shadow said...

Now that I've read both recaps, I am in hysterics thinking of all those idiots who drove out to Helvetia, waited in looooong lines to get into the parking lot, waited again (in some cases, I've heard hours) to get on a ride to look at the unsafe "attractions," then spent oodles of money to drive off clutching a treasured "Roloff" pumpkin, perhaps dreaming that Jeremy had touched that seed with his very own hands. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...PT Barnum has nothing on Matt when it comes to suckering the suckers.

And the ending just SCREAMS Matt..."Hey, what if I pretend to have a heart attack or something, and you guys all rush in? It'll be just like the Sopranos finale! Isn't that a COOL idea?!!"

Anonymous said...

One thing is for certain..Matt is a pretty good business man. The only kid that has his smarts is Molly, the boys will all just live off of mom and dad - may as well be preachers kids.

Rap541 said...

Shadow - on a slight aside, funny how Jeremy wasn't all grins, telling us how he loves new things when he sadfaced his way around the college and went home with his tail between his legs.

I think we've seen how Jeremy acts when its not easy and he's "out of his comfort zone". And its not Jeremy standing tall againt adversity now is it?

Anonymous said...

They should do a cross over show on the boys room with TLC other show "Hoarders".

Shadow said...

Rap, I didn't watch, so you'll have to verify this for me. You mean Jeremy DIDN'T say that changing his course schedule was the MOST EXCITING thing he's ever done, and it's something he's wanted to do, like, FOREVER??!!!

I am in TOTAL shock. Maybe I'll fall on the floor and see if anyone in my family notices...

ROFLMAO...Oops, guess I'm supposed to lie still while I'm on the floor. But Jeremy is just too damn funny! What WILL that boy do next to amuse us??!!

Rap541 said...

Shadow - in fact I got the distinct impression Jeremy didn't *like* the situation at all. Its worth a watch, just to see poor widdle Jer quit, go home, and walk away from his momma 'cause she was criticizing.

(kicks shadow) Hey down there.... hmmm... someone pour tabasco down his throat!

Anonymous said...

Clean House needs to go to Roloff's house! Really, the house is a pig sty. Those boys are LAZY, look at their room. So parents are surprised that they don't follow through in college? Slobs+Lazy= LOSERS!

Spaz said...

At first I watched the show and really thought it was fascinating. BUT when they started the season in an overseas trip I thought no way and no more.
I mean really, they've educated the public on little people and some of the neat modifications done in the kitchen and I think even the stairs.
After Matt's DUI my opinion began to change. Not for the charge, but his obvious resistance to "manny up" and saying I made a mistake and hope others do also.
Also, I just don't understand why after what 5 or 6 years they need to continue. Okay, the business is probably 100's more profitable with the "fan following" and I'm sorry this will sound very negative at this point in time, why are they special?
I live with Multiple Scelrosis, heart defects, asthma, et...yet I manage to work a 40 hour job get a paycheck, pay my own bills and guess what? I don't have a show or anyone like me because we are almost too normal.

The twins? OMG they are useless and nothing will happen in their lives until they are forced to move away from home and grow up like regular people. Why should Jeremy be focused on, he's just lazy. Zach has unrealistic ideas of what he'll do if ever he becomes an adult. Manager a professional (I can't spell soccor?
Get real, the chances of getting that type of job is once in a lifetime, lifetime devoted to learning and managing and decisions. Zach can't do any of that.
I could go on but I would probably run out of space. Spaz

Anonymous said...

Well isn't this sad. After reading all the comments and watching the episode of when Matt fell and fainted.. I was worried at first. When I seen " NO EMOTION" on either of the kids faces much less Matt's wife Amy ? When Amy non-shalantly walked in Matt's office and said" Matt get up". Oh right.. " I just fainted thats all" !
My thought was "this had to be staged". Matt's children looked like idiots just standing there..
"duh hello" dad fainted.. shall we call an ambulance ???? If this is what it takes for The Roloff's to get raitings it's pretty sad and maybe the show is tanking now..

Ticktock11 said...

If any proof were needed that this family is now a complete laughing stock, the final two episodes offer it. In spades.

I'll leave Molly and Jake out of it, because I actually like them and I think there's hope. But my God, for the rest of them, utterly self-absorbed and yet, at the same time, utterly lacking self-awareness . . . .

A laughing stock.

Anonymous300 said...

Well.. All I can think of is the show is really taking a turn for the worse. With all the new reality shows starting, I wouldn't be surprised if The Roloffs took a leave of absence if not for a while.. for good.

The show is pretty boring now and the kids are growing up fast. Thats just " Too much farm "for Matt to take care of.

And Somebody please wake Amy up. Her house is so beautiful and Matts provided Amy with a nice home.. Keep it clean for gosh sakes! Get those lazy kids to help out or hire a cleaning crue. Amy is so selfish too. She gets on my nerves! On to the next show.

Dana said...

Rap, I will respond to you here and not in the Father's day place.

I don't know why you think that episode reflects badly on Jeremy. Oh, I do know why. You hate Jeremy and make a game out of saying derogatory things about Jeremy stemming from your jealousy that he loves life and God and is blessed.

Firstly, the show is edited to create and highligh any drama and tension and will leave out and move around details. You forget that when you launch into attack on Jeremy because of something you take from a 22 minute episode.

Secondly, I am stunned that you think Jeremy would intentionally schedule a Saturday class for the lone of reason of "getting out" of pumpkin season to hurt Matt. That is twisted logic! Jeremy likes pumpkin season for starters. It also is only October. Classes are a full semester. Why would you think Jeremy woould intentionally want school on Saturdays? Plus he did get out of it. If it was his master plan as you suggest to avoid pumpkin season, why do it in the first place?

They put Jeremy in a class on a day that wasn't convenient. Perhaps they didn't consult him, perhaps they messed up despite his notifying the college that he wasn't available.

I am not surprised that you who makes a living off disparaging Jeremy would think what you saw on the show was a character flaw in Jeremy. That's not what I took out of it or what any rational person would have.

What I saw was a very respectful and polite young man navigating his way through something that was new to him.

They didn't include Jeremy elaborating why he couldn't change online. You are speculating to assume that he was too stupid. Perhaps the alternative classes were all full. Perhaps he did wait in the office, but had a prior commitment to keep after a certaub period of time. Perhaps they told him to come back another day. You don't know what really happened. All you know is he was shown leaving th administration office.

I also know that he didn't end up having the Saturday class. It did all work out even if the show didn't highlight that fact for drama sake. As Amy likes to say. You see a moment. You don't see after that moment, you don't see the conclusion. It doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Dana said...

You show your bias and hatred against Jeremy with all of your digs against him. He was not sulky and pouty. You should know what sulky and pouty have enough examples from Zach and Jake if sulky and pouty.

Like Expressed said in her review, Jeremy impressed in his leadership role that Matt challenged him with. He can't be expected to know all the schedules, but it is how a person handles the situation and that's what was testing. Jeremy was polite and treated the employees with respect. Rap, as Expressed asked, who would you like to work for? Answer the question? Jeremy or Zach? Who would you want as your boss? Jeremy has people skills.

The accident was not Jeremy's fault, but of course you ignore that detail. Someone else had parked the tractor too close to the fence. That's what caused the accident, not Jeremy. Matt is very demanding to ensure things go smoothy for pumpkin season and Matt was very pleased with the job Jeremy did while he was in charge. As Jeremy was there to tell Matt that they had things under control, Zach was sniping behind people's back.

That episode did not reflect badly on Jeremy. Only in your warped and hateful mind.

You also need to get off your high horse. You point out the speck in your brother's eye and ignore the plank in your own. You have to stop using the fact that Jeremy and Zach live at home as a reason to disparage Jeremy. I have news for you. It's not unusual for kids who are one year out of high school to remain living at home.

Times have changed. Parents don't gleefully wait to kick the kids out of the house at 18. You also ignore the reality of having the show. It is easier to film and better for the show for the twins to be residing at home. LPBW educates the public and serves to help LP awareness.

As long as they are living at home, it is not unusual for kids to still enjoy the comforts of home such as home cooked meals. True independence will occur when they live on their own. It's not unusual or something you should use as a slight on them. You sound like a miserable snob of a person. Isn't that what some people accuse Jeremy of being? A "rich spoiled snob"?

Jeremy has a wonderful relationship with his family, his friends and most of all with God. He is part of something good...LPBW that is helping LP gain acceptance. He is a college student and he is doing all that while enjoying the life that God has blessed him with. Jeremy has nothing to be ashamed of.

Rap541 said...

"Firstly, the show is edited to create and highligh any drama and tension and will leave out and move around details. You forget that when you launch into attack on Jeremy because of something you take from a 22 minute episode."

In fairness, Dana, I never am allowed to use editing and it being a 22 minute show to defend Zach, Molly or Jake. If its not an excuse for the crappy unchristian Roloff kids, its not an excuse for Jeremy.

"Jeremy likes pumpkin season for starters."

Assumes facts not in evidence.

"Why would you think Jeremy woould intentionally want school on Saturdays?"

To avoid working on the busiest days of Pumpkin season. I think thats obvious.

"They put Jeremy in a class on a day that wasn't convenient. Perhaps they didn't consult him, perhaps they messed up despite his notifying the college that he wasn't available."

Dana - have you gone to college? I don't mean that disrespectfully. You clearly don't understand the registration process. Jeremy picks the classes he wants to take... the school doesn't force him into classes (unless they are requiring prerequisites) When Jeremy registered for class, he had the courses and *schedules* in front of him and picked a class on a Saturday. It wasn't a *mystery* as to how he got a Saturday class.

"They didn't include Jeremy elaborating why he couldn't change online. You are speculating to assume that he was too stupid. Perhaps the alternative classes were all full. Perhaps he did wait in the office, but had a prior commitment to keep after a certaub period of time. Perhaps they told him to come back another day. You don't know what really happened. All you know is he was shown leaving th administration office."

Ah, the editing excuse. You don't know either and since you refuse to allow the editing excuse when its a Roloff kid you dislike... you don't get to use it here.

Here's what we do know. It was explained to Jeremy how to change a class. He got frustrated and was surprised that a class could have "thirty kids". It got hard and he went back to the counseling office and then he went home, the job unfinished and couldn't articulate to his mother *any* steps he had taken.

Gosh he sure put his shoulder to the problem, didn't he? He didnt run home to mamma at all... except that he did and he's barely taking ANY college courses at all.

"I am not surprised that you who makes a living off disparaging Jeremy would think what you saw on the show was a character flaw in Jeremy. "

I'm really curious to know how much you think I make off posting :) Needless to say, stop making public accusations you can't prove, Dana. Lies make Baby Jesus cry. I'm not making a cent off posting and you are derailing things with your untrue accusations.

To clarify - if editing can't be used to defend any other Roloff kid, you can't insist it be an excuse for Jeremy. Not without being a hypocrit.

Rap541 said...

"You show your bias and hatred against Jeremy with all of your digs against him. He was not sulky and pouty. You should know what sulky and pouty have enough examples from Zach and Jake if sulky and pouty. "

Except that when jeremy is sulky and pouty, you insist it's editing and when Zach and Jake are sulky and pouty, it's because they are unchristian scum who are ungrateful. I can easily make the editing and "its 22 minuts" argument on Zach and Jake but when I do, you insist its wrong and their onscreen behavior is how they are in those other, off screen minutes. Sorry, no.

"The accident was not Jeremy's fault, but of course you ignore that detail. Someone else had parked the tractor too close to the fence. "

So he wasn't driving the tractor? He didn't hit the fence? If someone parks it wrong and Jeremy then turns it on and hits the fence, he's a blameless child who couldn't possibly done one thing to prevent the accident? Once someone *parks* a vehicle, the next *driver* has NO responsibility?

Wasn't your arguement over the mercedes that Jeremy had no responsibility since he had *parked* the mercedes?

"It's not unusual for kids who are one year out of high school to remain living at home. "

It is unusual for men (because Jeremy and Zach are adult men) to need mommy to get them out of bed by hand waking them. Its also unusual for young men to be perfectly content to be living at home as children. But then, the twins are spoiled so....

Jeremy has no job as of today other than playing a child for the cameras. He's a part time community college student,managing a whopping six credits his first semester and taking PE courses like yoga his second. He's a slacker, goofing on his dirty couch in his dirty room and living off his parents. Its not a crime, but really, lets stop callin it mature and responsible, shall we?

Kapper said...

I have to agree with Dana regarding kicking kids out of the house as soon as they turn 18. My husband and I could never understand this - he comes from a country where most of the family stays intact under one roof, regardless of age. Even before we had kids, we knew we wanted them with us for as long as they wanted to be. Our oldest son is 27 and works in our business so it makes sense that he still lives with us. He's our hardest worker and the most underpaid. He doesn't necessarily like still living at home but right now money is extremely tight. He can't afford to be on his own. He does his own cooking (usually), laundry, etc. and is out the door for work before dawn. He pays all of his own bills. Hopefully the economy will recover and he'll be able to live on his own. In the meantime I love having him here with us. Soon my other son will be moving back in with us as well, because of financial reasons. He's been gone for 7 years. I think in today's world there's just way too much importance put on booting your kids out when they reach legal age. They can still mature even by remaining in the house, if they're not coddled and catered to.
I think the concept of 'family' has gone to the wayside. Whatever people may think about my kids still living at home, it doesn't matter. At least it feels like we have a real family unit. I'll enjoy it as long as I can. I'm totally confident they can survive on their own just fine when the time comes.

Cindy said...

Kapper, thank you for saying that. I agree with you in a lot of ways.

It's good if parents and kids love each other enough to not want to run from each other. I don't think the "Countdown to 18 so we can boot the kids" mentality is healthy.

I do know so many people who are living at home well into their 20s. Mostly it is for financial reasons (one is for health reasons, the parents are in bad health, have a large house and property but don't want to move and the son takes care of it). Things are not like they used to be. Kicking a kid out after high school where I live in most cases means the kid will get an apartment in a very bad part of the city (the only thing affordable). People who can afford better than that, have a choice of fluttering their money away on an expensive apartment or condo townhouse or staying at home to help save for a downpayment on a house. I don't have kids, but I would do that for my kids. I also know many like your other son who have moved back for financial reasons.

However having said all that, I think people look down upon Jeremy and Zach because primarily there's no financial obstacles. They could afford to get a nice place on their own. They don't because it's easy to live at home.

Also, unlike your sons, Jeremy and Zach don't have responsibilities. They don't pay bills, they don't get their own meals, get up by themselves or do laundry. Now they don't even need to do dishes or vacuum. They have the Housekeeper for all that.

That's what most of the comments about the Roloff twins are about. It's not financial and they aren't simply adults living at home. They are still living as little kids because it's easy to have mom do everything and have the tv network and Mom and Dad pay for everything.

Rap541 said...

Kapper - I think you agree then that you wouldn't be happy if your son had a filthy bedroom, didn't work, didn't pay for anything, and was basically acting like a five year old with no responsibilities?

I am totally open to matt and amy even just faking for the cameras, the notion that the twins (who do have jobs working on the show) are required to hand over a few hundred bucks a month to cover their expenses.

For the record, after the first gulf war - i lived with my parents and I was required to pay rent (a rather nominal amount) pay my own car payment and car insurane and internet access and cable. I will happily shut up if I see any indication Jeremy and Zach (who is at least attempting to work outside the home) are required to act as respponsible adults and at least try to not suck off their parents teats.

Right now they are 20 year old children, allowed to play. They have the money, from the show, to live as adults on their own and don't and don't expect me to believe that the roloffs are too poor as a family for the twins to have some independant living.

Rap541 said...

oh hey, just an aside, if Jer-Bear was only taking two courses, that means he was only taking 6 credit hours aka 1) He was not a full time student at all and 2) He only had to attend school for six hours a week.

Poor Jer-Bear - thats six hours he *could have spent contemplating Jesus*. Since Jeremy is devoted to Jesus and spends all his time in nature praying.

Seriously, if Jeremy loves Jesus, praying to Jesus, and thinking about Jesus so much, why hasn't he gone on mission for Christ? Or entered the seminary?

I mean, his devotion to God is singular and amazing.... he's never considered devoting himself to Christ?

I'd find it harder to believe if Jer-Bear ever had the balls to look at the camera and say "I love Jesus Christ and devote myself to him". I mean... whats this Christian afraid of? At last check TLC can't have him shot for declaring his religion.

Rap541 said...

O yeah - matt noted on the show that Zach and Jeremy couldn't help opening day because they were SOOOO busy with school. Jeremy was only taking six credits and even assuming opening day was a wednesday - he was only at school for 1 hour and thirty minutes. Poor baby! Went to school for an hour and a half (maybe) and he's a tuckered out lil babe who needs to play! Poor big boy baby Jer! How mean! How dare anyone ask the Jer-bear to be a man when he's so clearly not!

Poor little boy Jer... I wonder if the supervisor who was helping him changed his didies after the accident. I doubt he's ready at nineteen to manage that for himself.... :)

That six hours of class means something has to give after all...

Kapper said...

To Cindy and Rap, I'm sorry - I got caught up in my own story without relating it to Jeremy and Zach. And Rap, absolutely, no question about it, if my sons acted like the Roloff twins, you can bet there is no way in hell I would still feel the way I do. It's like Cindy said: Jeremy and Zach don't have responsibilities because everything's done for them. Their mom and dad aren't doing them any favors by catering to them. It's just going to make it harder for those kids to survive when they DO go out on their own.
It's just another example of how this show is truly going down the toilet.

Rap541 said...

Oh and also to be clear, if Jeremy dropped the writing class then he was taking ONE class, Math, that met on monday and wednesday. Oh and "college driveness" isn't really good english... And Jeremy is quoted as saying "It just didn't work" when he tried to register online....

So he wasn't working the first day of pumpkin season because he was overwhelmed by his one class.

Poor baby!

Shadow said...

So just gotta point out that
1) PCC doesn't select your classes for you or "assign you" to a class. As a *college* student, YOU select your courses (including the days/times) from the course catalog.

2) The process of changing/adding/dropping a class at PCC is as follows:

1.Login to MyPCC. Enter your username and password. Click 'Login.' If you need help or can't remember your username or password, click on 'Login Help' under the login button.

2.Once you have logged in, click on the College Business tab.

3.In the Registration Services channel, click on 'Add/Drop Classes,' located under the Register heading.

4.Select the term you wish to register for, and click the submit button. The hours you can add or drop a class are displayed.

5.Click on 'Add or Drop Classes'. You may have to re-enter the term for which you wish to register.

6.Enter the CRNs (Course Request Number) for the classes you wish to add. Click on 'Submit Changes.'

Adding or Dropping a Class
If you've already registered for classes, but you want to add or drop one, follow the above steps to get to the Add or Drop Classes section of MyPCC. The classes you are registered for will show up in the Current Schedule, unless you registered by mail, fax, or the drop box and your form is still waiting to be processed.

Dropping a Class
Click on the drop-down menu in the Action column for the class you want to drop and change 'None' to 'Drop.' This menu also indicates the refund status of this class at the current time. Click 'Submit Changes.'

Adding a Class
On the Add Classes Worksheet that is below the Current Schedule and starting with the first box on the left, enter the five-digit CRN (Course Request Number) of the class you want to add. Click 'Submit Changes.'

If one of your requests is filled or cancelled, the system will tell you.

Wow. That's like, the HARDEST process I've ever seen in my life, dude. I've waited all my life to see a process like that one!!!!

Although just to be fair, I will note that Jer apparently qualified for the lowest level college credit Writing class, so at least he's not in one of the remedial English courses. Way to GO, Jer-Bear!!!!! We be so prouds!!! You be all growed up!

Rap541 said...

So to be clear, poor widdle Jer-Bear wasn't forced by his meanie head college to take a Saturday class. The big boy picked it all by himself!

Hmmm so it was either intentional on his part, or he's too dumb to read a course schedule.

*and per the big boy in the episode,he preferred taking a four hour class on saturday... which is circumstancial evidence he picked it.

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to learn that Little People Big World won't be back on TLC until Sept 6th. But they were re-newed for a 6th season so I guess that's a good thing. My re-action when Matt fell ill and fell down was oh my gosh what happened to Matt ! Then when I seen everyone just standing there ???... Uhhhhhhhhhh.. someone call 9111 right away ? Matt's family looked dumb founded "duh"... Let's ask Matt if he's alright... " FATHER" ?????????? I'm disappointed that it could have been staged because it looked like it was rehearsed, the kids and Amy that idiot was to calm. She said Matt "get up" .. like "OK I just fell " Im ok..
"jumping up and dusting myself off".. oh brother give me a break. I can't wait to see what the come back show will be like.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Molly won't have "stupid issues". She's very smart and her grades are all A's since birth ! She wants to get into Standford which is a very good college. She shouldn't have any probs if Standford is her choice of colleges. On the other hand.. would Jer and Zach have picked Standford.. or would Standford have picked "them" ha.. well at least they are in college for gosh sakes.