Monday, June 7, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed: Little People, Big World June 7th

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions belong to the person making them (Expressed).

Written By Expressed

Pre-Show: LPBW is back after a week off. The previews don't have me on the edge of my seat in a frenzy of excitement. lol. But sometimes the shows can be better than the previews.

8pm Dwarfs in Space
Zach and Amy kick off the first ever LP Space Camp. Zach has trouble embracing a leadership role - while Amy realizes they're creating opportunities for little people from all walks of life.

Another space episode. Hm. I didn't know there was a demand for a dwarf space camp. I hope this episode jumps back to the other Roloffs at home. Amy and Zach on a trip together. Zach on a trip is always barrells of fun (sarcasm off). On that thought, the two sulky Roloffs, Zach and Jacob would be fun to see on a road trip just by themselves. I'll try to be positive about this episode but I don't know how interesting another space episode will be.

Molly's Sweet Sixteen
Matt and Amy plan separate celebrations for their driver-to-be daughter, Molly. But while academics are smooth sailing for Molly, passing her driving test is a rocky road.

Cue the trusty old LPBW cheat sheet storyline. A Roloff takes a test and they pretend like they're going to fail even though we all know she passes and probably was never ever in danger of failing. I wonder, when they do this practically every episode, pretend like they're going to fail, pretend like they're not going to be ready in time, pretend like they're big event is going to be a failure, I wonder is there any person out there watching who actually gets sucked in? lol. Is there anyone who is like "Phew! I'm so glad they passed! I thought they were going to fail! I'm so relieved!"?

And I hope the "Matt and Amy plan separate birthday celebrations" part isn't going to be more fake marriage drama stuff that tries to make it sound like they're on the verge of divorce even though Amy scoffs at people for thinking that when she's on tv talk shows and Matt is all over Facebook showing everyone how happily married they are.

Show begins!

*I have a feeling this space episode is going to be my shortest review ever for an epiosde...

*Zach and Amy are "asked" to go to space camp. I wonder if other LPs are jealous of them? There must some LPs who are actually really into space instead of inviting the famous LP family on tv, but I guess space camp wanted another tv episode for exposure?

*Zach and Amy like traveling together. I'm not surprised. I'm still not understanding the whole need for this space camp. One of the guys has an LP son, so I guess the whole idea came from him to show his son he can go to space too.

*Amy goes around meeting everyone. Most of them are young kids. Zach is shy...although they all know him, from the show. I don't know about this shy thing. It could just be his personality and if so fine, but I've seen enough about Zach off the show that I don't think he's really that shy and these are mostly kids who look like they're almost 10 years younger than him. The shy thing gets old.

*It's funny watching Zach do arts and crafts with a bunch of little kids :) In fairness to Zach, I'm not artsy, 6 years olds would probably be better than me too!

*Matt and Jeremy! They're buying another tractor. Isn't this about the 7th time we've seen Matt and Jer buy something for the farm?

*Whoa. Jer is looking huge. Like super bulky, really thick through the chest. Of course it's all edited together at different times, but sometimes he looks a lot bulkier than he does at other times.

*Back at space camp it's the exact same stuff that Jake did last year. Wall climbing. Zach is scared and gives up. Whoa. Geez. C'mon Zach! It's inside with a rope tied to you and it's for little kids! Amy does it to prove to Zach that he shouldn't give up.

*There's one girl there that seems closer to Zach in age and they seem to be spending more time together. The little kids tease Zach that she's his girlfriend. They do the exact same stuff Jake did, the mission thing. They launch successfully. I wonder if any space camp team fails and crashes and burns? :)

*The farm again! Matt bought 2 tractors because he couldn't decide which one. Jer loves them. Matt says for the 847th time in LPBW history that Amy will be pissed that he bought it so that's why he did while she was away and he'll start doing work on it so she can't be too mad. I believed this stuff in the first and even the second season. But c'mon, the plot has run dry. They are so rich now that I don't think Amy cares at all.

*Amy and Zach get their certificates. Amy puts it out there that she would be interested in going to space for real. I guess we'll see how far being a reality tv show star will get someone these days. Maybe Matt can create Mars on the farm or something :)


Molly's Sweet Sixteen

*Matt talks about her car, the green Nova. He says it was just sitting around the people really have classic cars just sitting around the yard?? Didn't the bonus clip TLC had show Matt, Jer and two of Molly's friend buying it?

*Matt sent Jeremy to get it the car painted. I wonder if Molly wanted it painted. I think she likes green.

*Jer calls Matt on his cell phone while driving Molly's car home to tell Matt that he's terrified driving it because it's so unsafe. Gotta love Jer! :)

*Oh no, a totally fake scene that we've seen a hundred times before. Matt calls Amy outside to tell her the car is costing more than he thought. Amy pretends like she cares. They're rich and they flaunt it every episode. I don't care that they're rich they have a popular tv show, but please stop with all this fake money problem crap!

*And that's nice switch to the next part. They're going all out to give Molly the best Sweet Sixteen party in history. They're having it at Candy Lounge. I recognize the name. They hosted Amy's charity tournament after party and the recent cook off after party Amy just had this weekend.

*LPBW is an education program so this is what it teaches me...I can learn how rich people celebrate their kids birthdays! :) They've hired professional photographers, they have banners, and of course a limo to bring Molly and her friends there. The works to do it up in style.

*On a sidenote, it's hard to believe that poor people and working class people used to say they related to LPBW and the Roloffs. lol. It's not the Roloffs fault, but it's funny to think of the extreme since the beginning of the show and why the whole show became popular in the first place.

*Molly says she doesn't like being the center of, I guess being the star of a reality show might throw a wrench into that.

*Jeremy! And Zach! To be nice brothers, they decide to bring Molly donuts and balloons to Faith Bible at lunch. They can make drama out of anything. lol. They woke up late and now are in a mad rush! Oh no! Zach drives like a mad man to get to the donut place...I wonder do the Oregon police department or traffic cops ever watch LPBW? They could make a killing in traffic tickets just by tailing the Roloffs. :)

*During this donut run there is an extended scene of Zach driving like a mad man, but lets be honest. Whether people will admit it or not the best part of this scene is the in van camera pointed at Jer in what looks to be short - shorts (I think they're actually his normal school shorts, but he's sitting back so they look shorter). Interesting view :)

*They made it! Whew! They arrive at Faith to give Molly the donuts and balloon. Molly is appreciative they almost killed other motorists to get there before lunch was over. Only LPBW could make drama out of Jer and Zach visiting their old school on Molly's lunch.

*Molly is taking her drivers test. She's not nervous. Amy is because Molly is too calm. She's taking it in Amy's the way, didn't they used to make such a huge deal about changing the pedals? Amy seemed to do it no problem...or maybe it was the producer, but whatever, switching from Amy to Molly isn't the huge problem they used to make it out to be with the pedal extensions.

* Test time. Ok, it's either because the Roloffs are on tv with cameras there (likely) or because she has a Mercedes, but Molly gets the nicest DMV tester in history. He was a lot nicer than the guy I got when I took my test.

*They get back and of course he goes over the things Molly did wrong...drama! But she passed! What a surprise! :) Inside the DMV, everyone is super nice to them. Seriously people are so nice to the Roloffs. Do they realize how abnormal it is to get such great service? I went to the DMV for something last week. Nobody in there was as polite, friendly or cheerful as the ones the Roloffs got!

*At the house, Matt and Amy have a litte argument about what to serve at Molly's huge party. Amy wants mushrooms and onions. Matt wants artichoke hearts and cream cheese. Jeremy walks by....wait, is Jer wearing a pink shirt and an apron? I've seen the pink shirt before but not the apron :)

*Jeremy and Matt unite again! Jer votes for Matt's plan. Both Jeremy and Matt hate mushrooms.

*On a sidenote, do you realize this whole season, even part A of Season 5, the only one in the family who has agreed with Matt about anything is Jeremy?

*They're throwing Molly the huge party. Matt does some weird thing with a shell and having people make wishes....I agree with Jeremy. He's never heard of that before either. They give Molly the key. She looked excited. She ran out to see the Nova. It's painted grey. I don't think she liked the paint job, but it's hard to tell. She gets in and then the door won't open :)

* They're at the Candy Lounge for the big party. They drag Molly outside for pictures. She explains that she doesn't like posing but everyone was telling her that they need to get her out of her comfort zone. You know, the Roloffs are really big on getting people out of their comfort zone. That's their buzz word. For a show about accepting other people, they spend a lot of time convincing people to do things they don't want :)

*They professional photographer is there and Jeremy is there. Why didn't they just use Jeremy? He looks really into it. He got really animated telling Molly how to pose. Molly thinks it's not a natural pose, but Jeremy is big on it!

*Preview for the season finale. OMG. Worst preview drama ever? "I'm almost at the point where we'll just close the farm" Amy - "Then we might as well just sell"...pllllleeeeazzzzzeeee!

*Molly says she hopes they don't have any more surprises for her so they bring out a guy to sing her a song. How embarrassing. It's sweet, but I would feel so embarrassed. I felt bad for Molly.

*It ends with Molly ready to go out in her won't start....she calls to Matt...that actually was a funny ending.



Dana said...

I hope Molly's slippery slope doesn't continue in her episode.

In the last year I have not liked the direction of Molly's attitude. It was visible in the most recent episodes. She gave Amy attitude when she wore jeans to golf tournament promotions. She called her older brother Jeremy an idiot. That's not the way a 16 year old Christian girl should be talking to her older brother. It was totally unnecessary. She has called called Jeremy and Matt selfish on camera. He behavior is on the downslide.

It is odd that they aren't giving Jeremy an episode. They need to remember that people want to see the positive and uplifting Roloffs and that means more Matt and more Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that Amy wasn't wearing wedding rings on tonight's show?

Barbara said...

I for one do not want to see more Matt! He is an adult jerk! He needs to treat Amy with more respect. She deserves it. Barbara in Pa.

Barbara said...

I hope Matt and Amy send Jeremy and Zack to South America or wherever it is to the soccer world cup. That would be a great show!! they would love it.

Ginny said...

Love watching the Roloffs on Monday nights. Thank you Roloff family.

Expressed said...

Anon, Matt said he never wore a wedding ring and the diamond is loose in Amy's, she just hasn't taken it to get it fixed and that's why she doesn't wear it.

Barbara, the world cup of soccer is in Africa. I'm sure Zach would love that but I don't think even TLC could arrange that. The World Cup is huge. But who knows, it goes on for a long time. Maybe they'll go for a game. It's summer. The Roloffs would die if they couldn't travel! lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the space camp episode now. I wanna drop kick Zack, he's given such an awesome opportunity and he was sitting on the sidelines because he's 'shy'. What a lame excuse. Doesn't he realize how lucky he is to be able to do the things he does? If I was Amy and saw him just give up on the wall climb obstacle, I would of been 'fine. Whatever. get the fuck out of my face, you loser.' There just isn't an excuse in not trying your best in everything you do. Then, Matt (the ego maniac) has bought 2 more 'toys' while Amy is away. This just shows you the man doesn't have the balls to be like 'hey I'm goin to buy this or this.' He has to go behind his wifes back. What a pathetic piece of shit.

John D. said...

The farm equipment Matt bought probably totaled around $100,000

Mr Mike said...

Yup, And these Roloff's HATE the fans. I am a GAY BLACK man and have ceased watching this hypocritical piece of shit show after Jeremy's disgusting behavior and comments on Myspace. Yet people on here continue to defend them and tell me to "get over it" Hmmmm I bet if they insulted you directly because of race or sexuality you would think differently

mythoughtis said...

I thought both the episodes were very sweet and back to normal. Yes, Zach is shy in new situations... but he seemed to open up as time went on. So, he's afraid of heights... we all have something we are afraid of... even Amy.

Matt, being Matt, has to spend money. I laughed when he asked Amy how they were going to pay for the over budget Nova restoration. Maybe not buying one of the three machines might have done it?

Thought they went a little overboard on the restaurant and the pictures. Goodness, senior pictures will be in another year or so. Molly was so embarrassed. Don't quite understand why she had to be yanked out of her comfort zone fo her birthday.

And, for Dana, 15 year olds have attitude pouring out of them. Molly's seems quite mild to me. Of course, I've been thru the teenage years with my children twice now.

Jocelynn said...

Mythoughtis, I agree with you about Zach. I don't like it when people criticize Zach for not taking charge of groups people he doesn't know. It's his personality. Not everybody is comfortable being like that.

I will point out though, I met Zach at the Coda charity basketball game in the badly run autograph line. Of course he was sitting next to his friends, but he didn't act like someone who was shy or nervous about meeting people. He was pretty relaxed.

Monica said...

I think the Roloffs are typical of wealthy parents. They want to make everything their children do into the biggest and best thing that they'll remember forever.

The Roloffs make a fuss about everything. I was surprised back at Molly's 8th grade grad and what a todo they made over that.

Judy said...

I liked the episodes. It did show the difference between Jeremy and Zach. Jeremy was acting his age, helping Matt shop for men stuff (their toys). Meanwhile, Zach needed to be coddled by Amy not to be shy in a group of young children.

Molly's episode was sweet. I like how they all celebrate together. Nice to see Ron and Peg.

TLC needs to dump the preview writers. Matt and Amy planned separate celebrations? Huh? The mushrooms vs cream cheese?

Shadow said...

Thanks for the recaps, Rap and Expressed.

In case anyone is worried about Jer's future, you can relax. It's pretty obvious where he's headed. He is going to be Matt's gofer and companion in excessive consumption. Why go to school (which he hates) when you can hang out on the farm doing super cool stuff like digging out the Grand Canyon and building a FORT IN THE WOODS while making buckets of money and getting lots of free stuff and trips? All will be well for Jer unless the golden goose dies.

Amy will continue to expand her speaking and travel now that she's not stuck in a tiny run-down farmhouse with a bunch of young kids while Matt is always gone on business. It's been kinda fun to watch Amy having some fun for what seems like the first time in a very long time. Yeah, she's in on the hypocrisy, but at least she's finally getting out of the house. You go, grrl...

Molly will graduate with a semi-decent education and go thankfully off to college to be left alone to live her life without being pushed out of her comfort zone (Really? On her birthday?).

Don't know about Zach and Jake. Would like to see Zach go away and learn that he is a good, worthy person in his own right. I suspect that Zach would enjoy a career in teaching or social services, but he'll have to rediscover his love of learning first. I think a lot of his issues come from the constant degradation by his dad and twin, being constantly reminded that Jer is the golden boy and that Matt was THE STUD when he was Zach's age.

Jake is, in large part, the product of the family's fame and fortune. Neither Matt nor Amy have had the time to give him that they gave the other kids at his age, so they just showered with all the goodies and bennies afforded by the show and figured that was good enough. Mike was his substitute father figure for the first few years of the show, but there's been no one taking on that role the last couple of years. The best thing for Jake would be for the show to end right now.

Jocelynn said...

Great thoughts, Shadow. For the most part, I agree. I think you're bang on about Jake. Matt has never been much of a parent on a day to day basis and Amy has made herself so busy with her speaking career and charity foundation and promoting the show.

Do you follow the news tab on her Charity site? Almost every day she is somewhere doing a radio show or a charity appearance or at an after party. Where is the time to parent a 13 year old? Who knows, they have personal driver, a chef and a housekeeper that we never see, maybe they have a nanny too?

You might be right about Jeremy. Amy has deceived herself if she truly believes that "the don't follow tv". Even Mueller has got a real job for the summer that show some work ethic and independence. Jer is living at home getting paid to sleep in and drive his dad's toys.

Too bad we can't see a Scrooge type tale to see what would have happened in their lives if the show hadn't come along. I bet both Jer and Zach would have some work ethic and be better people.

I think the best thing for Zach would be to get away from home and from Jeremy and from his/their friends, but he's not going to make that leap. There might be truth when he said that he'll never leave the farm and live off the inheritence when Matt dies (and the nice nest egg they're accumulating from the show right now -easy money). Will Zach actually leave and live a normal life? I don't think so. They've stayed in the TV game too long.

Amy should have stuck to her original guns and said goodbye to the show after the first season.

Rap541 said...

" It did show the difference between Jeremy and Zach. Jeremy was acting his age, helping Matt shop for men stuff (their toys). Meanwhile, Zach needed to be coddled by Amy not to be shy in a group of young children."

I am going to disagree with you a little Judy. Not a lot because Zach was being a whiner, but this is a pretty classic example of why people sometimes find Jeremy overpraised.

I know Zach has no interest in space. I also know he was at Space Camp because Amy and TLC made him go. So he has no interest in the topic, and he is essentially spending three days babysitting kids as young as four full time. Oh, and there's no one his own age AND there's his mom and the dads of a couple of the kids.

He is being compared to Jeremy, who as usual, got to do what Jeremy likes. Now, watching Jeremy in the golf club rerun, we see how Jeremy maturely whines like a baby on how bored he is at the horror of having to goof off and how he maturely insisted cutoffs were dress shorts.

Here's what I would like to see. I would like to see Jeremy go somewhere with his mom, and have to interact with 4 year olds to 15 year olds he didn't know, in a topic that they were interested in and he was not. I would like Jeremy on a three day trip with none of his friends, with people he has no common interests with, and have the entire time devoted to a topic he doesn't have any interest in.

What we get instead is Jeremy playing with Daddy's toys (something he likes) compared to Zach being forced to play with first graders at a camp for a topic he has no interest in.

Jeremy gets praised for getting to do something he likes and Zach gets condemned for not grinning and bearing it up to standard.

Where was Jeremy challenged?

I am not saying that to be mean to Jeremy... I just don't see how Jeremy doing something he likes and enjoying himself really compares to Zach having to do something he isn't interested in.

I mean, if Zach had a good day coaching soccer, while Jeremy was isolated in a different state with his mother and a group of kids who were significantly younger in day long activities of say... cooking classes or chess matches and was bored and not jumping and running to make the salmon mousse as lead chef.... I somehow doubt Zach would be cited as more mature.

Just something to think about - when has Jeremy been forced out of his comfort zone?

Odd One said...

Poor TLC editing!!!!

In the preview to the space episode, they showed Jacob there with Amy and Zach. In the actual show, he was nowhere to be seen. :((

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the cynical and snarky reviews, especially the swipes at the stories. The thing I like about this show is it tells stories and isn't entirely a collection of just watching them do stuff (although there is a lot of it) like other TLC shows about families. But even when you're just watching them on a trip there's usually some kind of story (which sometimes are weak or lame, but others are good)

Plus, its been on for 5 seasons, so of course the stories are going to be similar. How much fun is it to watch people fail? Seriously, wouldn't you put this show in a category more like a sitcom than reality show?

Brandon said...

Rap, well said!

That sums it up perfectly. GREAT point. Jeremy is always happy and excited because he's always doing something he likes. For all the talk about how Jeremy likes to get Zach out of his comfort zone (and now Molly) we never do see Jeremy out of his comfort zone.

Let's see Jeremy read a bunch of books with 10 year olds or like Rap said, play chess and then we will see how mature Jeremy is in handling that.

About the only time I can remember Jeremy doing something he didn't like was in the first season before they had the hi-tech equipment or a hoard of employees and Jer was paid to hand plant pumpkin seeds.

As I recalled, he whined about how he hated it and then he quit.

The rest of his life he gets to do things he likes.

Dana said...

Judy, you are one hundred percent correct about Zach and Jeremy.

Zach has said in the past and in that very show that he wants to be an advocate for Little People. He is presented with that great opportunity to be apart of this ground breaking event. He doesn't take advantage of it. He was sitting on the sidelines. Even when the kids had a soccer ball. He wasn't involved. He wasn't his comfort zone. He wasted the opportunity.

Rap, how would Jeremy have reacted? You should know. You mock him for it. Jeremy makes the best of all situations. He would be positive and have an amazing time. He would have enjoyed the rock climbing wall and made the other activities fun. Jeremy has dealt with younger kids before. Early in the show he was playing with Molly's friends while Zach was inside being a loner. When the Roloffs hosted a regional LP gathering, Jeremy was interacting with the younger kids. Matt even told Zach to be more like Jeremy. Get out there and be social. Five years later and Zach still hasn't learned.

Rap541 said...

Jeremy would have enjoyed mostly sitting? And being told to play with six year olds?

The incident you speak of was Jeremy playing on a slip and slide... something in his comfort zone, and Jeremy's interaction with the young lp kids was standing around.

Now tell me Dana, when has Jeremy had to spend three days with aout ten four to fourteen year olds (as a 19 year old) and had to participate not as an adult but as a camper at a camp where he was not in any way interested in the topic?

Has Jeremy EVER been asked to do something he doesn't like?

Anonymous said...

I can't stand to watch Amy anymore. She has become another Kate Gosselin. She has no concern for Matt's health. She wants to be in control of the kids. He makes the money, and should not have to ASK her permission for projects.

Anonymous said...

This crap about Jeremy Roloff being so 'hot' is getting so old. I think people are confusing his height with being good-looking. He's not ugly, he's just an average looking kid/man, whatever the hell he is

Megan B said...

@Anon 7:17 PM: Matt makes the money?!! Well, by golly, you are so right!!! By selling his family and their privacy! Why should his subjects demand any control over the money that living their own lives on TV brings to table? They are all just stealing facetime from Matt, who could use the time for more shopping sprees on even more unnecessary stuff! Matt earns it all by himself, the same way he builds things all by himself! He's truly an amazing provider!