Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest Episode Roloff Review by Expressed - Little People, Big World June 14th

Our first guest reviewer is Expressed. All opinions and statements made belong solely to the reviewer (Expressed).
Written by Expressed

Pre-Show: It's that time again. The season is over already! Tonight will be the finale of Season 5 part B.

I'm more hopeful this week. The previews sound weak and fake, but the content looks promising.

I see people on twitter all worried, so to start the Roloffs are not selling the farm! I'm sure Amy said that knowing they would use that as a teaser clip. Just like when Amy said "we might as well get divorced right now".

The second episode sounds like there will finally be a lot of Jeremy. He's been missing for most of this season. It's the annual pumpkin season episode. The preview says the twins are off to a bad start at college so Matt tries to teach them responsibility by putting them in charge. Whoa. Hold on. Does anyone notice that no matter what the Roloffs do, they always start off doing bad (supposedly), but in the end it's always a success! Every test they've taken, they make it look like they'll fail, but they pass. Every event they have, they voice over about how it looks like a failure, but it turns out to be the best event ever.

That's what happens with the pumpkin season. Matt already said in a newsletter that the pumpkin season was the most successful one ever.

Jeremy and Zach at college, according to the show they're doing bad? Wasn't it Matt's October newsletter where he said they are going to PCC and they were doing fabulous, Amy and Matt were so proud of them because they were getting grades that they could actually be proud of. But by the preview it sounds like they're going to say college isn't going well. I can already see this turning into another situation where people watch the show and say "I knew the twins would suck in college!" And then Matt will say "You dumb people, I laugh at you, you believe the show is the truth!"

Whatever the plotline is, at least there should be lots of Jeremy tonight :)


The show begins!

*Matt is out in the pumpkin fields, he's worried about how the growing of pumpkins is going, the pumpkin plants are burried by fields of weeds. Amy comes into Matt's office to talk about it. Am I the only who now scans the desk to see if there is a story line cheat sheet in plain view? lol. Maybe to the left. There is a stack of Matt's Against Tall Odds book.

*They're getting ready for the opening of the farm for the pumpkin biz. Jeremy sighting! He sweeps. Matt bypasses Jer for the professional constructions guys and builder Rick. I've been pushing all season for Rick the builder to get his own spot in the opening credits. He's been in it more than Jeremy this season!

*The construction guys and Rick block entrances off to all the Western town buildings. Matt says the county wants to shut them down. Basically they are saying it's a commercial business and Matt argues that it's agriculture. There are different standards if it's commercial, so that's why Matt is fighting so hard to say it's not. His point is they don't let people go in any of the structures. That kind of sucks for the visitors. Remember the old days when people could actually walk around by themselves? Damn safety rules. I think they go overboard.

*Matt doesn't like all the rules. He says they'll just close the farm, Amy delivers her line "We might as well sell the farm!" Everybody knows they're going to open. For some reason Matt uses we'll just close as a threat.

*Btw, there something about Matt's assistant Caryn that reminds of Kate Gosselin . I don't know what it is. Maybe the haircut or something about her face?

*Also what is with the memo on the inside of the Roloff's front door. I think that's the filming waiver...on the inside of the door?? I've seen that before but never mentioned that. You know you have a lot of people coming and going in your house when you need to stick a waiver on the door!

*The county inspector is here for the surprise inspection that Matt has been preparing how is that a suprise inspection? :) Marshall is an old guy that looks scared of Matt. He's no match for Matt. Marshall follows Matt's instructions.

*It's funny listening to Matt talk about the castle. He says it looks like a lot of work went into it, but it was really only a light coat of paint or something. Isn't that the opposite of what he said in the episode about it?

*Matt gives a pep talk to farm employees but still doesn't know if they'll be allowed to open. I'm skeptical. Jer helps trot in pumpkins from other farms to make up for their low supply and the ones that died.

*Matt complains about the county again and all the crap they have him go through. For the second time says he's going to shut the farm business down and put the for sale sign out. Amy doesn't look impressed. Matt says they want to "put the little man out of business".

*Despite all the chaos happening Matt has a surprise. Baby Lions for the petting zoo. Leo the Lion. He's cute. Jer snarls. He's cute too :)

*The inspectors are back. These 3 look a lot tougher than old Marshall. Kofi tells Matt what is wrong with the structures and how it doesn't match the plans of his engineer and how he didn't sign it. This is getting intense. Matt yells at Kofi.

*For most of the show Matt has a goofy funny character on the show, but I get the feeling that Matt can be pretty scary when he gets upset. Kofi is feeling the wrath.

*But of course it all works out. They get the engineer on the phone. He says he'll sign off on the plan. Even the mean lady inspector smiles and cheers when Matt says they'll open. I think they're all afraid of Matt and intimated by the cameras. I don't really understand the whole crisis if it could all be solved by the engineer on a cell phone.


Second episode!

*Jer and Zach sit bored on the couch vegging. Defense of the twins! It would be quite easy to make most 19 year olds look lazy by showing them play video games or watch tv.

*Zach rides on the mini little baby scooter with Amy's Charity logo on it. Hmm. That's harder to defend.

*Matt says he's disappointed in the twins and their lack of ambition. With Matt now being an online addict, I notice how different what Matt says on the show is from what he says online. On the show he talks about how he's disappointed in the kids. Online he can't stop bragging about how they are the greatest kids in the world and they always do amazing and succeed.

*Amy says the twins have started college, they don't tell her how it's going but she knows they have a ton of free time. Finally some truth! I think Jer is great, but the guy has a helluva lot of free time.

*Matt and Amy summon the twins to the office to talk about college. Jer looks bored, Zach looks majorly pissed off. Jer only has classes Monday and Wednesday. Math and writing and a 4 hour writing class on Saturday. Amy wants him to change it because of pumpkin season (which he obviously did change). Jeremy either sounds like he just woke up or he's hung over. I'm not sure which I believe. lol.

*Jeremy goes to college with the cameras! Jeremy looks very good with wet hair. Jeremy goes to the advising department of PCC to try and change the Saturday class. He can do it online. It doesn't seem like a big deal. But there is a waiting list for one of the other classes. Jer says wow there's 30 people in that class....I think he thinks that's a lot of people. Wow, Faith Bible was small.

*Zach says he knows Matt and Amy are worried that in 6 years he will be in the exact same position he is in now, not knowing what to do and living at home. I think most viewers think that too.

*Back to Jeremy. He says changing his class online "didn't work". He's back in the advising department, but got tired of waiting so he leaves. Btw, for the record, I think during the year Spirits reported that other PCC'ers said Jeremy said he only had classes on Monday and Wednesday. Either he dropped the class altogether or moved it to one of those days.

*Amy is in the twins room talking about college, asking Jeremy about his classes and the Saturday class. Jeremy either looks pissed or embarrassed. It's a rare moment. Every once in a while, not often any more, I see a genuine expression out of Jeremy. I think that was one. I think he was embarrassed that Amy was on his case about the class. Amy is upset too. She's says she would have done it differently if she was at college with Jeremy....but Amy you aren't! She doesn't like the non chulant attitude.

*Jeremy says he's not really studying anything, he's just taking classes. I thought he was taking photography?

*Matt is getting all dramatic. He's talking about dying and where he wants his ashes put on the farm. He says his health isn't good and he tells Amy "When I die", Amy responds "Promises, promises" Matt rides away saying something dramatic like just wait.

*Overall I like Matt and I'm not being insensitive but we've heard for the last 2 years about how horrible his health is. It was about a year and a half ago that they said he would need to have back surgery "next year". Still no back surgery. We all know Matt is flying around to every talk show, every city doing speaking engagements and cruises. Trying to make it look like Matt is on the verge of death is sketchy.

*Matt is on the twins case now. He's saying Jeremy and Zach still want their playtime, but he says playtime is over, time to be adults. Hmmm...he sounds like....Rap541! Rap's identity revealed! Matt in a bad mood! lol :)

*Matt is going to lunch with Caryn so he's putting the twins in charge. I think this is way more dramatic than it really was. They're gone for lunch. How difficult could it really be?

*I'll point out though when Matt was telling the employees about it Matt said "He" is in charge, obviously meaning Jeremy (Zach's whining to follow).

*Zach says he's good at bossing people around. Yes I know Zach. Ask Keith (Zach's friend and co-soccer coach). I think Zach has a lot of Matt in him. Probably why they don't get along.

*Jeremy seems pretty nice to everybody although he doesn't know anybody's name or really what he's doing. He walks around telling people they can go on lunch if they want. Jer talks about how he's in the dark because he has no idea what he's really doing, but as long as they don't burn the place down it will be successful. There is a good vodka joke to be made here, har har har! (for people that don't get it, there was an old famous story when Jer was 15, he and friend stole Matt's vodka, put Sprite in it so Matt never noticed, got drunk on the vodka, went out to the barn to play with fire crackers and accidentally set the corner of the barn on fire).

*Zach seeks out Amy to whine about Jeremy. Oh gawd. Get over it Zach. He complains to Amy that he doesn't like being half in charge.

*The lines are getting longer as the crowds pour in. Jer and Zach rush around to make it look like it's a two man show. If that's really what happened, I feel bad for those customers. I always thought it was a bad idea to have Jer and Zach or any of the Roloffs have actual duties. People are there to meet them and talk to them and take a picture. I'd be disappointed if I traveled to the farm only to have Jeremy rushing around concerned with the business of running the farm.

*Zach tells Jeremy to move the tractor. Something broke! What happened? Someone yelled "Jer!!!!" But now some big employee is telling Amy that Zach ordered him to stand right there. I'm with that guy! Blame Zach, not Jeremy!
Jer says someone (cough cough, Zach probably) parked too close to the fence so when he pulled it away it caught and broke some of the wood.

*Matt comes back to ask Jer how it went. Jer is a little reluctant to tell Matt but says it went good but there was a little accident. Matt doesn't care. He says they did a fabulous job. Jeremy is happy to please Matt. Aw.

*Zach on the other hand is nasty. He tells Matt that the employees don't care about the farm, they just want to get paid. Um, Jeremy bashers? Please pay attention. Who would you rather deal with, Jeremy or Zach? Jeremy is a much nicer person (at least in public for sure! when he's with his friends, that might be a different story). I'd rather deal with Jeremy. Zach they're getting paid minimum wage. How much caring do you want them to do?

*Matt is in the office, he groans like he is dying and voices over about how his health isn't good, he rubs his head and doesn't look good....

*Matt collapses! Zach actually yelled his named and sounded real for a second. But this is a weird "scene". Jer walks into the office with Matt on the floor. Jeremy seems way too calm for this to be real. I'm having a hard time believing everyone would be so calm and the camera men and producers would just be standing there watching while Jeremy calmly stands over a collapsed Matt saying "Hey dad". Amy walks in and it's the same thing. Everybody seems way too calm for this to be real and not staged, in my opinion. I think if it was real someone would have yelled "call 911".

I know it's pretty bad to say something like that was staged but they all seemed way too relaxed. And if they faked that to give them a cliff hanger for the premiere of Season, new low for the Roloffs.....shame on them.

With that Season 5 ends. Tune in for Season 6 in September to see if Matt lives or dies (hint - he lives! He's using Facebook and is flying all over the country every 2nd day!)


mythoughtis said...

what is the deal with the constant worry about how much time Jeremy appears on the show? The show is called Little People, Big World. Jeremy is not a little person. He is not the star of the show. Also, being as I am on the far side of 40 and have a son older than Jer and Zach, I am just a little disgusted by the fact that a poster writing episode reviews is drooling over a 19 year old (since they film so far ahead, he is 18 in some of the episodes)

Expressed said...

Mythoughtis, I totally disagree with you obviously.

First, I think it's ridiculous to say it's "disgusting" to drool over Jeremy. So many things to say on that.

I'm not that much older than Jeremy, but even if someone is older, guess what, people find good looking 18 year olds attractive! There is nothing disguting about that. Saying it's disgusting is just trying to make people be fake. Guess what? Jeremy was attractive and sexy at 17, 18 and 19 (he is 19 for the stuff we're seeing now anyway, but that doesn't matter).

People commenting on the internet about how hot he looks aren't having sex with him and weren't having sex with him when he was 17. We are commenting on a good looking person. There is nothing disgusting about that.

Second, you have your reasons for watching the show and I and other people have our reasons. I wouldn't still be watching the show if it wasn't for Jeremy, and it's not only beause of his looks, he's funny and the most entertaining one to watch.

Is it a surprise that the episodes that usually get the most discussion across the internet are ones that usually center around Jeremy?

I think the majority of people watch the show becaue of Jeremy. It's been said before. If you look on a place like twitter or even Facebook, the most LPBW gets mentioned is when someone is talking about how beautiful they think Jeremy is. The shows producers even said that and that's why Jeremy is shirtless throughout the opening credits.

If the show had stuck to only LP issues and Matt, Amy and Zach, the I am almost sure it would have been canceled after the first or second season. People watch because Jeremy is good looking and now has a rocking body and overall is entertaining to watch.

Anonymous said...

ok why was matt laying on the floor at the end of the show.

mythoughtis said...

Watching Jeremy be totally... totally... clueless about how to use a computer to add/drop a class even after the advisor told him is entertaining?
Watching him try to explain his classes to his parents and obviously having no idea what they are is entertaining?
My youngest is taking summer term at a community college this year, after taking two earlier courses while in high school this past year. He breezes thru the advisor/on-line registration process. His high school was every bit as small as the Roloffs, and he is an average student also.

Watching him wander around the pumpkin patch clueless after he has worked there for years is entertaining?

Lisa Ann said...

I have been looking at the Roloff's tv show since it debut back in March of 2006, the show was really good and intersting and real life down to earth family to watch but this season here is so stage and phoney and quiet cheesy and no longer real and unable to relate to now at times but to top it off tonight second show was just awful and to end the show with a stage cliffhanger as if it is a drama show like a daytime or night soap does is the last straw for me how can you end a reality show for the season with a fake over dramatic ending like that why couldn't day end the show on nice great positive note they choose to end it like a real drama series like Dallas, Knots Landing,Dynasty, The Colby's Falcoln Crest, Desperate House Wives, Brother's and Sisters and ETC, is lame and stupid I am so now done and thru with this once beloved real Realty tv show if no one realize it by now that this show is now stage and fake well thing I don't know that the hell it will take for any one to see the Roloff and TLC Network for what they really are. The Roloff's have now most certainly let fame go to their heads no wonder Matt's parent's Pop and Honey Roloff where rarely seen in this season five because they knew what direction Matt and the TLC crew had plan for this season here meaning they wanted the show to be stage and scripted as if it is a normal tv network day or night time soap with actors and actress that is why Honey Roloff would have wish their son show would have ended the show this past season becasue they did not want no part of the fakeness of the show that was once real and not stage I don't blame you Pop and Honey Roloff for not wanting to take part in such a now garbage now run down over the top fake ass show God Bless you Pop and Honey Roloff for remaining to be real to your selves and basicly staying off of this now horrible ass show now that it is stage, fake, and now scripted because I am going to be just like you and not participate in such garbage for I am now forever thru with Little People Big World as of tonight June 14, 2010 so to you Matt Roloff for destroying your once beloved family friendly show Fuck off Matt Roloff since you have now fuck us your loyal fan base and your show up Good Bye Roloffs for ever. Lisa Ann a former loyal faithful fan from the begining and not to the very end.

Anonymous said...

i just want to know what happened to matt on tonights show, did something really happen to him or was it just another one of his stupid tricks to have people feel sorry for him

Anonymous said...

If you do not like watching about just Jeremy then change the channel.

All in all it is a good show. It shows they are like every other average family in this world regardless of their size. They have a messy house like some do, they argue like some do.

People like to watch it because they like seeing that people out there have they same problems as them.

Anonymous said...

is Matt ok? Did he faint?

Expressed said...

Worried people posting,

Matt is completely fine. This was taped months and months ago. Matt is flying around the country every week.

Anonymous said...

but why did mat fall on the floor and isn't responding

Brandon said...

Confirmed what we all knew. The Roloffs have no morals, will do anything for a buck and the show is fake.

Fake a health crisis to use it to get people to watch next season. That's disgusting.

That was obviously staged.

From Molly's "Father? Father?" to Jeremy's "Oh hey Even Jeremy would react a little better if something real had happened.

And of course Matt is totally fine. He's been doing interviews non stop and, guest appearances and even answered one of those Q&A's months ago where he said his health was fine.

But make it look like he died for ratings. Christians are such liars.

Timothy said...

Shameful. They did this cliffhanger thing with the trebuchet accidents. I guess the ratings dip is enough for them to throw all morals away.

Play on people's kind emotions. Deplorable.

Ashley said...

I think it must have been set up. No one looked like they were panicking. I would have been freaking out screaming call 911.

Jocelynn said...

Don't know what to say about the ending...way too calm for that to have been real.

Since we know Matt is fine, I wonder if he will address it on his Facebook.

Brandon said...

Jocelynn, Matt will proably say he did pass out but the cameras weren't there...the storyline cheat sheets told him to do it again for the cameras where the family finds them, hence the really fake reactions of Jeremy and family.

Em said...

That was ridiculous. Everyone was wandering into the office like they were looking at pictures, oh hey, dad is on the floor not moving...what are you doing on the floor Dad? Redic!

Erin said...

Whoa, either they've stooped to new lows by faking health issues or the Roloffs really are morons. If that was real, calling Jeremy a moron is taking it easy on him...

Carol said...

Imo, totally scripted.

Look at how they filmed it. Different angles. It was a lot like when Matt "fell" off the step stool when he was demonstrating how unsafe it was. They showed him falling from different angles and when you watched it closely, Rocky the dog was in different positions, meaning they shot it again. This was the same type of thing.

The ending distracts from my favorite Himbo's total ineptness. Jeremy can't even change a class online? Then when it proves too difficult, he gives up, as usual. Hey Jer, what about that speech you gave about Jake not liking forts because they're difficult?

The only thing Jeremy knows how to do is walk around shirtless in those tight jean shorts for the cameras.

Chris said...

Did Jeremy really kick Matt with his foot when he was on the floor? I swear he did. LMAO!

Susan said...

I'm not prepared to say it was completely staged. I just watched the replay of it. I think they put into slow-motion when Matt was on the floor so you couldn't hear that Matt was actually talking to them. I trust that when Amy asks "What happened Matthew?" that Matt wasn't unconscious...

Jan said...

To change the subject, what did they say Jeremy and Zach are majoring in?

Judy said...

Expressed, I'm in complete agreement about Jeremy's treatment of the employees compared to Zach. Jeremy was polite and respectful.

Zach, it's called having a job. I think this is an ego issue. Zach thinks everyone should be thrilled to be working for the Roloffs. It's a low paying boring job for these people. He dares to put them down when he sleeps in until 2pm and only needs to walk out the door and he's at work.

Shadow said...

Sooooo glad I baked cookies instead of watching!! Thanks for the recap, Ex. Loved the part about Rap being Matt!! Still LOL...

Nate said...

You all do know that this is a "reality" show right? It's meant to entertain and a lot of it is staged. The fact that so many on here are typing "it's fake!" cracks me up. Welcome to modern entertainment. Sorry to disappoint.

Matthew 7:1, look it up. Now go find a hobby that doesn't involve bashing other people from behind a computer screen.

Brandon said...

Nate, we all say that because of the numerous times those great Christians the Roloffs insist that the show is real and raw and not staged and scripted.

You're quoting the Bible? I believe there are a few things in the Bible about how one shouldn't lie.

You have no problem with the Roloffs as Christians lying for the sake of money?

Nate said...

Brandon - Matthew 7:1.

Brandon said...

Nate - Thou shall not lie...

For someone who quotes the bible as you do, I would have thought you might care when Christians lie in the name of money.

Anonymous said...

Yes soooooo staged...Matt speeks ofhis demise and how soon it maybe...and that Amy says "promises promises " And low and behold...what happens????? Matt on the floor at the end. Give me a break. And whats with the 2 classes per semester..if my son came home and said he enrolled in 2 classes id tell him...its not worth the gas money to drive and take the friggin classes. I love this show but come on it straight.

Carla said...

OMG !!!! Remember the days of poor Amy trying to gather and save enough money to buy school clothes and supplies??? I know we watch..they make the money but cant just for once a family stay the same and not let the money go to their heads?? And where are gma and gpa this season? And whats up with 2 classes a semester for thwe boys...please , why bother...and the fake passing out at the end that stoops to a whole new level of one should have to actually have to find their Daddy on the floor collapsed and not breathing, its a slap in the face to those of us that have walked that walk. SHAME ON THEM !!!!!

Z to the Zee said...

One of the classes Jeremy was taking at PCC was Yoga.

True fact.

Anonymous said...

Please, guys name one reality show that's not staged. Just one.

Rap541 said...

Judy - care to express an opinion on Jeremy signing up for a saturday course when he knows full well that one of his few responsibilities is to work weekends in October?

Care to share how you felt about the Jer-bear not managing to do for himself with his schedule change, looking pouty to the camera, and quitting for the day since changing his schedule was too hard?

I love it. It was too hard so he went home. Jer is such a man... he even needed mommy to to waky wakey him and make his din-din since he and Zach still can't manage to get up for work without Momma physically doing it for them.

Rap541 said...

Anon at 7:50 am - The Roloffs are catching flak because they insist the show is real...

Until they get annoyed and then Matt mocks the fans for believing his family is as depicted on the show....

Kapper said...

Yup, you're so right Rap. I'm just waiting for Matt to run for office, he's so good at the bs. And it looks like the rest are following right behind him...

Anonymous said...

Anon @7:50 am

~There are many that are not staged. If you only want me to name you one, I'd say "The Little Couple". It's about little people too!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen "The Little Couple," but every single reality show I've ever seen-- from Survivor to The Real World to The Bachelor to Kate and what's his name to Real Housewives to Big Brother are manipulated and staged. Nothing unusual about the Roloffs. The only thing that bugged me this week was waiting for Jeremy to remove his hat inside his advisor's office. Bad manners where I come from.

Shadow said...

Matt would never run for office. First, too many skeletons in the closet that he prefers stay firmly locked away. Second, Matt is pretty abrasive in confrontations, and doesn't compromise well or play nice with others. I don't think he could keep up the facade of "the friendly little person" persona across an entire campaign. Even if he managed to get elected to something, I wouldn't see it lasting more than one term.

Mainegundog said...

These people are nuts! Those kids are so spoiled.

Jeremy does not know if he is coming or going.

I like that so called farm, why dont you come on up to northern vermont and come milk some 200 head of dairy at 4:30 in the morning.

Thats no farm its a novelty. I love how matt is allways patting himself on the back for lame projects. Must be nice being rich,you guys spend more cash on soda than my family does on food.

Oh yea from where i am sitting you dont have it hard at all, we hope this is your last season, the Rolofs are getting old. Its gonna suck not having those TLC checks huh?

Tell Jeremy to join the army that will solve his "i dont know what to do in life" crisis.