Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to Matt Roloff

Sending out a "Happy Father's Day" to Matt Roloff and all the fathers out there.

Matt and his boys and some of their friends spent most of father's day weekend camping (think the old camping episode in the first season of Little People, Big World).


Anonymous said...

Happy father's day Matt.

Judy said...

Yes indeed. Matt is such a great dad. Those kids don't know how lucky they are. It's unfortunate that only one and somtimes two, shows it on a consistent basis.

Dana said...

Well said, Judy. My feelings exactly. Matt said on his Facebook page that he got the best father's day gift ever (spending time with the boys). That's positive, hopefully that means Zach and Jacob behaved themselves.

Hopefully as Jacob and Zach get older they'll try harder to be more like Jeremy and appreciate Matt more and all that he has done for them.

It's nice if Mueller went on the father's day trip. It shows what a great dad Matt is, Mueller even wants to go on the Father's day outing. Hopefully Zach and Jake can see that if even a good friend can see how what a great dad is they'll get the sign one of these days to show Matt the respect and love that he deserves like Jeremy does.

Sheri said...

God Bless Matt and happy fathers day. To Ron Roloff too who is also a wonderful father that Matt learned from.

Matt has done so much for the LP community with the show, but he's also done a great job for promoting strong Christian family values and providing a great role model for many fathers as his father/son relationship with Jeremy is something that many father's would be envious of.

God Bless Matt and Happy Father's day.

Carolynn said...

Matt's a great dad. Look at everything he's done for his kids. He's given them the ultimate childhood just like he always said he with. I'm glad to hear it sounds like Zach and Jake got their butts in gear and helped makes Matt weekend a good one (or at least they didn't ruin it!)

David said...

Does being on tv in order to make money, make one a good father? Is that the new criteria?

Rap541 said...

Hey Sheri, Dana, Judy... why have you three been so silent lately?

No praise for how Jeremy went home to his filthy room after he couldn't figure out how to get his schedule changed? No praise for how the Jer-Bear pouted and quit when things got too tough?

I don't understand! I thought Jeremy was a go-getter who never quit and yet his shining example when things got too hard for him? He quit and went home.

Gosh, I can't *imagine* that a proud never quit when it's hard MAN who proudly built *a play fort* quit when changing a class got too hard but there we are.

Got *anything* to say about the example Jeremy set? Where he quit when he had to do it himself without the grownup assisting?

Hey how about how Jer-Bear was followed by the actual supervisor as he let people go for lunch and then used his master driving skills to have a minor accident...

Funny.. You guys aren't usually so quiet. I wonder what has you not praising Jeremy?

Gosh the big man has soooo much on his plate, with two whole college classes... being a part time student must be pure torture since Jer-Bear needs *playtime*. No wonder Jer-Bear needs his mommy to shake him out of sleepytime and haul him down to workies.

He's such a *mature* young man needing mommy to be his keeper. :)

Esme said...

Yeah! "Happy father's Day" to you also Matt. Even though you fake a "Heart Attack" or a "Dizzy Spell" on the Season Finale of your hit show. You could have maybe apologize to all of your fans for putting us all through unnessary drama. You could have done this on your "Face Book Page" thanks a lot Matt. P.S. "Happy Father's Day" to you to "Shadow" love Esme.

Sheri said...

Rap, I will not be part of letting you turn a fathers day post into another one of your bashes on Matt's son Jeremy James Roloff.

You have so much hatred in your heart for these two. Let it go and turn to Jesus, live for Jesus and ask for forgiveness because Jesus died for your sins.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - was Matt loving Christ when he faked the heart attack for ratings?

And do note - you have had AMPLE opportunity - almost a week - to comment on how Jeremy made you proud when he found changing a class too hard.

Why no comment? It wasn't *Father's Day* all week. Lets hear how you loved Jeremy quitting when it got tough.

And lets hear how you think living in a pigsty and needing mommy to be the alarm clock was "mature".

I notice you *aren't* chiding Dana for despoiling the Christian holiday of *Father's Day* with criticism of Matt's children. I guess Zach and Jake are fair game but precious Jer-Bear isn't man enough to be criticized. :)

Oh hey - got ANYTHING to say on Matt's "vertigo" cliffhanger - please PLEASE explain how Jesus approved of that. :)

mythoughtis said...

Since it has now been proven that what is filmed in 'not entirely accurate'... maybe we should all declare a truce in the Jeremy-Jacob-Zach-Matt Jingleheimer Smith war. We at this point cannot trust anything that has been shown so all bets as to Jeremy's lazyness, Zach's attitude, Jacob's loneliness, Matt's spending, and Amy's money worries are off.

Hope the campers had a great time.. if they went... if it wasn't in the farm's back yard... etc.

Jocelynn said...

MyThoughtIs, great point as usual. It's so unfortunate too. LPBW used to be considered one of the most real reality shows on tv. I remember telling a friend about it. I tried to convince them that LPBW was different and don't hold the "reality show" reputation against them. I would feel foolish now telling someone the same thing.

Judy said...

Rap, if I want to discuss Jeremy at college I will do that in the appropriate place.

You cannot expect Zach and Jake to be talked about in the same high regard that Jeremy is in a topic about respecting Matt. Even you can't claim with a straight face that Zach and Jake show Matt the respect and love that Jeremy shows Matt. It is completely reasonable for Dana and others to comment that they hope Jake and Zach shape up when it comes to how they treat Matt.

Shadow said...

Here's a question - how many TLC cameras does it take for Matt Roloff to go camping with his sons? Stay tuned -- you'll be sure to find out. But don't hold your breath - it may take a year or so.

What do you want to bet the trip required brand-new top-of-the-line tents and camping gear? Even if it was just in their backyard. Wonder if Matt took his personal chef along?

Rap541 said...

"Rap, if I want to discuss Jeremy at college I will do that in the appropriate place."

And you haven't been praising him for his recent achievement in quitting and going home after barely trying?

Aren't you struck by the irony of Jeremy just weeks earlier saying *Jake* quits things when they get too hard and yet here Jeremy is, quitting when things get too hard?

Am I supposed to think he was being mature and responsible there? You guys always have so much praise for Jeremy's every move - why wasn't this noteworthy and something Zach and Jake should pay attention to and emulate since Jeremy is always the best one?

And just so we're clear - the distinction on sullyin Father's Day is "We think Zach and Jake are crap but we like Jeremy so shut your mouth".

Was Jeremy "respecting Matt" (or Amy) when he intentionally scheduled a class for Saturday, during the only month he's required to work? I mean, maybe you haven't been to college - and thats not a mock, I am actually giving you an excuse - but when you register for class, its VERY clear what days you will have class. There's no way Jeremy just ended up having a class on Saturday.

And I guess he was respecting his father when he had yet another accident while driving? Lets see, ramming the trailer into the new garage, dinging up the new mercedes, and now running a tractor into a fence... God he needs to be praised for being an awesome driver!!

I don't understand why you three aren't praising his incredible, mature, near godlike performance...

Oh wait... he was behaving like a spoiled 10 year old, complete with needing his mommy to shake him out of his bed to go to workies. No wonder even his super fans aren't praising him.

Rap541 said...

Oh and since certan people are whinging, I also note that Jake's 13th birthday post was trned into a "bash Jake" thread so yet again, Jake has to man up and Matt and Jeremy have to be protected since they are so sensitive to criticism.

Sheri - since you have so much hatred in your heart to Jake, perhaps instead of calling him names, you should let it go and turn to Jesus?

And yet you *never* do :)

Why should I shut up when the Christians are playing the "DO as we say and don't you dare suggest we should do as we way" game.

Rap541 said...

"Since it has now been proven that what is filmed in 'not entirely accurate'... maybe we should all declare a truce in the Jeremy-Jacob-Zach-Matt Jingleheimer Smith war. We at this point cannot trust anything that has been shown so all bets as to Jeremy's lazyness, Zach's attitude, Jacob's loneliness, Matt's spending, and Amy's money worries are off."

I'd have no problem with that if certain people concede that "God Bless Matt and I pray Zach and Jacob learn how to be Jeremy clones to better serve Matt as Matt and Jeremy are Christlike and Zach and Jake are VERY MUCH NOT, God bless Matt for dealing with his disrespectful awful children and Jesus knows Matt as a parent is wonderful and IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE for the horrible flaws in Zach and Jacob, Matt is always truthful and never lies, praise Jesus, and anyone who dares say anything other than 'yes, praise Jesus, Praise Matt, Praise Jeremy James for blessing us" is a lying hater who hates and you need to SHUT UP" isn't exactly fostering diologue?

I mean really - I would have let the "happy father's day" thread completely go if Judy, Sheri, and Dana hadn't decided that Father's Day was the time to slam Zach and Jake. Was *that* necessary? "God BLESS Matt and Zach and Jake better learn to stop sucking!" isn't sidetracking the thread?

Really? A Father's day thread needed digs on Zach and Jake? But digs on Jeremy are off limits?

Of course digs on Jeremy are off limits because he's too sensitive to man up and take it.

And mythoughtis - I actually don't disagree with you, because I think you're including the "God bless Jeremy and YOU SHUT UP" crowd in your concern. I'm merely noting this thread was sidetracked as soon as slamming Zach and Jake for their imagined slights to their dad began.

mythoughtis said...

yes, Rap541, I am including all of us in my comment. I have my opinions of all of the kids vs the parents...and I will freely admit that given what I am allowed to see on the show, that I am a Zach and Amy fan rather than a Matt and Jeremy fan. My point is that I am wondering if I can trust the edits now and maybe I don't know Matt and Jeremy like I thought I did...and maybe those who favor Jeremy and Matt don't know Zach and Amy like they thought either.
So maybe we should consider that all the cast are playing roles and maybe we should comment on the character Jeremy rather than the person Jeremy and so forth.

Brandon said...

I understand your point and it's a good point, but I know for myself and I think a lot the points Rap makes about Jeremy, it isn't just based on editing on the show.

In fact I think Jeremy gets a favorable edit on the show. I think his "character" is supposed to be a dim-witted, but loveable Christian boy with a good heart.

I've heard and seen how they react and deal with enough REAL things from Jeremy to shape my opinion about Jeremy when I talk about him and I think it's much worse than the loveable but dumb character LPBW tries to portray. Once I knew a little bit about Jeremy off the show and his friends, I couldn't believe the "character" of Jeremy on the show. He's not that sweet or innocent and he isn't that nice. A sweet innocent Christian kid doesn't have 20 year old friends who are dying with an apparent history of drug and alcohol addiction and his friends admitting how the deceased was great friends with Jeremy and used to party and drink with him. A nice kid doesn't spend all his time with friends that tell his fans to kill themselves because they are such big losers.

It's the same with Matt. I don't have much respect for Matt, but the things that impact my opinion about Matt the most are seeing how he handles himself off the show. On the show his character can be the entertaining wacky goofy dad. From seeing the real Matt, I think he can be an egotistical lying jerk.

Even with their character hiccups in their show character (Jer's dimwitt tendencies) they are portrayed as being much more likeable than I think they are in real life.

aponce16 said...

The Hell with Matt Roloff. He is the worse father ever. That's why his kids are such losers.