Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matt Roloff Fan Facebook updates

Aug 2
Matt Roloff = Business meeting was good in the bvi for both Jeremy and I ... You just never know how fast life... and your future can change. Networking is powerful indeed... Leaving the islands in the morning for jeremy and i meeting in DC. Then fort Bragg nc

July 29
Matt Roloff = Sven's been at it again...

July 28
Matt Roloff = Thanks to my Facebook fans (especially Tom) who lobbied Hot VW magazine to do a spread on my bug... They're coming to the farm! I've been wanting to be in that mag since the early 1980's. I love it when a 30 yr old dream comes true. :))))

July 27
Matt Roloff = Zach and I on an adventure -- I Love this photo!

July 27
Matt Roloff = Crazy itinerary. Fly to Denver, then Peoria (speech) Goto Chicago, then Meeting in Newark. South to San Juan PR, then Tortola BVI. High speed ferry to remote island. Relax for 4 days on boat..then continue my business leg back to Beef Island..then San Juan.. on to Washington DC then Raleigh NC. Where i meet up with our... crew. Then work my way Home. 9 days of Work, Fun, Sun and major adventure all in one trip.

July 27
Matt Roloff = A friend with a big boat down in the Caribbean Just asked if i wanted to come aboard and sail around a few days.. Very tempting since I'll be on the East coast doing a speaking event later this week. ...Then 4 days later I have to be back East in NC. Amy says she''l hold down the fort like I did for her a few weeks back. :))) I think I'll go.

July 25
Matt Roloff = I have 38 things on my todo list for tomorrow it's going to be a rough Monday unless I get up and kick the turbos on

July 24
Matt Roloff = Another friend of mine...

July 24
Matt Roloff = Spent all day trenching ditches for water lines and underground cables all around the farm. This is the unglamorous ... but necessary projects you never see we 'get' to do.

July 23
Matt Roloff = Back in my own bed...Happy feet...right around the corner :))

Matt Roloff = LA is fun but miss the family and farm already

July 21
Matt Roloff = Nice quiet night at home. Up in the air again early tomorrow morning... but ... good news.. Back home in a flash. Really should get packing.. then to bed.

July 20
Matt Roloff = To all the negativity out there... enjoy. My baby... Diggin' his farm. :))

(added comment by Matt: Missa- Actually Jacob took that photo himself with a timer. Pretty impressive i'd say. I sure was.

July 20
Matt Roloff = ...Bad boys of Washington County... Wow..This past year... Jacob has catapulted in maturity. I'm so proud of all the help he gives me.

July 20
Matt Roloff = Movie was ok.. Not bad.. Not great.. Amy joined, Jacob, Levi and I ... so that made it a fun. We all got some good laughs in. Also some great action sequences. I always enjoy a movie better when I have lower expectations. So thx to everyone who FB'ed that they didn't like it... cause your comments likely helped me... think it was a bit better than I expected.

July 19
Matt Roloff = It's always fun do do local stories ... especially with my long time friend Kelley Day from KOIN news 6 here in Portland. I had fun hanging out with her all afternoon.


July 19
Matt Roloff = Anybody seen Tom cruise movie .. Knight and day? Thinking about taking jacob to see it tonite late show

July 17
Matt Roloff = What a day.. get up.. work on pumpkins... clean office... pay bills.. design new farm project.. make flight reservations for next bus. trip.. ride in VW.. make TV.. dodge cameras.. Facebook.. Go to bed. ....Tomorrow.. Start all over again.

July 15
Matt Roloff = Our treehouse...

July 14
Matt Roloff = ....A friend of mine.

July 13
Matt Roloff = An old photo of when we 'lost' our dog Vern. Buried him in a special place under a birch tree on the farm. Got Rocky a few weeks later. :)

July 12
Matt Roloff = I realized many of you have never seen my 'real' office. Notice the desk and credenza is all made out of barn wood I've collected over the years.

July 11
Matt Roloff = Ahhh.... Nuttin' like a good camping trip in the Oregon mountains with my boys. Except getting happy feet in my own comfy bed.

July 10
Matt Roloff = Jacob and I hangin' with the folks downtown...

July 9
Matt Roloff = What an honor!! The organization I love.. Little People of America (LPA) honored me with a life time achievement/membership award... I guess my contributions as past president and our current representation of Little People is productive and positive. This award warms my soul. Thank you to President Lois, the board o...f directors and entire membership of LPA. I'm truly honored and humbled by this prestigious award.

July 8
Matt Roloff = Loved hangin' out with thousands of Little People in Nashville. Saw many friends that I've known for over 45 years. ...and made some new cool friends too. It's so fun to be part of one big gigantic close knit family. ...and nice to be with people that don't care what you stink like. ....errr I mean think like... oh well.

July 7
Matt Roloff = So proud of Amy and Zach in all the sports. They got the glod medal again in soccer.

July 7
Matt Roloff = Wow. Almost home from Nashville.

July 3
Read the book "Emotional intelligence 2.0" on the plane. Very intriguing read. Sure explains why some people post/write so negitively all the time. At least now its explainable. :))

July 2
Yesterday... I took a little "walk on the wild side" ...at my buddy Steve's house. These are my two new best friends... for a few more months anyway.. Leo (from last year) was already near full grown.

July 1

Matt Roloff: Jacob had a great two day camping trip with Pappa-n-Huny...While molly and I hung out together. As soon as he got back.. .Jacob and I went to dinner last night and then to see another movie. The A-Team. He liked it better than I did. arrg. :) We're having a blast together this week!

June 30th
Just finished our first formal Pumpkin season, brain-storming meeting.. Let the craziness begin! ....All ideas welcome. Oh my... Why do I feel compelled to reinvent myself every year or so?

June 29th
Hey Jer and Zach... How''s your handi-cam action going with mom?? Do you miss the crew? We're keeping them very busy here on on the farm...

June 29th

Keep the Haitians in your prayers... Amy texted me that "it's overwhelming how much basic need is there". I'm holding down the fort here at the farm.

June 27th

Matt Roloff - "Molly and I just cooked my famous burgers together...Now we're off to see Toy Story 3. Anybody else seen it?

June 27th

Matt Roloff: Jacob and I went to the late movie together on Friday nite...Saw "killers" ... very cute film....as Jacob said afterwards... "Dad, that movie was the perfect mix of Comedy, Romance and Action"....I agreed. Yesterday, Jacob and I spent the entire day together on the most exciting Roloff Farm Project this year. ...mayb...e even EVER! We both slept in. :))

Today it's Molly and I hanging out relaxing by the pool. My mom and dad just took Jacob camping for a few days. Amy and 'the twins' are gone this week. I'm lovin' just being on the farm for a change.

June 21st
Matt Roloff: Just pulled in the garage-- The house is crawling with kids... Must be Summer-time cause 'they' got people all over... in the pool .. kitchen..garage.. and music is playing everywhere. Molly says it's not a "party" but looks a bit like that. lol. Raleigh was very cool. I spoke to the FFA- Future Farmers Association of NC-- Wow. What a vibrant group of young people!!


(We will put the most recent at the top -- below was the original explanation)

This was suggested, so we have decided to try and new running feature. We will use this item to follow most of Matt's more interesting Facebook posts that people might want to discuss. The link to this item will be near the top of the sidebar, so if you're interested, you can follow.

It was suggested we do this because:

1) Some people just aren't into Facebook or the other social networking sites. A few people are apparently still on dial up internet connection and have emailed their sad story that Facebook doesn't load well for them.

2) Some people want a chance to comment on what Matt is saying or hear what other people think and that's not always possible or appropriate on a fan page. For some people, even if they have a slight disagreement with something Matt says, they simply don't feel comfortable voicing it on a fan page that Matt is posting on out of respect -- that and with Matt recently declaring that his Facebook page is not a democracy and he will delete/ban/remove posts he doesn't like -- I think that prompted a few people to suggest that they have a place to discuss it here. Although we will preface, it's not "anything goes" here either. Stay classy! A couple of the deleted posts directly on Matt's Facebook page wouldn't be allowed here either (nasty insults on the appearance of people; use of slurs as insults....common sense and decency things).

And of course if you do love Matt and agree with all he says and want to let him know, you're encouraged to comment there.


To that end - we even have a few tips to impress Matt if that's your goal.

Going right back to the beginning days of Matt's legacy re: fan interaction -- Matt's style is that he often picks favorites -- if you win Matt's heart, he will let you and everyone know it. You might be selected a winner of a contest. If you impress him, he might add you to his personal Facebook. If he really likes you, he might even invite you to the farm and not charge you $300 for the Golden Ticket pass and private tour with him.

So what are some ways to win Matt's affection with your online/facebook posts on his page?

1. Analyze what Matt says/has said about certain subjects and repeat by rephrasing it slightly. For example, Matt loves it when people respond to a slight criticism of Matt from something fans saw on the show with the editing spiel. Don't bash the editors/TLC or the show, however highlight that point -- talented editors slice and dice the material to create a good story and attempt to influence viewer response -- thus it's impossible to know what really happened so no one can judge because you are only seeing and hearing what the talented story tellers want you to think.

To be objective though, the other side of that argument is if the show is so watered down in manipulative editing, how do you know the things that you like about the Roloffs on the show are also real and true and not what the producers (and Matt and Amy are producers too) want you to believe? And if the show is edited to a point that you can't tell what really happened and can't possibly know what the Roloffs are really like -- why are people even watching if the human interest and truthfulness aspect is out the window? Why not turn on a full out drama, like CSI? In addition, if editing rules then doesn't that contradict the Roloff's claims during interviews that the show is very real and raw and what viewers see is pretty much accurate as Matt and Amy have said in various interviews? However, back on on point - don't mention any of that if your goal is to win Matt's respect. Just mention the talented editors bit and you would be foolish to believe a negative about them based on something said or seen on Little People, Big World. Matt will appreciate that and view you as one of the smart ones.

2. As Zach once said on the show, Matt cares deeply about his reputation/his legacy. Be generous and frequent with comments about how Matt has inspired you and all that he has done for the community of Little People (which personally I think is very true - I don't think anyone can argue that LPBW hasn't helped "normalize" LP for a lot of society, however, Matt likes seeing that point mentioned a lot).

3. The kids reflect on Matt, so as Jeremy's picture indicates: praise him as you praise your God!

Naw, just kidding of course, but do often tell Matt that he has four wonderful kids or that he has raised 4 awesome kids. Contrary to what some of the biggest Matt fans believe -- praise all the kids -- because they all reflect on him.

4. If you do share a common interest with Matt -- ie. love of VWs, construction, etc, mention it in your posts. Matt is human and if you're talking about something he's interested in, it will make it more enjoyable for him and you'll stand out to him.

Follow those steps frequently and you might find yourself the apple of Matt's eye.

So that's the overview on Matt's Facebook.

If you prefer other Roloff family members, here is a recap of them online re: Fan communication:

Amy doesn't have a Facebook Fan page like Matt does, but she sometimes post on her Charity Foundation's Facebook page.


She also sometimes tweets on her Charity foundation website, although it can be her team instead -- you can usually tell if it's Amy or her foundation team members.


Amy's online fan communication is pretty much strictly related to her charity foundation activities as opposed to the more personal nature of Matt's fan Facebook that has made his page very popular. At one time, Amy did have a twitter account and used it in the more typical twitter fashion - quick daily updates once in a while, but that mysteriously disappeared and she hasn't started again other than for her charity foundation.

For those of you that still ask, Jeremy and Zach Roloff do not have Fan Facebooks or twitters. Jeremy and Zach do not have the reputation for interacting with fans... at all. At one time years ago, Zach had a pretty good reputation for being generous in responding to social networking messages, but that was a long time ago - before the Roloffs really settled into being celebrities, before the house expansion into the mansion, before they routinely received VIP treatment onto the soccer field to meet world famous soccer/football (for our non-North American readers) teams and players. It is true that Jeremy and Zach do fully make their own choice to be apart of the show as legal adults and it is true they collect their own paychecks, and it is also true that they have free time galore as Amy said in the Season 5 finale. However, they have no obligation to do what Matt does online regarding the fans, so they don't. They opt for what's fun and enjoyable for them and that's playing 24/7. Jeremy and Zach just don't really have any responsibilities at all. From what we're told, a day in the life of 20 year old Jeremy and Zach is very much similar to a day in the life of their 13 year old brother Jacob.

Anyhow, with no further delay:


June 21st
Matt Roloff: Just pulled in the garage-- The house is crawling with kids... Must be Summer-time cause 'they' got people all over... in the pool .. kitchen..garage.. and music is playing everywhere. Molly says it's not a "party" but looks a bit like that. lol. Raleigh was very cool. I spoke to the FFA- Future Farmers Association of NC-- Wow. What a vibrant group of young people!!


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Susan said...

I should stop being amazed at the lack of parenting.

Was Amy even home? It wouldn't matter anyway.

Matt's only response at the kids having a house party is to "LOL".

It's not hard to see why the Roloff kids aren't big on respect for anyone or anything. It seems like they are allowed to do whatever they want.

It is sad to see the lack of direction and sense of responsibility from Jeremy and Zach.

Dana said...

I and all the true fans appreciate what Matt has done on his Facebook page for the benefit of his fans. It shows that he is still among the people and will set aside time for his fans because as his bio headline says, Matt does appreciate his loyal fans.

It would be nice if Jeremy and Zach sometimes shared as Matt does, but they made a family decision that Matt will handle the business and fan side of the show. Jeremy doesn't seek to be a celebrity so I can't blame him for that. It's also a known fact that he prefers being on in nature experiencing the beauty God created than being online.

Susan, they didn't wreck the place. It is Matt's house. If Matt wasn't upset, why on earth are you.

The Roloffs have been blessed with a lot and they share with their friends.

David said...

Can no one see the true motive of Matt's Facebook page? Other than it being a TLC suggestion slash request, it is all about money and plugs, disguised as "being nice to the fans".

Pay attention to all the plugs. Like the picture of him as a child. It was all a plug to get people to order his book. That's all it is. Matt doesn't have a genuine bone in his body that isn't tied to making money.

Expressed said...

I like the Jeremy picture :) I'll fall down before him, lol.

Carol said...

Good point about Jeremy and Zach.

I don't look for fan interaction because I find the Roloffs to be very fake, but it would at least show that they are growing up and accepting that their job is to be a lazy tv celebrity. Make no mistake about it, that is their job or given their advancing age, their career. But they can't even do that with any work ethic.

I'm not surprised that they turn the home into Animal House just as an immature 15 year old would do when the parents go out of town for an evening.

Audrey said...

I love the Roloffs. I think Matt is a very nice person.

Judy said...

Oh come on Susan! They're kids. They had friends over. It's not a big deal.

Timothy said...

Jeremy and Zach have shown when they've been uncovered that they have no respect or appreciation for the fans and how it enables them to live or the privileges it allows them to get away with.

I think it's better "the boys" stay as far away from fans as possible. They are train wrecks when it comes to treating people with respect.

I ask this seriously. If Jeremy and Zach maintained a page similar to Matt, do you really think it wouldn't be long until they got in hot water for saying something offensive or would lose their tempers and insult people? If I was Matt or affiliated with the show, I know I wouldn't trust Jeremy and Zach not to create problems.

Besides "the boys" would get very beary sad if they didn't spend that 10 minutes with their fweinds. Boys gotta playie wayie to keep happy wappy (sorry Rappy, borrowed worroed from you :)

Michelle said...

Par-tay at the Roloffs!

It's a party every day and every night! :)

Rap541 said...

Yes, Tim, I know that 20 year old children must not have any responsibilities as the twins are young boys who must play! After all, they won't be big boys who have responsibilities and have to do for themselves until the show ends and they have to grow up :)

After all, you can' expect "boys" to be men, and Jer-Bear isn't ready to be a man so widdle baby Jer-Bear with no responsibilities and the desperate need to pleasure himself 24-7 it is.

I assume all the Christian parents *want* their 20 year old babies sitting a home, not doing a lick of work and part time at the community college since well.. Jer-Bear is to be emulated and immitated as scratcing oneself while sitting in one's dirty room doing nothing but watching tv, and building play forts, is how ALL 20 year old "boys" should live!

Donna G said...

Am I missing something? From what I've seen on the show, I think Jeremy is a very nice and polite kid. He might be a little naive and lazy, but why doubt that Jeremy wouldn't treat people with respect? Zach has the attitude, not Jeremy.

Brandon said...

When you think about it like that, it is pathetic that in their (Jer and Zach) one job, to play themselves goofing around doing fun things on camera, they can't even do the one aspect that comes with it if they are not forced to do it.

How long before everyone realizes (if they haven't already) that Jer and Zach are lazy do nothing bums?

What they do (nothing) is cool for a 15 year old, but pathetic for 20 year olds.

Christine said...

DonnaG, yes you are missing something. Try


Jeremy is a fake on the show. He's not the polite sweet Christian boy they make him seem like on the show.

The real Jeremy off the show when he's with his friends is very nasty and very unChristian like.

Lynn C said...

Rap, it's easy for you to sit behind a computer and disparage Jeremy. No one knows what you or your children were like when they were 20.

I don't think Jeremy is unusual to a point where he deserves to be mocked. The only substantial difference I see in Jeremy compared to many people his age is that most have some kind of job, at least part time, working in a store or restaurant. They don't because Matt has arranged for them to hit the jackpot with the show. If most kids had the choice not to work and get paid the amount of money and perks that Jeremy and Zach receives, 19 year olds would turn that down?

Yes I do think they should step up to the plate in their roles as tv show stars less because it's nice for the fans and more because it would show them that in life, in jobs, it's not all roses, you can't just take the money and benefit. There are other things that come with it and you need to do that too even if that's not what you prefer. But I'm not going to cry over the fact that they prefer to ignore the fans.

I'd also guess that Matt likes being in control as the communicator between the family and the fans. I could imagine the public disputes if Zach was posting like Matt does. "That thing Dad said is not true! Dad's an idiot!" :)

Rap541 said...

Lynn - I was in Iraq. Remember Gulf War One? I have medals. And then I came home and got a full scholarship to college thru ROTC. And I am in no way unusual.

Jeremy and Zach are living at home, without jobs (Zach is nominally working at "coaching soccer" but no one cares about Zach). Jeremy can't even be trusted to do an interview without a parent present and "he needs to be outdoors! he's a boy who needs play!" gets trotted out when he doesn't do any work for the show. You *think* they should step up to the plate and yet you're complaining because others are saying the same thing. See the problem "Oh yeah, he should, but NO ONE DARE FAULT HIM AS HE IS SO PRECIOUS PERFECT SHUT UP HATER".

Jeremy and Zach are twenty. Jake is a man at 13, accorded NO protection from disparging remarks - frankly I'd be applauded if I ripped on him... so why are Jer-Bear and Zackie widdle babies who have no control and are completely incapable of bearing criticism?

I'm told again and again how Jeremy (and never Zach) is an extraordinary young *man* who is accomplishing amazing things. So what are those things and why is his every fault excused with "he's a boy!how dare you expect so much from a child!"?

How is Jeremy James Jesus different from my neighbor's kid who takes an occasional class and spends his time goofing with his friends and mooching off his mom and dad?

Tom said...

You have Matt pegged to a T with how to suck up to Matt :)

mythoughtis said...

yes, they have jobs... it called a TLC reality show. They do work during pumpkin season, they do personal appearances. No, it's not 'real jobs' anymore than what Paris Hilton, Nichole Richie, etc, did could be called real jobs. The difference is that we all think of Matt and Amy as ordiaary people as compared to Paris and Nichole's parents.
Could Zach and Jeremy be more mature for their age. yes they could. My 18 year old could also, but at least, he is taking a full load this summer term (7) and next fall (15) at a community college. However, I will freely admit my son is not mature enough to go off to a 4 year school. I'd like for him to have a part time job also, but his numerious attenpts have not net with success so far.
Truthfully, I think of Zach of being more mature than Jeremy... Zach seems capable of serious thought if it is a subject that interests him. Jeremy just wants to show off his (supposedly) hot body. Zach will grow up and make something of himself. Jeremy will end up on the Lindsey Lohan plan.

Brandon said...

MT, I think most people do make the distinction by saying they don't have "real jobs".

IMO, way too much is made out of the Roloff "kids" working during pumpkin season. First of all it is approx. 12 days a year. That's assuming they show up for all 3 days every weekend. For 8 hours a day. They drive a tractor around their backyard and pose for pictures with adoring fans.

I don't think they do public appearances for the show. That would be fair to say for Matt and Amy. Not Jeremy and Zach. They do what? One TLC photo shoot a year? *Maybe* once ever year they do a talk show like Oprah or The Today Show. Lets not try to say they promote the show. They don't do any interviews for the show.

Like Spirits noted, Jeremy and Zach are adults choosing to be part of the show, but they don't do anything more in support of their adult decision than a little boy (Jake) does.

They're job is to play themselves by lazing around. That's why most people say they don't have real jobs. Yeah it's a job because they get paid, but it's not a real job. It's not work. They get paid to go to their high school dance. To scratch themselves on their couch. To go get coffee. As per the Roloffs themselves, when they don't feel like being filmed, they can just walk away (or more realistically tell their pal the producer or camera man not to film). That's not even being an actor.

Craw said...

"Truthfully, I think of Zach of being more mature than Jeremy..."

MyThoughtis, You're insane. Jeremy is popular and has a lot of interests. Jeremy is a lot more mature than Zach.

Pouting and sulking and getting in bad moods doesn't make someone more mature than somebody who is nice to be around. Jeremy is positive and loves life. It doesn't mean he's not mature.

Christine said...

FTR, most actors these days do interact with their fans in some form.

Jeremy and Zach play the card of we're not celebrities only when it suits them to give them an excuse to continue playing like little kids all day long.

I'd have more respect for them in their "job" if they at least embraced it. But they don't.

Z said...

Jeremy and Zach aren't even required to be "on set" the majority of the time. There are a few things they are required to be there for, the barn bite interviews are not that frequent and they do a bunch at one time (notice how often their appearance in their interviews are the same throughout an entire season). The things that are obvious forced filming are few and far between.

Zach used to be known for venting about the fact that Jeremy would always say he likes the show, but then would be gone with friends most of the time, leaving the rest of them to be at home for filming.

When you are allowed to leave most of the time that's not having a responsible job.

Judy said...


It's a bet! Five years from now Zach will be in far worse shape in life than Jeremy. I would bet on it and would be shocked it it's the opposite. Jeremy will still be happy and healthy. Zach will be miserable and blaming everyone else for being miserable. I don't see either one of them being Lindsay Lohan like. Jacob on the other hand...

mythoughtis said...

Yes, Zach is moody... he's an vertically challenged individual with various medical issues ... how many surgeries have YOU had? No, he's not the saint some think all medically challenged teenagers will be... so what, get real. His barn interviews, and speeches like he gave at Amy's auction, show he does have a clue. He just needs a few years 'seasoning'.

Jeremy on the other hand, giggles, simpers, bats his eyes, jumps at the chance to go on a tour of the red light district, and drink beer on TV. Maybe he won't be an alcoholic drug addict in a few years, but he won't be doing anything productive either.. modeling, maybe, or hosting a reality show.

Do you currently have a teenage boy in your home?

Rap541 said...

Yeah - the comparison between Zach, who has serious health issues, and Jeremy, who apparently has no genetic health problems, makes your bet a tad vicious and moronic, Judy.

So who wants to bet the twin who already has been depicted and proven to have a myriad of physically debilitating issues (he's legally handicapped Judy and appears to be developing life long deafness) isn't entirely grinning over how his health is five years from now?

What a potential douche zach is and how dare he not thank Jesus for his handicaps and his perfect twin to remind him of how imperfect he is! Thats the sort of bet this show was supposed to stop and look, here we are, a matt fan delighting in how difficult it is to be a dwarf and how much *BETTER* someone who isn't a dwarf is.

I am totally sure that helps LP awareness, to make bets on how physically miserable someone will be! Yay Judy! You've made your point! Jeremy being average height means Jeremy is better than his little person twin!

Do you have any idea how you sound, delighting in the joy of winning a bet on whether a guy with no physical disabilities will be healthy five laters vs his twin brother with genetic disorders?

And nice to know Jeremy will be *happy* while Zach suffers. Such an empathetic guy Jer!Happy to be healthy and to hell with his brother! Hurrah!

Judy - does jesus love you more for delighting in Zach's physical pain? Is THAT what you have taken from this show? That LPs should be mocked for their poor health and have the health of their average height siblings rubbed in their faces?

Judy said...

Wow. I didn't think I needed to clarify, but obviously I do so I will.

I was NOT referring to physical health and medical issues caused by dwarfism.

Zach's problems and Jeremy's superiorty to Zach are as a result of their outlook on life and their personality. That is what holds Zach back. Not his dwarfism issues. Zach needs to look no further than Matt to find inspiration in how to be a positive person. There are many examples. From everything I've seen of Matt's friend Rob, he is another one who appears to have healthy outlook on life and a pleasant personality despite having more medical issues than Zach. Even several of Zach's LP friends appear to be much more pleasant than Zach.

I phrased my comment as "happy and healthy" (and that opened the door for your ridiculous take on my comment) because MyThoughtIs mentioned Jeremy being "on the Lindsay Lohan plan". I interpreted that as having drug and alochol problems and being mentally...questionable. That is what I meant by "happy and healthy", not that Zach will have shunt surgery and Jeremy won't. It was a response to MyThoughtIs' prediction that Zach will be alright in the future while Jeremy won't. I couldn't disagree more.

I also will be shocked if Zach is living a more productive life than Jeremy in five years. I'll be very surprised if Zach moves out on his own before Jeremy. I honestly expect Zach to still be living at home, coaching kids soccer and playing with 18 year old Jacob and his friends when Zach is 25.

Jason said...

Could Jeremy's picture be any more egotistical? Exactly what I'd expect from Jeremy. lol. He must be used to that pose.

The Roloff kids are out of control and a Roloff parent laughs it off. What else is new?

Rap541 said...

Judy the interesting thing is that you seem to suggest that the twins are on an even playing field and Jeremy will not drink himself into a stupor and dress like a whore as he simply "has a better outlook".

Yet.... The Euro trip seems to suggest that while Zach can and will stop for a moment and consider whether something is morally ok... Jeremy is already asking for his second beer and getting more ones for the strippers.

Don't get me wrong, my prediction is that both Jeremy and Zach have problems five years from now because by then the show will be done, and the freebies will have dried up and no one will find 25 year old infants living at home all that cute, but there's some definate on screen and off screen evidence that Jeremy is more likely to get stupid the Lindsay Lohan way.

And it's fairly laughable that you think Zach is on a even footing with Jeremy. I wouldn't *love* to see Jeremy face Zach's challenges, because frankly that would be mean, but I really think your opinion of Jeremy would change if he had to deal with Zach's physical problems.

Dana said...

Rap, enlighten me. What is the onscreen and off screen evidence that Jeremy will be like Lindsey Lohan? You're making things up to support your twisted fantasies and dreams because you hate the kid.

Craw said...

Rap, you must be one of these really old people when 40 years ago no one drank.

Jeremy is normal! Teenagers drink sometimes. There's a huge difference between being a popular teen guy like Jeremy who unwinds sometimes and being Lindsay Lohan.

Zach's problems are mental because he has whiny personality. Bill is a dwarf. He acts more like Jeremy in personality than Zach.

Rap541 said...

Dana - which twin immediately started ordering alcohol in Europe? Which found it something to think about? Which twin wanted to explore the red light district? And which thought it probably went against all those rules in the Bible?

Which twin has already, per his own words, been experimenting with alcohol to where he was so lit up, he almost burned down a barn? Have you ever looked at some of the interplay between Jeremy and his buddies on line? Because they're often discussing their DUIs, their partying and whose bringing "the stuff". Easy to say its all teen banter but one of those teens was the late Adam Garland.

There's pictures of Jeremy drinking in the US floating around if you look hard enough. There are even people close to Jeremy who have warned him about the dangers and he tosses back bible quotes on how God doesn't give people what they can't handle....

So far, I am still waiting for Jeremy's leap into "extraordinary young man". Heck, I am still waiting for Jeremy to have the guts to say he's religious on tv.

Rap541 said...

Also throwing down the editing arguement, Craw. You've seen Bill for possibly 20 minutes total out of what... six seasons of shows? And you think you have the insight to judge his maturity? From these highly edited moments of his life? That include him unable to speak clearly from a sugar high and breaking a table and laughing? Really?

Am I allowed to make this argement to defend anyone other than Jer-Bear the Perfect Who God Bless Him Loves His Beer!?

Craw, since drinking is cool for teens, tell us all how much you drink? :) I mean, its cool, because Jeremy does it, right?

Your parents hand you beers since Jeremy did it and therefore its christian coolio?

Craw said...

Rap, you are a totaly moron! Don't you get it? Teenagers drink. You going on like Jeremy having drunk alcohol when he was a teenager like it's some kind of scandal is the most hilarious thing ever!

Almost everyone I know including me drinks sometimes. It's not everyday or even every weekend and the amounts change depending on the party and the reason but that is what life is like these days. It's not what it was like when my parents were growing up or you.

The only kids in my school that don't drink are nerds with no friends that spend weekends study to keep the string of 94 straight 100% on tests!

If you had kids that I don't think you do, you would know what it's like, but you don't. I just went to an end of the year party and my friends dad let everyone drink in the basement. Because he's smart. He knows everyone does it and will do it no matter what. As long as everyone is doing it at home and nobody is driving, he was cool with it.

That's the way it is all the time across the country. People that don't think so or are shocked by that are delirious.

Like Dana said you're stupid if you think normal teenagers drinking like that will make everyone into a strung out boozer and druggy.

God does not forbid drinking. You're just not supposed to let it control your life. Drinking at parties and having a good time is totally alright. You bringing up stuff like "I know Jeremy drinks!" like it's so friggin scandulous and it proves he's not Chrisitan is hilarious.

Before you start, YES!!!!!!!!!!! I think Jeremy or whoever was writing for Jeremy totally lied in the book! Guess what? Being a TV star and people that sell books and stuff is a business! People lie to make money. When you're on tv and the network has all these different things to please with advertisers and everything they need to be fake. Yeah I think the Roloffs lie! Big whopping deal! As big as Jeremy drinking. LOL!

If it offends you so much get a life and don't watch. Watch your Disney collection and pretend like real people live the Disney childrens world!

Craw said...

Oh and you're even more stupid then I thought if you believe the stuff in Amsterdam. LOL!

Are you actually telling me that you think Zach is really totally appalled by drinking or that Zach doesn't drink or that it was really Zach's first beer??

It was more PC junk to fit the stupid TLC image just like the Jeremy stuff in the book.

When athlete get all dressed up in their suits and give boring soundbytes trying to pretend classy, do you think that's what they're really like? LOL. You don't think they have mouths like truckers and all that stuff? They're being fake because that's what anyone public has got to be like.

Being a Christian is about accepting Jesus as your savior and knowing that Jesus died for your sins.

mythoughtis said...

God forbids breaking man's laws, so he does indeed forbid teenage drinking. True Christians are ashamed of the sins they commit, not bragging about them.

You think that drinking and driving is the only bad consequence of teenage drinking? What about alcohol poisoning... ever read of college students that die from that?

You ever think that your friends Dad could go to jail or suffer employment consequences for providing alcohol to underage people?

Yes, teenagers drink. But responsible adults don't condone, aid or abet it. Bright teenagers don't advertise it. Ever hear of job applicants not getting hired because of something they posted online?

And this drinking discussion was meant to show that Jeremy has a few issues to work out in order to turn into a responsible, LAW-ABIDING mature adult... as obviously, so do you.

Rap541 said...

Sheri, Dana, Judy - I trust you all have something to say to Craw on how she's calling Jeremy a liar?

I mean, this all goes back to "Jeremy James Roloff says he doesn't drink, and he's a Christian so everyone must accept his word as if Jesus spoke".

I was called a moron for *doubting* Jeremy's words. Now I am called a moron for believing his words. Could the Christian crowd get together and make a decision on what is and isn't ok? Because per Craw - what Jeremy said in the book was "more pc junk to fit the stupid tlc image" and Craw is a Christian telling me Jeremy was lying!

So if she's right... then perhaps we need some apologies for all the peopel who got called liars and haters who hate honest Christians?

Or, if she's wrong, perhaps someone from the Christian crowd could enlighten her?

As it stands - If Jeremy says it, its true. I believe that was from Sheri. We are never to doubt his word as he speaks as a Christian man and anyone who doubts him is a liar.

However, per Craw, all normal teens drink and lie and as long as they accept Jesus, they can continue to drink and lie and do whatever debauchery is cool at the moment because Jesus only cares about you accepting him. All those rules in the Bible are for suckers and Jeremy as a Christian has the Jesus blessed right to suck down beers and smoke and lie, since its all ok as he accepts Jesus and Jesus therefore gives him a free pass.

Craw - if I accept Jesus, can I drink,smoke, and curse all I want then? Fornicate? Because thats kind of the opposite of the Christians I know say....

When you folks make up your mind on the "If you accept jesus, you get to lie all you want" issue, let the rest of us know?

Rap541 said...

Oh and craw?

It's "Rap, you are a total moron!" not "Rap, you are a totaly moron!" and "Oh and you're even more stupid than I thought" not "Oh and you're even more stupid then I thought". You also spelled "Christian" wrong in your little missive. Since you're completely ignoring the whole "don't be insulting to other posters"... could you at least make an effort to spell and correctly punctuate your insults?

David said...

Turning this back about the Roloffs...as it relates to Matt's last update...I think Matt and Amy could be very similar to the Dad in Craw's story.

Does it occur to anyone else? We all know that the Roloffs don't discipline and revel in their kids having the popular teenage hangout.

Matt gets home and the kids are having a party. Kids everywhere. Music blaring. He laughs. A lot of those "kids" are 18, 19 and 20. In a mansion having a party. As Rap mentioned, I'm assuming a lot of those kids are the same ones Jeremy used to talk to about bringing "the stuff".

It wouldn't surprise me if the Roloffs were the same as Craw's friend's father when it comes to drinking on their property.

Rap541 said...

"Turning this back about the Roloffs...as it relates to Matt's last update...I think Matt and Amy could be very similar to the Dad in Craw's story.

Does it occur to anyone else? We all know that the Roloffs don't discipline and revel in their kids having the popular teenage hangout. "

David in all honesty, I am quite certain Matt and Amy use the "better that we buy the booze and let them drink where we can supervise" arguement to justify letting the kids use the place as a party house. I'm utterly positive Matt and Amy let the kids drink and have been letting the kids drink for some time.

Personally, no, I wouldn't allow that as a parent, but then I wouldn't tolerate the house being a hangout complete with destroyed furniture and kids on the roof, let alone condoning underage drinking.

I would NOT be shocked to hear that kids drink and get drunk at the Roloffs. It's the whole crazy little dance of "Jeremy says he does not drink so anyone who says he does is a LIAR" tangoing with "Jesus loves how fun Jer-Bear is when he's drinking a beer! Jesus wants Jer to drink and be cool! Of course Jeremy lies! Jesus loves Jeremy lying!" that starts to grate.

Lets face it, the Roloffs DON'T discipline their kids and prefer to be buddies.

mythoughtis said...

Good point, David.

Wonder if Jacob was there? And for the final touch, did you know that anyone over 18 could be arrested for contributing to the delquency of a minor if Molly or Jacob was present at a party where underage drinking was going on?

Yep, that's some responsible parenting/big brothering going on there.

Erica Anderson said...

I love reading Matt's updaets.

Ashley said...

I'm 19 and I got to say that Craw is right. It's not unusual. Parents know that kids are going to drink. There is no use in fighting it because kids are going to go somewhere and drink. Parents think it's safer to have the kids at home where they supervise.

There are a lot of things that aren't legal, but people do. Like downloading music and movies on the internet. It is illegal, but almost everyone does it. Parents let their kids drink. Not because they want their kids to drink, but they know they will anyway.

mythoughtis said...


I'm the parent of an 18 year old.. and not every parent lets their child drink. Did you not read my comments? Do you want your parents to go to jail, lose their job, be responsible for whatever stupid behavior you/your guests engage in while there or afterwards? Not just involving cars, but maybe an unplanned pregnancy also?

Just because your parents let your knowingly break the law does not mean that people who have shows on TLC should behave like that. Just because you choose to break the law does not mean it is ok to do so. Bankrobbers choose to break the law, does that make it right?

Rap541 said...

Ashley - I personally have no doubt that Jeremy likes to get trashed and has no problem gaining access to alcohol thanks to permissive parents.

Just don't call me a hater for doubting his word as a Christian. Don't tell me to kiss his ass for abstaining. This goes back to the "Jeremy on a pedastal" issue. If he cheerfully drinks - as a lot of kids do - then lets get him down off the cross on how he nobly doesn't sully his body with alcohol to please God.

If he drinks and his parents openly condone underage drinking... then yeah, he's on the slippery slope down to Lindsay Land. Once he's 21 (and gosh, he's gonna be a *real* adult soon) his mommy and daddy will have no say at all... and apparently they already are handing him the keys to the liquior cabinet per Craw.

(oh and good Christian parents hand over the booze so Jesus will find their kids cool! I'm gonna mention THAT to my friend the youth pastor)

Alex said...

I have a funny/cool story. My old high school is in Beaverton. Some of the people I used to go to school with now hang out with Jeremy all the time at their place. All I can say is the people I know were drinking and smoking all through high school unless they completely reform when they hang out with Jeremy...I think some of you should lose the idea that Jeremy is a clean living saint. lol.

Oh and Jeremy actually went to my old school's prom this year.

Ashley said...

MTI, I shouldn't have said or implied every parent does it. I'm sorry. I mean a lot do and most parents know and accept the fact that kids are going to drink. They don't like it, but they know it's going to happen.

I know it's against the law but people do things that are against the law. Look at how many teenagers smoke too. Personally I think the drinking age is ridiculous to have it at 21. How many people do you honestly think have never had a drink until their 21st birthday? If they have, they're breaking the law, doing something illegal.

I would guess that your 18 year old has drank alcohol even if you don't know about it.

Rap, yeah I agree with you about Jeremy and the Christian stuff. I always thought that was laughable too. One look at Jeremy and his friends and you can tell they drink and party like most kids.

BeckyM said...

I guess I have to weigh in here on the parent's allowing kids to drink issue. I just discussed this with my 16 year old son a few months back as I want it clear that no, I do not approve of underage drinking, and no, I will not provide alcohol to his friends at our home.

Parents who provide alcohol with the stupid philosophy that the kids will get it anyway and this is safer are sending a clear message: 1.) you can break the law and it is okay; 2.) wink wink I'll look the other way for you; 3.) I like to drink myself and don't see anything wrong with it; and 4.) as a grownup I would rather be your friend then a parent.

I am lucky that my son is not a follower. He has no need to be in the popular crowd or to prove to his friends his worth. Because of some things that happened to him when he was much younger, he knows that he has to be secure in who he is, irregardless of the people around him.

Jeremy is showing quite clearly by his behavior that he still has a great need to be liked and immulated. Alcohol is covering up some big insecurities and hiding something - perhaps it is just his stupidity. I don't know as I am not his parent.

Since my son is 16, and not driving yet, and I am a SAHM, it's easy to control at this time. When he gets his own car then it will be harder but not impossible. It's called knowing where my kids are and who they are with, consequences, loss of priviliges, and parents setting an example with clear boundaries of what is accepted or not.

Sorry folks, but Matt and Amy do not set any sort of example (after all Matt got a DUI, hardly someone to follow on drinking). I do not think "all kids drink." Do you go by the philosophy that all "kids do drugs"? This is ridiculous and something popular culture is propagating - not reality.

And when has the argument "everyone else is doing it?" ever been one to win any sane, rational discussion?

Sheri said...

"Jeremy is showing quite clearly by his behavior that he still has a great need to be liked and immulated. Alcohol is covering up some big insecurities and hiding something - perhaps it is just his stupidity." -- BeckyM

This is a classic example of what happens to this poor boy by hateful and jealous people. Matt mentions in a delighted and humorous tone that his Christian kids invited friends over to his home. They were playing music.

How did the evolve into uncalled for speculation and lies about Jeremy James James and alcohol abuse?

"Alcohol is covering up..." you talk like he has a problem. Shame on you if you're a parent. You speculate and spread gossip about an innocent young Christian.

The only thing that any of you know for a FACT is that while in a foreign country, Jeremy had a beer with his brother legally because of the age limit in that country. I also know that he drank a beer in in Ireland (again, legally) while he was supporting and celebrating Zach's and other short-statured people at the world dwarf games.

The rest is speculation. Speculation are not facts and it is not proof of anything no matter how many times people like Rap repeat that they "know" it for a fact. Rap has no proof other than Jeremy drank a beer in a country where he was of legal age.

Rap, I do disagree with Craw. There is no proof of Jeremy drinking. People are taking messages made on the boy's internet page when he was 15 and 16 out of context and have no idea about the meaning or context.

Brandon said...

Sheri, you're one of those people that will never believe anything about someone you worship...

Bury your head in the sand if you want, but don't expect other people to do the same!

Jeremy and his friend talk about stories of getting drunk after stealing Matt's vodka.

Jeremy's friends call him a drunk (or more specifically "haha you drunk".

Jeremy's friend dies and the person's friends talk about how he had a drinking problem and how the dead kid used to party with Jeremy. I think his friend said Adam said he used to get drunk on whiskey with Jeremy.

Jeremy's own words to his friends about bringing the "stuff".

Lots of people said they were doing shots with Jeremy at the Dwarf Games in Belfast.

Even in the episode, Jer made it clear that he loves beer. That was not a person having their first beer!

He drinks! What more do you need? Jeremy and the rest of the family lied in the book because that's what they are - liars. Jeremy is a Christian that specifically used God to lie.

mythoughtis said...

well, there's the simple fact that Jeremy was no stranger to the taste of those beers, while Zach obviously was. I remember my first sips of beer and it is an aquired taste.
There's the fact that Jeremy has admitted replacing his Dad's vodka with water, drinking said vodka, and setting the barn on fire.
Not speculation, fact.

Rap541 said...

Btw sheri - as a *Christian* shouldn't you apologize to me for calling me and all the Euro folks who saw jeremy drinking liars? I mean, you *said* we were all lying, that Jeremy AS A CHRISTIAN said he did not drink and since he is a CHRISTIAN, he speaks only truth!

Oh and if we are going to cite the show as evidence, Jeremy "naively as a boy who loves Christ and never lies" drank beer at least twice ON camera :)

And explain - since Jeremy is a CHRISTIAN who NEVER LIES - what context he was using to say he stole Matt's vodka and almost burnt down the barn?

And why aren't you chiding Craw for pointedly stating that Jeremy drinks? Aren't you affronted that Craw is lying about Jeremy as Jeremy is a CHRISTIAN who says he does not drink?? Why are you not offended by this?

Brandon - I swear, its amazing how Jeremy talks about alcohol and has friends with alcohol problems, and people who have seen him doing shots, and even admits to drinking and yet is still up on Sheri's pedestal.

Oh and its very amusing that "Jeremy drinks and Jesus loves it when Jeremy and his buddies are cool!" is somehow getting a free pass, isn't it?

BeckyM said...

Sheri - my comment is in response to many, many posts about Jeremy and his drinking. Not only to this one post.

There is obviously a pattern of using alcohol and since he is not 21, then it is against the law. If he, TLC and the Roloffs are selling his image as one of Christian-do-gooder, this also doesn't fit. It's called hyprocrisy - one of the favorite methods of behavior of a wide gamut of "in the publics' eye" self-professed Christians.

Or to simplify it - walk the walk.

Rap541 said...

mythoughtis - whenever Jeremy clearly states things like the vodka incident, he is always kidding, or exxaggerating (not *lying*) to his friends.

And though it was very obvious that Jeremy wasn't drinking his first beer ever, although he has been praised for his vow to not sully his body with alcohol as it does not please God, apparently God actually does approve of drinking alcohol as long as one is of legal age and its perfectly ok for Jeremy to drink.

Its not that the kid drinks - because really, we know he does and thats fairly typical for 19 year old, especially one who has a lot of money and permissive parents.... its the "Jeremy said he doesn't and he simply never lies so you must be" (Sheri never acknoldeges the reality that Jeremy's statement about the vodka essentially proves that he either drinks or he lies, because either it's true, and he did sully his body, or its not, and he lied to look cool) coupled with the "well, now that we can't simply deny it happened, we have to insist its actually ok even though we were heaping praise on Jeremy for his noble vow of abstinence."

Trust me - Sheri either won't acknowledge your facts, or she will insist they don't matter and or you're a liar.

LynnC said...

"Or to simplify it - walk the walk."

BeckyM, Christians are permitted to drink. Alcohol is not forbidden.

Rap541 said...

LynnC - then why did Jeremy make a point of stating that he does not drink as it does not please God?

And why is that comment held up by the Christian crowd as one of the signs of Jeremy being a "great Christian boy"? If in fact, drinking is fine?

Lynn C said...

Rap, be fair to Jeremy.

He was 16 years old when he made the comment about not doing the "bad stuff" that so many other teens do because of his faith in God.

That's what he said.

A 16 year old saying that does not prevent that person at 19 to drink while overseas.

I also would speculate that he did not mean he had never taken a sip of alcohol. Not doing the "bad stuff" that so many other teens do could refer to the teens who have problems with alcohol and drugs or get drunk every week. He didn't say that he had never tasted beer or alcohol.

Rap541 said...

But in fairness, LynnC, I am called a liar for saying exactly what you have said.

That by his own words, he's sampled alcohol, and probably experiemented and even perhaps... did steal his dad'svodka and got drunk.

And I am a *liar* because "Jeremy James is a Christian and DOES NOT LIE".

So can we make up our minds? Because I am tired of the "Blessed Jeremy said it so its true, you horrible hater" argument and if you want people to take a reasonable view on the kid (and frankly I have, I think he's an average young man who more than likely drinks occasionally as his parents don't seem to be teetotallers) then its time the Christian crowd stopped cawwing in horror on how Blessed Jeremy is noble and doesn't drink, but its also perfectly normal and ok... but anyone who mentions seeing Jeremy imbibing is simply a jealous hater who wants to drag Jer-Bear down with lies.

ANd for the record, I don't consider it horrible if he lies... I think everyone does and this pedestal he and Matt are on is completey ridiculous.

Shadow said...

Here's a post that might have been useful to Matt and Amy ten years ago...

Rap541 said...

"Rap, I do disagree with Craw. There is no proof of Jeremy drinking. People are taking messages made on the boy's internet page when he was 15 and 16 out of context and have no idea about the meaning or context."

Ae you going to directly correct Craw? Yu caled me a hating liar. Why aren't you treating Craw the same since she is a hating liar, lying about Jeremy?

I wonder why you don't get on Craw's case? Well, I know why, you're a hypocrit, but you do realize your entire arguement is being undermined, right?

Anonymous said...

People are BURYING their children younger than these "children"!
Our cousin came back a few weeks ago, after months in Germany, recovering from the loss of two limbs, in Afghanistan.

Good God.

The discussion anymore of the waste of time this show and family are is truly telling.


BeckyM said...

LynnC is it Christian to break the law?

Sheri said...

Matt is proving again why is such a great a man and father. He spends quality time with his kids.

I'll pray for Jeremy, Zach and Amy to have safe travels in their mission trip of giving.

May God continue to bless the Roloffs

Craw said...

Poor Matt. I can only imagine what watching a movie with the little brat Jacob is REALLY like. lol.

Hopefully Jeremy gets Zach to loosen up on their trip.

Louise said...

I am in the UK. I love the Roloffs. Good Matt, spending time with his children.

Dana said...

What are all the Matt bashers going to say now? How can you turn this into a negative, Rap?

Poor Jacob is neglected? Isn't that what people always say? And that Matt doesn't do things with him. This is another example of how wrong and foolish people are.

There is hope for Jacob is he is willing to learn from Matt and Jeremy's example.

I'm glad to hear that it was true that Jeremy has decided to show his support for Amy's dwarfism related charities. And give to Haiti. That again makes the "Jeremy is a racist" garbage more ridiculous.

Expressed said...

Yeah, it's good that Matt is spending quality time.

I still wonder how this got changed. Amy said Molly and Jake were going on the cruise. Maybe Jake has been acting up and she decided she didn't want to be stuck on a ship with him for a week? :) I'd want Jeremy there instead too!

David said...

I realize it is too late now to promote, but it is peculiar how Matt refuses to mention Amy's charity foundation.

Why not just say "Amy and the twins are on the cruise for Amy's charity foundation?" rather than being vague about it?

Rap541 said...

"Poor Jacob is neglected? Isn't that what people always say? And that Matt doesn't do things with him. This is another example of how wrong and foolish people are. "

I'm not actually sure if you're refering to a new statement made by matt or not....

But frankly Dana, I think, if Matt has made a point of spending time with Jake, that its a good thing and I am a little shocked you aren't whining that Matt should spend his time with Jeremy as he may not have much time left so its best spent with his best one. :)

How amazing! Matt spends time with one of his failure children... how AWFUL for Matt - I mean, he's a perfect parent with Jeremy the Golden Boy, how awful it is when he gives the Whiner, the Bitch and the Brat (who he is not responsible for as he is a perfect parent who raised ONE perfect son) a little bit of his precious time!

Dana - Jeremy would have won kudos for me if he said "you know, why don't I stay home and we can have TLC donate the several thousand dollars that this rich person cruise costs to Haitian relief". But instead he's off on a vacation and you're praising him for his selflessly taking a luxary cruise with his mommy.

I mean god knows "going on a rich person cruise" is *really hard*. Dana, do you think he's praying over every legal drink he takes in the many many bars on board? :)

Gosh, Jer-bear is just sooooo sacrificing, giving up staying at home for a luxary cruise. Maybe we should all pray he doesn't get tooo blasted? :D

Expressed said...

Rap, um, I guess you're trying to mock me, by quoting me again and again, but it was me that called the cruise a "rich person's cruise". I don't know why you are using quotations and posting it in response to everyone else. They didn't call it that. I did. Putting in quotations just makes it look like you're being childish and mocking me.

I called it that because I thought we were having a mature discussion about the cruise not being kid friendly and I was making the point that it wasn't a run of the mill cruise, it's one of the largest ships in the world so *I* called it a rich person's cruise because someone like myself couldn't afford to do on a cruise like that.

Rap541 said...

I'm mocking Dana, Expressed - Jeremy is going on a rich person's cruise and getting praised for his sacrifice. Gosh, how awful for him! Having to go on a cruise most people can't even afford.

Expressed - in all seriousness, do you think Jeremy is sacrificing anythng here? I'm not mocking you - I just dont agree that cruise trips are designed for those under the drinking age and I think taking kids Molly and Jake's age is a great idea. But if you think Jer is sacrificing *anything* then yes, you're being mocked.

Because really, if going on a luxary cruise is so awful for Jeremy, then really, I'm not sure why you'd want him to torture himself when he could be having fun.

Rap541 said...

I *don't* think taking underage kids is a great idea - sorry - wish there was an edit feature.

Dana said...

Rap, are you incapable of having a rational discussion without hyperbole?

I did not say Jeremy was torturing himself by going on the cruise.

What was said was that he was sacrificing of himself to support his mother's charity efforts.

Unike Amy and Zach, Jeremy does not benefit from the DAAA. But because Jeremy is a Christian that loves God and loves his family, he supports his family in their endeavors.

It is the Amy Roloff Charity Cruise. Amy is headliner. By attending, I am sure that Jeremy will help take the load off of Amy and Gayle and Lisa by being his personalable self and meeting the people who attended the cruise for Amy.

That does not mean it is torture. I am certain that Jeremy will enjoy himself because that is his nature. He is however supporting his family and causes that he will not benefit from and that should not go unnoticed.

"I'm not actually sure if you're refering to a new statement made by matt or not...."

Did you not read, Rap? Matt took Jacob to see a movie and spent quality time with him. You and people that bash Matt always accuse him off ignoring Jacob. Now you eat your words.

"How amazing! Matt spends time with one of his failure children... how AWFUL for Matt"

I didn't say it was awful for Matt. I commended Matt for it and I showed how ridiculous people are who have been bashing Matt for allegedly neglecting Jacob. When you are addressing me, please use MY STATEMENTS not what others have said. Matt is a great father and I am not surprised that Matt is spending quality time with Jacob and Molly.

Sometimes kids just act out despite the parent's best efforts.

You also don't know that Jeremy is drinking on this cruise but that isn't going to stop you from speculating and spreading rumors, is it?

Rap541 said...

"You also don't know that Jeremy is drinking on this cruise but that isn't going to stop you from speculating and spreading rumors, is it?"

I don't see why he wouldn't be since its perfectly acceptable for a 20 year old man to drink on a cruise ship where the drinking age is 18. I believe it's already been established that as long as its legal in Jeremy's vacation spot of choice, he can lap up the booze yay Jesus!

"I commended Matt for it"

I don't recall spitting on Matt for it.

"When you are addressing me, please use MY STATEMENTS not what others have said."

Only if you grant the same courtesy - WHICH YOU POINTEDLY ARE NOT.

Here's what I said - "But frankly Dana, I think, if Matt has made a point of spending time with Jake, that its a good thing and I am a little shocked you aren't whining that Matt should spend his time with Jeremy as he may not have much time left so its best spent with his best one. :)"


As I clearly said it was a good thing that Matt was spending time with one of his crap children and you are clearly ignoring that in order to lie about what I said.

"he was sacrificing of himself to support his mother's charity efforts"

By going on a luxary cruise instead of well... goofing around at home? Dana, I'm using your words and you say he is sacrificing of himself. What exactly is he sacrificing by taking this luxary cruise?

Because going on a free luxary cruise doesn't sound like *torture*, it sounds like a lot of fun (and in fact IS a lot of fun) but it can't be "fun" if Jeremy needs to be praised for SACRIFICING himself, now can it?

Do you even know what sacrifice means? Because I kinda doubt it was a sacrifice for him to take a free luxary vacation "to support his mom". I mean really, his last massive sacrifice, taking the load off his mom was holding balloons, and sitting on a golf green in cut offs moaning how bored he was.

In fact you're sorta proving an earlier point, that Jeremy just likes free vacay.

Think about the pedestal you put him on when you praise him for going on vacation. Again.

And I notice Zach is getting absolutely no praise for his sacrifice. Why aren't you praising him?

Jason said...

Who can even believe Matt? I think All he does is lie. lol.

"Jacob said afterwards... "Dad, that movie was the perfect mix of Comedy, Romance and Action"

I can't imagine Jacob saying that. lol.

mythoughtis said...

Why would anyone commend Matt (or any parent) for spending time with their children? Commendations are for those that go beyond the required and expected. Such as for soldiers who give all, for Good Samitarins who help strangers. Commendations are not for parents who spend time with their children, bocause that is their right and their responsibilty in the first place.
Next you'll be telling us how Matt did a good job babysitting Jake for Amy. Another word I hate mentioned in the same sentence as the child's father.
I am glad Matt spent time with JAKE. his SON. Now, I suggest he do it over and over again every day as his right and responsibility as his FATHER.

mythoughtis said...

Now that I have reread the post from Matt.... wow he went to a movie with Jacob and then he sent him off with his Grandparents for the rest of the week. Yep, some parenting going on there.

Rap541 said...

Shhhh mythoughtis.... you can't expect matt to parent one of the crap Roloffs. Only Jeremy deserves *matt's precious time*. The Whiner, the Bitch, and the Brat need to be grateful Matt hasn't turned them out for being crap offspring aka "NOT LIKE JEREMY THE GOLDEN BOY"

JimW said...

My-Thought-is, My thought is as a single father of my son due to having a b*tch and a flake of an ex-wife, fathers can and should be involved with their kids. But Matt is involved. It is BS started by the anti Matt and Jeremy sect on the internet that Jacob is some neglected orphan and that's why he is such a pouty brat.

The kid is not ignored. He's just a lazy brat of a kid.

Matt as a proud man in public and as a good father is going not going to bash his own kid. He's going to spin the best picture possible of this brat of a son he has, but if you have a brain at all, Matt's body language and tone is clear. Jacob is exasperating. I even see that from Amy when she talks about Jacob.

The one thing Matt and Amy agree on is that Jacob is a little nightmare of a kid. I believe the PC term they use to soften the blow is "challenging".

Viewers should be able to figure out that they conceal the worst of Jacob on the show. Read between the lines when Matt and Amy talk about him.

Anybody, including Matt should be commended if he spends a full day in the presence of that little miserable brat. I am serious when I say if Jacob and his bratitude was a friend of my son, I would not take that kid on a trip with us.

My heart goes out to Peg and Ron for having that kid for a week..I'd be tempted to leave him in the woods.

You can't blame the parents. Some kids are just bad kids. Jeremy is personable and charming. The parents are incapable of raising a kid that is tolerable.

mythoughtis said...

So you only need to spend time with your own kid if they are good? Sorry, when your kid is a 'troubled' child, that is when they need their parent the most. Amy and Matt (and yes, I said Amy on purpose) don't get a pass from spending time with and parenting Jacob because they don't like him or his behavior. Parents of kids with any kind of special need don't get to justify non-involvemnt with that excuse... 'It's just two difficult to be with him'.... and they don't get commended for being a parent in a difficult situation... it is still their responsibility. I'm all for helping any parent with a special need child because the responsibility is greater, but I'm not giving them a pass if they skip out on those responsibiities.

As for you, no one said you needed to take an unrelated troubled child with you anywhere... but maybe you'd be the only stabilizing force in that kids life, and maybe you'd be teaching your son a thing or two about life at the same time.

Peter said...

Re: Matt's message from Amy about Haiti....Roloff fans are scary. I can see where a large part of their fan base comes from.

Out of all the things Matt has said, all the inaccuracies and smugness he sometimes displays, the one thing that got a negative reaction was saying Keep Haiti in your prayers. From Americans that are saying "WHAT ABOUT THE GULF! HELP US NOT HAITI!!!"

Clueless people. I guess they don't understand that the cruise was pre-planned to stop in Haiti. When they're in Haiti on their cruise, did they want Amy to say "Send your prayers to the Gulf coast and the USA"?

It's sad that when the Roloffs aren't being narrow-minded that's the one time that their fan base criticizes them.

Greg said...


I don't really agree with those people, but it's because the Roloffs have once again successfully deceived people.

They think that Amy went to Haiti - bare bones - flew in on a small planes with money and supplies and is on the ground giving hands on help to the people of Haiti, working tirelessly for the Haitians.

You, I, everyone that reads this site and knows what really happened know that it's not like that.

It is a luxury cruise and that's why Amy, Jeremy and Zach were in Haiti (and gone today!)and not in the Gulf. Because their luxury cruise docked in Haiti.

But those fans on facebook think that Amy is on her hands and knees with her personal checkbook in Haiti because she randomly thought she should help in Haiti. That's not the way it is. Her luxury cruise docked in Haiti that's all.

Diane said...

What is this? He's addressing Jeremy and Zach on his fan page? Is he setting up for them to post on the fan page to try to shoot down the very valid criticism that Jeremy and Zach never lift a finger re: fans because they have zero responsibility and all they do 24 hours a day is selfishly have fun and play?

Christine said...

Diane, probably. Thats what I thought when I read that.

He must have told them to post once or why would he act like he's talking to them there?

If you remember Jeremy's scandal comments, the insulting part, not the slur part, Matt did at one time tell Jeremy that he had to be nice to fans, but Jeremy just ignored him and went on to say the fans were losers that sucked the unsuckable.

He must have ordered them to post on the fan page or something. They'll probably ignore him again. lol.

BeckyM said...

In re: to Jacob, (I don't want this show too much) at what age was he when TLC invaded this family's lives and started filming? I'm sorry but this kid has grown up under the scrutiny of the camera at a younger age then the other three. I expect to see even more dysfunction in the future - and unfortunately, the Roloffs' choosing fame is to blame for who knows how much of it?

(child actor's and their screwed up lives are not anything new - and TLC does not adhere to any child acting laws as has been proven by their other star family i.e. work permits, limiting time of filming, money set aside in accounts etc...).

mythoughtis said...

so they had a formal pumpkin season kick off meeting? With who,,, his partner is on a cruise.... his supposed managers in training on off on the same cruise....

was it with Matt and his assistant? Why comment about that.. there's nothing noteworthy about that.

David said...


Matt is commenting because it's a way to begin promoting pumpkin season. And who knows, maybe a fan will come up with a good idea that Matt can make money on.

Good point though. Yes, I assume he is referring to the assistant Caryn...is Becky still around? Maybe Sven? His team of builders. The TLC producers who they eat and drink with?

Anonymous said...

People need to wise up. The Roloffs are some of the biggest and worst snobs and stuck up people ever.

Rap541 said...

Actually that Matt is conducting his planning session without the twins says a great deal about how the twins AREN'T involved...

Lynn C said...

"Actually that Matt is conducting his planning session without the twins says a great deal about how the twins AREN'T involved..."

No it doesn't. He just started thinking about ideas for October. He doesn't need to be have Jer and Zach by his side every second. I am sure they have suggestions and Matt will and has listened to them.

Rap541 said...

Lynn, I'd like to see either twin contribute an idea and Matt empower said twin to do the idea on their own and see what happens. If Matt geniunely wants the twins involved in the business, they do need to learn the business and if he's not including them in the planning sessions... is he really considering them as anything other than hired hands?

Christine said...

The latest "Jacob had a great two day camping trip with Pappa-n-Huny...While molly and I hung out together. As soon as he got back.. .Jacob and I went to dinner last night and then to see another movie. The A-Team. He liked it better than I did. arrg. :) We're having a blast together this week!"

sounds like Matt is trying to respond to the posts about how Matt dumped Jacob off with his parents for the week.

Dana said...

Matt is just stating facts. It's not his fault if people are stupid and always get things wrong.

Are you claiming the camping trip wasn't only 2 days? Are you claiming that Matt didn't take Jacob to yet another movie? The facts make the bashing of Matt that certain people were doing baseless and ridiculous. As usual.

mythoughtis said...

Actually, re-read Matt's post, sounds like Jacob got back from camping yesterday - June 30 - and his post on June 27 says Jacob left on hist camping trip,... which makes the trip between 3 and 4 days depending on how you count the day he left.
Sunday thru Wednesday is not two days.... but no matter. Jacob appeared to be having a wonderful time.. Nice to see that for a change.

Personally, I think Jacob has ADHD.

Dana said...

You have some nerve, MyThoughtIs. How dare you imply that Matt is lying when you don't anything. Just because Matt didn't choose to post again about Jacob until today, doesn't mean he just got back now.

Peggy posted on her Fan Facebook a few days ago. The picture of them camping. That was when they got back.

It amazes me how quickly some people will accuse Matt of lying when you aren't armed with any facts or knowledge. Matt and Jeremy have earned more respect than that.

Rap541 said...

I'm actually fairly certain that mythoughtis was agreing with you, Dana. Nice to see that you ripped him/her a new one for a completely inoffensive post.... did you apologize to Jesus for hating and then post? Interesting how vicious and unpleasant you are to someone who is not being offensive at all... do you just "Im being hateful for Matt Roloff, SorryJesus!" to justify yourself?

mythoughtis said...

"July 1

Matt Roloff: Jacob had a great two day camping trip with Pappa-n-Huny...While molly and I hung out together. As soon as he got back.. .Jacob and I went to dinner last night and then to see another movie. The A-Team. He liked it better than I did. arrg. :) We're having a blast together this week!"

Dana, this is the exact post on the top of this page that I commented on. I did not go to facebook... so if our blog editor misquoted Matt, then the editor needs to correct it, or post about it. Until then I stand by my assumption Matt took Jacob to the movie on June 30 as soon as he got back from camping.

Em said...

Re: The baby lion and tiger, I hope they didn't give them to the Roloffs outright for "a few months!"

The world's population will be down one more lion and tiger when the "we aren't animal people" Roloffs get done with them!

Greg said...

It's funny how everybody seen on the show or involved with the show just happens to be Matt's long lost friend.

I'm referring to "Steve", not the animals ;)

Kapper said...

Matt's posts seem more like a script out of Leave it to Beaver...wtf?? waaaaay too phoney

AussieMum said...

Kapper- Matt's posts do sound like they are the perfect family.

I did love this show and that's why I came to this sight. But my gawd.....I find it hard to watch the fakeness now. It sort of makes me sad, because I thought Matt and Amy were 'real'. Thanks for the eye opener Spirit.

Greg said...

Well said Kapper. It really is remarkable that in the beginning most people used to say LPBW and the Roloffs seemed like the most real of all the reality shows and families.

They are so fake and phoney.

Miranda said...

The Roloffs are fakes and liars. They definately sold their for the money and the fame.

Fake as a $6 bill

Dana said...

"Read the book "Emotional intelligence 2.0" on the plane. Very intriguing read. Sure explains why some people post/write so negitively all the time. At least now its explainable. :))
(Hmm. Who is Matt referring to? ;-) )"

Rap. Definitely. And the people in general that always bash Matt and Jeremy. Take Matt's advice.

Lynn C said...

I haven't read the book, but I might take Matt up on his suggestion.

He is correct. Some people dislike him, but you can't argue that Matt (and Jeremy) are positive people. Negative people don't like them.

Greg said...

No, Matt just views honesty as negativity. People that call Matt and "the family" on their phoniness and lies are being negative nancy's in Matt's eyes.

Let Matt lie and don't say a word. Accept the deception the Roloffs throw the world and thank them for it. That's the way Matt would like to have it.

Craw said...

I agree Dana. Matt owns Rap, Zing!

He could also be talking about Amy and Zach...

Rap541 said...

Hmmm... I'm curious....

a) I thought, per Sheri, that when I have negative opinions about anything, I am to turn to Jesus and pray and pray for the person I am angry with, not publically snit, *Dana* and *Craw*... sounds like the Christian crowd is demanding people do as they say and not as they do *again*...

Second.... have you guys read that book? Its not about what you think....

Rap541 said...

Oh one more thing....

Did it cross anyone's mind, as you applaud Matt for "zinging" the haters.... that Matt is engaging in the behavior he's deriding?

I mean.... you do realize you're pleased he's spreading negativity?

Just a thought.

Julie said...

"(Hmm. Who is Matt referring to? ;-) )"

Rap. Definitely. And the people in general that always bash Matt and Jeremy. Take Matt's advice. "

Yes, Dana, because you are never negative yourself! Nope, your always critical comments about Zach and Jake aren't negative at all! Oh wait, except in that case, I suppose it's warranted because Zach and Jake are Satan's spawn, right? Unlike Jeremy the Wonderful.

Honestly, I don't CARE if you think Jeremy is the bestest, most wonderful, sexiest, dreamiest guy EVAH; it's the fact that you also always feel the need to insult Zach and Jake as well. I don't even LIKE Zach and Jake, but it's weird how you and the rest of the Jeremy brigade constantly feel the need to tear Zach and Jake down in order to build Jeremy up. In Jake's case, it's kinda sad that you view a 13-year-old child as competition for his 19-year-old brother.

Rap541 said...

Julie - I am still waiting for someone to explain how Matt making negative comments is Matt "being positive"....

The agenda is obvious... thats why Molly is targeted now. Too many people have a positive view of Molly so of cours school isn't *really* important and Molly is a little bitch for not ending every sentence she speaks with "Jeremy is better than I, and always will be, praise him as the best. All I am is due to Jeremy James, all my accomplishments are due to him"

Tom said...

Why does everyone usually cheer when Zach and Amy's team wins in a dwarf competition?

The Statesmen are a team of rich spoiled actors and movie stars.

They have their fancy sponsorship uniforms and fly in and stay free of charge.

What about the dwarves they compete against? Just regular people that aren't getting the celebrity treatment.

I'd rather see them win than some pampered celebrities.

Christine said...

Tom, the LPA isn't about the sports anyway. It's a reason for them to get drunk and party. That's all it really is.

The show tries to make it look like it's educational. Hahaha. What a joke.

Nick In Nashville said...

You're right Christine, but I don't care that they get drunk. They're here right now. Little people are R-U-D-E. I know I shouldn't stereotype but it's true.

You're taught to respect their feelings and be nice and then you actually see them around and THEY are the ones who are rude and obnoxious and you realize what a joke it is that you were taught to respect them and be aware of their feelings.

I'm sure there are exceptions, but I'm telling you, most little people are not nice people. They're very rude.

Jocelynn said...

What is with Matt's tendency to comment on LP vs Avg Size people stinking? Really. It doesn't do anything to fight the jokes and stereotypes.

Shadow said...

Matt has known these people for 45 years? I thought Matt celebrated his 40th birthday some time in the first two "seasons." Exactly how old is Matt now? Did he meet these people in utero?

Brandon said...

I lost all respect for the LPA. What a joke of an organization. They are a bunch of hypocrites, just like the Roloffs.

Funny that the LPA threw such a hissy fit about the word "midget" being used on television. Then the guy they honor is on the record recently saying it's fine if people call him a midget. What spurred on his change of heart because he used to say he wanted the M word wiped out? Jeremy's slurs to other groups.

This is what the LPA celebrates.

Jocelynn said...

I hear what you're saying Brandon, but I think Matt is deserving of the award.

Most people today think of Matt when they think of little people.

Unlike Verne Troyer, it's not as a joke.

I think Matt deserves the award.

Vicky said...

It's a well deserved honor for a great man. Congratulations Matthew.

Expressed said...

Shadow, Matt is 48. He will be 49 in October.

I agree Jocelynn. Deserved. I wouldn't know anything about LP if it wasn't for Matt getting them the show.

Expressed said...

Gotta say I love that Matt posts pictures. Thanks Matt!

Carolynne said...

Love the Roloffs. They seem to spend so much quality time like a good family should. Together.

Greg said...

Anybody notice that Matt is going heavy on the amount of Matt and Jacob content?

Reacting to criticism?

Judy said...

Jacob fills the Bart role nicely in the Simpsons picture :)

Erin said...

Was the camping picture taken with a different lense? It looks stranged. Too squished.

Craw said...

Jacob...once a crybaby, always a crybaby. lol.

Jeremy looks cool even then.

Rocky is a cool dog. I'm not surprised that Jeremy and Matt picked him out.

Vicky said...

In the on going Jeremy VS Jacob debate?

I won't say that I work for Vanity Fair or anything, but as someone that has done some work on back to school catalogs and was in on the photoshoots, the more photos of Jeremy that I see when he was younger confirms my original opinion that he is the cuter kid of the two although many seem to disagree. I believe some people let their dislike of Jeremy interfere with their judgment.

If I was in charge and had a choice between the two boys when they were in the 8-14 age range, Jeremy would be my pick for the project.

Expressed said...

I agree Vicky. Jeremy was/is stunning. I believe what Amy said once about how girls used to pretend to be friends with Zach because they "liked" Jeremy and wanted an in. Us girls can be cold and calculating in the name of cute boys, even at a young age, LOL ;-)

On a serious note, I do feel bad for Zach that he needed to grow up with such a cute brother with a great personality that was better at everything. It must have been demoralizing. I think he's done well coping with it all things considered.

A few years ago Zach was kind of a backstabber to Jeremy, but he's seems to have got over it and they're very close.

Rap541 said...

"Jacob...once a crybaby, always a crybaby"

Craw, really?

Now Jake isn't allowed to cry at age three over a dead pet?

Hard to believe Jake was a man at *three* now, and expected to be an adult at all moments *at three* and not show emotion *at three* and of course be vilified by Christians for his behavior at *age three*... but Jer-bear is still a boy at twenty.

Craw - if you truly think you're acting like a Christian here, then Jesus does weep since you've entirely missed his point.

Craw said...

Oh Rap it was joke!

Do you really think he was crying over a dead pet anyway? At 3? 3 year olds cry over anything.

Rap541 said...

I kinda wonder what you think is in the box in the dirt....

Craw - you are the stupid moron calling out a three year old for crying and now you're attempting to suggest all three year olds cry? Isn't your point Jake is wrong to cry?

Or do you know what your moronic point even is? You're using the fact that he's crying at age three to run him down and when you get called on your hate you are all "all three year olds cry" so if they do all cry... why are you publically attacking Jake for crying at age three?

Oh right cause Jesus loves you for hating and attacking a child. Your actions indicate that you have NO IDEA what Jesus was preaching.

Oh wait - it was a *joke*. I think you're lying.

Give me one good reason why this remark - unlike your endless spew of hate and insults - is you NOT running the kid down for crying.

And do keep in mind before you lie and pray "sorry jesus" and lie again, that there are numerous occasions on this board and on imdb.com where you have made these same remarks without the "I am just innocently joking and meant no offense" excuse for your hate.

Also - since insults are now cute jokes, I expect that "Its a joke!" is now allowed when *Jeremy* is referenced. Got it?

No. You don't get it. Because you're a hateful moron who thinks Jesus wants you to attack children.

Craw said...

Rap you are stupid. It was a joke about how Jacob hasn't grown up at all. And 3 year olds don't have concepts of dead pets. They cry the same when they're hungry. This all want over your head!

Craw said...

"If I was in charge and had a choice between the two boys when they were in the 8-14 age range, Jeremy would be my pick for the project."

Vicky, ITA. I don't know what people see in Jacob personally and that's ignoring his personality. LOL! He has dark hair. I think some people like the dark hair, dark eyes and think that's cute.

I like Jeremy's features a lot better. He was cute even in that old picture.

Rap541 said...

In fairness Craw, it is obviously going over your head that you are mocking a three year old for crying. Do you *really* think Jesus Christ thinks you're awesome for that?

I mean... you're making it very very clear that you're mocking a three year old for crying. Aren't you *going to heaven for that*, huh? Mocking toddlers makes you praiseworthy in Jesus's eyes?

I notice your fellow Christians aren't willing to praise you here... have you considered what that means?

The Chosen One said...

Craw (quote) " And 3 year olds don't have concepts of dead pets. They cry the same when they're hungry. This all want over your head!"

My daughter knew how to count to 50 and her ABCs at 3. She had an endless amount of questions at that age. Anything from how many stars are in the sky to why is ketchup red.

To say that a 3 yr old has no concept of death as absolutely ignorant and wrong. You are obviously not a parent Craw.

Leviticus 19:17 "Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him."

To put it simply Craw, do not wish bad things on others. Our Christian faith instructs this!

Craw said...

Some of you people are morons! You actually think a 3 year old baby is crying over the emotional impact of the dead dog.

Rap, now I know understand why you don't like Jeremy. You're a moron!

The Chosen One said...

You call yourself a Christian Craw?

You obviously have no concept of what Christianity entails. You mock our religion by behaving in this manner. Your behavior is truly disgusting and the complete opposite of what our savior Jesus Christ would do.

Those who cannot debate intelligently are forced to hurl insults to hide their shortcomings. You are the poster child for these people Craw.

Perhaps you should pray with this passage in mind...

"And be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another." - Ephesians 4:32

Craw said...

Chosen One, you don't understand anything about being a Christian. It's loving Jesus and accepting that Jesus died for your sins.

Christians are not perfect. We are imperfect people that require a perfect savior. Jesus.

Christians can still be honest. Jacob is a brat. Christians are allowed to think and say when someone is being a brat or a crybaby.

Jeremy is cool. Jacob sucks. Matt, Amy, Zach, and Jeremy have all said it in different ways. Yes I'm a Christian. Nuff said.

The Chosen One said...

I don't recall my saying that you or anyone else needed to be perfect and without sin.

Case example: Let's say I like to smoke crack on a daily basis. Is it ok for me to do so because I accept Jesus as my savior? You think Jesus would have no issues with this as long as I prayed for forgiveness every night? Everything is good as long as I admit to my behavior and go to church every Sunday.

Wrong!! The good Lord helps those who help themselves. To attain salvation, I would need to fight my addiction and seek sobriety.

You are a Christian in name alone. Your actions do not reflect what our Lord taught us in his short time on earth. Being a true Christian is to carry out the work of Jesus Christ in OUR short time here. Jesus' ministry did NOT include insulting and belittling others.

Why don't you ask your local pastor if it's ok in his eyes to insult and mock a 13 yr old child. I guarantee I know his answer already.

You talk the talk Craw, but you sure don't walk the walk. You are a Pseudo-Christian, along with several others here.

"But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. If someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also. If someone takes your cloak, do not stop him from taking your tunic. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Do to others as you would have them do to you."
Luke 6:27-31


mythoughtis said...

Ok, Craw, you're being a spoiled brat. There, did you like that? I don't know you from Adam, I am a Christian, and I just said the truth about you.
Was it neccessary, helpful in any way.? No, it was not. Pay attention to the plank in your own eye, rather than the speck in someone else'e.

Brandon said...

Ok, anybody have any theories on why Matt has poured on the Jacob content in his Facebook posts?

David said...

Brandon, in my opinion, it's an obvious reaction to the criticism Matt receives for being perceived as ignoring Jacob or that he is ashamed of Jacob.

What are Matt's true feelings? I suspect it is somewhere in between being on a par with his very clear Golden Boy, Jeremy, and not being quite as bad as some of Matt's fans who suggest that Jacob is a poor son for Matt.

Regardless of Matt really feels for all of his kids and how his opinion and favoritism of some of them, he like most parents, want to make all of his goods look good publicly.

Peter said...

Not a knock on Jacob, but I think it's funny that many of the Facebook comments are the usually over the top positive comments like "He's such a great kid Matt! You're a great father!"

Whoa. What happened to people are foolish to believe they know what the Roloffs are like and you only see a moment, and you're stupid to believe the Roloffs are anything like they're portrayed as? Suddenly if people have a positive opinion, then it's okay for people to say Jacob is a "great kid".

For the record, I'd like to know why people think he's a "great" kid?

Dana said...

Matt is a great father. Like any good man, he wants to protect his kids and Matt knows he has a lot of propping up to do with Jacob. I think that's the explanation why Matt has repeatedly been talking about Jacob on his facebook. Matt knows that intelligent respect Jeremy and understand that Jeremy makes Matt so very proud. There is no need for Matt to go to bat for Jeremy.

I respect Matt for his desire to try and make Jacob look good and like he's proud of him. Intelligent people can see through it though. I do pray that Matt is on track and Jacob is maturing. He certainly does have great role models in his dad, his brother (Jeremy) and his Grandpa (Ron).

Katie said...

Brandon, Matt could just be telling what is happening in his life. No plan or motivation behind it.

Jeremy and Zach are 20 and not home or interested in spending evenings with dad. Molly is driving.

It makes sense that Matt would be spending more time with Jacob, thus he's the focus of more posts lately.

David said...

Katie, forgive me, but I think you are naive :)

Matt has a hidden agenda and motivation for anything and everything he does or says publicly.

mythoughtis said...

I think Matt is aware that people think he doesn't spend any time with Jacob, and is trying to combat it. There is also the possibility that Jacob has become old enough for Matt to think of him as available to spend time with now that Jeremy is doing the college experience. Matt has almost waited too long to be able to get Jacob to go anywhere with him. Jacob will shortly hit the 'too embarrassed to be seen with Dad' phase.

Rap541 said...

Mythoughtis, I tend to agree with you. Jeremy is off cruising or playing with Mueller, and Zach isn't enamored with Dad and appears to have some sort of job. Who is left for Daddy to play with?

Judy said...

Peter, the fact that anyone could call Jacob "a great kid" proves some people are too nice. Kindness is swell, but people should try to maintain some sembelance of truth. Even Matt is hard pressed to come up with a list of things Jacob is good at. He plays video games and likes to swim...Matt is a salesman and that's all he can say about Jacob. That and the undefined "Jacob helps".

Love Matt, Jacob not so much.

Rap541 said...

I'm kinda curious.

When Matt says "Jacob has catapulted in maturity. I'm so proud of all the help he gives me."

Do you think he is lying?

If so - is Matt accountable for lying to the public?

I mean, lets not beat around the bush, if we're going to play the "Matt is just saying that to be nice" game, then a portion of the crowd here believes he is presenting a lie.

The same portion of the crowd who applauds Matt when Matt calls Jake a "crybaby sissy man" on national tv as "telling the truth".

So... since Matt was praised for deriding his son (and he does it to Zach too, and gets praised) then people aren't seriously suggesting they prefer Matt spare his crap children's feelings?

I'm also kind of curious how "Jeremy helps" would be taken. Since what we know about this summer is that Jeremy has been off playing on cruise ships and at the LPA con and then off to hang with Mueller....

Sure doesn't sound like Jeremy is sacrificing his good time to lovingly stand at Matt's side and be Matt's right hand man, giving up fun to be the noble. It sounds like people dangled shiny things at Jer-Bear and he ran to the fun... Leaving Dad home alone with the crap sons.

Mind you, I think most of Matt's facebook posts are calculated to encourage lots of "YOU'RE AN AWESOME DAD, MATT" or "I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY"

Lynn C said...

I don't facebook, but I read some of the comments. I think most are trying to be polite out of respect for Matt.

My favorite comment that represents my thoughts belongs to a Wendy.

"To bad none of us see it on the show! ;)"

Well said Wendy!

Craw said...

Yeah, I noticed Matt can't say how Jacob is helping, lol. Matt is nice so he makes Jacob sounds better than he is.

Do you want to bet the times Matt told the tv lady that they turn the cameras off when the kids are really bad all involved Jacob? I'll take that bet.

Btw, I can't believe that some people think Jacob is, ever will be or was cuter than Jeremy. No way!

Dana said...

Well, I hope Matt realizes that those of us that are disappointed in Jacob only feel that way because he (Matt) deserves better.

I have taken Rap up on the challenge to review an episode on Spiritwander that I have asked to be posted in the near future as Spirits promised to publish reviews if a person requested. The Episode that I review documents Matt's real disappointment in Jacob. A keen observer can spot how much happier and at ease Matt is in the presence of Jeremy rather than Jacob.

I would love it if Jacob was more like Jeremy and gave Matt the same kind of pride, but I am sorry, he doesn't. I don't believe he does.

Matt is right in the caption though. He has given Jacob a great home. I just wish Jacob would show more appreciation to Matt for all that Matt has given him, like Jeremy does.

Christine said...

There is a park bench on the farm now?

Craw said...

...and in the next picture after that was taken, Jake falls backwards off the bench and knocks himself unconscious again. LOL! (jk) :)

Lynn C said...

I can't say I'm too fond of Jacob by any stretch of the imagination but that is a nice picture. Thanks Matt.

Expressed said...

It looks to me like Jacob is trying to copy Jeremy.

Matt, some Jeremy content on your facebook would be appreciated :) There is more negativity about Jer than anybody!

Judy said...

Dana, great words.

I don't know exactly what Matt was referring to in his caption of the picture of Jacob looking out over the farm on the bench.

It could be in response to people that accuse Matt of only posting about Jacob to combat the people who claim that Matt isn't sincere in his posts about Jacob or it could be about those of us that don't like Jacob very much.

It's understandable that Matt wouldn't like to see negative statements said about any of his kids. I admire Matt for that. But the truth is the truth. Jacob doesn't measure up to Jeremy. Neither does Zach. He's so disrespectful to Matt too. Zach is at least coping with some dwarfism related life challenges, Jacob has no excuse for the behavior I've witnessed from him.

David said...

Matt must learn to sleep in the bed has made.

On the show they portray Jake as a disappointment. Matt and Amy have repeatedly called him their most challenging kid.

Matt has dramatically made the point of on camera letting the audience know how disappointed he is in Jacob. I believe his quote was "Geez, I try so hard to get through to that kid (while rubbing his forehand and putting his head in his hands)."

Because of that there is a perception that Matt is disappointed in Jacob. Suddenly his Facebook page becomes the Matt and Jacob show and wise people see through it.

Once again it comes back to the issue of it obviously annoying Matt when people believe what they see on his own show.

Lauren said...

I love the pictures. Keep em coming Matt!

Craw, I disagree. Jacob is cute.

JimW said...

Matt shouldn't use the word "baby" and Jacob in the same sentence (or picture) ;))

Matt needs to accept that out of his three sons, he has one that is a personable guy. I don't actually have much of a problem with Zach, at least Zach has shown he has a sense of humor about himself. Then he has the disaster that is Jacob.

All of his Jacob posts in my mind are strictly damage control. I've said it before and I'd say it again. If that Jacob was a friend of my son's, I wouldn't allow him to come with us on a road trip. He's too much of a brat.

Brandon said...

Honestly I think some people are eager to defend Jacob (people that don't like Jeremy much) because Jeremy fans don't care for Jacob, but I don't see a lot that is praise worthy about Jacob. In fairness, there isn't a lot to praise about any 13 year old, but come on, he's a spoiled kid just like Jeremy and Zach. I blame Matt and Amy for that, but the default facebook comments are kind of ridiculous. Have some dignity people.

Susan said...

My comment on the latest picture? Cammerino is a great groundskeeper!

Can you imagine the time spend on landscaping that place? Too bad that the kids (all four of them!) aren't responsibile for any of it.

They sit on the bench while paid workers keep it beautiful for them (sigh). That's not the best way to develop kids with a work ethic in their own lives.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Jacob on the farm.

tay said...

jacob is a brat. face facts. i don't get it. wow, he's sitting there lazy looking at the farm (that someone else did the work like david said).

maybe he wouldn't be alone on the bench he had a better personality like jeremy

Lynn C said...

Matt can't expect everyone to feel the same way about Jacob as they do him when he doesn't display any of Matt's qualities. Jeremy does and that's why the majority of people that appreciate Matt like Jeremy the most.

Michelle said...

That's a beautiful picture (Jacob and the farm). It looks like a painting. Is it real or photoshopped edited? Who took it?

Angela said...

It is an awesome picture. Jeremy probably took it. Matt says he's into the photography.

Z to the Zee said...

Actually, Jacob took that picture or Jacob's camera (setting) took it. At least that's what one of my friends said who has been over there a bunch of times.

Jacob worships the ground Jeremy walks on. After Jeremy made photography cool, Jacob wanted to do it too. He wanted a camera just like Jeremy's. I forget if he got it for Christmas or for his birthday, but he got it. The camera is amazing.

Jennifer said...

I just hope those kids are starting to appreciate the home that Matt has given to them. So far it seems like only Jeremy is grateful to Matt.

Brianna said...

Jacob looks great with longer hair. I hope he doesn't shave it again. That wasn't a good look for him.

Tom said...

Of course the picture was edited.

Patti said...

I agree with Dana and Judy. Matt wants to defend his kids, even his worst kid. That's good. But that is what he's doing.

Correction, it is not "his" farm meaning Jacob. It is Matt's farm. Matt had the vision, Matt created it. Only Jeremy has the creativity and skills to keep the farm up like Matt does.

Dana said...

If Jacob worships Jeremy, he is doing a poor job of following his example.

Rap541 said...

Dana - My challenge to you was to write up a review of the show the same way expressed and I do - getting it out on the same night the show has aired with little to no input on how the majority already feels but the idea that you simply want to write a smear piece on Jake has me anticipating your work immensely :)

I'm curious - no one thinks Matt was calling *me* out on this latest facebook?

And no one finds its deliciously funny for Matt to call a certain viewpoint "negative"?

That's VERY amusing.

Also I have to agree with Zee - I suspect this is a self portrait by Jake and its in the same style and quality as some rather fun photos of Jer staring away from the camera in emo dramatic fashion :)

Julie said...

And the Jeremy Fan Club continues to keep their blinders on...

I'm beginning to think that the whole lot of you are Internet trolls who are taking the piss out of the rest of us. I mean, no one can seriously be that delusional (or, as Amy would say, "dissolutional")...

mythoughtis said...

Jacob is the youngest, and after 6 seasons of the show is now 13. That means he was 7 when it began showing. Certainly, he misbehaved, acted immature, etc... because he was a CHILD. The twins were 14 when the show started, and they acted like it. Now Jacob is close to that age, let's see how he behaves the next couple seasons. IMHO, Amy and Matt were remiss is stating these facts often and loudly. No one should have expected any different behavior from Jacob than any other child.
As for Molly, she's the only female offspring, and behaves accordingly. She's a joy to watch.

NJC said...

It's amazing how the one time you religious whack jobs find fault with the sainted Matt Roloff is when he has the nerve to praise his 13yo son. How is it that he's right about everything else except this? Guess you guys are used to picking and chosing what you believe from people you admire.

Dana said...

Unless Matt chooses to eleborate, no one knows exactly what the "negativity" was or from whom, that he was referring to in the facebook post.

It could have been directed towards those of us that respect and admire Matt and are proud that Jeremy does him proud and wish Jacob would follow in Jeremy's footsteps.


It could have been directed towards the people that were saying Matt's facebook posts were strategically constructed to contradict the claims some people were making that Matt neglects Jacob.

Only Matt knows what he was referring to.

L. Palmer said...

Great picture, but it doesn't look real. The colors are beautiful, it can't be natural?

Vicky said...

My two cents? Matt is being a good Dad by bragging about all of his kids. Call it lies if you want, but that's what parents say in public and to strangers about their kids.

I don't think Jacob helps Matt a lot and I don't think Jacob has cornered the market on maturity...or is anywhere close.

I think Jacob is a spoiled kid with some behavioral problems. If you read between the lines in their more candid interviews, both Matt and Amy have confessed that Jacob is the most challenging kid they have and parenting methods that worked with the other three, don't work with Jacob.

Matt has also implied that bigger, more serious issues have occured, but they won't show or discuss that.

At other times Matt wants to be the parent that brags about his kids, hence the facebook posts about how he's proud.

Rebecca said...

IMO, people are reading too much into Matt's message.

I think he's talking about the criticism of himself and he's saying 'look at the beautiful home I've given my kids and they appreciate it and know I'm a great Dad.'

Jocelynn said...

"Actually Jacob took that photo himself with a timer. Pretty impressive i'd say. I sure was."

You were right Zee! What else do you know :)

Rap541 said...

"Read the book "Emotional intelligence 2.0" on the plane. Very intriguing read. Sure explains why some people post/write so negitively all the time. At least now its explainable"

Dana - you do agree then that you clearly overstated your knowledgedge when you said Matt was speaking about me in this missive, correct? That only Matt knows what he was referring to but you attempted to use his comments to call me negative?

'Member that? How you knew what Matt was referring to when *it let you play hate games* but when Matt doesn't seem to be thanking you and your buddies for publically calling one of his kids... suddenly its sorta unfair and wrong to use Matt's comments?

I thought Matt only spoke truth? Matt says Jake is becoming mature.... yet all the Christians in the crowd seem to be doing a little dance how its not true.

Why should I think matt tells the truth when per the pro-Jeremy crowd... Matt is clearly lying about Jake?

Or is it ok to lie per Jesus now? Matt only speaks truth *about Jeremy*? What are the rules here so that people can insist Matt's not praising the SlutBrat yet is still honest, noble and true?

Rap541 said...

Vicky - excellent points - I agree

Brandon said...

On an aside, anyone thinks it is funny that the photo that gets the most positive comments for being stunning and a great shot, belongs to the 13 year old kid , and NOT the budding photography prodigy, Jeremy James Roloff? Funny stuff.

(cue Matt to post some Jeremy pictures so Jer's ego is not hurt :))

Jennifer said...

Where did Matt say Jacob took that picture how?

Jennifer said...

Oh, I see now, nevermind. It was a comment that Matt just made, 20 minutes ago.

Good job Jacob, although I think some people get carried away with editing colors in picture to be artsy. I prefer to let natural beauty speak for itself instead of enhancing it.

David said...

It goes to show what anyone can do with the right view and a nifty camera.

How much do you suppose that camera goes for? One grand? A couple of thosand dollars?

Craw said...

Rap, you agree with Vicky? You agree that Jacob has behavioral problems? You agree that Jacob is the hardest kid Matt and Amy have to deal with?

"Behavioral problems", "the most challenging kid", are just nice ways of saying he's a brat.

Julie said...

Craw - no it isn't, unless one has a very simplistic/narrow view of the English language.

Rap541 said...

Craw - as it happens - I agree that Matt saying "he's matured" doesn't mean that Jake is now an adult. I think we're watching a very typical kid being raised by upper class parents who generally don't pay a lot of attention and do their parenting by supplying matierial goods.

Jake, and Jeremy, and Zach, all show the signs of being raised by two parents who don't bother to discipline. And it shows in all three. Jake simply doesn't raise my ire, as yet, because he's still at an age where his parents bear the responsibility for how he acts, and more often than not, his behavior isn't outside the norm.

When Jake is 15-17 and bragging how he steals daddy's vodka - and I think thats likely considering we know it its happened with the older kids - trust me - I'm going to rip into Jake as hard as I do Jeremy. If Jake at 15-18 gets it into his head to be cool and use racist terms like big brother Jer - trust me, I'm not going to coo over it.

I think though, that comparing how a 20 year acts and expecting his 13 year old brother to do better is a bit ridiculous. I also think some of the complaints about Jake are frankly, ridiculous as well.

He's smiling too much, he never smiles, he's not active playing, why is he so active and jumping around, Matt never has anything to say about jake but that he loves video games, oh Matt says Jake likes to swim how awful thats all Matt has to say....

I don't think the kid is a little saint, far from it. I do think he's *not an adult* and *not responsible as an adult for the decision to put his private childhood on display for money* and therefore, out of respect for the fact that I personally would not have wanted to have been displayed for money with all of my childish foibles on display, I do indeed have a problem with "Brat BRAT GOD I HATE THE BRAT, he's Matt's shame, how the family can stand him, how slutty, how stupid, how clumsy, he'll never matter, he'll never be as good as Jeremy at anything because he's sooooooo awful, there's no way anyone can say a nice thing about him without it being a lie".... because really.... We all have our moments as children. Jake, unlike Jeremy, has not been hearing how he's always been a worthless ugly piece of human garbage since he was eight.

Heaven forbid Matt say something nice about the kid.... Heck, maybe the kid has matured. But I notice no one wants to address how Matt must be lying if its not true.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I am just waiting for people to start with how bad a photo it is since, you know, Jake took it ;)

Having seen both Jeremy and Jake's photos... six of one, half dozen of another. I wasn't impressed with either... but I also concede I am usually either WOW or whatever on photos.

Shadow said...

So, if Matt NEVER reads this blog, or any of the other "negative" blogs, how does he know there is "negativity" out there? Oh, Matt, if you weren't so easy to trip up, it would really be a bit more fun...

Anonymous said...

It was stated that on Koin6.com that Jacob is going to the 5th grade how is that so. He is thirteen years old. I am confuss he should be going to the 8th grade.

Deimos said...

Jacob have a great life with all those fancy toys at the farm, but honestly people he grow up ignore by his family all his bad behavior is because of that, he’s going to be a lot of trouble as a teenager but I hope it all pass really quick and without any real consequences he’s a great kid believe me I work with kids and Jacob needs only attention and love from his family otherwise he’s going to seek for that in the wrong places .

Brandon said...

You know you're spoiled when...you take yet another vacation to the BVI's. Want to bet Jeremy got in on this again?

I wish Matt would cut the crap with the "I have a friend"...at least Jon and Kate were honest about their freebies. From day one, Matt is all "I have a friend" when it is pure comps. Just be honest!

Greg said...

Brandon, if Jeremy is going with him, maybe when they're in Puerto Rico, Jeremy can meet up with that fan girl that made the fan page for him that he proceeded to ridicule her and laugh at her appearance. Such a nice kid that Jeremy.

Dana said...

Brandon, why do people like you begrudge the quality time Matt and Jeremy spend together? I think it's wonderful if Jeremy travels on this trip with Matt.

Rap541 said...

I'm more struck by the "busy busy busy" tone followed by "I just happen to have a friend offering a free trip to BVIs... I think I'll go".....

Greg - I assume Jeremy will find a new flavor of girl at the BVIs. And I am sure he's going. When does Jeremy ever turn down a treat?

Diane said...

I agree Rap. It's very annoying. How many times can Matt use the "friend" line?

Sheri said...

Why any negativity about the possibility of Jeremy going on this trip with Matt?

If it's a part business trip, I can understand why Matt would want to have the mature Jeremy James Roloff with him.

I don't look at it from a negative point of view implying that Jeremy turn down "a treat", but a positive that Matt and Jeremy enjoy spending time together.

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