Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Matt Roloff finally responds to all the health, heart attack and death rumors because of the cliffhanger ending of LPBW - makes it to TMZ

Matt finally responded to all the rumors on his Facebook page:

Wow!! I am humbled, by the responses to our last episode. For those wondering..the reality of my collapsing was REAL.
I continue to fight Vertigo dizzy spells. I'm now on the right meds. Happy to say I'm doing much better...haven't hit the floor in months.

For those wondering why the deleted posts? Had a security issue in NY so my staff deleted them. Bad timing! Thank you for your well wishes. I'm glad to be home!"

If you're wondering about Matt's last statement -- throughout the day on Monday, Matt was using his Facebook page as usual, posting about the fundraiser on the Farm for political candidates, his trip to New York, arriving in New York. He even posted as LPBW was airing (depending on where you live) of him out and about in New York.

Yet in the aftermath of the show and the frenzy of worried people who thought it was another situation like Mike Detjen, where the episode aired and then they came to the internet to find out that Mike had died months ago - people began asking if Matt was ok (in actuality - Matt's dizzy spell was filmed almost exactly one year ago - in late June/early July 2009 - before the Europe vacation, before pumpkin season, etc).

Sites like ours pointed to Matt's Facebook posts as a quick and easy to calm the fears of worried of viewers.

Then, suddenly as rumors of Matt's health and death and that he had heart attack were becoming one of the popular searches on the internet -- Matt's Facebook entries from Monday - suddenly disappeared and the stories continued to spread...

Those who are skeptical felt it was Matt and TLC trying to ride the wave of attention by letting these rumor stories build. Now Matt explains that it was a "security issue" so his staff deleted them. Hmm.

Matt also made it to TMZ

'Little People' Star Matt Roloff -- I'm Not Dead!

Originally posted Jun 16th 2010 12:20 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Millions of reality fans were left wondering about the fate of "Little People, Big World" star Matt Roloff after Monday's season finale appeared to show him suffering a heart attack -- but TMZ has learned, his ticker is tip top.

In fact, Matt didn't even suffer a heart attack at all -- it was vertigo. Still, the Internet was burning with rumors that he was in bad shape ... or even dead.

But Roloff tells us, "Although having a dizzy case of vertigo ... I am very much alive and healthy and would like to thank all my friends and fans for their concern."

We're told Matt didn't even need to go to the hospital for the incident on the show -- and has since been treating his Vertigo with medication.


Brandon said...

Security issue.....ha!

I don't believe a word Matt Roloff says ever.

People, Matt's family calls him a "salesman" and a liar and goes on about how he plays everybody. Hell, Matt calls himself a faker and says he plays everybody.

But people never think he's doing it to them?

Yeah, what curious timing indeed. Disappear just when people are wondering if you're dead.

Shadow said...

Yeah, right. Whatever, Matt. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Brandon, so true. Once a snake oil peddler, always a snake oil peddler.

Rap541 said...

Here's a geniune question.

What kind of security issue?

Because the timing is more than a little coincidental AND you know... He could have put a facebook post up about his health issue at the time he took down the NYC stuff. Or when his staff did. Didn't his staff (Matt has "staff" now) wonder about the people commenting?

Or there could have been a post tuesday morning when even people on the mr board were expressing concern.

Brandon is right - Matt brags about playing people, and I think he's attempting to have it both ways.

Greg said...

This is ridiculous.

His little fainting spell happened a year ago!

Megan B said...

Security issues tied to a few owner text posts, but they manage to leave the facebook page itself up? More of a scam the fans issue, I'd say! Matt is nothing if not a grand schemer. Pitiful.

C1rca said...

Matt is loving the attention hes getting from this

David said...

Circa - I totally agree.

Peter said...

Pay attention to the words Matt will use in describing this, Rap.

"For those wondering..the reality of my collapsing was REAL."

The reality of his collapsing. The most he will say is that he collapsed. At some point.

He's not going to say "What you saw was real".

I say the scene was staged. It isn't realistic to believe it was happening "live".

It's been proven the crew don't walk around with the cameras filming following the Roloffs. They go over what to film, walk through buildings, then walk back and re-shoot.

There is no way they were all set to shoot and just happened to be in perfect position, right on Jer and Zach's heels. Ain't it funny how the cameraman was able to get into perfect position for the shot of Matt on his stomach.

Yeah, that's realistic...not. 'Hey Zach, you're dad is passed out on the floor and you don't know why, move so I can stand next to Jer and get a clear and unobstructed shot of Matt'.

Dana said...

People are sick for acting like Matt faked that. How low will people sink?

Just be grateful that it wasn't more serious and that his health is getting better with medication. What is wrong with people?

And of course sad people, jump to the worst possible conclusion, that he had a heart attack and died.

It was scary watching, but I knew Matt would not "fake" that. I felt bad for Jeremy for being the one to discover Matt. The boy has already lost Mike and then finds Matt on the floor. How much can a kid take? But he finds strength in Jesus to get him through it.

I pray for the people who are exercising judgement and not compassion for the Roloff family.

Rap541 said...

Actually Peter - if you read my review, you will realize I noted very clearly that I believe this was a restaged scene, but nice try on attempting to call me out. You fail. But nice try ;)

And thank you foracknowledeging that the entire scene was taged to create drama and sympathy on camera for something that Matt Himself describes as not all that serious. God Jesus loves it when people fake stuff, right? Jesus Christ loves it when serious situations fool people and give money to the fakers ! God Bless Matt for staging this and making money off the worry of the dumb! Jesus loves it when Matt fools people!!!

Peter said...

Rap, I was agreeing with you! :)

Rap541 said...

Sorry Peter, - i was "collapsing from vertigo" - aka drinking wine. Let's mock Dana, shall we?

"People are sick for acting like Matt faked that. How low will people sink?"

Apparently since Matt Himself has now said it was vertigo that was easily treated - perhaps Dana, you agree that the cliff hanger presentation that included NO EXPLANATION why Matt was unresponsive face down on the floor was a ploy? Since it was no big deal and no one should be concerned per Matt Himself?

Dana - did you think it was no biggy and you had no concern and didn't pray to Jesus for Matt's health?

Come on - answer the question for a change - did you immediately assume Matt was staging the scene?

And if you did, is it ok by Jesus to stage a fake medical crisis? Is Jesus laughing wth matt over the many people taken in by this lie who were geniunely concerned? Not people like me.... but the various people who seem very concerned?

Does jesus find it funny how Matt fooled these people?

When my dad collapsed on Christmas day 1986 from what was later discovered to be a mild stroke, my reaction was "MOM CALL THE FIREHOUSE I THINK DAD IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK!!" and there was a lot of screaming attached to it. If Jeremy James (and frankly Amy and Zach) were having geniune reactions... then he's one cold kid looking down at his collapsed dad.

And its a total turn around from his tears and week long nervous breakdown over the trebuchet incident....

mississippi said...

Hello Matt, and Roloff family, my husband Paul watch your show faithfully every week we even have it on so it tapes automatically, we were both very honesly ,truly, upset that you had collapsed, esp. because you said you were very dizzy and had a headache the first thing I thought was an anurisum, but found it funny that Amy and Jeremy did not get on the ground to see if you were alright. Looking at the room and the check being there it makes sense, but we as people who watch this know that its taped prior, but its all over the place, which make it reality but not the way its taped. I know you were ticked at everybodys concern but hey if we did did not care we would not have responded its great having a cliffhanger in shows but not a reality show.

And as far as the divorce it looked like the two of you might split,so we as fans who waych your show faithfully please consider our feelings if not for thefans there would be no Roloff family, I still love you guys and look forward to next season have a great summer and ejoy your summer together see you in September or whenever. Matt stay on your dam feet please.

Jason said...

I hope people are smart enough to realize that the Roloffs sit back and laugh at how stupid the public are to think that anything on the show is actually real.

They have no respect for anything except their greed to keep the gravy train rolling.

Kapper said...

Let's not forget that it's not just Matt attempting to bamboozle us, it's the ENTIRE Roloff family. Yes, that includes Molly.
Rocky, you're off the hook.

Anonymous said...

So far as the season ending with Matt having some medical issue, I would think that next season would probably focus on Matt's medical problems. I think TLC actually downplays his problems a bit. He's had some health issues, including his form of dwarfism, that affect him everyday. Like diabetes, HBP, and pain from his joints wearing out. If TLC were to portray those everyday problems, people would be upset over it. So when Matt has another new, serious health problem, everyone's all over him for making it seem like he was having a medical crisis. It could easily have been that the end of the season highlighted his worst vertigo attack, wherein he obviously fell on the floor(not saying when he actually fell, to satisfy everyone:decide for yourself when it happened). The family was probably used to his vertigo "attacks" and therefore the "nonchalant" attitudes. Apparently Matt was still breathing and awake, so the Roloffs decided that he's an adult and he could tell them if he needed to go to the hospital.

Carol said...

Kapper, well said, thanks for point that out. It is the entire family that are manipulating people, not only Matt.

What a bad example for the kids. Well, it's more than a bad example now. They're molding them into think this is an acceptable way to act and to treat others. Yes fooling people into worrying and thinking someone had a serious problem does demonstrate the respect or lack of respect a person has for others.

It is the whole family, but I've suspected for a long time that Matt and Jeremy high five each other and have a good laugh when they "pull another one over" on people.

Timothy said...

Kapper and Carol,

Good points. Do you remember that facebook picture Matt posted a few weeks ago? Him with his arm in the mouth of an aligator pretending to be eaten? :) Matt's caption said Jeremy wasn't in the picture because he was taking the picture and it was probably his idea.

Hey I just figured out what will be the Season 6A FINALE. After viewers see that Matt comes back to life, the season will end with Matt being eaten by an aligator!

Anonymous said...

ta ok, ja começo a fica RIDICULO , qual e a di vcs dac TLC o q vcs querem???????tenho onze anos e ja devo ter uma mente menos doentia do q a de vcs ! não acho q seja MATT ROLOFF o grande vilão da historia , sempre apoieiseus trabalhos e os de MARTIN KLEBBA tbm mas PO queremos mais

Expressed said...

What language is that at 4:22?

The only thing I can understand is ridiculous TLC and something about Matt and Marty.

Rap541 said...

Really, I just assumed it was a Faith Bible student... :)

David said...

If anyone doubts that the Roloffs are in cahoots with the TLC producers and executives to play the fans and make fools out of them - it was just about less than a month ago that Matt telling how the TLC President was dropping into Roloff Farm for coffee just to tell them that they love them and Matt proclaimed his love of TLC and that they treasure being apart of the TLC family.

People are plain naive if they don't think the Roloffs not only condone it, but are in on all the manipulation and fakery.

Ticktock11 said...

I'm curious why the family didn't rush in, turn him over, check his pulse, etc. They basically just poked him with a foot and let the camera run.

THEY weren't worried. Why should I be?

Chas Johnson said...

Clearly the collapse was A). Filmed months before and B). Re-enacted, probably far more dramatically than the actual event. Then in order to stir up the masses they get a good script with Matt talking about where he wants his ashes spread and about the boys taking over for him on the farm and stick this footage in before the "collapse".

Anyone with a sense of compassion and humanity would have been calling 911 immediately and been down on the floor assessing Matt's condition and performing CPR if necessary, not just looking down on him and acting like it was a kid who just scaped a knee. No urgency, no credibility...

Anonymous said...

Matt and Amy have production credits --- what makes anyone think they don't have control over what is shown on the episodes?! OF COURSE VIEWERS ARE BEING MANIPULATED. This is no honest reality show. I will no longer watch TLC or the Discovery Channel -- if I want fiction I will watch more conventional shows (and know that I'm not being lied to).

Anonymous said...

I really think Amy should show some compassion to her husband, every show I see she seems like she hates him...she rarely smiles at him, or says she loves him....feel rather sorry for MATT

aponce16 said...

The Roloffs and TLC are insulting our intelligence just for ratings.

Dana, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!. That's all baby.

I don't know the guy 4:22 who wrote the foreign language but I know spanish so I can understand some latin derived languages like french, italian, etc...
I can understand in the text somenthing interesting
"MATT ROLOFF o grande vilão da historia"

That means " Matt Roloff is the greatest villain in history"

I guess I'll have to agree.

Shadow said...

It's Portugese, people. Roughly translated (I'm not fluent, and there are lots of typos),
according to the poster, s/he is 11 years old, thinks this is ridiculous, doesn't think (sorry aponce) Matt is the greatest villain in history, but just wants more reality.

Believe as much or as little of that as you like.