Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Performer with an Improv show on Royal Caribbean - Oasis of the Seas mentions the Roloffs

Padraic Connelly, who is a performer from Chicago has a show with Royal Caribbean on the cruise ship -- Oasis Of the Seas -- which of course is the same ship that Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff are on right now for the celebrity cruise. He performs in 'Hairspray the Musical' and the improvised show 'Throw Me a Line' on the Oasis of the Seas.

He has "tweeted" a few times about the Roloffs being on the ship. He mentions that he hopes he'll be seen on Little People, Big World when the episode airs.


June 28
The mom and sons from 'Little People, Big World' are on the ship. I thought about making a bad joke, but decided to be the bigger person.

June 28
They came to our improv show tonight, which was probably our best yet! I can only hope we make TLC!

June 28
Amy Roloff came to our improv show tonight! It was thrilling to have a celebrity guest for a standing-ovation show

Here is a look from a different angle at the ship Amy, Jeremy and Zach are on right now for the cruise.


Greg said...

So...I guess this guy is a charity saint too. He was on the cruise that stopped in Haiti and like the Roloffs, he is getting paid for it too.

This really puts all the suck up and ridiculous praise of Amy, Jeremy and Zach in perspective.

Look at that thing! It's huge! They have their own musicals on the ship!

If the dates are right, the same day they were in Haiti and posting away like they were doing such hard charity work, Amy, Jeremy and Zach were actually on that luxury cruise ship partying away and watching an improv show.

And this is why people are kissing their butts and actually thanking them for "giving"??

Stop the insanity.

Debbie said...

It looks like a dream cruise, but I hope anyone that booked the cruise for the Amy Cruise actually get a special VIP dinner with her or something, because by the size of that ship, there is a good chance that you could be on that for a week and never see them.

Rap541 said...

I assume they did a day tour of the devastation and then spent the evening having fun.

Now really - they could have totally skipped Haiti or stayed at the resort that wasn't affected by the earthquake....so good for Amy there.

But let's not forget that this is a luxary cruise, and if the cameras are there, Amy, Zach and Jeremy are getting a paycheck for taking this cruise.

Greg said...

Rap, I think you're giving them far too much credit. The Roloffs didn't stay in the devastation. Wow, they stepped off the cruise for a couple of hours for filming. They deserve credit for this?

Do you want to take bets that their time in Haiti observing the destruction was less than 2 hours? That they are filming and will make the Roloffs out to be saints.

Just look at some of the comments. Talking about how wonderful Amy and the twins are and how there should be more people like them and they give so much.

It honestly makes me sick. They are on a luxury cruise! They spent the previous evening dining in the Captain's quarters for dinner. They spent that night going to musical and a stand up improv show.

The amount of credit they are getting vs the actual amount of giving are doing does not balance.

It is an excuse to vacation in high times and party, while making it look like they're doing something productive and promoting themselves.

Diane said...

Anyone that knows any thing about Jer and Zach should know they don't do anything unless it's fun and easy.

This just sounds like more of the same. They party in posh luxury style. They get paid for it. They hop off the boat, film the poor people in Haiti for an hour and hop back on the cruise to party and have fun.

Then the show and the roloffs attempt to make it look like Jer and Zach aren't really just lazy good for nothing 20 year old bums that are coasting through life getting a free ride.

David said...

Greg, I am with you.

I was just looking at Matt's facebook comments from fans.

"Good for Amy and the Boys! My prayers are with them and the people of Haiti."

For Godsakes, they are on a luxury cruise. They are not on the ground working with the starving, wounded and orphaned.

Padraic said...

One of the odd things about celebrity is it's its own resource. When you're a nationally or internationally known person, you have lots of eyes on you, and those eyes follow you anywhere you go. So while visiting an area in need of aid on a giant cruise ship isn't the same as, say, spending a month building houses or working as a medical aide, it does keep attention and discussion of the issue active.

The issue of cruise ships visiting disaster and poverty-stricken areas is also a touchy subject. But when one considers the amount of money a single visit from a Royal Caribbean or Carnival or Celebrity ship generates for the economy, and the number of jobs created by those ships, it's nice just knowing people are still eager to visit and help keep people on their feet when they need it most. Even by taking a vacation, people are directly helping, whether they're aware of it or not. Of course, it would be nice to see people giving the same amounts they spend on their trips directly to disaster relief, but they're keeping me fed as well!

On a more selfish note, it was a wonderful jolt to see the Roloff family in the audience, and we hope they enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed having them on board!

Expressed said...

Thanks for posting Padraic! It must be cool to work on a cruise ship?

Did you get to talk or hang out with the Roloffs other than seeing them in the audience?