Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Previews for season finale of Little People, Big World

TLC has the previews for the episodes that will conclude Season 5 Part B on June 14th. As usual, there will be a Little People, Big World marathon on TLC before the season finale.

LPBW will return for the 6th season in the fall, as usual.

Jun 14, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World
Clash with the County

When the county springs a surprise inspection, the future of Roloff Farms is threatened. Matt scrambles to spruce up his attractions, but the county inspector threatens to shut down the farm before pumpkin season even starts.

Jun 14, 8:30 pm

(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World
Twin Takeover

With the twins' freshman year of college off to a slow start, Matt & Amy are concerned about their lack of motivation. Matt looks to teach the twins a valuable lesson by turning the management of Roloff Farms over to them at the height of pumpkin season.



Brandon said...

Woot woot! More staged drama! I remember Matt's one lone tweet on the eve of pumpkin season. It opened "just in time". Funny how that always happens. Just enough of a problem to serve the storyline sheet cheat well.

Jeremy and Zach were off to a "slow start" in college? Funny how that is opposite to everything Matt says about them in college. I'm sure that's another miracle turn around just in the nick of time.

Does anyone believe Jeremy and Zach were "in charge" of pumpkin season? I think it's time to throw away the storyline cheat sheets and dump the script writers (um, producers).

m said...

these sound more like cheat-sheets then real life.

Rap541 said...

Brandon, yes not only was Matt in the middle of serious crisis able to find time to twitter about said crisis, he also made a very public point that the mean inspectors were going to be taking the whole season's profits due to permit issues... poor poor Matt, huh?

I guess, since there were *no* profits to be had anyway, letting Zach and Jeremy pretend to be in charge wasn't going to hurt anything. :)

More seriously - I think Matt and Amy are a wee bit too late to be claiming to be concerned. They still don't trust the big boys to wakey wakey without mommy or fill out their college applications all by themselves...

Shadow said...

In addition to the staged dramas that we know aren't real, if TLC persists in showing events a year or more after they happen, it shouldn't exactly come as a surprise that ratings are headed for the cellar. Seriously, if you're going to make it all ooooohh, a crisis, will they be able to open?, then you ought to be showing it a little sooner than nine months later, when everyone is well aware that the farm opened, no crisis occurred, everything was normal. The Loser Channel strikes again...

As for Jer and Zach...ahhhh, don't get me started. LOL...

mythoughtis said...

isn't pumpkin season in the Fall? Since Jeremy and Zach started college in the Fall, how would Matt know whether they were off to a slow start? He's not privy to any grades until semster end.

And, he should have this inspection stuff down to a science by now.

Rap541 said...

Mythoughtis - perhaps Matt noticed them barely attending class/not doing homework/not taking challenging courses?

A thought anyway.

The inspection stuff..... I don't know.

Matt does not strike me as someone who is particularly organized and he definetly seems like someone who would cut any corner he could get away with if he personally felt it was unneccessary. A LOT of the farm stuff was never designed to handle several thousand visitors.

I don't think anyone at Roloff Farms wants anyone to get hurt. I mean, really, no. Thats just bad business. On th other hand, I don't think there's a HUGE concern about safety and I can understand the county inspectors starting to get concerned over some of the things we see on the show. Examples?

The trebuchet incident. Two people nearly died and one of them was a nine year boy who was operating the siege engine.

Footage of a teenager almost driving a wagon of passengers over the edge of a attraction that *doesn't* look especially safe.

Parking control being worked by a bunch of teenage boys and a dwarf on a giant crane.

Matt should have this inspection stuff down to a science. The bigger Roloff Farms gets, the more scrutiny they are going to get, and more careful they have to be.

Shadow said...

Matt's problems with permits, licenses, and general adhering to regulations go way back (Shocked! I'm SHOCKED to discover this!). Here's a link to an article from 2003. Notice he claims they're all "out to get him" because they're jealous. Um, yeah, right, Matt...whatever.


Anonymous said...

yeah, this show is so ridicously staged like cake boss. I'm amazed anyone watches it. I watched only one episode this year and it was so fake. I don't know why people still watch these guys. Why do people watch it the ratings still seem good. It's so old and boring. I haven't even thought about these guys for a long time until someone mentioned the show today and I was like people still watch that? lol

Anonymous said...

What happened to Matt in the end? He said he has not been feeling well lately. Then at the then of the episode he is dizzy and then he falls out. Wonder will he be ok. I hope it was just a cliffhanger. I don't too much care for the way he does things but he does get the stuff done it just has to be his way or no way. But he gets it done. He has good ideas.

Anonymous said...

Season finale show Matt Roloff collapsing at the end on the floor in his office. People just stood around not doing anything to help him. Wondering if this was also staged or the real thing? Any thoughts?

charliechaplin said...

Well, the ending was pretty shocking. But, it has got to bed a set up. Why else, would they all just stand around and not do anything? i would have called 9-1-1. Instead they talk to the person whos not answering them.

Have to wait and see i guess.

Anonymous said...

what happend to matt at the end that was crazy how they just stood there calling him they should have done somthing because he wasnt answering

Anonymous said...

If Matt passed on from a Type 2 Diabetic Low, often times family and friends don't know what to do. They all depend on Matt. Blood Sugar lows are very serious!! A Diabetic can pass out, go into a coma and die. It was good they were there, but none of them knew what to do!!

Anonymous said...

SO are they closing the farm or selling it?? I missed the final so fill me in please

Anonymous said...

In that article that you quoted, right by the end, Matt Roloff just went ahead and call hilself a "Faming Midget".

I couldn't believe it. It was at the end of the last sentence of the whole article.