Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The real timeline of Matt Roloff's collapse/dizzy spell -- June/July 2009

Emails and comments and inquiries continue to pour in about the dramatic cliffhanger ending on the Season 5b finale of Little People, Big World -- worried fans trying to find out if Matt is alright (yes, he's fine).

Or from E-Online (Return link back to here -Thanks E) with another good summary of the aftermath of the episode and reaction:

In a previous item we had - pictures of the dramatic final scene - we pointed out the timeline of events to put things into perspective for fans. We will put on our detective hat that will reveal when it was filmed :)

If you look at the details of the "Matt collapses" scene, it was filmed approximately one year ago - late June/early July of 2009. It was before any of the European trip. It was before Jeremy and Zach left for their backpacking trip. It was before Amy, Molly and Jacob left for Italy. It was before Matt joined the rest of the family in France in July 2009. It was before the World Dwarf Games. It was months before pumpkin season.

We will take a moment to examine the scene in question.

First, notice the giant check leaning against the left wall of the office. Some people asked for it to be pointed out because they couldn't see it. It is the giant sponsorship check they used when the sponsors visited the Roloff Farms in late June to present to The Statesmen for the World Dwarf Games. That was filmed in late June 2009. Some people wanted us to point where on the screen the check is because they don't see it -- the check is to the left of Zach, about the height of his shoulder. The date on the check (which doesn't necessarily mean anything about the timing of this scene, but bear with us!) is June 27, 2009. The amount on the check is $38,500.00. That amount can be seen right about where they have closing credits, about the P for Paul Barrosse.

Of course, just because the check that used for something that was filmed in late June doesn't necessarily mean it was filmed then -- but there is further evidence which places this "scene" in late June/early July of 2009.

You might recall the scene in an earlier episode when the backpacks arrived for Jeremy and Zach's Europe trip. The packages arrived, they opened the boxes. Jeremy and Zach tried them on, Amy watched....that was in preparation for their Europe trip which was July 2009.

Are you still with us? Pay attention to the clothes that each of the Roloffs are wearing. This was from the scene when the backpack arrived before their Europe vacation in July 2009.

Notice Jeremy's red soccer jersey with the Carlsberg logo on the front and blue shorts, Jeremy's barefeet, Zach's Indoor Goals shirt, Amy's black top...

Now the scene in question. Matt's dramatic collapse that was used as a cliffhanger. Notice again Jeremy's red soccer jersey with the Carlsberg logo on the front and blue shorts and his backpack gear, Zach's white indoor goals shirt and Amy's back top.

We just thought it would beneficial to point out the timeline since some people were still worried. In actual fact, you've been seeing Matt on Little People, Big World (and doing a whole lot of media interviews and talk shows and appearances)a whole bunch AFTER this scene that had everyone so concerned. So they are using Matt's apparent "dizzy spell" in June of 2009 as the cliffhanger to spark interest in the premiere of Season 6 which will air September 2010. Welcome to reality tv! :-)


Shadow said...

Are we sure he was drinking WATER before the "dizzy" spell? Maybe that's why Molly was trying not to laugh, and no one seemed particularly concerned or alarmed.

Naomi said...

It happened a year ago. What a crock. Why didn't Matt say that in his explanation? Because it would make viewers feel stupid?

It was just a dizzy spell that they market the whole next season's start on.

You know what I'm shocked about? I'm shocked back in the Bahamas Episode when Jeremy swallowed water in the ocean, they didn't use that 2 seconds of footage of people yelling "Are you alright" and him gasping as a cliffhanger!

I guess it took them a couple of years to stoop to this level.

Timothy said...

All I need to know about the "seriousness" of this is in the fact that they never once mentioned this while in Europe and Matt never used this as a reason for him skipping some of the vacation.

tashapork said...

TlC is learning a lot through trial and error about reality programming, but I see them getting offensive in trying to recreate ratings success. The Gosselin divorce and Matts DUI got ratings frenzy because people were nosy and wanted to get the scoop. People are smart enough to see through the engineered stuff, like this or the marital conflict of the fall. It is kind of like how the best make up job looks like none is put on at all, the best editing job lets the story tell itself.

Shadow said...

Oh, and...if you look quickly at the first few seconds, Matt is on his back. In the next "scene," he's on his side/stomach.

I begin to wonder if TLC has plunged so far into the depths that they're sitting around making up things like this just so people will analyze the show. This is why I don't watch anymore. And never will again, no matter what Rap says from here on out! (Sorry, Rap, no hard know I luv ya!)

Rap541 said...

Well, as long as you read my recaps, I will forgive you. ;D

zaine_ridling said...

Makes me hate all god-believers, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

we want to know what happen to matt when he past out on the last show,please let us know that he is ok,we pray that he is,thanks linda and larry

Kapper said...

By the way, did any of the Roloff's get down near Matt's face and check his breathing, like anybody with half a brain would do? Nah, they just nudged him with their shoes, like someone might do with a dead snake.
If that were my father, or my husband, or one of my children I would have been in panic mode dialing 911.
I bet they were laughing their asses off when the cameras were off. Dumb ass family

David said...

Kapper, I have a hunch that when this finally plays out, you're going to see that Matt was awake and alert and they cut out his microphone for the few seconds of the preview.

But then again, I think the scene was staged again.

I agree with your second last statement. I think the Roloffs get a lot of enjoyment at laughing at the stupid public.

People wonder why the kids have respect issues?

David said...

I also suspect that they're busy in the editing studio re-doing what they were originally going to show as the conclusion to the collapse.

With the fan-backlash to the cheap publicity stunt, they must know that if they show it as being shrugged off as nothing, the tv audience will feel betrayed. I bet they are summoning the Roloffs into the studio barn with their Story line cheat sheets in hand reading a statement about how they were all scared stiff as it was happening. I bet that was different than what they were originally planning on showing.

Shadow said...

Rap, just wanted to explain that my reference above in not watching despite you was about a post I made that I thought would show up before that one, It didn't post, but basically what it said was that I was channel surfing the other night and this episode was on, and I watched because you had suggested I see the Jeremy/PCC scene.

I also noted, after watching (Auugghh! My eyes! My eyes!) that:

1) The stool in the corner was already down on its side while Matt was still sitting at the desk,

2) Matt was drinking from a clear glass in the first few seconds, then a green plastic one just before the "collapse," so a bit of an editing blooper there.

And that'll be my last contribution that actually involves *watching* the show. I've seen enough to have everyone pegged. But rest assured, I will faithfully read your recaps! :>

Anonymous said...

hey this show need to be cancel

Anonymous said...

Remember how they fool everybody with Matt's supposed Heart attack.

Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of the show since I stumbled on it near the first episode. Now that three of the kids are grown, there's no show left. No reason to continue it. Time to go off-camera. In-yer-face cameras are retarding the twins' development into adulthood. Time to stop the checks to the Roloff family for having their lives disrupted for several years. Nothing interesting anymore. Demolish the dumb castle and cowboy town and such. What a waste. Matt, learn how to meditate and let go. Your kids are grown. Time to slow down. No more drama queens.