Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ron and Peggy Roloff camping with Jacob

Ron and Peggy Roloff posted a few pictures from their camping trip with their grandson Jacob and his friend Levi.

Matt's Facebook page has been getting a lot of attention, but if you haven't seen Peggy and Ron's page you might want to check that out, too. Ron and Peg are quite active on Facebook, keeping fans updated about what they're up to and they're personable and interactive with fans on their page.


Deb said...

Thanks for posting that. Great to see. Ron and Peg are such good people. I'm glad Matt and Amy and the kids have such great examples.

Gloria said...

Peggy and Ron are the best. They're exactly like my classic vision of what Grandparents should be.

How about a cheer for how active they are? The Lord has been good to them and it is much deserved. I don't think there are many Grandparents that would be up to or could physically take their 13 year old Grandson camping, but Ron and Peggy can do it.

God bless

Carol said...

Wow, Jake is taking after Jeremy. Look at those jean shorts! Could they be any tighter? Can he breathe in those?

JimW said...

Ron and Peg have my respect. They survived the woods with that little terror! That's not an easy task for a person of any age.

I've always felt bad for Levi. All the times Jacob was acting like a baby, throwing temper tantrums and bawling, Levi needed to watch and follow him. IIRC, he also had a door slammed in his face by Jacob when he was pouting about something.

Lynn C said...

Carol, at least Jacob has pants on this time ;) Better tight than hanging around his knees again.

Judy said...

Lynn, we're on the same wave length, except it's not that much better, in my opinion.

Those jeans are way too tight for a 13 year old Christian boy? Why can't he dress normally? His friend is dressed normally.

What is Jake trying to accomplish by wearing ultra tight jeans? Before anyone says it, my problem with it is that Jake is 13. I have seen pictures on here of Jeremy when he was 13 or 14 and he did not wear tight jeans like that when he was 13. Blaming Jeremy won't work this time.

I do love Ron and Peg.

Dana said...

Jacob has tremendous role models he could learn from and seek guidance from. He has Matt, he has Ron and Peggy and he has Jeremy. He has no excuse not to turn out good like Jeremy.

Too bad he isn't trying to emulate Jeremy's personality and respect for his dad. I hope with prayer and the love he has from Ron, Peg, Matt and Jeremy, Jacob will finally begin to be a good example.

Ashley said...

Those are tight shorts! They all look like they're having a good time.

Eric said...

I wonder if they get tired of camping. Didn't Jacob just go camping with Matt and the twins for Father's Day

Bonnie said...

I think Jacob looks fine and Ron and Peg are darlings. I miss seeing them on the show.

Jacob is growing up. He looks like he has aged 5 years in what has really only been a year or two.

Sarah said...

Did TLC film this? I hope so. It would be good to get back to the basics with nice wholesome and loving people like Ron and Peggy spreading love to their grand children. Enough of the drama and pretend bickering. Ron and Peg have values. They are real. I hoped they filmed this.

Rachael said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks Peggy and Ron. You're an inspiration

Anonymous said...

Jake does look a lot older. Especially in the first picture.

Craw said...

Did Jake make it through the camping trip without knocking himself out and crying his eyes out?

I love Ron and Peg. They are nice people and great Christians.

Jan said...

Jacob actually looks happy. Good job Ron, Peggy.

Julie Maxwell said...

I love reading Peggy and Ron's Facebook or what was their blog (I like Facebook better). Am I the only person that isn't Christian that still loves Ron and Peggy? They are good people who have raised kids with severe disabilities, medical problems. They've shown true love and now they adore all of their kids and grand kids. I like them a lot. Thanks for Sharing Peggy and Ron. It looks like you had a great time.

Rap541 said...

Funny... I can think of many many people who pointedly notice how tight Jeremy wears his pants - including some comments in "classic" reviews....

Judi, Lynn - do you think Jake is looking for sex? Is that it?

You do realize his *parents* buy him the sexy "I'm a slut skank whore!"shorts right? And his lauded Christian grandparents don't tell him to change?

And spare me the "Jeremy is 15-21 so wearing his jeans so tight that the audience can see exactly how much he has and people wonder if he yodels is perfectly acceptable and in no way a reflection on Jeremy".

Because really, this is very much monkey see, monkey do situation- Jeremy has been wearing *tight* jeans for a long long time and Jake likes to imitate. This is very much a delicious double standard... Its perfectly fine for a 15-21 year old to dress in *tight* jeans (and certainly I never see anyone protesting the "hot ass" comments or reflecting on how Jeremy is perhaps dressing - or not dressing enough, he's certainly fond of being shirtless) but anyone else in the family? slutskank whore.

You do realize the slutskankwhore is sitting with his grandparents who a)clearly didn't have a problem with it and b)who from past evidence he clearly minds? and c) who are lauded as Christians here..

And Judi - believe it or not - I don't actually blame *Jeremy* here, since personally his wearing his sister's jeans has never bothered me in the slightest. What I find appalling is you and lynn, theoretically adults and Christians, literally running to tear apart a 13 year old, complete with "but when Jeremy does it, its ok, so everyone keep the hate on Jake! He's 13! I'm an adult ripping on a 13 year old man! But don't dare say a bad thing about the 20 year old boy brother! But joining a dogpile over a kid in a picture with his grandparents is perfectly acceptable!"

Why exactly do you have a problem with a prepubescent kid wearing shorts that are a little tight? Are you suggesting you found this to be Jake dressing in a sexually enticing manner?

Because I didn't get *that* at all. Frankly - much like the Jeremy photos, I usually don't notice "tight" jeans until someone makes a witty comment about Jer's pants being so tight that he must be yodeling.

And yet Jeremy is not to be consdered an example even though its clearly an accepted manner of dress in the Roloff home.

Judy said...

Rap, oh you never disappoint.

Jake is 13. End of story. Do you think it is acceptable if a 13 year old girl dresses like her 20 year old sister? Or do you recognize that there are different standards for how a person should dress depending on age?

Jake is 13 in this picture. Until you post a picture of Jeremy at age 13 in the same tight jeans, you don't get to blame Jeremy for being the culprit. Jake is wearing jeans that are too tight and look ridiculous. That is on him.

Ron and Peg are loving grandparents. I am sure they would prefer if Jake would wear normal clothes in a respectable manner, but they are not in a position to make orders. They want to enjoy a happy camping trip with their grandson. End of story.

Jake is 13. You don't get to blame Jeremy.

Craw said...

Rap, Jeremy doesn't wear "Molly's jeans". They are just tight. And Jeremy looks cool when he does it. Jacob is no Jeremy.

Btw, where are all the people that say Jacob is and will be better looking than Jeremy? Because I'm looking at that picture and I don't see it. There were lots of pictures of Jeremy growing up. He was cuter then than Jacob is now.

Ashley said...

Rap, you didn't noticed that Jacob's jeans are very tight in the first picture? I can't miss it. They look they spray-painted on! I noticed it right away. Look at the difference between Levi and Jacob.

I don't care, I just notice that they look very, very tight.

Michelle said...

Is Jacob a lot shorter than his friend? It's hard to tell because they are sitting down in both pictures, but his friend appears to be much taller. I wonder how tall Jacob will end up being.

Expressed said...

Rap, honestly, people have been ragging on Jeremy's tight jeans for years. I've seen people make jokes about Jeremy's tight jeans for many years.

He was older than Jake is now and age does make a difference.

People comment on Jake's tight jeans and you get upset? Have you ever gotten upset for people being mean to Jeremy for all the jokes that have been made about his tight jeans?

In my opinion, I think Jake IS trying to copy Jeremy. Like someone else said, hopefully he will start acting more like Jeremy too.

Personally, I don't think they look that bad in that picture. And when Jake is 16, I'm sure teenage girls will appreciate it. But now if someone wants to say his jeans look tight, they can say that.

Expressed said...

On a slightly different topic but staying with Jacob copying Jeremy (It's more than just the tight clothes if you're paying attention), I think it's kind of funny.

People used to complain that Jeremy was a terrible brother to Jake because he ignored him. They said Zach was the good older brother because he spent time with Jake and Jer doesn't.

Zach even used to play that card with Jake. Remember when he was playing cowboys and indians or something with Jake and his friend (I think it was Levi, but I get Jake's friends mixed up), Zach used it as a chance to bash Jeremy to Jake? He kept asking Jake, when was the last time Jeremy does this with you? He doesn't.

But how has it unfolded?

Imo, Jake clearly worships Jeremy and not Zach. Not just in the clothes, but you can tell who Jake thinks is the coolest.

One of the best parts of the season and most surprising was when Jer and Zach met up with Amy, Molly and Jake in Paris and Jake spotted the twins and practically knocked Jeremy over with a giant flying hug and screaming "Jeremy!!!!!" and then he was "Hey Zach."

I think it's kind of funny. I think Zach tried to plant the seeds that he would win over Jeremy with Jake. That he would be Jake's favorite brother.

But Zach has clearly lost that battle :)

Marilyn said...

Ron and Peg are wonderful people. When will I see them on the show again?

Brandon said...

Expressed, yeah I have noticed that too. Especially in the last year. Jacob is picking up things Jeremy does or wears or likes.

Unlike you, I don't think it's a good thing.

Want to make a bet he takes after Jeremy's language too? I see the signs coming.

But I disagree with you that it means Jeremy "won" that battle with Zach. It doesn't mean he is actually the better brother. I think Zach is the better brother and does and always has spent more time with Jacob.

It's not unusual for little brothers to idolize the brother that ignores them if they think they are cool, rather than the brother that hangs out with them all the time.

Jeremy is more selfish than Zach, he has more fun. Because he isn't a dwarf, he has more confidence, more athletic ability, is more popular and is better looking. I don't think it's that much of a shock that the brother Jacob wants to emulate is Jeremy.

Rap541 said...

Judi - if you were in church, and Jake showed up wearing this outfit, would you turn to his parents and say "your boy is dressed inappropriately, and far too sexy?

What about Matt? Matt is his father, Judi, and Amy is his mother... do they bear ANY responsibility for their 13 year old (you're the one making the point he's too young to dress himself) or since you just want to harp... Jake at 13 is old enough to be responsible for his clothes, but not old enough to wear "too tight shorts"? And much like many of Jeremy's outfits... really, are you sure you honestly think Jake is so seriously underdressed that you're offended?

Do you think a 20 year old girl dressed like a whore is ok? More acceptable than a 13 year old dressed like a whore? or is dressing like a whore wrong no matter what age?

What age are tight pants on a boy acceptable? Because while it never bothered me, I have seen people comment on Jeremy's jeans since Little People Big Dreams... where he was 14.

I'm not *blaming* Jeremy, which I think you don't understand. I fail to see how a 13 year old is accountable for the clothes his parents allow him to wear, and that his grandparents don't tell him to change out of. (If my mom had a problem with how the niece is dressing while while under grandma's care, the niece is told to change) Ie... much like Jeremy's tight pants and ass sagging, and Zach's sad little inability to wash, if their parents are fine with it, oh well. but when it turns into "GOD LOVES JEREMY'S TIGHT ASS ON DISPLAY AND JAKE IS A SEXUAL PERVO FOR THE SAME STYLE OF CLOTHES"... then I question what really has you bothered. Because really, what church has decreed "pants so tight we wonder if you can still feel your legs are FINE on teenagers over 14!"?

Btw - to put things in perspective, I asked a coworker to take a look at these two pictures. The coworker doesn't watch the show at all but is a professed Christian and is very strict with her kids. I asked her "what was wrong with how the smaller boy was dressed".

She thought he looked dirty... but it looked like a camping trip. When I explained to her that he was currently being upheld as "unchristian because his shorts are too tight"... she literally laughed and asked if the people complaining were from some cult.

Rap541 said...

"Rap, you didn't noticed that Jacob's jeans are very tight in the first picture? I can't miss it. They look they spray-painted on! I noticed it right away. Look at the difference between Levi and Jacob."

Ashley - I honestly rarely notice it on Jeremy either (someone made a comment about Jer in Europe with jeans so tight, he was yodeling for example and when I looked at the picture I was a bit "huh?") It's more the double standard that bothers me - I don't understand how skin tight jeans are "unchristian" on a 13 year old but "Jesus Christian good" on 15-20 year olds.... seems like if the clothes are too revealing (and I have to assume that's the objection since so far the only reason for the ire here is "he's 13") on a 13 year old.... then they're too revealing on a 20 year old, period. As I put it to Judi - if "dressing like a whore" is wrong for a 13 year old girl... is it ok once the girl turns 16? 18? 20?

Or is it still "dressing like a whore"?

Judy said...

Rap, a wise person once said don't argue with a crazy person because you will only end up sounding crazy yourself.

I'll apply that advice now :)

It is a picture. I looked at it. I read the other comments. His jeans appear to be very tight. I am not fond of that. I don't think it is appropriate for a 13 year old Christian boy. I don't like it. I expressed my opinion on it as is my right. The end.

Craw said...

"Because while it never bothered me, I have seen people comment on Jeremy's jeans since Little People Big Dreams... where he was 14."

You're busted Rap!

Jeremy NEVER wore jeans or jean shorts in Little People Big Dreams. Not once. Get your facts straight!

Anonymous said...

Ron and Peg are lively. They are great grandparents to spend quality time with the kids.

Monica said...

The only thing that I thought about the 1st picture other than that Peggy and Ron make a fantastic Grandma and Grandpa, was that Jacob looks like he hasn't slept in 3 days. He looks better in the second picture.

Connie said...

I hope they had a great time. Oregon is beautiful.

Judy said...

Thank you, Craw. I know I didn't see Jeremy dress like Jacob does in Big Dreams. I would have remembered. Jeremy mostly wore long black track shorts that looked completely normal for a kid.

Rap541 said...

Craw? Jeremy wore no pants in that? Wow... I really had no idea he was in underpants....

Judi - Hand on the Bible - Swear to God you think Jake looks ABNORMAL in that photo... he's abnormally dressed and his parents do nothing to stop him and his grandparents HAVE NO POWER. NO ONE HAS ANY POWER OVER JAKE'S CLOTHES BECAUSE HE's AN ADULT MALE WHO CAN MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS AT THIRTEEN AND HIS PARENTS HAVE COMPLETELY LOST CONTROL OF HIS ACTIONS.


BUT ONCE YOU TURN 15, wearing pants so tight *IS CHRISTIAN!"

Correct? Super tight pants on Jeremy isn't too sexy? Jesus loves it when Jeremy looks like he's wearing tights?

Where in the Bible is this?

mythoughtis said...

There's nothing wrong with Jacob's jean shorts... they are cut offs, that's all.

Craw said...

"Craw? Jeremy wore no pants in that? Wow... I really had no idea he was in underpants...."

How pathetically desperate. Rap you can't even admit when you are wrong or are lying.

You said that people were talking about Jeremy's tight jeans in lpbd when he was 14 implying he wore tight jeans in big dreams.

He didn't wear jeans in lpbd. He didn't wear tight pants or tight shorts in lpbd. Search this blog for the lpbd stuff. There are some pictures.

Like Judy said they were track shorts and track pants.

Ashley said...

Wow, I didn't mean to start a big thing. They do look really tight imo though.

Timothy said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with Jacob's shorts MYI said, they are cut offs. So they look like cut offs...because that's what they are. I didn't know cut offs were a no no.

Jocelynn said...

They are the same shorts he always wears. What's the problem now?

Lynn C said...

Jocelynn, yes I think they are old. The problem is he is getting bigger and it's time he stops wearing them because they are tight. They can't be comfortable. What is he going for?

But it's better they're tight than hanging around his thighs.

Em said...

I don't think they are even tight. It's just the fact he's sitting. Where cut offs and sit down. They're going to hug your legs snug.

Jody said...

Umm, quite a few of you have far too much time on your hands if you are opining on the state of fashion for adolescents, using it as a rubric for by which to judge the parenting abilities of the Roloffs.

If you are looking at Jake and thinking "sex", the problem is with you, not him, his parents or his grandparents.

Rap541 said...

Ashley - sadly this always happens... some people just find it "Christian" to go after a child.

Jocelynn - apparently these shorts are "UnChristian".... I assume all the adults in Jake's life are intimidated and far too frightened to tell him to change his clothes ;)

Honestly Craw - since I haven't gotten an answer on why dressing in pants so tight we can see every asset adult Jer has is "Jesus Christian Good! LETS ALL APPLAUD JER'S JUNK ON DISPLAY" and the above picture is Jake being a slutty whore and defiling himself... I don't think it matters.

But honestly? You could be right. I haven't seen LPBD in ages. Now explain how being *fifteen* makes it CHRISTIAN CHURCH WEAR and being *thirteen* means EVIL.

Kinda like how 17 year old Jer hanging his butt out his pants is "acceptable" but Jake doing it at 12 is "slutty skank whore prancing like a chippendales dancer for dollars".

Em - precisely. I really seriously doubt all the people acting affronted will ever acknowledge that Matt is the daddy who sent his son off to the grandparents with "whoreshorts".

I mean, Matt was the parent at home at the time. But I assure you, the ones affronted will be very quick to insist the "child" (because the issue is that Jake is too young) is in fact no longer the father's responsibility.

Rap541 said...

Tim - this is made more hilarious by how Jeremy was praised to the skies for his "dress cutoffs" on the gold course...

Anonymous said...

Wow, I see that the Jeremy fangirl brigade is out in full force.

For the record, I am not a Jacob fan either. But you Jeremy stans act like it's a competition, and the players are Jacob vs. Jeremy. That's kinda pathetic, don't you think?

Dana said...

Competition was your word Anoymous June 30 @9:04.

I hate it when people try to be PC. Guess what? This is life. People do get evaluated. You like certain people more than others. You respect certain people more than others. Certain kids act better than others.

Matt has four children. Three sons and one daughter. They are going to be compared, especially the boys.

Jeremy stands above the others. Zach is disrespectful to Matt and unmotivated. He lacks Jeremy's social skills.

That leaves Matt's two average sized boys. Don't be foolish. People are going to compare them. Jacob is not the person Jeremy is. He doesn't shine like Jeremy does.

If you're an intelligent person, you can tell how Matt really feels. He's an excellent father who loves all of his children and attempts to boost them all up publicly. If you're smart and you can read Matt, you can tell that Jeremy makes Matt the most proud. Don't fault those of us who are smart enough to see what Matt sees.

Jeremy makes me proud for Matt that he has the son he deserves. Jacob continues to disappoint again and again.

As Matt and Amy have rightfully stated, it is amazing how the same parents can raise kids the same way, but have them turn out so differntly. You can't blame Jacob on Matt and Amy, because they raised Jeremy too. Jacob is so unlike Jeremy in many ways.

Rap541 said...

Dana - No offense but if you can't blame Jake, Zach and Molly on their parents... then how can you logically give them credit for Jeremy?

Either parenting matters or it doesn't. If Matt and Amy deserve accolades for Jeremy... how on Earth can you seriously say that they aren't responsible for how the other children turned out?

Thats before we get into "Jeremy *shining*".

It also ignores the reality that you throw a hissy and declare everyone haters when Jeremy is evaluated.

Stand up this young man to other young men his age. He has no interest in even attempting to support himself, he admits he was lazy in school and couldn't get into a four year college. He needed his mommy to wake him at 20 for the job his daddy gives him. I could go on because there's many many examples of how Jeremy, when compared to other young men his age, is sadly lacking.

Yet you throw a fit every time these things get brought up. Jeremy, like Jake, and Zach, and Molly, is average. He's not doing anything for dwarfism awareness except going along for the ride with his family. If you expect people to not find your praise laughable, Jeremy will need to accomplish something other than making play forts and scratching himself on his couch.

Trust me - I have no expectation that Jake will be a *better* man than Jeremy, because I see the signs of Matt and Amy's poor parenting all over Jeremy. I simply don't think Jake is at an age where we as a society consider him accountable. It's coming.

But Jeremy is by no means a child, and you're not helping him by praising him for nothing.

Back on point. Matt and Amy have four children and they are intimately responsible with how all four turn out, and claiming "Well, Jer turned out fine (which is debatable) so Matt and Amy are awesome parents and any problems the other three kids have? Can't be due to parenting since the Golden Boy is perfect!"

Matt is a con man said...

Jeremy "shines"? Boy, not in my book. He has a big ego, no motivation, he is a slob etc...

The shorts on Jake are fine. He is camping. He cut off his too short jeans. He looks cute, not sexy.

Good grief.

Susi said...

This discussion is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

Just "Telling It Like I See It" said...

What is the big deal with Jacob "jeans"! If you all notice and think about it, when we are all sitting down all of our cloth's look "tight" on us all. So all of you on this blog need to really get over it! Alway's trying to find something "negative" to say and find when their is not a damm thing to find "negative" for instance all Ron and Peg did was post that they went camping with their "grandson" and his "friend". What you all comment on is "Look at how "tight" his "jeans" are He suppose to be a "christian" The boy is "thirteen years old" he does not know nothing about fashion yet at his age! I Believe that the premises of the picture is look at how close we are still with our 13yr grandson! we can still go "camping" with "him" and his "friend"! It is not quiet that often any of us see or for that matter hear that a "teenage" "boy" would still be hanging out with his "grandparents" and still go "camping" along at that with a "friend". "Amy" is the one who is still "buyin"g and perhaps at times still picking out his "cloths". So if you all want to "complain" about his "Jeans" perhaps make your sorry "ass" remarks and complaints towards his mom "Amy" so get over it and get a freaking life. Jealous "ass" people. The "Roloff family" Rocks!

Rap541 said...

Just - basically its an excuse for the adult Christian crowd to justify public attacks on the 13 year old boy. There seems to be a perception that if Jake is torn down, then Jeremy is built up, and its very important to certain people here that Jeremy be held up as "the best roloff".


"smiles too much"
"doesn't smile enough"
"wears his pants too baggy and low for a decent Christian"
"wears his short too tight for a decent christian"
"is too active"
"is not active enough"

Oh and by dint of "Being Jeremy The Best Roloff", all of the other Roloff kids only have accomplishments "because of the love of Jeremy".

If Zach does something nice for Molly, Molly is a hateful little bitch *if she doesn't praise Jeremy for what Zack did*. That's the logic in play here.

AussieMum said...

Rap541....I never thought of it that way. I just thought the christian crowd were immature, pathetic people who have nothing better to do than attack a young child.
Poor Jacob. He has no choice in being on this show. Thanks to his greedy parents that child will grow up with inferiority complex. All for the love of money.

Samantha said...

Is it just me or does Jeremy's cut off shorts look tighter than Jacob's? I agree with the people that said Jacob copies Jeremy's style

Melissa said...

Samantha, the difference is Jacob is 13 and Jeremy is 20 and as sexy as can be.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Roloff is my FAVORITE Roloff. I see how he is left in the background and never asked what he wants to do. He is always dragged on other peoles trips and he has to go, cause he is 13. I love Jacob's look, he dresses the way he feels. I say more power to him. When he goes to church, Jacob is smart enough to dress appropriately. Jacob is his own spririt and NOT that loser brother JEREMY, who is a homophobe and racist. Jacob is and will be more good looking than JER(k).
I would love to tell Jacob how great I think he is, and how much I enjoy the joy he brings to the show. He is Gods young anel on earth. I would love to be his friend anytime in his life he needs a friend. I bet he cries alot cause he is NOT understood. I know what it is like to be in your shoes Jaker's.
I was always looking to fit in .


DO IT!!!

DO IT!!!

It is my belief that your mom and dad have done a great job is raising you. Never compare yourself to Jeremy or anyone else. And as for your grandparents letting you wear tight pants....great for them. They let you be yourself and they let you make your own choices. Your a awesome spirit and a Joy to watch. I think people need to ask you what you want, where you want to go how you feell.
SPEAK Up on show.

Brandon said...

I understand some of the reasons, but I think some of the mad love for Jacob is way, way off.

To different degrees, I think everybody has different Roloffs they like or dislike more than others, just like with any person. I think some people feel sorry for Jacob and give him credit for having attributes that he doesn't have because it's easy to feel sorry for him. Especially for those of us that are annoyed by Matt's blatant favoritism and overall feeling that Jeremy is the Golden Boy that walks on water.

I think some (Jeremy) fans are too hard on Jacob, but really, Jacob himself? I don't see any reason to praise him like in the post above for being such a wonderful kid.

I don't see any signs that he's caring or sensitive.

I think Zach's words from the show have more truth than he thought they did. When he said about Jacob "That's another Jeremy Roloff in the making".

I agree...and that's not a good thing! He idolizes Jeremy and again, that's not a good thing. I was annoyed by his constant longing for Jeremy in the camping trip episode. Zach spends more time with him because the Jeremy James Jesus leaves him out, but Jacob is all "I want Jeremy to see this".

If you're like me and you're not a fan of Jeremy the person, I think Zach's words are true (but in a different context). Jacob is the next Jeremy. There is no reason to think Jacob will be any less ignorant or hypocritical than his hero, Jeremy. He might even be worse because he has part time parents.

I wouldn't be surprised in real life, if Jacob isn't already spitting out the slurs and "cool" language because that's what Jeremy does and Jeremy is his idol.

Paddy said...

Tight jeans?? So what...In the 60's and 70's it was the style and it's coming back. It means nothing except it's different to these 13 year old's. Different than what the old 20 yr old's wear, and different is what it's all about.
What kind of losers call a 13 yr old kid a whore because he...or she...wears tight clothes. You losers have way too much time on your hands.
Back off and let the kid be a kid. He's gonna look back on these pics and cringe just like you look back on YOUR pics at 13 and cringe.

Jacob...wear what the heck you want and the bird to anyone who doesn't like it!!!!

Lynn C said...

Paddy, no one called him a whore. That is just Rap's hyperbole as usual. Get used to it if you read this site for any length of time.

People made the perfectly reasonable observation that Jacob's jeans appear to be tight in the picture. An honest comment is horrible? Then other people made the perfectly reasonable comment that in their opinion tight jeans aren't appropriate for a 13 year old Christan boy.