Monday, June 14, 2010

Season 6 of Little People, Big World officially announced - Begins September 6th

Well, that took a while for the official announcement to finally come, but what everyone knew was finally announced. There will be a Season 6 of Little People, Big World as it has been renewed for another season. Season 5 concludes tonight and they've currently been filming season 6.

They do have a date for Season 6's return -- September 6th (yes, that's a Monday)

There is a little bit of a spin with the ratings figure as you would always expect in this type announcement. As most people know, TLC splits one season of LPBW into two halves. Part A and Part B.

Part A starts into the fall and goes into the winter. Then there is a couple of months of hiatus, only for Part B to return in the spring and run until about this time of year.

Season 5 Part A averaged 1.8 million viewers; experiencing a season high of a 2.4 rating and a low of 1.4.

Part B which returned in April has seen a drop in ratings. The high for 5B has been a 1.4 (the low of 5A) and the low was dropping below the 1 million mark with a 0.994 rating. So it's obviously advantageous to combine the two sections to raise the overall rating.

'Little People' renewed for sixth season
TLC series averaging 1.5 million viewers

By Stuart Levine

TLC has ordered a sixth season of reality skein "Little People, Big World."
Series examines the Roloff clan of Portland, Ore. Parents Matt and Amy are small, but three of their four children are of average height and all help out on the family farm.

Season five, which has been averaging 1.5 million viewers, concludes Monday. Production on the new season has begun and will debut Sept. 6.

Skein is produced by Gay Rosenthal Prods. Rosenthal, Paul Barrosse, Joseph Freed, and Nicholas Caprio exec produce.

Also, the cabler announced a new set of judges for the new season of "BBQ Pitmasters" including ex-NFL star Warren Sapp, restaurant owner and chef and Art Smith, as well as Myron Mixon, who has won 180 BBQ competition championships.


Roxanne said...

I've never heard of the word "skein" before. I needed to look it up.

"a twisted skein of lies."

How appropriate! lol

mythoughtis said...

so, I guess, the last episode ending drama with Matt's health was all a big fake scare. Are they going to keave us hanging until the fall episodes then?

a friend in Colorado said...

I am one who is happy they will be coming back. I am anxious to hear Matt is okay. After watching the last episode I can't believe they didn't call 911 asap. A friend in Colorado.

Anonymous said...

i love the show, but i'm pretty sure it is all just intertainmen.

Tay said...

I am usually pro Roloff but I am not tonight, To Matt Roloff you and the TLC network owe all of us viewers an apology for the fake stage ending that you all left us with to look at. to fake as if you passed out or died is just plan sick and pathetic the end for this show has been coming this whole season for how they have all change and tonight show just put the icing on the cake take this show off the air asap show us the repeats of season one thru 4 don't ever show us this horrible season which is known as season five it was just awful and so not real go back to when the show was real for season six since it was pick up I promise we will all just treat season five as a horrible dream and it never exist and it never happen like the 1985-1986 season of the CBS network weekly night time soap Dallas it was all just a dream and that season just never exist we will treat this the same way just make the show like it was real and basic and simple not all this stage scripted mess just plain simple down to earth and real all I can say is that I hope that the powers that be make season six right because if not more than likley season six will be the end for this show might just be season six part A, part B 2011 may not even make if part A. September 6, 2010 be a mess. Matt Amy, TLC production crew just make it like it was that all I have to say make it like was the way it use to be. Tay

Anonymous said...

Little People Big LIES just jumped the Shark.


These people are manipulative and are making their wealth milking your emotions for ratings. This pathetic, shameful and evil. There is quite a lot of unsophisticated viewers out there that don't get the fact the Roloff family is all a fake show or like Roxanne said"a twisted skein of lies."

Anonymous said...

This show is just done and over with. I Can't even look at it any more after Monday Nights show. The Roloff or just some fake wanna be TLC tv stars that will do anything to make a buck.

Anonymous said...

you should air commercials informing viewers show is not cancelled