Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Amy Roloff celebrates 20th anniversary of the Americans Disability Act

Amy Roloff spoke about her feelings on the 20th anniversary of the Americans Disability Act.

"On July 26th, 2010, we hit a milestone in celebrating 20 years of a landmark legislation ­ ADA ­ Americans Disability Act! This is why I’m proud to be an American when we can all come to the table for the common good of people. Regardless of ideologies many fought and advocated because it was the right thing to do. What this legislation did was to give a voice to everyone with a disability and those who advocate for those that are unable to do it for themselves.

“What this legislation did was to begin the process of tearing down the barriers of not only the physical elements but to begin to change the perception and attitude many had and still have towards those with a disability.

“The doors needed to be open. They are now. Lets continue to keep them open and as far open as they can for everyone. The label we place on others regarding their disability often has nothing to do with who they are and what they are capable of doing. Every person has value and purpose. ADA provides an opportunity that is usually automatically given to an able bodied person. We have come so far but we still need to continue to push forward. Every American wants to thrive. That also includes people with a disability. We are able!

“We celebrate this 20-year milestone of the ADA because of those who fought for and never stopped advocating for those with disabilities from the very beginning. There are still many that continue to strengthen and advocate for this important legislation, whether in their everyday life, their company, community, states, or the Federal level and I want to thank you.

“Everyone of you. It is one of many reasons, I Amy Roloff, who has dwarfism, has more opportunities and possibilities. It took one person, one group to never give up and push forward for something that may not have just benefited them but all Americans 20 years ago. Because of them we have opportunities. Because of them we continue to push forward. Thank You! Continue to give a little help for a BIG WORLD.”

You can read the full article here:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Amy Roloff Annual Golf and Dinner Auction to benefit Shriner's Hospital and Special Olympics

The second annual Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Golf and Dinner Benefit will be held this year on August 22nd and 23rd and will benefit Portland Shriners Hospitals for Children and Oregon Special Olympics.

For any sponsors interested in getting involved in the ARCF's event to help -- their site has a sponsor page -- complete with this beautiful photograph by Mitch Ward of Amy golfing.

"Amy Roloff continues to reach out to kids and families with additional and upcoming fundraising events, including the annual Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Golf and Dinner Benefit. Held on August 22nd & 23rd at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Course, the 2010 “Starry Night and Summer’s Day” event will benefit Portland Shriners Hospitals for Children and Oregon Special Olympics. "

Interested sponsors and contributed can visit the following link on the ARCF for more information:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Video of Amy Roloff in Haiti

The Amy Roloff Charity Foundation put up a brief video on their You Tube account, showing them in Haiti. Amy, Zach and Jeremy, along with a couple of members of Amy's charity team docked in Haiti for a day during their Oasis of the Seas cruise. In the video you can see Amy talking to the kids and giving out some items. Zach is recording it on a video camera they use to show bits of vacations and travel when the Little People, Big World crew isn't actually there with them.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Matt Roloff Fan Facebook updates

Aug 2
Matt Roloff = Business meeting was good in the bvi for both Jeremy and I ... You just never know how fast life... and your future can change. Networking is powerful indeed... Leaving the islands in the morning for jeremy and i meeting in DC. Then fort Bragg nc

July 29
Matt Roloff = Sven's been at it again...

July 28
Matt Roloff = Thanks to my Facebook fans (especially Tom) who lobbied Hot VW magazine to do a spread on my bug... They're coming to the farm! I've been wanting to be in that mag since the early 1980's. I love it when a 30 yr old dream comes true. :))))

July 27
Matt Roloff = Zach and I on an adventure -- I Love this photo!

July 27
Matt Roloff = Crazy itinerary. Fly to Denver, then Peoria (speech) Goto Chicago, then Meeting in Newark. South to San Juan PR, then Tortola BVI. High speed ferry to remote island. Relax for 4 days on boat..then continue my business leg back to Beef Island..then San Juan.. on to Washington DC then Raleigh NC. Where i meet up with our... crew. Then work my way Home. 9 days of Work, Fun, Sun and major adventure all in one trip.

July 27
Matt Roloff = A friend with a big boat down in the Caribbean Just asked if i wanted to come aboard and sail around a few days.. Very tempting since I'll be on the East coast doing a speaking event later this week. ...Then 4 days later I have to be back East in NC. Amy says she''l hold down the fort like I did for her a few weeks back. :))) I think I'll go.

July 25
Matt Roloff = I have 38 things on my todo list for tomorrow it's going to be a rough Monday unless I get up and kick the turbos on

July 24
Matt Roloff = Another friend of mine...

July 24
Matt Roloff = Spent all day trenching ditches for water lines and underground cables all around the farm. This is the unglamorous ... but necessary projects you never see we 'get' to do.

July 23
Matt Roloff = Back in my own bed...Happy feet...right around the corner :))

Matt Roloff = LA is fun but miss the family and farm already

July 21
Matt Roloff = Nice quiet night at home. Up in the air again early tomorrow morning... but ... good news.. Back home in a flash. Really should get packing.. then to bed.

July 20
Matt Roloff = To all the negativity out there... enjoy. My baby... Diggin' his farm. :))

(added comment by Matt: Missa- Actually Jacob took that photo himself with a timer. Pretty impressive i'd say. I sure was.

July 20
Matt Roloff = ...Bad boys of Washington County... Wow..This past year... Jacob has catapulted in maturity. I'm so proud of all the help he gives me.

July 20
Matt Roloff = Movie was ok.. Not bad.. Not great.. Amy joined, Jacob, Levi and I ... so that made it a fun. We all got some good laughs in. Also some great action sequences. I always enjoy a movie better when I have lower expectations. So thx to everyone who FB'ed that they didn't like it... cause your comments likely helped me... think it was a bit better than I expected.

July 19
Matt Roloff = It's always fun do do local stories ... especially with my long time friend Kelley Day from KOIN news 6 here in Portland. I had fun hanging out with her all afternoon.

July 19
Matt Roloff = Anybody seen Tom cruise movie .. Knight and day? Thinking about taking jacob to see it tonite late show

July 17
Matt Roloff = What a day.. get up.. work on pumpkins... clean office... pay bills.. design new farm project.. make flight reservations for next bus. trip.. ride in VW.. make TV.. dodge cameras.. Facebook.. Go to bed. ....Tomorrow.. Start all over again.

July 15
Matt Roloff = Our treehouse...

July 14
Matt Roloff = ....A friend of mine.

July 13
Matt Roloff = An old photo of when we 'lost' our dog Vern. Buried him in a special place under a birch tree on the farm. Got Rocky a few weeks later. :)

July 12
Matt Roloff = I realized many of you have never seen my 'real' office. Notice the desk and credenza is all made out of barn wood I've collected over the years.

July 11
Matt Roloff = Ahhh.... Nuttin' like a good camping trip in the Oregon mountains with my boys. Except getting happy feet in my own comfy bed.

July 10
Matt Roloff = Jacob and I hangin' with the folks downtown...

July 9
Matt Roloff = What an honor!! The organization I love.. Little People of America (LPA) honored me with a life time achievement/membership award... I guess my contributions as past president and our current representation of Little People is productive and positive. This award warms my soul. Thank you to President Lois, the board o...f directors and entire membership of LPA. I'm truly honored and humbled by this prestigious award.

July 8
Matt Roloff = Loved hangin' out with thousands of Little People in Nashville. Saw many friends that I've known for over 45 years. ...and made some new cool friends too. It's so fun to be part of one big gigantic close knit family. ...and nice to be with people that don't care what you stink like. ....errr I mean think like... oh well.

July 7
Matt Roloff = So proud of Amy and Zach in all the sports. They got the glod medal again in soccer.

July 7
Matt Roloff = Wow. Almost home from Nashville.

July 3
Read the book "Emotional intelligence 2.0" on the plane. Very intriguing read. Sure explains why some people post/write so negitively all the time. At least now its explainable. :))

July 2
Yesterday... I took a little "walk on the wild side" my buddy Steve's house. These are my two new best friends... for a few more months anyway.. Leo (from last year) was already near full grown.

July 1

Matt Roloff: Jacob had a great two day camping trip with Pappa-n-Huny...While molly and I hung out together. As soon as he got back.. .Jacob and I went to dinner last night and then to see another movie. The A-Team. He liked it better than I did. arrg. :) We're having a blast together this week!

June 30th
Just finished our first formal Pumpkin season, brain-storming meeting.. Let the craziness begin! ....All ideas welcome. Oh my... Why do I feel compelled to reinvent myself every year or so?

June 29th
Hey Jer and Zach... How''s your handi-cam action going with mom?? Do you miss the crew? We're keeping them very busy here on on the farm...

June 29th

Keep the Haitians in your prayers... Amy texted me that "it's overwhelming how much basic need is there". I'm holding down the fort here at the farm.

June 27th

Matt Roloff - "Molly and I just cooked my famous burgers together...Now we're off to see Toy Story 3. Anybody else seen it?

June 27th

Matt Roloff: Jacob and I went to the late movie together on Friday nite...Saw "killers" ... very cute Jacob said afterwards... "Dad, that movie was the perfect mix of Comedy, Romance and Action"....I agreed. Yesterday, Jacob and I spent the entire day together on the most exciting Roloff Farm Project this year. ...mayb...e even EVER! We both slept in. :))

Today it's Molly and I hanging out relaxing by the pool. My mom and dad just took Jacob camping for a few days. Amy and 'the twins' are gone this week. I'm lovin' just being on the farm for a change.

June 21st
Matt Roloff: Just pulled in the garage-- The house is crawling with kids... Must be Summer-time cause 'they' got people all over... in the pool .. kitchen..garage.. and music is playing everywhere. Molly says it's not a "party" but looks a bit like that. lol. Raleigh was very cool. I spoke to the FFA- Future Farmers Association of NC-- Wow. What a vibrant group of young people!!

(We will put the most recent at the top -- below was the original explanation)

This was suggested, so we have decided to try and new running feature. We will use this item to follow most of Matt's more interesting Facebook posts that people might want to discuss. The link to this item will be near the top of the sidebar, so if you're interested, you can follow.

It was suggested we do this because:

1) Some people just aren't into Facebook or the other social networking sites. A few people are apparently still on dial up internet connection and have emailed their sad story that Facebook doesn't load well for them.

2) Some people want a chance to comment on what Matt is saying or hear what other people think and that's not always possible or appropriate on a fan page. For some people, even if they have a slight disagreement with something Matt says, they simply don't feel comfortable voicing it on a fan page that Matt is posting on out of respect -- that and with Matt recently declaring that his Facebook page is not a democracy and he will delete/ban/remove posts he doesn't like -- I think that prompted a few people to suggest that they have a place to discuss it here. Although we will preface, it's not "anything goes" here either. Stay classy! A couple of the deleted posts directly on Matt's Facebook page wouldn't be allowed here either (nasty insults on the appearance of people; use of slurs as insults....common sense and decency things).

And of course if you do love Matt and agree with all he says and want to let him know, you're encouraged to comment there.

To that end - we even have a few tips to impress Matt if that's your goal.

Going right back to the beginning days of Matt's legacy re: fan interaction -- Matt's style is that he often picks favorites -- if you win Matt's heart, he will let you and everyone know it. You might be selected a winner of a contest. If you impress him, he might add you to his personal Facebook. If he really likes you, he might even invite you to the farm and not charge you $300 for the Golden Ticket pass and private tour with him.

So what are some ways to win Matt's affection with your online/facebook posts on his page?

1. Analyze what Matt says/has said about certain subjects and repeat by rephrasing it slightly. For example, Matt loves it when people respond to a slight criticism of Matt from something fans saw on the show with the editing spiel. Don't bash the editors/TLC or the show, however highlight that point -- talented editors slice and dice the material to create a good story and attempt to influence viewer response -- thus it's impossible to know what really happened so no one can judge because you are only seeing and hearing what the talented story tellers want you to think.

To be objective though, the other side of that argument is if the show is so watered down in manipulative editing, how do you know the things that you like about the Roloffs on the show are also real and true and not what the producers (and Matt and Amy are producers too) want you to believe? And if the show is edited to a point that you can't tell what really happened and can't possibly know what the Roloffs are really like -- why are people even watching if the human interest and truthfulness aspect is out the window? Why not turn on a full out drama, like CSI? In addition, if editing rules then doesn't that contradict the Roloff's claims during interviews that the show is very real and raw and what viewers see is pretty much accurate as Matt and Amy have said in various interviews? However, back on on point - don't mention any of that if your goal is to win Matt's respect. Just mention the talented editors bit and you would be foolish to believe a negative about them based on something said or seen on Little People, Big World. Matt will appreciate that and view you as one of the smart ones.

2. As Zach once said on the show, Matt cares deeply about his reputation/his legacy. Be generous and frequent with comments about how Matt has inspired you and all that he has done for the community of Little People (which personally I think is very true - I don't think anyone can argue that LPBW hasn't helped "normalize" LP for a lot of society, however, Matt likes seeing that point mentioned a lot).

3. The kids reflect on Matt, so as Jeremy's picture indicates: praise him as you praise your God!

Naw, just kidding of course, but do often tell Matt that he has four wonderful kids or that he has raised 4 awesome kids. Contrary to what some of the biggest Matt fans believe -- praise all the kids -- because they all reflect on him.

4. If you do share a common interest with Matt -- ie. love of VWs, construction, etc, mention it in your posts. Matt is human and if you're talking about something he's interested in, it will make it more enjoyable for him and you'll stand out to him.

Follow those steps frequently and you might find yourself the apple of Matt's eye.

So that's the overview on Matt's Facebook.

If you prefer other Roloff family members, here is a recap of them online re: Fan communication:

Amy doesn't have a Facebook Fan page like Matt does, but she sometimes post on her Charity Foundation's Facebook page.

She also sometimes tweets on her Charity foundation website, although it can be her team instead -- you can usually tell if it's Amy or her foundation team members.

Amy's online fan communication is pretty much strictly related to her charity foundation activities as opposed to the more personal nature of Matt's fan Facebook that has made his page very popular. At one time, Amy did have a twitter account and used it in the more typical twitter fashion - quick daily updates once in a while, but that mysteriously disappeared and she hasn't started again other than for her charity foundation.

For those of you that still ask, Jeremy and Zach Roloff do not have Fan Facebooks or twitters. Jeremy and Zach do not have the reputation for interacting with fans... at all. At one time years ago, Zach had a pretty good reputation for being generous in responding to social networking messages, but that was a long time ago - before the Roloffs really settled into being celebrities, before the house expansion into the mansion, before they routinely received VIP treatment onto the soccer field to meet world famous soccer/football (for our non-North American readers) teams and players. It is true that Jeremy and Zach do fully make their own choice to be apart of the show as legal adults and it is true they collect their own paychecks, and it is also true that they have free time galore as Amy said in the Season 5 finale. However, they have no obligation to do what Matt does online regarding the fans, so they don't. They opt for what's fun and enjoyable for them and that's playing 24/7. Jeremy and Zach just don't really have any responsibilities at all. From what we're told, a day in the life of 20 year old Jeremy and Zach is very much similar to a day in the life of their 13 year old brother Jacob.

Anyhow, with no further delay:

June 21st
Matt Roloff: Just pulled in the garage-- The house is crawling with kids... Must be Summer-time cause 'they' got people all over... in the pool .. kitchen..garage.. and music is playing everywhere. Molly says it's not a "party" but looks a bit like that. lol. Raleigh was very cool. I spoke to the FFA- Future Farmers Association of NC-- Wow. What a vibrant group of young people!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt Roloff interview with Portland television reporter

Matt did an interview with a local Portland television personality. Here's a quick recap:

*Cliff-hanger- Matt fainted, coincidence he was having pain in his shoulder so he was grabbing his shoulder, then fainted so it made it look like he had a heart attack.

*Roloffs are national celebrities. Started about dwarfism, then a family, challenges in their marriage, challenges with the kids.

* Matt says it's stressful. They're always in the sky flying different places.

*There are times where Matt or Amy or the kids have said enough is enough and they turn off the cameras. Matt says if the kids are really really really bad they'll tell the crew/producer to turn off the camera. They have done that a few times.

*That was as much behind the scenes information that the producers would allow.

*The television interview and camera person tried to shoot the crew shooting Matt, but that's not allowed.

*Matt says they'll probably do it for at least 2 more years.

*Update on the Roloff kids from the tv station:
Zach and Jeremy starting their 2nd year at a local junior college in the fall (PCC). Zach works "almost full time" (at the indoor soccer place) and Jeremy is "really into photography".

Molly is driving, she's going into grade 11.
Jacob is the family fish, loves to swim and is going into the 5th(?) grade this year.





Matt Roloff on the cover of 'Celebrity Parents' Magazine

Matt Roloff is on the cover of the new issue of Celebrity Parents Magazine.

The preview reads:

Our next cover of Celebrity Parents will feature none other than Matt Roloff! The star of TLC's hit show Little People, Big World spoke exclusively with us about his marriage, his family, and why being a parent is the most important thing to him. Check out Matt in the next issue of Celebrity Parents, out this Friday!

You can visit their website for more infomation:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Amy Roloff has a personal trainer and personal tour of Roloff Farm with Matt

A family (a mother and two daughters, probably late teens to early 20s) did the personal tour of Roloff Farms.

She posted on Matt's Fan Facebook wall. They seemed to enjoy it immensely and report that Matt was very friendly and wonderful. Some people will find it interesting that they said Amy was working with her personal trainer. Amy came out to meet them. They have pictures with Amy wearing boxing gloves and Jacob rode with them on the "Mule" for the tour. The "Mule" by the way, is now a giant model. It has three rows of fancy seats (the driver and passenger row, and two rows behind that).

Apparently Jeremy and Zach were not around. The daughters were disappointed they didn't get to meet them. No mention of Molly.

This is the comment the person posted on Matt's Facebook Fan Page:

"Matt, thanks to you and Amy for giving my girls and I a very awesome tour and visit! You are very humble and charming, and Shannon and Serena and I enjoyed every moment of the tour! Too bad the twins did not meet the girls! I will try to send you some photos! I am somewhat of a "dunce" with the computer!"

We should make one thing clear so other fans aren't mislead. This tour that this family went on is the one that costs $300 for up to 3 people for 30 minutes.

I think because fans who have watched the Roloffs for so long feel an attachment to them, as though they are like extended family, and because of Matt's friendly nature on his Facebook Fan page with messages such as "Thank you for being a loyal fan of "Little People Big World". I hope to meet you on the farm one day. " some people really think of the Roloffs as friends and leave comments such as "Matt, I'd love to drop in and have you give me a tour, thanks!" We also have received a number of emails from people asking us that if they drive by the Roloffs Farm, do we think it's possible that the Roloffs would meet them?"

I don't think some people realize that everything is a business to the Roloffs. You can meet the Roloffs for a tour if you arrange it in advance, but they do charge $300 for 30 minutes plus $50 for each additional person. That turns some people off, others like this family apparently, obviously felt that it was worth it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roloff cruise video -- Fellow passenger describes cruise and opinion of Jeremy, Zach and Amy Roloff on You Tube

Someone on You Tube that was aboard the Oasis Of The Seas cruise ship with the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation and Zach and Jeremy put a video up with a pictures from the cruise.

In the description the person wrote about their opinion of the cruise. They have a less than stellar opinion of Jeremy and Zach. For people wondering, the passenger does talk about the Haiti part of the trip.

This is the description along with the video:

"These are pictures from the cruise I took the last last week of June 2010. The ship is called Oasis of the Seas and its amazing!

It's like having the best part of cities all over the place on a boat. There is a section that looks like the Boardwalk and Central Park. There is rock climbing and a zip line. An aqua theatre, comedy club, restaurants, shops, ice cream parlor, promenades, pizzerias. It's unbelievable!

This was the first real trip we ever took. Its my parents 20th anniversary later this year. They wanted to do something special for the family, Oasis of the Seas it was!

Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff were there too from the show Little People Big World. I had no idea they would be there but I guess they were on a celebrity cruise for Amy, but Jeremy and Zack didn't act like it.

I thought it was cool at first but not for long because I soon realized they are jerks. I talked to Amy once, she was nice. My parents had a long talk with her. They liked her. She seemed cool. A friend of hers Gail, was my favorite. She was a super nice lady.

Jeremy and Zack are not nice. They are jerks. They were nothing like I thought they would be from watching their show. I thought they would be normal and down to earth cool. They are not at all. They are rich snobs that make fun of people, talk behind peoples backs and act like they are so much better.

They had a signing for a couple of hours near the end, the picture at 1:48 is from it, but mostly I saw them around the cruise all the time.

They are so fake. If someone came up to them they would half smile and say hi. Then they walk away and make fun of people. My family was at the table behind them once when they were doing it. By the way, Jeremy is very LOUD when he is being his real self. I also heard them talk by the elevators too.

Almost everytime I saw Jeremy, a brown haired girl he met on the cruise was with him. She is the girl in the picture at 0:38 They were very cozy with each other and giggling like couples do. She is nice looking and she's rich. I heard it was their 24th cruise or something. Trust me, you can tell who lives in the cruise world all the time and who doesn't. That's what the Roloffs flock to, at least Jeremy and Zack. Amy seemed cool.

That's what I have to say about the Roloffs. Amy was nice, but Jeremy and Zack are douchebags. They act like there are two classes. They act like they were born to be apart of the uppity privileged crowd. They obviously forget they weren't and only were on the cruise because normal people think they are down to earth regular working people. I'm not rich and didn't fit in with a lot of the people who do the cruises all the time like Jeremy's girlfriend seems to. Then again I'm not white and Jeremy has said a bunch of racist stuff before so...

Jeremy and Zack act like they are so much better, like they are way up there and other people down there. They hang out with the rich and the beautiful. I think it's a joke how their show is supposed to be about not judging people on looks and appearances and to look inside. They are only interested in hanging out with the rich and the pretty people. They gave me the "oh're nothing and now go away" attitude. Now that I know what they are like I will never watch their fake show again.

Someone was asking me what about the Haiti relief trip? I didn't even know anything about it. Lol. Nobody in my family knew and neither did any of the other people I talked to. We docked in Labadee, Haiti on the beach. It was really nice. Some people did some water sports. I don't know if the Roloffs did something on their own, but the rest of the ship didn't. Whatever they did it couldn't have been for long. We docked in Haiti in the morning and left, I don't know 5 or 6, in the evening.

That's my advice. If you can ever afford to go on the Oasis of the Seas, do it. It was awesome. There is so much to do. It has a whole city on the ship and everything is beautiful. But it is super expensive. Most of the costs to do things aren't included. The service is great, but you're expected to tip huge and after 7 days it adds up. Unless someone in my family wins, the lottery I won't be going on it again! Just try to make sure you don't go with spoiled brats from a fake reality tv show because Jeremy and Zack Roloff are jerks."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is a Little People of America (LPA) conference really like with the Roloffs?

This isn't strictly a Roloff item, however we thought we would pass it along to give Roloff followers and LPBW viewers a chance to see what a LPA conference is really like through the experience of an attendee. It might not be exactly the way the national conferences are portrayed on the television show Little People, Big World.

A little person was actively twittering about her experience at the 2010 LPA conference in Nashville. As you can see she partied with the Roloffs. Here are some of here "conference" related "tweets".

July 3
Sitting in the airport with Kelly & our families waiting for our flight. Eating mcdonalds fries b/c I don't eat during nashville ;) hehehe.

Friggen flight is delayed an hour

In Nashville bitches ! With all my friends <3>

Chillen with zack roloff!

Omg I'm surprised my head isn't cracked open from slamming on the tile floor because I got tackled by the drunk Colin Kraft ! Haha

Dancing the night away with some sexy people

I love the fact everyone is drunk as hell :)

July 4th
Dancing till I die ;)

Lmaooo; Colin the drunkkk asss DJ (; such a funny embarrassment <3>

I'm drunkkk onnnn maRgariTa'ssss !!

At Starbucks in the hotel with the girls, I'm working on 5 hours of sleep - gotta love it!

All eyes on us in the center of the ring just like a circus ;)

Pool time after a long 5 mile walk with everybody <3>

Out to dinner with the group <3>

July 5
Jungle juice is ahhhmazinq

Iu casnmt sweee straifghtr

Going to eat at subway !

first thing I'm eating since yesterday @ 2:00 ha.

At a talent show watching amazing people (:

I love the fact that I'm stuck in an elevator with the whole Roloff family :) going out to dinner with everyone (;

July 6
I think I'm in love xoxo

DAAA day baby! Watching all my friends compete against eachother I'm the happiest I've ever been <3>

Matt Roloff! He's amazing (:

Good game towers, Too bad east coast lost baha (; finally going back to the hotel after watching basketball since 9 in the fricken morning!

Of course when I say I don't want my hair wet there's always someone that throws me in the pool! :(

Ok .. What bar does not have pinacolada's?! Obviously the ones in Nashville don't !

Getting all glammed up for the dance tonight with errrboddyyy! How y'all durn?! (;

I'm a movie star!! According to colin I look like a baby cheetah tonight (;

dancing my ass off!

Ummm so I just danced with Jeremy and Zack Roloff .. And it was not a dream

July 7
Today is the hottest day in Nashville. It's pretty disgusting .. At panera with the girls in air conditioning!

I'm doin me, I'm doin me, I'm living life right now man and this what ima do till its over, till its over, till its far from over

At the danceeee withhhh errrboddddy
I love how my dress was skin tight at graduation & now it's huge on me, I guess I lost weight?! :)

My feet are about to fall off my body.

July 8 I'm a hot mess, I'm having the time of my life, & my night is complete :) party in room 1921

Just took a 5 hour energy haha at banquet with my peepsss ! Wow can't believe that tonight's the last night, this week went by so fast

Dancing forever and pulling an all nighter. 365 days til Cali

July 9

In New Jersey, back to reality :(

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jeremy, Zach and Amy Roloff on the Oasis Of The Seas cruise - Pictures

Another passenger that was on the 'Oasis Of The Seas' (the largest cruise ship in the world, in fact we received some email after our items about it from Cruise regulars who informed us that Oasis Of The Seas is the nicest and most luxurious Cruise ship they've ever been on) cruise with Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff last week. The passenger posted some pictures and her story on a Celebrity Gossip type group from LiveJournal.

Guess Who I Met While on Vacation?
It's The Little People (Zach was standing on something jsyk)!

Me and my family (It's my sister in the picture) were on the Oasis of The Seas last week and ran into their family. My sister spotted the older brother on the first day but I didn't. Then 2 days later I spotted their family standing next to my table on the pool deck.

NGL these pictures are a bit creeper. I really took them to show my sister just in case she didn't see them. But then I found out that the mom was doing an autograph session on the ship so I figured it was promotional stuff anyway. After taking these pictures my sister decided to go shopping and then we spotted the kids on our way to the store.


As soon as I saw those pictures, I knew what picture would get the most reaction -- site and google search data does not for all the people who search for "Jeremy Roloff butt or Jeremy Roloff ass" -- posters on Live Journal took to enlarging the picture of Jeremy from behind...

It's a very popular celebrity gossip group Live Journal (which by the way does not accept new members - so you can't comment there if you were so inclined). There's not often Roloff related items there, so how do the celebrity gossip followers react to the Roloffs and something like this? The original poster also posted a spoof of a Heidi Montag photo shoot, so some of the comments are about that.

We thought we would post the comments, because while some might be horrified, disappointed and surprised at the focus on Jeremy's appearance and negative comments about his reputation, from mainting our Roloff site and receiving thousands upon thousands of Roloff inquiries and we really get a gauge for how the public reacts to the Roloffs -- and the reaction to the Roloffs here is actually fairly typical. I think it's natural for a hardcore LPBW fans to think everyone is interested in the Roloffs for dwarfism education. Not always so. As we've said before, everyday some of the most popular Roloff items (and Matt wasn't on the cruise, so he's not discussed on LiveJournal) are "Jeremy's a bigot". "Jeremy's hot". "Jeremy is a jerk". "Jeremy Roloff has a nice ass, Jeremy has a nice butt."

We've decided to pass this along because I don't think some people fully understand the extent of that reaction to the Roloffs and the show and might explain the new opening credits for Season 5 and the motivation behind the producers thinking for all the shirtless Jeremy scenes in Season 5. So If you're interested in just the Roloff reaction. This really is fairly typical. Heavy on the Jeremy content/interest. Zach is often ignored. Jeremy reaction usually either centers on the language controversy/bigoted article or comments about Jeremy's looks and body.

Hey jeremy is getting cute again

i have no idea who these people are but the guy in the middle is hot

Damn, Jeremy's ass. Did you get his #?

pop dat booty

i leaned in for a closer look tbh

he probably called you a rude slur after you walked away.

knowing him, i wouldn't be too surprised.

1). Which one?
2). They're racist

The tall one went on a racist, homophobic rant on MySpace a few years ago.

oh... Not hot anymore.


is the one son legal yet? hot dayum.

yeah they're like almost 20 i think

well the really cute one is like 12 iirc

I like The Little Couple better

Me too, they're way classier


Jeremy is a qt, too bad he's a douche.

jeremy is hot, too bad he seems douchey as hell

Those are some small shorts on the guy in the middle

Jeremy seems like a douche, but I love Zach and Amy!

And I only say he's a douche because I heard he was racist/homophobic.

TBH I fell in love with him after watching the episodes where him and Zach travelled to Europe...

Too bad the hot one's racist and homophobic. womp womp.

I hate them all and that kid is a serious doucheturd


damn this family's always on vaca.

Zach looks like a better version of Taylor Lautner

I just noticed the little boy in the red shirt and thinking he's looking at Jeremy is cracking me the hell up.

The mom is super nice.

hold up, this twink has the audacity to lecture against the use of the word midget but thinks its okay to say n*igger and f*ggot? wow.

Jeremy is sexy

i liked zach on the show he seems like a nice kid

Jeremy looks better from behind

Jeremy's hot. But a douche.

If the tall one wasn't racist/homophobic he could get it.

Aww, damn. Jeremy is more of a douchebag than I thought he was. Shame on you, Jeremy. Shame on you and your plump, squeezable ass.

Wonderful. Too bad the cute kid is a douche.

Huge crush on Jeremy.

The kid in the grey looks kinda hot.

Gah, I love fit guys in those short shorts. Then again, most of my guy friends play rugby, so it's not weird to me anymore.

Dude, love them!!! Zach has been getting way cuter lately. And finally getting some damn confidence!

I love all of them except Matt has been such a douche lately. He annoys me.

was the older brother's boxers hanging out of his shorts? lol

I always thought Jeremy was cute

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Roloff sighting in Nashville

Some guests at the hotel in Nashville posted a couple of pictures of Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob Roloff and another one with just Matt.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Amy Roloff Charity cruise is over, Roloff family roll into Nashville

Amy, Zach, and Jeremy Roloff along with members of Amy's charity Foundation team had dinner with the Captain on the 'Oasis Of The Seas'

The Roloffs whirlwind summer of travel plans have moved into its next stage.

Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff have finished the Amy Roloff Celebrity cruise aboard the "World's Largest Cruise Ship" 'Oasis of The Seas'. The cruise included a stop in Haiti, so they put the stop to good use -- they delivered some supplies and took donations that go towards orphanages in Haiti.

Oasis Of The Seas - The home of the Amy Roloff Celebrity Cruise where Amy, Zach and Jeremy have spent the last week enjoying themselves.

Amy's charity foundation sent out this parting message:

"Thank you to Royal Caribbean “Oasis of the Seas” and passengers for donating to kids in Haiti!
Amy, Zack and Jeremy Roloff along with the ARCF team greeted passengers from 11:30 to 1:00 on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas” Friday July 3rd. The focus was to share the experience of Monday June 28th when Amy, Zack and Jeremy along with the ARCF team visited “Friends of the Orphans” Angels of Light program in Port Au Prince Haiti. Donations were also collected and will be sent back to “Friends of the Orphans”. Look for photos in the future and please donate!
These kids need our help!"

These are the Roloffs, so when there is fun to be had, Amy, Jeremy and Zach are on the move to the next fun-filled destination...Nashville for the much anticipated 2010 Little People of America conference. Like Jeremy before her, Molly will be bringing some of her friends to enjoy the LPA conference and Nashville.