Monday, July 26, 2010

Amy Roloff Annual Golf and Dinner Auction to benefit Shriner's Hospital and Special Olympics

The second annual Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Golf and Dinner Benefit will be held this year on August 22nd and 23rd and will benefit Portland Shriners Hospitals for Children and Oregon Special Olympics.

For any sponsors interested in getting involved in the ARCF's event to help -- their site has a sponsor page -- complete with this beautiful photograph by Mitch Ward of Amy golfing.

"Amy Roloff continues to reach out to kids and families with additional and upcoming fundraising events, including the annual Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Golf and Dinner Benefit. Held on August 22nd & 23rd at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Course, the 2010 “Starry Night and Summer’s Day” event will benefit Portland Shriners Hospitals for Children and Oregon Special Olympics. "

Interested sponsors and contributed can visit the following link on the ARCF for more information:


Sheila said...

Way to Amy!

Brandon said...

Matt must be mad. The big Golf Tournament, the centerpiece of Amy's charity benefits Matt's hated Shriners hospitals.

I knew her Frogtown stuff supported Shriners, but that's a bold move to make it one of the main beneficiaries of the Golf tournament.

Good on Amy.

Jocelynn said...

I think it's great that Amy helps out and does charity things. She doesn't have to. My only problem with the Haiti cruise was that I felt it was more about the Roloffs lavishing themselves on the most fabulous cruise ship in the world and they portrayed it was charity for Haiti.

But that aside, I think it's great that Amy focuses on raising money for other charities.

Dana said...

Brandon, I don't think that's something to be commended. I'm disappointed in Amy.

Matt is her husband. That is who Amy should remain loyal to. Matt has strong feelings against Shriners.

If she wanted to do the Frogtown musical and Frogtown was already associated with Shriners. She proceeded against Matt's wishes, okay fine.

However to give Shriners a primary spot in the Golf and Dinner benefit that will take place on Matt's farm that he created, adds insult to injury.

There are many other organizations that Amy could have chosen rather than the one that her husband has issues with.

David said...

Oh Dana, Shriners is a great thing and is literally a life saver for many families and their children. I'm glad to see Amy supporting it. Matt needs to get over his own issues and realize that it helps many people that aren't in the financial position he is in right now at this stage in his life.

Rap541 said...

"However to give Shriners a primary spot in the Golf and Dinner benefit that will take place on Matt's farm that he created, adds insult to injury."

When did the Shriners become the devil?

More to the point, if it's Matt's farm, (and not Matt and Amy's) and Matt is the man who gets what he wants.... then perhaps Matt has moved past his issues.

Considering Matt's public persona, I find it hard to believe he's the meek fellow who doesn't dare cross Amy that people suggest. Frankly more often than not, it's Amy who loses their tiffs.

Hard to believe Matt lets his woman publically disrespect him. Oh wait, perhaps he's not. He doesn't personally like the Shriners charity, but seems to have matured and realized that despite his admittedly unpleasant experiences, that things change and the Shriners do good work.

Oh and if Amy's charity is a geniune foundation, did it occur to anyone that the charities were decided by committee and Amy may have been outvoted?

Or should we just continue the "how awful a human being Amy is! Supporting the evil Shriners while Saint Matt is forced by evil Amy to watch her defile *his* land with his enemies!"?

Because really... I kinda love it when a major charity that helps thousands of families gets the "Hater" treatement from Matt's fans.

Such an AWFUL charity! Helping the families of sick kids! How could Amy even think of such a thing when there's numerous AIDS charities that she could host.

Brandon said...

Hey Rap, I think this is one of the few times that I really disagree with you about.

I don't think Matt has moved past his issues with Shriners. It was only a couple of months ago that Matt was all bent out of shape that Amy did Frogtown for Shriners.

I don't see any reason to believe that Matt has changed or matured in two months.

I don't think Matt can tell Amy what to do or what she can't do. Can you honestly imagine Amy announcing that she won't be having her dinner benefit on Roloff Farm because Matt won't let her? Hell no! Matt doesn't have control over Amy.

I think Amy (rightfully) believes Shriners is a good cause and well, if Matt doesn't like it, too bad, it's her charity and she can decide what she wants to help. Matt can use CoDA to help what charities and causes he wants.

I don't think Amy's continued support of Shriners is any kind of sign that Matt also supports it.

Shadow said...

Matt seems perfectly content (in fact, he seem to enjoy) doing things Amy doesn't approve of, without asking or consulting her first, so Amy need feel no compunction about choosing Shriner's as one of her beneficiaries.

I think financial success and fame have changed Amy, but at least she's shed her "peace at all costs" persona and is willing to stand up to Matt more than when the series began. Maybe precisely because she's no longer financially dependent on Matt's admittedly less-than-stable approach to financial management - Whatever the reason, all I can say is You Go, Grrl!

Greg said...

Brandon, I totally agree. It was only in May that Matt launched into such an apparent angry tirade against Shriner's Hospitals that his own moderator needed to censor what he said because she feared he was getting himself into trouble with the stuff he was telling her about he felt about Shriner's (Ha, so much for Matt being in control - his own moderator slapped him down).

Matt doesn't just "get over" things.

IMO, Amy doesn't care that Amy doesn't approve of her supporting Shriner's Hospital and in my opinion, she is right.

She even made a public statement about supporting Shriner's for the Frog Town performance. It was something about how *some people* might have issues with things that happened in the past, but it's important to remember that things change and focus on the good Shriner's does for people.

That was right around the time that Matt was making his angry (and censored) tirade against Shriners. Basically it was Amy nicely saying "Get over it Matt, I'm supporting Shriner's whether you like or not". IMO, nothing has changed.

Rap541 said...

Brendan, he may or may not have - personally I don't know as he doesn't address it - but I can't exclude it as a possibility (actually I am trying to throw Matt a bone here - I don't think he or his fans may realize how spiteful and unpleasant some of the Shriner bashing and Amy bashing looks like).

"I don't think Matt can tell Amy what to do or what she can't do. Can you honestly imagine Amy announcing that she won't be having her dinner benefit on Roloff Farm because Matt won't let her? Hell no! Matt doesn't have control over Amy."

But Matt is the *MAN* and he's a *FIGHTER* and he *is the only one who works*!. ;)

I think, in all honesty, that Matt is smart enough to let Amy do her apparently successful charity fundraiser on the farm and understands (unlike some of his fans) that making a public issue out of his own personal issues with a charity - a charity that despite everything bad, did apparently significantly help his family - is bad publicity.

A lot of people fail to understand that marriage IS a partnership, not a "Me man, me make money! You woman! You birth babies, do as I Say, and own nothing!" situation.

Amy has every right, as a partner in the marriage, to use the marital assets. So does Matt. Based on what we see on the show, I doubt very much that Amy put her foot down and told Matt he had no say, she was doing it and he was to shut his mouth. More than likely, they horsetraded - she gets her charity shindig, he gets to blow a lot of cash on stupid farm stuff that they don't need and can't use since it won't be up to code.

I don't get the impression that Matt is forced by Amy to do much of anything.

Julie said...

I feel so out of the loop - can someone please explain why Matt hates Shriner's so much?

Brandon said...

Julie, it's basically resentment from Matt's childhood. Ron and Peggy took Matt to Shriners for the free care.

Back then they apparently had very strict and heartless rules about visitation. Rap read Matt's first book and said there was something about Matt's parents needing to really fight with the Shriners to allow Matt to visit his very ill brother Josh. There were stories about them botching surgeries. Two doctors didn't know what kind of operation to do on Matt. One doctor did it his way on Matt's left leg and the other doctor experimented with his way on Matt's right leg. Matt told that story on the show in a joking way, but obviously he had deep resentment.

When he did his last Q&A things, he answered a question about Amy supporting Shriners for Frogtown. He said this

"19. I couldn’t help but notice that Amy is supporting the Shriner’s hospital in her annual charity golf event. I’ve read your book and was curious on how you feel about Shriner’s today.

Matt's Answer: I don’t agree with Amy on that decision. Being in Shriner’s Hospital for as long as I was during my childhood was a deep, dark and very painful part of my history. At this time, that’s all I'm going to say."


Matt's moderator later said that Matt had said more stuff, but she took it upon herself to edit it because she was afraid it would cause troubles.

They indicated that there more recent things that stirred up Matt's bad feelings for Shriners. I'm guess it might have been the fact that Saja Salman died in Shriners as a result of complications from her surgery, but that's my own speculation.

Julie said...

Thank you for the explanation, Brandon.

If that's the case then I can see why Matt would have issues with the hospital. I don't think he should presume to tell Amy what she can or cannot do, but if I were Amy, I think I might have chosen another charity out of consideration for my husband. Yes, Shriner's is an excellent cause - but there are lots of excellent causes out there, why focus on one that your spouse has such personal, deep-rooted issues with?

Or does Amy have personal history with Shriner's too? I could understand her decision more in that case.

Just to reiterate, I am not saying that Matt has the right to tell Amy that she can't focus on Shriner's. I'm just saying that if I were in Amy's shoes, I might have done things differently.

Jocelynn said...

I don't think Amy has a personal experience with Shriners, Julie.

She has never really talked about any medical problems she had growing up.

I think it might be rather simple. Her theme this year seems to be helping children. Shriners help children. Maybe a lot of her friends have kids that have been helped in Shriners.

I think Shriners is a great cause and am glad Amy stuck to her guns and is helping them.

Anonymous said...

Read the book Shriners Shame by Sandy Frost. That book is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sandie said...

"Held on August 22nd & 23rd at The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Course....."

It doesn't seem like it's going to be held on the Roloff Farm, from what this says.

Esme said...

You go Amy Jo Roloff stand up to your man and stand up for what not Matt but what you believe in and what charity you want to sponsor and donate to for your "2010 Charity Donation fund". It is not the "Matt Roloft Charity Foundation Fund" last time I check it is the "Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Fund". So to you Matt and all the other haters on this blog get over it and suck on some ice and call it a day. To you Amy all I have to say to is, You go Girl! Go on with your bad bold self.

Expressed said...

Sandie, I think that is just the golf portion of the event. Last year it was held at the Pumpkin Ridge Golf course, this year it's at Reserve Vineyards Golf course. At least that's who I understood it.

Lynn C said...

I think Matt is entitled to his feelings and no one should judge him for having them because none of us endeared what Matt did.

Don't judge someone until you've walked in their shoes and none of us experienced the same horrors as Matt did in childhood.

I do have to say that I image this must be a stressful point between them right now, but that's life.

Nancy said...

I agree Julie. I don't always support Matt, but I understand his feelings. There are so many needy organizations to choose from. I admire Amy's desire to help, but I think it would have been best if she had chosen another organization to help to avoid the awkwardness.

Shriners Shame said...

Adding to Anon @ 9:22 -- here is what Amazon's review has to say

Embezzlement, tax fraud, human trafficking, underage sex parties, and more;’s award winning journalist Sandy Frost investigates allegations of crime and corruption associated with the red-Fezzed fraternity best known for their $8 billion network of 22 nonprofit hospitals that provide free medical care to burned and crippled children.

“Congratulations, Sandy, on a job well done in exposing the Shriners. I was a Shriner for 25 years and a Jester for four years until I was thrown out of the Shriners for exposing their corruption. Thanks, Sandy, for your work.”

—Johnny Edwards, former Shriner and
Former member of the Royal Order of Jesters

“Thank You, Sandy, for your investigation of the Shriners and exposing their Failure to have Financial Accountability to anyone and for bringing their Secret Group, ‘The Jesters’ to the Feds Attention for their exploration of allegedly using Children for their sex parties. The Shriners Officers have never understood that even they are not above the laws of the United States. The FBI and IRS will get their full attention.”

—Vernon Hill, Shriner whistleblower,
Author of the email that led to this investigation

In Shriners’ Shame, Frost reports about tax fraud; hospitals hit by warning letters from the FDA and Office for Human Research Protection; how over $100,000 was raised illegally by a Shrine club that was never accounted for on tax returns; and about the Shriners’ “dirtiest little secret,” their clandestine sub-group, the Royal Order of Jesters.

States Frost: “Although my investigation started with allegations of tax fraud and misuse of charitable donations, I am now reporting about sex crimes that include prostitution, human trafficking and child sex tourism.”

“Dandelion Books and I are each donating $1 per book sold to End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT-US), an organization that consists of 78 non government agencies in 73 countries,” states Frost.

Gratefully acknowledging this gift, Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of ECPAT-USA states: “We are delighted to see Sandy Frost exposing organized groups that promote the sexual exploitation of children and adults. This important book should go far to raise people’s consciousness about the types of abuses that are so widespread and yet so little talked about.”

“This is the type of reputable journalism that supersedes gossip, tabloid sensation and other forms of disclosure whose sources are often questionable,” says Carol Adler, Dandelion Books President.

“Frost’s research is impeccable. It rips open the sleaze of a society that for too long has sold out to the bidder with the highest price.’”

“You are very passionate and hardworking reporter and through your work contributed greatly to the overall investigation of this fraternal society.”

—Paul M. Dolnier
President,Chief Investigator
Charity Watch Center, Inc.

“Cassandra ‘Sandy’ Frost is the 'Queen Bee-She Bitch’ of investigative journalists. Piss her off, and you have garnered the undivided attention of a junk yard dog who bites and does not let go.

—Ed Dames ("Dr. Doom"), STARGATE vet,
First to pioneer commercial remote viewing training,
Major, U.S. Army (ret.)

Sandy Frost has received two Society of Professional Journalists awards for her investigative reportage. She is also the recipient of’s “Random Act of Vineness” award. She is a member of Investigative Reporters and Editors, Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), Native American Journalists Association and Mohican Veterans; and four-time Society of Professional Journalists award winner.

Timothy said...

Shriners Shame...I didn't know there were those allegations.

When Matt said "Being in Shriner’s Hospital for as long as I was during my childhood was a deep, dark and very painful part of my history.".....was he hinting that he was sexually abused?

Rap (or anyone that has read Matt's original book Against Tall Odds) did he hint towards anything like that?

Susan said...

Timothy, I don't think anyone should get carried away think Shriner's is the devil because some people might have had horrific experiences committed by a few individuals.

Anytime you have something that hosts many children, be it Shriners, or Church or the Boy Scouts, you're going to have a few cases of horrific stories committed by sick and twisted people That's no reason to come down on the entire entity.

Expressed said...

I doubt that's what Matt meant from his quote about Shriners being a deep dark part of his history, Timothy.

From the description of the book that people posted about it, it sounds like the author makes a lot of accusations and abuse is just one of them.

I think it's safe to assume Matt's issues with Shriners comes from mistreatment (surgically) and an uncaring practice. Obviously I'm way too young (not much older than Jer and Zach) but the rules back then sound barbabic and cruel. Not letting parents stay with their child...that would never happen today.

I think that's the type of thing that is the reason for Shriners being a deep dark part of Matt's history.

Besides if Matt was abused or anything like that I don't think he's the type of person to stay silent, he would talk and file lawsuits.

Jan said...

That's a pretty strong statement from the book -

"States Frost: “Although my investigation started with allegations of tax fraud and misuse of charitable donations, I am now reporting about sex crimes that include prostitution, human trafficking and child sex tourism."

I know people who have had children in Shriners and they had good experiences.

Jan said...

Btw, that doesn't mean I don't think Matt is not entitled to his feelings. I just don't think Amy is being cold or unsympathetic, she simply understands that some people have good experiences and some have bad. They do and have done good and that's why Amy is attempting to help.

Rap541 said...

Tim - not that I recall. The parts of the books about the Shriners that were negative were on the hospital experience - the coldness of the staff, the draconion visitation, the isolation.

Lynn - I seriously don't think anyone is judging Matt. I've even bent over backward to make sure people consider the possibility that this is something he just might have reconsidered and *I* of all people have pointed out that he has legit personal reasons to not like this charity. It's *Amy* who is getting the negative flack here, for crossing Matt.

My point? I think its ridiculous that Matt repeatedly on the show does things that Amy does not approve of, and crosses Amy, and his fans don't say boo... but when Amy does something that *might* tick off Matt (and Matt has never actually said "I don't want Amy supporting Shriners and it offends me that she doesn't listen) that Amy is as usual vilified for not being one of Matt's yes men.

I downloaded the book the anon mentioned and frankly the first few chapters look a little sensationalized but I will continue reading. I will say - in the first three chapters, its mostly alluding to embezzlement of funds... and not providing much beyond innendo. I will update.

Julie said...

I am not trying to discount the good work that Shriner's Hospital does. I don't know anything about them as a charity. I just wonder why Amy is so bent on supporting Shriner's when it's clear that her husband has such legitimate personal issues with them. People say in defense of Amy that she's probably helping Shriner's because Shriner's is an excellent cause. Well, yes. No one's disputing that. (I'm not, anyway.) But as I said in an earlier comment, there are LOTS of excellent causes out there that help children. So why Shriner's? Why focus on the one charity that her husband has such personal problems with? Would it be so difficult to instead choose a charity that doesn't offend one of the most important people in her life? That's why I asked if Amy herself had some sort of personal history with Shriner's, because then at least I could understand why she chose them. But it sounds like she doesn't.

And I am far from being an ardent Matt defender...I have tons of issues with Matt (the entire family, actually, lol). But in this particular situation, I don't blame him for being miffed. I too would be miffed it one of my close friends or family members didn't seem to care about my feelings. I mean, come on...we're not talking about something petty here. It sounds like Shriner's was a formative part of Matt's childhood.

David said...

Rap - Thank you. Please update Re: the book.

Julie - You make a very good point. It's always important for people to keep their objectivity even if they don't agree with someone on the whole.

Julie said...

Rap - I know that Matt can be inconsiderate of Amy on the show. No arguments there. But from what I've seen, a lot of that tends to be relatively pettier stuff. It would be great if Matt did listen to Amy more, but I don't really think of it on the same level as his issue with Shriner's. Matt's experience with Shriner's seems to have been genuinely traumatic, to say the least. I think that goes beyond the squabbling we see on the show.

Greg said...

Unless the people/person(s) Matt had issues with at Shriners are directly involved with the Portland division of the children hospital in 2010, I don't see a reason for Amy not to support it.

Things change. Amy is looking at the big picture.

Erica Jensen said...

Shriners is a good place. God bless Amy for helping it and in turn, helping many children and families of sick kids.

Rap541 said...

Book update

I have to be honest, I wouldn't recommend this book for a number of reasons. Its *very* repetative, and it appears to be nothing but a series of articles that have apparently been on Newsvine and (in fact I remember reading one of the articles on Its VERY repetative and its not terribly factual.

Its NOT an inditement of the Shriner Hospitals. In fact the author repeatedly mentions that the *hospitals* are not bad. (with one exception, an FDA investigation that was cited twice but also had something to do with other hospitals)

The issue is with the Shriner temples. The problem is that the book is a confused pile of crap that constantly repeats inuendo as fact.

The big gripe is that some temples tend to use their fundraisers to fund the temple and the temple parties. Instead of forking over all the funds to the hospitals. The problem is that the books alludes to wrong doing, but considering how the author harped on the IRS statements.... I have to assume the IRS is aware of the allegations and since the situations being cited were in 2000-2006.... I dunno.

Well, I am certain the author would say that its all part of the Shriner/Freemason conspiracy as the organization supposedly covers up crimes.

Except for the Shriners busted for scoring whores and carting them across state borders in New York State. This was a judge and a cop, of all things, who btw were convicted.

There are many many repititious chapters about how several Shriners were grand juried over a fishing trip in Brazil that apparently involved purchasing 13 year old girls for sex... No actual names or convictions....

There are several anonymous Shriners who give lengthy diatribes about how they spent their time scoring whores at Shriner parties and that EVERYONE in the Royal Order of Jesters (a subset of Shriners) is into scoring whores.

Several references to a whistleblower who was sued by the Shriners for defamation "in retaliation" for asking questions about where the money was going. (Having been to Shriner functions as a guest, an easy guess would be that the open free bar costs money) Its interesting and potentially concerning but its also not actually against the law for people to sue each other for defamation.

There's also some underlying allegations that basically, the Shriners is a bunch of men who get together and are rude, crude pigs about women, and who may be casually racist as well. (Having met some Shriners, I must say, I kind of assumed they would be the Roloffs kind of people, conservative, rich, not into being "pc", into booze and God...)

So I wouldn't equate any of Matt's issues in the past with the contents of this book. Matt in his first book, seemed much more angry over care in the hospitals.

I wouldn't recommend this book because its not well written. You pound thru a lot of pages for a lot of rumors and anonymous accusations. The tax stuff is interesting but I strongly suspect they don't have enough proof to go anywhere with it and the sex scandals are, after all is said and done, completely unproven except for the three fellows in New York.

The irony, is that writer's slurred accusations and innuendo over the charity is the same sort of vague not quite accusation that people on who strongly dislike Matt and Amy make over CoDA and ARCF. "Where is the money going?" and "They supposedly do x but...."

I actually got into a tiff over suggesting people have proof before they make that sort of accusation. ;)

Brandon said...

Thanks for the review Rap. I didn't think Shriners was the devil.

Yeah, I remember you defending the Roloffs over the charity tax fraud allegations on IMDB. Rap defending a Roloff! Who would have thunk it?!? :)

Rap541 said...

Thanks Brandon. To be fair, the basic complaint is that the money the Shriners take in from the charity events isn't going to the hospitals and I didn't see anything that made me think the writer was bold faced lying. I think there's some concerns with how some of the Shriners take in and then send out money to charity. I just dont think it's all shriners, and certainly the Portland Shriner Hospital wasn't mentioned at all.

And yeah, frankly I probably lost some allies in that tiff over being fair and actually wanting some proof. I guess I will have to turn in my hater badge.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 children that were treated at Shriners. Results less than ideal. I belong to several online discussion groups for other parents with disabilities. Unless your child is a burn victim it's my opinion that you use Shriners only as a very last resort for orthopedic treatment for your child. Shriners had some bright areas but overall it lacks adequate expertise for many complex ailments. I suggest Shiners change their business plan to provide financial grants to families to seek care at renowned hospitals expert in their ailments. My biggest issue is I feel Shiners placed us under guilt to be grateful for the substandard treatment because we could not afford the better care. My wife and I were embarrassed and had little choice in the end we would have been better doing nothing. The Shriners set my kids back.

JimW said...

Anon at 5:58am, I understand people are emotional about their kids. I have a son of my own. But it is free care. That's why parents take their children there. If they could afford the top doctors they would.

As I see it, if someone gives you something free and you made the choice to go there and accept it, you don't have a right to complain.

It's like people that have their life saved by someone performing CPR. Then after the person is alive and recovers, they sue the person that saved them because they broke a rib in the process of saving their life.

In any hospital you're going to have mistakes and things that go wrong.

Dana said...

Thank you Anon for sharing your story. I am sure that Matt is one of many that has ill feelings towards the treatment he received at Shriners.

Jim, you're totally out of line. A hospital is required to provide excellent care and compassionate treatment, especially when dealing with children. It doesn't matter if it's free. It's peoples lives.

Sheri said...

From a Christian perspective, the oaths the men in Shriners make go against Christianity, and I believe that if a Catholic becomes a Mason or Shriner, they are excommunicated.

They do appear to do "good work", but what is behind it all? There are lots of organizations that hide behind a cover.

Susan said...

Anon, I'm sorry to hear that you had a bad experience and I'm sorry that Matt apparently had a traumatic experience, but it is a very narrow-minded view.

My father had a very serious heart operation performed at our local hospital. Everything went great. He received great cae and is better than ever. I've heard a co-worker mention the same hospital and I believe her words were "They are idiots at that hospital!" My family had a good experience. Her family had a bad experience. That's what happens at hospitals.

Rap541 said...

Sheri - the oaths Shriners take are the same ones our *Christian* forefathers took. Every Shriner is a Freemason. The vast majority of the signers of the Declaration and Constitution were Freemasons, taking oaths.

You're also somewhat incorrect on Catholicism's views. Being a Mason is considered a grave sin but do not actively excommunicate members.

Sheri's position is very typical for an evangelical. I always love how the Christian crowd trots out "This was created as a *Christian* nation and cheerfully ignores the reality that the USA was actually the end result of Freemasonry beliefs, particularly on the seperation of church and state.

Look at our money sometime. Heck, watch National Treasure.... its charmingly inaccurate but you get the jist.

Sheri - for the record - I have seen people make the "they do good work but what is behind it all?" arguement about the Roloffs.

Lynn C said...

More than Christian vs Mason, this is about the inadequate treatment (both physical and mental/compassionate) that some people feel they receive at Shriners.

Shadow said...

Anon - "I feel Shiners placed us under guilt to be grateful for the substandard treatment...My wife and I were embarrassed and had little choice..."

Did the Shriners hold a gun to your head? How did they "force" you to feel anything? Did you, as parents, do any research into treatment options before going to Shriners? Did you question any of the treatment options or choices? If you chose Shriners because you "had little choice," but your kids would have been "better off" if you hadn't done anything, then it sounds like you weren't well-educated going in. I'm sorry you had a poor outcome, but I, for one, am not ready to disparage all of the Shriner hospitals based on your experience.

Or Matt's, for that matter. We have seen that Matt takes things very personally (Washington County is "out to get me" for daring to be different, Shriners were horrible to me and destroyed my childhood, etc., etc.). While I don't doubt the hospitalizations and treatments were traumatic to a child, I, for one, highly doubt they were deliberate abuse maliciously inflicted by sadistic doctors. That's the problem Matt faces when he makes everything into a "Poor me!" situation - After a while. it becomes apparent he is crying wolf, over and over.

I can sympathize with Matt over his mostly unhappy childhood without buying into his rationalizations about it.

Laurie said...

I think Anonymous 5:58am makes a good point. If they want to help assist families with sick children, it would be better to provide grants to families who then choose where their kids get treatment.

Rap541 said...

Laurie - I agree with you, its a good suggestion. But to put it in perspective, the Shriner hospitals were created long before the idea of applying for grants came up.

Shadow - I think the question I have is why Matt was having all these surgeries. Thats where I sometimes thinks he lapses into "poor me" mode over it. I mean... was he just being experiemented on, which is what he sorta implies with the story of the two surgeons working on both his legs?

Or would he be dead, or confined to a wheelchair with no mobility in his arms etc, without those surgeries? He makes it sound like all of these surgeries were just pointless pain, that his parents were the innocent dupes of sadist doctors who got their jollies hurting kids. Which hey, isn't impossible - but is pretty unlikely.

Armchair psychology time - Matt clearly has a lot of resentment over the surgeries.... but were they all unnecessary as he implies? Or does he have a child's perception of what happpened? Now we'll never know since Matt isn't likely to share his medical history with us... but is it really noble of him to be so angry over medical care that may have been completely necessary?

The problem is that only Matt is talking about his childhood of torture. He seems to, from his talks about various incidents related his childhood, have led an active childhood. they had goats and he played on the farm and had treehouses and was building forts and riding bikes and had a gang of friends and drag raced cars..... I mean... how laid up was he from all the surgeries?

Childhood memories are often suspect. I remember an incident when I was six quite distinctly (and it involved an accident, blood, me going to the hospital) and it was very traumitizing. My *dad* remembers it as "oh you took it like a trooper once we stopped at Dairy Queen"....

The most surpising part is that I have no memory of the ice cream :(

Shadow said...

Laurie - I have no idea of the history of the Shriner hospitals, but I can say that in general, it is more efficient and economical to concentrate expertise and facilities. By building a hospital devoted to specific pediatric treatments, Shriners can provide focused care in a more cost-efficient manner, and enable the development of a highly experienced staff through extensive work with numerous cases. Just like if you were going to have surgery, you would want to go to a facility and a doctor that performs hundreds of similar surgeries each year, rather than someone who does them once a year.

If they tried to merely fund treatment at other hospitals, they would have no control over the costs or the care. Additionally, remember that parents do not HAVE to use Shriners' services. They can always seek their own funding to obtain services elsewhere, and some do. There are other organizations that do provide financial support for medical services.

This is getting somewhat away from the focus of the blog, but I just wanted to provide some perspective.

Rap - Agree wholeheartedly with the whole childhood memory thing, and also Matt's level of understanding/knowledge of the type and quality of care he received. Also, we already know that Ron has strong opinions (hmmm, wonder where Matt got that from?), so I wouldn't find it surprising if Matt integrated any anger or frustration Ron expressed during those years into his own memories as well.

And Rap, I had a similar childhood injury. My treat was a whole bunch of grapes that I didn't have to share with my sister. I remember them fondly, but think I would have preferred ice cream.

Michelle said...

I wonder how many parents of children with dwarfism use Shriners? Maybe that's why Amy wants to support them despite Matt's own feelings on Shriners.

I don't think Amy should get villified or criticized for helping.

Melissa said...

I don't think this years dinner and auction is being held on Roloff Farm. I think it's all being done at the Reserve Golf Course. Maybe Matt didn't let Amy have it on the farm because he was against Shriners?

Rap541 said...

Or it could be that it's easier and less expensive to rent a hall for a dinner than do a tent in the yard?

Seems like for a dinner, catering would be easier in a building, and weather can be an issue with a tent as well.